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Anyone likes lizard people as much as I do?


So, I had a game in my head once. It never lifted off, as I didn't find enough players, but I am wondering if anyone here would be interested so I can revive it maybe. If some interest is shown, I'd be glad to create any lore entries, in the meantime, am happy to answer any questions in this thread.

Imagine a huge, incredibly hot planet, inhabited by a few types of cold-blooded lizard people that goes through industrial mixed with enlightenment type of time. The religion is dying out, as science prevails, and none of the signs of the coming apocalypse found in ancient texts, appear in the world the closer the date of said apocalypse comes. Some people, though, are not so sure, and they cover in fear of their civilisation dying out.

Our heroes are there to take part in an expedition to uncover the disturbingly detailed and specific background behind their religious texts and their god, and put the nation at ease proving it wrong, to prepare them to upcoming dark times.


absolute pun queen
Hey! This looks really cool! My plate's a little full roleplay wise, so this is a pretty strong 'maybe', but I do think this is awesome. I've always loved playing as Dragonborns in D&D.

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