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Futuristic Another Round, Please?

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Anime, Cyberpunk, LGTBQ Friendly


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Welcome to the Dead End!! Our staff is always available 24/7 to please YOU: the customer! With girls, drinks, and games, we hope you enjoy your time here! Take a load off your feet and forget about the real world for a second!~

'Another Round, Please?' is set in a cyberpunk esque New York City. Body modifications are on the rise, commonly referred to as 'Splicing' by those within the community. However with the rise of technology, gangs have risen as well with many vying for territory and engaging in clashes with law enforcement. In an attempt to save human lives, androids(or 'Soless' as their detractors refer to them)have been tasked with helping uphold the law. It's success and popularity is...mixed! The Dead End is a popular joint for members of all gangs to meet up and mingle as a sort of neutral ground. Be warned however, that getting on the wrong side of those who run the joint? Not the wisest of ideas...

Bounty hunters often come waltzing through the doors and you've got a choice to make when you open up that application sheet. Are you gonna be the one needing a drink or the one serving them? You'd be surprised at how much both sides have in common and how much they don't.

So, if you've read this far and you're still interested? Open up a new tab and start looking up recipes for drinks! You'll never know what kind of fun you might have when you come through these doors!~ Enjoy yourselves and remember to always ask: another round, please?

-Mr.M-Owner of "The Dead End'


In order to keep a healthy and happy clientele, lines have to be made and rules have to be enforced to make sure there are consequences for when the next joker decides to cross aforementioned lines. Read em over and make sure you get a good grip on them! Or else you may be the next one tossed out on their ass after a Friday night bender. 1: No fighting within the premises! Someone has a disagreement? You're to take it outside! Any damages occurred within the bar itself will be compensated for by whomever damaged it and our security WILL hold you until authorities arrive. Remember, if a fist is gonna be thrown, better it hit your face then your wallet. Bruises fade over time but debt can last a lifetime... 2: Theft or ANY attempts at taking off with merchandise belonging to The Dead End will NOT be tolerated! Our security will retrieve said merchandise and have a long talk with you about how thievery not only hurts you, but those who care about you, and more importantly the people who work hard to keep The Dead End a fun and enjoyable establishment! Also, the authorities will be called. 3: Do not harass the staff. They're on the clock and you're not. Don't make life harder for them by believing you're God's gift to women. Believe us, you're not! Anyone believed to be making either fellow patrons or staff uncomfortable will be first asked to leave, if they refuse to do so, you will be ejected from the establishment. In whatever manner we see fit.


The Dead End attracts all kinds of people. Whether that's for the better or not, we can't say but surveys show that diversity among your base is always good! But sometimes things can get a bit rough given the world that everyone within the Dead End call home. You gotta be tough to survive! Even tougher to survive a scrap that starts in here and ends outside. That said, for the potential bartenders in all of you, I've set up something of a familiar statline that may be handy when making drinks and serving up smiles!

STRENGTH(If security is lacking, you might need to do some tossing yourself! Show them that you earned that black belt if the patrons start getting a bit rowdy!)

SKILL(How long have you been at this? Half-assing it as just a summer gig? Or is this job gonna be the one that helps you pay off some of that student debt?)

ENDURANCE(Sometimes the security can't act fast enough and you gotta handle things yourself. Can you take a couple blows or two?)

AGILITY(How quick are you at serving up drinks? Patrons tend to get a bit rowdy when they feel like the bartender is taking their sweet time! Makes them feel like they're not wanted/important and us here at "The Dead End' want our guests to FEEL important!)

LUCK(Did you work hard enough to earn that tip? Or was it just through the luck of those good looking genes you got from your mama?~ Don't tell her I said that by the by...)

ENERGY (be it magic or something else. Sometimes drinks need a bit of that ol magic touch to really get the juices flowing!)

(OOC:Each bartender gets 17 points to distribute as desired, decided by you. These are mainly guidelines, though I might dice some stuff out in straight clashes of stats like two competing bartenders working after hours to see who can work faster than the other, y'know, dick measuring contests like that!)

Your Number One!: What's your number one drink that you feel you can do better than anyone else? You gotta have one that makes you stand out from the crowd! Get creative and see what you can come up with! A drink you feel would be unique to YOUR character/fit them!

BTW: Any and all staff of "The Dead End' are offered free room and board in the apartment across the street-wholly owned by Mr. M-his agent who comes to the bar every now and again considers it a labor of love for those willing to stomach working with the public in this day and age. Well, don't just stand there, describe your digs! Within reason of course! No flying cars or rooms coated in diamonds, just a room that fits your character's aesthetic: (ps if terminated from the company, you have 48 hours to find new housing or start paying rent out of your own money)

The Dead End:

'The Dead End' used to be a Mcdonald's joint before being acquired by the mysterious figure known only as 'Mr.M' in 2075.No known photographs exist and the believed childhood ones are hotly contested as to whether or not they're actually Mr. M. Any and all business with him is done through his Agent. The former McDs was remolded and renovated giving it a sleek more futuristic tone. Let's go into some of the features, eh?;

One of the more popular attractions is our jukebox machine affectionately named "Que" by staff. Capable of conversing with patrons and listening to requests, 'Que' can play any song due to being synced up to Mr. M's agent's Spotify account.: Upon a POLITE request, 'Que' also has slots in which guests can charge their electronics. Headphones can also be rented out for the most introvert patrons. Attempting to play pirated/torrented music through Que will result in an immediate suspension from the bar itself.

Sketch:https://66.media.tumblr.com/938098acb03a2b4a3bd9406cad5d2d51/tumblr_pdj034y4cX1svxf7jo1_1280.jpg On special nights, 'Que' is turned off and this guy gets all geared up in Daft Punk esque gear and DJs so any patrons who are down for it can get their groove on~ Many have asked him where he comes from/if he's single/if he's actually Mr. M's son and he's managed to get by just fine without giving a definitive answer to any of those questions. Some think he's just a bum that Mr. M was convinced to hire outta pity. Whatever the case may be when he isn't DJing, "Sketch" can usually be seen working the register in the 'dancing' section to make sure everybody pays before seeing the girls/getting on the dance floor. He doesn't tend to say a whole lot but from talk among the staff, the dancers like him just fine, considering him always polite and respectful.

Ryuko:https://www.myfconline.com/character_avatars/86096_44210.jpg Although who's behind the counter can obviously change from day to day, Ryuko Shiobana is one of the most popular. Her coworkers think it's because of her good looks, Mr.M's Agent thinks it's how kind she is. Ryuko herself isn't one to boast but if she had to give some kind of reason why she always got good guest compliments? She chalked it up to not taking any shit. Be it from patrons or co-workers getting too rude with their gossip, she always makes sure to call it out whenever she sees it. Of course if you need someone to listen to your woes, she'll always do that, free of charge <3

Leo:https://i.pinimg.com/originals/9d/8a/5a/9d8a5a44aeab89c2232ee668da4db32d.jpg Ex-merc and an alien(spider-like humanoids. Not wanting to frighten potential patrons off is why he tends to keep his helmet on.)Leo isn't even his real name but when applying for the job of head of security, he gave it as a humble suggestion so the staff wouldn't constantly butcher his real name. It was signed on and due to his experience, he was hired! The other security stationed around the bar answer to him and so it's always up to him whether or not you get thrown out on your ass. Some folks have tried to bribe him. It never ends well. He might seem scary standing eight feet tall and decked out in armor but he can talk just like you or me and when he's on break? He can play a mean game of "House of the Dead"! FUBAR Board: When you do something to get yourself suspended(trying to play pirated/torrented music on 'Que', harassing the girls,being obnoxious) or banned from the establishment(putting your hands on the girls without proper consent, threatening the staff or fellow patrons and refusing to take any scuffles outside, destroying property)your name and photo will be placed on a dartboard behind the counter to show that you are not allowed to bet let in under any circumstances.

Lucy:https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiX_H_bOdOl2mk7ruVksNN4KDGASDVkutv51OdUUf-9E3owXsz Quiet when left to her own devices and rude if disturbed while playing a game, Lucy or 'Model #120' is an android built by Mr. M himself who watches over and maintains the games/arcade section of "The Dead End'.Many patrons have openly spoke of their dislike for androids/artificial beings but Lucy pays it little mind instead preferring to challenge patrons to try and beat her high score at the games. There is much that isn't known about her much like 'Sketch' but she's not telling for the moment~

For $1,000,000, the dance floor and arcade floor can be rented out solely for the recipient and his/her/their party. For $100,000, either the dance floor or arcade can be rented out. Normal rules still apply and money will NOT be refunded if they are broken. $50 bucks and Lucy can 'rig' a game for anybody struggling against the computer or another player(more so interfacing into the game itself and bringing it to the other player/the one who paid her's advantage)

Satori:https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQd7vN9R78mFyFE3UTm3INqwVKULPUCkZyGi7DdGInRv0HlNDf7 She may not dress in a business suit 24/7 but she's the one that handles all of the contacts between Mr. M and anyone trying to reach him. She's usually around the bar every couple of days to check up on things/talk with the manager of the establishment to report back to Mr. M. While she looks pleasant enough and will gladly chill out and grab a drink with you if you're not too much of an ass, any attempts to get information on her boss/her 'real' connection to him through her will earn you a quick vulgar rebuttal and possibly ejection from the bar.

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