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any people here from the original warrior cats forums?


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I’m not really into warriors anymore but I used to be really active on the forums in like 2011-2013ish. my user was Pepperfoot, I was a leader of Skyclan- at the time it was one of the bigger clans on the site so i’m curious if there are any people who were active around that time. don’t think i’ll find anyone i knew but i’m curious anyways lol. i used to spend, like, hours and hours on that site


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I came from there, if WarriorCatsRPG (WCRPG)! They changed their name to FeralFront before the website was archived. They still have that sister site that’s up, but roleplays don’t happen on the sister site as much since most people do the pet collection game on there instead.


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I remeber trying that wiki out, maybe around that same time frame or a little before. Most of my time got spent on Warrior Cat Wish. Either way my user was DawnNight, I spent pretty much all my time in the forums and wikis
if you're talking about the official warrior cat forums (wcf), i was on there from october 2014 pretty much up to the end, although less active by then. we wouldn't have known each other obviously but i kind of miss it sometimes lol. i met my best friend on there, and we still speak pretty much daily... and i still speak to another person i met there every now and then as well. it's mad

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