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Fandom any way the wind blows. (roleplay request)

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hey, i'm nova. new to the site, but not new to roleplaying. i've been lurking for a while but now i've decided to post an ad in hopes to find some partners. i did have to take a small break, so if we were planning something and you want to continue, feel free to send me a message.

about me;
- female, 22.
- super chill.
- dog (and cat) mom.
- 3rd person, literate
- canon x oc for fandoms
- loves to double
- also loves split roleplays?? yes

(bold is who i'd like to play.)

- royal x commoner.
- prince x princess
- something based off of the tv show designated survivor (the basic premise is: a lower-level cabinet member becoming the president after a unfortunate event.) you don’t need to see the show to do this.

- game of thrones (looking for jon snow)
- titanic. (looking for jack dawson.)
- mcu. (looking for tony stark.)
- twilight. (looking for edward cullen, can be anyone for you.)
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hey there! we seem to have a lot of fandoms in common. i'd be open to doing something with either game of thrones, the mcu, or twilight!

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