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Realistic or Modern Another Enolx Story Inside


Time to murder the English language.
Thanks for the interest, I will make this quick for you all. I am looking for a supporting female actor, since this is basically a romance drama and I main male characters.

Cool Story Name Here
Cool Story Name Here (working title) is about two rookies who end up getting pulled into a big time movie. Due to circumstances, they end up being major supporting characters in a well known movie stars last movie to try to get an Oscar (I guess I had Leo on the brain when I dreamt this up). While they don't get along, they have to work together a lot since their characters are close in the movie and they both want the main lead to succeed. Stuff happens, romance blooms, guy gets Oscar, everyone walks off into the sunset, roll credits.

Extra story info
When I first came up with this the characters were set up like this. The girl is a amateur actor who never really got her big break, but something happens to another actor(Doesn't matter what have fun with that) and she is called up to take the actors place as the supporting actor. The guy on the other hand was in the studio for a completely different reason, and just happened to be what the lead actor was looking for in his supporting actor.

So the conflict between the two comes from one character trying her best and whatever to stand out since this is her big break, and the other one basically doing it for fun/ because he was asked.

If you want to know about me, what I like in a partner, my rules, and other stuff I have done, there is a link below to an old recruitment page. There is a lot of this story that still needs to be made up, and I look forward to doing it together(insert best friend high five). If you have question let me know, I will get back as soon as possible.

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