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Other Anybody play D&D here? Or want to learn/talk about it?

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Well, i have only played my first two sessions just recently myself...needless to say, it was an interesting time. I loved it.

Need to try that soon. D :
I’m a DM, and speaking from the other side of the screen, the worst thing is when players ask me the names of NPCs. I get stumped every time
I had a group of friends irl that wanted to start a campaign. I got so excited and was so into making my character. However, the plans feel through, and now Esmerelda (named after silly Loiter Squad video) the wood elf monk will never master all four elements ;-;
Yeah, my characters never got to the point that I wanted them too, So i bring them here and roleplay with them, making them what I want them to be in here. But I still try to get myself into a campaign that will last until the higher levels really xD

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Id like to learn but it seems like a huge undertaking
It isn't, and compared to older rulesets, new d&d is a cake walk.

What's intimidating is the size of the books, but they're mostly art and tables, and about a quarter of the player's guide is just spell descriptions.

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Huh... I kinda gathered the assumption that it was through my friends who played, they made it sound like youd have to lug around a textbook to understand anything
... Yeah, you need the rulebook in either physical or pdf form, and you'll have to learn a few things from it, but is that a huge undertaking? 80% of those books are just reference material. Buy a few post it notes to bookmark pages and you're good.

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@Sea Jay and remember, the books are like... 30-40% art and tables and paragraph breaks, 20%-30% one-time character creation stuff, and the rest is the important bit; the rules behind your character's abilities (a paragraph or two per ability), combat, movement, loot, and leveling (which mostly references back to the character creation stuff.)

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It sure sounds like a blast lol
I should look into it more.
Steal a rulebook from them, give it a look over. Once you know the rules behind certain mundane things, you don't need the book as much. It will just be rolling D20s to see if you succeed at things, and reacting appropriately.
I’d also recommend playing with the DM who knows the rules. They’ll be able to tell you what to do and it’ll be easier picking it up that way
It would be strange to play a game with a dam that doesn't know the rules, but it's always a fun time and worth it to learn the game.


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I want to do a D&D campaign, so I can use a homebrew sorcerous origin, which is cluckromancy. Chickens, that is all I need to say. The closest to D&D that I actively play is Pathfinder, which I am in the middle of a campaign with some friends. I did do a one shot though. It resulted in three out of four dying. Also does D&D have goblins as a playable race, or is that just Pathfinder that is going to have goblins as a playable race?

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