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Apple Dumpling

The Gay Cousin™
Hello, Roleplayers.

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Look at your RP, now back to me, now back at your RP, now back to me.

Sadly, it's not with me, but if your partner stopped using two words when you give them five paragraphs, and switched to giving you the effort you deserve, they could write like they're me. Look at your RP history, back up: where are you? You’re on a forum thread with the RP partner your current RP partner could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two characters to that plot you love. Look again, the two characters are now lovers. Anything is possible when your RP partner writes like five paragraphs and not one line.

I’m on a horse.

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Welcome to the Master Thread.

Why hello there.

You probably need to know a little bit about me, so let's get right into it.

I'm twenty-two years old, transgender (they/them), and like to give a hefty five to eight paragraphs per reply although I can definitely go as low as three and as high as fifteen or even twenty if I'm feeling frisky. I'm most likely to reply once a day at least but I don't mind if it takes you a while, I get that life gets in the way. I do prefer my partners to be 18+, and I don't do any smut. I only play men or nonbinary characters for M/M, M/NB, NB/NB at the moment

As for what I expect from my partner: please be over eighteen years old, and give me enough to work with. I know that sometimes a one-paragraph blurb is all that's really needed, but I need my partner to match my efforts. And I hate to say it again, and rather rudely, but I mean it about the length. Please don't reach out if you know you can only offer one short paragraph. Please at least match my efforts. I do have a discord for OOC chat if you'd like, but I prefer all my RPing to stay here on RPN!

Also, please PM me! Add a bit about yourself, like triggers or preferences, and a bit about your writing! :) Seriously, please tell me about yourself so I know who I'm writing with. Please don't PMme asking what I want: i want to know what you want! :)

Now for the ideas, plots, pairings, etc.

MC = My Character
YC = Your Character
NPC = No Persons Character

Angel Feathers - CRAVING!

Angels have been proven to be real, walking with everyone like no big deal. However, very few angels have wings - and those that do are often hunted and plucked, since each feather is worth several thousand dollars. Plucking feathers to an angel feels the same as ripping off a humans limb. MC is an unregistered angel, unable to fly because of crippled wings, and hides their heavenly heritage in their day to day life. YC is a human, but with a strange secret - they can see who is an angel by an aura only other angels can usually see. They know MC is lying about their heritage and hatches a plan to get close to be a friend. YC isn't sure how to react when their "Non-Angel Friend" suddenly provides them with some angel feathers here and there to help pay off their debt.

A Pirates Booty - CRAVING!
Historical fantasy! YC is a pirate captain with a loyal crew. MC is a lone-wolf prostitute who lives on the "pirate store" island. Long story short? YC is the captain of a crew of hunters, hunting the very last siren who is alive - and MC is half-siren with supernatural abilities that are beginning to be extremely difficult to hide. YC buys six months of MCs time and brings them onto the ship.


Not everyone is created equal. Some are born high class, some low. YC is a powerful high-class who "rescues" a strange, scrappy bottom class from sex work. That being said, it seems that MC doesn't much want to be saved, and YC has one hell of a time keeping them in line as secrets are lifted from MCs shoulders.

The Army Mage - CRAVING!
In a medieval world, MC is an extremely powerful mage, usually traveling through the land and helping those who can pay as they fill out a dangerous quest. However, YC is the prince and captain of an army who is about to face another army three times as big and as powerful at their own. The King/Queen of the land implores the help of MC - again YC's wishes, who is strictly anti-magic. But they are forced to work together where, to YC's annoyance and reluctant acceptance, MC thrives in the war planning room and on the battle field. Slowly, as the war carries on, YC and MC start getting along (and maybe a little too well?). But the war ends, YC is crowned the ruler of the kingdom, and it's time for MC to leave and carry on their quest. Will YC ask for MC to stay, or is it time to let go?

Aye, Captain - CRAVING!
MC is the captain of an infamous pirate ship in a fantasy land, known for merciless pillaging and bloodshed. YC is lost on an island for a long time, only to be found by a crew that's stopped to gather and hunt. YC is a skill that's needed on the ship (maybe a doctor or witch doctor) and is invited onto the ship - only to discover that the ship is on an impossible quest

Arranged Assassins- CRAVING

In a strange world where modern amenities meet medieval traditions, YC is a child of one of the most powerful kings. As such, they are due to marry the princess of an even more powerful kingdom - until tragically, the princess is murdered in an assassination attack. The only option left in MC, a prince who is truly dark and mysterious. Trained to be an assassin for his kingdom, MC is hardly the first choice of YC - of course, until he kills the assassin trying to get to YC, the very same one who took his older sister. The entire royal family killed, YC is forced to take the throne earlier than expected - with MC at his side.

Found Family

In a world where superheroes usually pick their apprentices, YC is a hero who never managed to find a kid they clicked with. They end up finding MC, who is a young teenager, passed out in an ice storm one day and take them home to help keep them warm. Turns out MC has some wild superpowers and YC decides to make MC their apprentice, even if there is some trauma to work through.


In a world similar to ours, those with magic are considered to be criminals. YC is a famous WhateverYou'dLike and is involved in a horrifying late-night car crash that should result in certain death. However, MC emerges from the shadows and forces a potion down their throat and runs away again. YC is healed immediately and goes home only to see their savior shopping at the store the next day and insists they help hide them.

Dangerous Path

YC is a prince who must cross a dangerous, unmanned territory filled with magic and mayhem to complete a quest. The only person who can lead him is MC, a scrappy rogue without ties to any living kingdom. YC is first offended when MC treats them like anyone else crossing unmapped, magical territory, but soon realized that MC is the only way the could survive the long journey across a land where everything wants to eat them.

Hero Father-Figure

YC is a superhero who rescued a young teen (fourteen-sixteen) victim of human trafficking, MC, during a raid and takes them home for a short while just to try and get more information out of them. For a while, they slowly get accustomed to each other in the same house. But once YC gets the information they need, they send MC back to foster care - only to regret it immediately and bring them back home. There, it's a matter of trying to provide a stable home life.


YC is a powerful, modern, very wealthy man. Think actor, politician, musician, you name it. World-wide famous, you get the idea. What the public doesn't know is that because of his standings, he consistently gets death threats and after a particularly dangerous instance where his private home exploded into flames, he finally decides to let his agent/manger/powers that may be choose a bodyguard, MC. Now, MC is... kind of a shrimp. Small-bodied, not seemingly very tough, probably with a pretty big sweet tooth and a love for neon hair. YC is doubtful... until he sees MC in action, saving his life.

A Madman's Brain
YC is the leader of a dark organization plotting to overthrow the Ruler, and MC is a brilliant scientist who's only alignment is finding scientific knowledge and running experiments. YC lies and says that MC was abandoned by the Ruler's army in battle and that he was rescued instead of kidnapped, thus creating an alignment. An overly tough, violent leader and a quirky, annoyingly energetic scientist? What could possibly happen.

Assistant Surprises

YC is a CEO of a very wealthy company. He treats all of his employees extremely well and tries to befriend as many employees as possible. However, even good people run into bad situations. On YC's way home early, he notices that someone has broken into his home to rob it. With a weapon, he means to only fight off the burglar, only to accidentally end their life. With proof of self-defense, he is soon back on his feet and at work with his personal assistant and close friend, MC. MC is a shrimpy little person, so imagine the surprise when YC is attacked late at work by members of the mafia - only for the shrimp of a PA to knock them to the floor. Turns out, MC has some secrets up their sleeve, and now YC is awful curious about the very little he actually knows about them.

Faerie Circles
There are two ways to become a fae's servant: to give them your name, or to step into a faerie circle. Character One has stepped into the circle and is now trapped in the fae realm, there they are almost nothing but amusement for the fae - except for one. Character Two is a fae who takes ownership of Character One and treats them less like a game and more of a pet. Character One is both desperate to get back home and painfully curious about Character Two's behavior. (I can play One or Two).

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Apple Dumpling

The Gay Cousin™
Oopsie Woopsie! UwU We made a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo! The code monkeys at our headquarters are working VEWY HAWD to fix this!

Apple Dumpling

The Gay Cousin™
So I got my gallbladder out on Friday. I had hopes that they'd let me keep it in a jar but noooo, apparently, that's "too dangerous" and "highly toxic" if it ever got opened. I personally thought it would make a dashing bookend.

Apple Dumpling

The Gay Cousin™
Someone take this goofy ticktack app away from me I can't stop singing "SOMEBODY COME GIDDERRR SHE DANCING LIKE A STREEEEPER"

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