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Fandom Any Voltron Fans Still Out There?

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Hey there! My name’s MK, welcome to my thread post! I’m posting this because I’ve just started watching Voltron this past month and I’ve been combing through the first few pages of the 1x1 Recruit thread for a few days now and I’ve noticed not many people seem to be very much into Voltron anymore (which, I get it, the fandom and the queerbaiting totally ruined it for a lot of people from what I’ve researched). I’m a bit late to the Voltron train (like, so-late-that-the-fandom-is-basically-dead late), and so I’ve managed to dodge a lot of the toxicity that occurred during S7 and S8’s release. But, that being said, I’m posting this here as a bit of a call-out to see if there any Voltron fans left who’d be interested in a canon x oc doubling RP!

Some things about my role playing style:

-I typically write anywhere between 1-6 paragraphs depending on what’s happening in the roleplay, but I’ll always give you something to go off of.
-I'm 18 on 04.16 so if age is a factor to you, there's that.
-LGBTQ+ friendly as I am a part of the community myself hehe.
-I tend to use some text-talk OOC
-I also love to shoot off headcanons and memes OOC and doing extra stuff like soundscapes and pinterest boards and whatnot for characters is always a fun time in my book!
-I’m a full time dual-enrollment student in the midst of American scholarship season so I’ll be a tad busy in the coming months! But I tend to be a speedy replier OOC!
-I’m fine with roleplaying either on-site or on Discord hehe

And now on to what I’m looking for in this Voltron RP!:

-I’ll start off by saying I’ve just finished up episode 2 of S4 of Voltron, but given the next few seasons are so short and I blew through S3 in a single night, I should be able to finish up decently quickly, at least ahead of where the roleplay will take place! (I have also accidentally spoiled some important information to myself regarding the existence of Matt and also Shiro’s sexuality and the fact he gets married at the end of Voltron and some other information I can't pull off the top of my head as I write this)

-I’ve been juggling a couple different concepts in my head regarding pairing dynamics for my OC and the canon character I’d be pairing them with:
-Galra! Blade of Marmora! OC X Thace.

I love the idea of Thace potentially surviving the explosion and the intensity that comes with his situation while he’s working as a spy for The Blade. I think I’m especially interested in this because the writers have really done the Galra so dirty in their lack of worldbuilding, so I think it’d be super fun to develop more depth to Galran culture with this pairing!
-Shirogane! OC X Keith.
I had this idea a while back regarding “what if Shiro had a little sister that he left behind on Earth when he was abducted?” and I’ve read up on his backstory on earth thanks to Voltron’s wiki (non-main-plot-ruining spoilers like this really don’t bother me), so I’m familiar with his life prior to being abducted by the Galra, and I think it’d be most fitting to pair an OC with this kind of backstory with Keith; I think this relationship dynamic would definitely be fun to explore given the propensity for teenage angst. I’m thinking this pairing would be best to develop closer to the start of the series, perhaps maybe even the first episode or so.
-EDIT: I'm also adding here that I would also be totally down for any oc x oc type of plot centered around the Galrans in the Blade of Marmora; really I want to worldbuild more for the Galrans so badly haha.
Those are the pairings I'm currently super interested in exploring for an OC of mine, and I'd be totally happy to play any canon character you desire if you're interested in a Voltron RP with me!
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