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Fandom Another Earth, Multifandom (open)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Realistic


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This rp takes place on an earth like our own, except there are strange occurrences happening.

“Portals are opening up everywhere at random times and close shortly after. People who have gone in don’t seem to come back. The government watched these portals carefully sending people in and waiting for them to return to find nothing. Years went by and they eventually gave up, telling people not to go into the portals.
When suddenly something peculiar happened.
Different, things started to come out of the portals. Sometimes they looked mostly human, but other times their anatomy was vastly different. Their movements were more stretchy or rubbery like a cartoon, and/or their faces were simple... too simple, going into the uncanny valley. Their physics didn't always seem to match the physics of the world we are from either.

It was found that some of these beings seemed to look like descriptions of book characters or look like a more realistic portrayal of an animated cartoon. Hense, we gave these beings the name “caricatures”.

After a few years of study, the government has decided that most of them are safe, though not all of them.

You are one of what we call a “caricature”, or a being from one of the portals. Our goal is to have you live as normal of a life as you can in this world among other caricatures away from our human society.”

That was what the government agent told you when you were brought to the town. You have lived here a while, though to you it feels as if barley any time has passed. Its been months since you heard from that agent, but recently a new voice came from the comms,
“you are free to roam wherever you so please. Just please, don't go through the portals... its.. safer.. that way.”

Some have chosen to stay in the saftey of the town, while others have chosen to go. You never know what lurks outside.

Rules (more may be added as we go along)

Invoving hp:
Damage must have intent to harm from one side and intent to be in battle from the other in this world,

This is to prevent unintended deaths
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I just had a random thought to get my character in. Allow me to drop him before I forget it. Ahem

Verification Complete. Recalling past log...
Log Found. Opening...

Data Corrupt. Re-calibrating...
Complete. Opening...

Log ??-??-???

Ivy: Hey, ROBO? I got a dilemma.
ROBO_Head: This Unit is listening.
Ivy: You see, the Cytus Network has been acting up and I've been investigating. Until suddenly... An inter-dimensional rift of unknown source popped open.
ROBO_Head: Analyzing... Complete. Conclusion: You are in need of assistance.
Ivy: Can you investigate it? And report back to me? I'll let Nora know what's going on. I'll take care of her.
ROBO_Head: This Unit agrees. Please specify place and time for further confirmation.

Ivy: Thanks ROBO. Meet me in the OS Server in 10 minutes.
ROBO_Head: Understood.

Ivy is now offline.
ROBO_Head is now offline.
End of Log ??-??-???

Head calibration complete. Loading interface...

A pile of a humanoid shaped metal fell from the sky recently. Whatever it is has already been moved to the caricature camp. They never got to see it active though. It had been sitting at the entrance almost all morning. Until...

ROBO_Head Unit 02
Nora Custom OS
Loading friendly UI...

A monitor is now filled with a bright light blue screen. The strange heap seems to stand up, and move its arms and legs a bit. The mechanical whirring is a bit noisy, but it did take quite the fall. On its monitor, still filled with light blue, a simple horizontal line appears just a bit under the center of the screen. Two ovals are then added above the line slightly. Then, a speaker is heard...
"Hello. Welcome to ROBO_Head Proxy Bot."
He then looks around to see if any one else is nearby...​


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//remember if you are in the rp already, we have a private ooc for plotting and chatting. For new people, any inquiries interest or asks to join should be discussed in the character thread. Ciscodog’s post works as a first post


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Sans had been assigned to watch the robotic looking thing.

The reason it had been assigned as a caricature was obvious. Tech of this level wasn’t exactly common, and the metals were a bit different than the ones of this world. Aside from that, the crater it left made it seem like it was dropped from above, so it was definitely alien if not from another universe.

Sans had studied it for a bit but was against taking it apart because there was no way to tell if it had organs inside if it was a caricature. He examines it for faults, but it seems perfectly fine.

When it moves, sans quickly teleports away before it can spot him and hides behind one of the nearby trees. He notices it speaks and thinks it’s friendly enough. He walks out from his hiding spot, “hey, sup.”


Cryptic and Unforeseen
Battery: ??% remaining

ROBO sees the... wait a talking skeleton? What's going on here?
Scanning entity...
Identification Complete
Results: Unknown Skeletal being
Life-force: Unclear

Friendliness: Unknown. Further analysis recommended.

He runs an analysis protocol on a hidden camera, taking a scan of the skeleton. Within a second, ROBO has analyzed the skeleton, but some of the data doesn't add up. He proceeds to try to conversate and make friends with the bundle of bones.
"Greetings; This unit is named ROBO_Head Unit 02, AKA ROBO."
His simple face disappears as a waving pixel emoji appears on his screen
"Please do not be startled. This unit wishes to be acquainted with you."
He remembers meeting others, too. There were sorta freaked out at first with how he spoke, so he further clarified:
"This unit may speak differently than what you may predict. That is just a malfunction in the system. This unit is sorry for the inconvenience."
He then simply awaits for the skeleton to respond.​


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Blaise WilderMentions: Sleipnir Sleipnir (as friends mentioned) AniMANIA7983 AniMANIA7983 (sans) Ciscodog Ciscodog (Robo as "Contraption, automaton, hunk of metal.")
Blaise had been hiding behind a tree, too, a little farther than where Sans had been hiding. He wasn't assigned to watch, just curious. He had no clue what the newbie was supposed to be, he had never seen anything like it, coming from the year 1899 and all. Yet again, most of the things here he hadn't understood or knew about. He barely understood the concept of what had happened, what had brought him here. He was still struggling to understand everything, and often would think about his posse back in his world, and his wife and adopted son. He hoped they were okay, and that he'd find a way to get back to them someday.
At least he still had his horse. And he had made a few friends here, too, that made things not so hopeless and sad.
Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he tuned back in to watch the exchange between the skeleton and the.... Contraption? Automaton? Whatever the hunk of metal was. Should he reveal himself, too?
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“Sup, robo”, Sans says simply. He stands there with his hands in his pockets while he has a grin on his face as usual, the shape of his eyesockets tell that this time its genuine. He then reaches out to shake hands, “the name’s Sans.”, he very obviously has a mini whoopie cusion in his hand. He did this to every newcomer.


The Eight-Legged Norse Horse
Snowyn hurried down the path after Blaise. She knew which way he had gone — she wasn’t too far behind, after all; it had been abundantly clear to her when that... star fell from the sky, she’d never stop Blaise from going to see what it was. He was so headstrong —she knew that wasn’t about to change. Not now. She’d fought that battle too many times, between the food and the bandages, and had since learned to pick her battles with him.
This was not one of them.
“Blaise!” She called quietly, lifting the hem of her dress as she hurried after him. She stopped and stooped down to hide next to him. “At least wait for me when you wander off, will you—? I had to chase you here! You aren’t the only one in my care, you know, and you could have at least had the good sense to let me get everything in order before you took off to find that– that thing, the...” she turned toward the scene before them to see what it was she was talking about, and when she did, her expression relaxed into some stunned awe. She’d never seen anything like it, either. Some sort of construct, maybe, made of iron or steel...? She didn’t know. She couldn’t even begin to find words to describe it. “...What is it...?” she finally breathed, still staring.

There was, indeed, one other that Snowyn had in her care. He was thankful, of course -- he hadn't forgotten the state he'd been in when she came across him: ragged, frightened, hungry. One moment he had been at home, supported, comfortable, content, and then -- just like that -- he was here. It was dark. Wet. He didn't know where to even begin looking for help. Near wasn't reflecting on that now, though. He stood on the street and stared up at a clock, once again contemplating the situation he and everyone here was in. He had come to accept the strange reality of the situation: The talking skeletons. The magic. He had no choice. If he had been teleported here, and now stood in a foreign world watching the clock hands move second by second, minute by minute until an hour had passed, he had to accept that all things were plausible and nothing could be deemed impossible -- no different than accepting that a death god's notebook could fall into the hands of a human and be used for serial homicide.
Such was the way of it.
But something still bothered him. Why? How? To these questions, Near had no answer, and he contemplated it as he stared up at the clock, watching one hour fade into the next. Was there even a reason? Even if not, the question of how still remained. He needed to know.


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Despite the usually obvious trick, ROBO had never had any experience and simply went in for the shake. Despite the loud whoopee fart, his metallic hand stood out unlike a normal hand. Well, with it being robotic, of course it would be different, but it was almost like bulky iron skeleton fingers, similar to Sans'.
"Error! Unknown sound detected!"
After almost the entirety of the whoopee cushion had been deflated, ROBO took his hand back. It wasn't forceful or angry, however.
"This unit was caught by surprise. Have I accidentally fractured your hand?"
It was clear and obvious this robot has never seen a prank in his life, much less a whoopee cushion in the hand of a talking skeleton.
ROBO has not noticed any of the other spying on him and Sans yet.

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Blaise WilderMentions: Sleipnir Sleipnir (conversing with snowyn) AniMANIA7983 AniMANIA7983 (mentions sans) Ciscodog Ciscodog (mentions ROBO)
"I dunno, looks like some sorta contraption, maybe some kind of automaton." Blaise whispered back, peeking out from behind the tree again.
He paused a moment, thinking.
"... you think it could be dangerous?"
The question would obviously give away what he was thinking to those who knew him. His... tendencies weren't the most subtle. Sure, it could be mistaken as a joke or self depreciation, but once you really got to know him you would find he was serious. Just in a matter of fact, casual way.
It was probably a good thing that his guns were taken from him. Although, he did feel naked and vulnerable without them. He did manage to find a hunting knife, but that wouldn't do much for him in terms of real protection. Maybe he could figure out how to make a bow at some point. Then he could at least hunt again, not like it could replace the feeling of a gun in his hands, though.
And there his mind goes, zoning out again. It was evident by the simple blank look on his face. Until the sound of the whoopee cushion was heard. He couldn't help but start to laugh, though he tried to contain himself and keep quiet.

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1492961106_giphy (3).gif
Nanosuit 2.0

When Alcatraz first saw the...whatever It was fall from the sky, He decided to take a look for himself. Trekking through the camp he could hear two chattering up ahead, and activated his Nanovision's Thermal-mode. A man and a woman, Were up ahead talking and most likely watching what was ahead of those trees nearest the gate. Deactivating his Nanovision he moved forward, and activated Cloak-mode. To what would seem like a slight cool breeze, would actually be Alcatraz walking past and towards the Robotic-like thing and Sans up ahead.
Alcatraz scanned the Robot, and after Introducing Itself as, 'ROBO_Head', He simply found out that It was friendly. Finally, Something else that had technology, Alcatraz had someone to finally talk to without having to write on a half-piece of paper with a trashy-broken pen. He disabled his Cloak, and there he was, standing proudly at Six-feet tall and staring right at the Robot. His reddish-brown visor with a carbonlike pattern shined under the sun, His suit traced with a dark-greyish carbon pattern as well as metal pieces sticking out here and there.
Hearing the whoopie-cushion Major Laurance Barnes a.k.a the previous owner of the suit, well at least his conscious, starts to laugh which only Alcatraz could hear.
"Looks like somebody had to empty their stomach...Now back to business." Barnes responds quickly. Alcatraz tapped the Robot on the left shoulder a few times the robot would've turned to see a Super-Soldier of some sort. Strips and small pieces of metal protruded from the armor, muscle-like armor moved along with his every move. The greyish armor was actually made up of a substance called, 'Nanoweave', 'Nanofiber', or simply 'CryFibril' which was developed by CryTek and used to create the Nanosuit loved by all.

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Snowyn huffed and shot Blaise a disapproving look at his comment. She knew. "You heard... it," she reminded him quietly. "This united wishes to be acquainted with you, it said. I don't think it would hurt us." She hesitated then, her expression faltering. Unless it was a trick. But what would it stand to gain from pretending to be friendly? Was there even anything? She didn't have long to question that -- Sans held out his hand, ROBO took the bait, and Snowyn startled slightly at the sound that came next. Of course. She had met Sans a few times before, and she had to admit, she wasn't terribly shocked by this turn of events. Besides that, the construct's reaction to his little prank only reinforced the idea that perhaps all was well and ROBO could be trusted. She cocked her head, nodding just a bit, but didn't have time to say anything before recoiling again as another man appeared. Maker be good, wasn't this a popular spot to be? She couldn't help but be a bit amused. The curiosity of man knew no bounds, that much could be said for sure. She stayed quiet for several moments longer to observe the situation. "...Perhaps we could introduce ourselves, if you want to," she told Blaise quietly. "I see no reason not to just yet."

It had been a government agent who had dropped them all off here, hadn't it? But they hadn't come back. Had they been abandoned here? Or, perhaps, was this whole affair was in the service of observation. If that were the case, though, why was it no one here had heard a word from any of the agents of government in so long? It seemed unlikely that they'd drop off the face of the planet entirely. No... Near didn't have that premise to work on just yet. But the government... They'd left them here. They had the tools, the machines, the funding -- if anyone knew anything about these rifts, these portals that had dropped him here, it would be them. But knowing that wasn't enough. Absently, he played with a stray lock of white hair. It felt to him as if he were fumbling in an inky dark room, trying to piece together a puzzle he couldn't see.
He considered the situation for a few short moments.
He couldn't just... go to them. He wouldn't know where to start. He couldn't even drive, and even if he could, he didn't have his team to help him along, get in contact with the people he needed... and they likely wouldn't understand the significance of the fact that they would be talking to N. So no: That was out of the question. However...

Libraries, Near had found, were useful things, and it was for this reason he went to the closest one, booting up three computers to work on each simultaneously, leaning over each one where he stood. Conspicuous, no doubt: A boy no older than eighteen, having not bothered to do so much as change out of his pajamas, hunched over a chair and switching between three computers with dark gray eyes flickering between each. It wasn't ideal. They were slow. But he could monitor a few different things. First on his list was attempting to get into some locked doors he wasn't supposed to peek into: Also not easy, given his lack of resources. Second, though, was sifting through the news, starting on the day he arrived and moving forward: Any mention of him and those like him, any names of agents being interviewed -- and that was his third computer. Names. Faces. Ranks. Anything he could find on these people who might know something. I'll find something, he told himself. I'll piece it together. Somehow.


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Hornet was looking for her sibling.

She had no idea where Ghost was. Likely nearby, but they were fast. After going through that... opening in Dirtmouth, they'd gotten separated. As in, she took her eyes off her sibling for one second and they were gone. Ghost was definitely here. Possibly that pillbug, Quirrel. She hoped not. Her eyes scanned the setting through her mask, as she ran... and came to a dead stop.

A creature made of metal... and some sort of husk? That, or its exoskeleton happened to be extremely abnormal. She moved into a hiding position. Was it safe to pass? Should she attack? For now, she listened, a furry claw curling around the needle under her cloak.


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Blaise WilderMentions: Sleipnir Sleipnir (Snowyn) Ciscodog Ciscodog (mentions ROBO) (mentioned: others in the area briefly)
Blaise sighed in disappointment. With the surplus of other people he wasn't as interested in the newbie anymore. Maybe later he'd introduce himself.
"Guess I'll just have to find a bridge then." He stood, dusted himself off, and walked away in the opposite direction. Whether or not he actually was going to go look for a bridge was uncertain, it could honestly go either way with him.
After some walking, and feeling out of breath from his bandages being on too tight, he found himself near their little zoo of sorts where all sorts of creatures were kept. But most importantly, it was where a stable and pasture was for his horse. He loved the damn mustang he tamed, even though it was about as smart as he was. He jumped over the fence and whistled for Wyld Fyre, the buckskin mustang with a braided tail trotting over to him then slowing as he got close. Blaise stepped to the side, where he then patted the horse's neck.
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“Nope, nothing broken”, sans smiles, “just the wind”, he laughs at his own joke.

He looks at everyone that just kinda is around, “Wow, is there a party here I wasnt invited to?”

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Analyzing////Systems...ONLINE//Anita-ting Pressure//Visors......ONLINE//WeaponSystem...ONLINE///
A giant pod like system was into the ground by a tree lightly holding it, air started shooting out the pod and a giant crane came out of it as it was holding what appeared to be a cybernetic masculine robot, though it appeared to be turned off and just hanging there,
After about 5 minutes the helmet started to light up and air shot out around the body, the robot looked left and then right and then it looked at it's hands it clenched its fist and shurkiens came out, the robot inserted them back in and stepped onto the ground, it's sword on it's back, the robot looked around it's self unknown of it's location though it appeared that people were looking at him but he was unknown of the fact he was being watched.
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“Two bots in one day?”, sans says simply, “im just gonna let you all talk.”, he walks away from the clearing and into the main town, “this day has been crazy already. I think i need some rest.”, He takes his house out of his pocket and places it on the ground, then steps inside. “Hey pap, you home?”

“YES”. papyrus was in the kitchen cooking, not even noticing that the house had moved through spacetime, “WOULD YOU LIKE SOME SPAGHETTI?”, Papyrus’ cooking was awful, but sans didn’t exactly have taste buds, so it doesn’t matter.

“sure pap.”, sans said. He grabs a plate and sits on the couch in front of the TV. There was static on, “hey, your favorite show is on.”

Thudding came from the kitchen as papyrus ran in, “WOWIE! THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!”. he sits down next to sans and starts eating the spaghetti from the plate sans brought while sans just eats from the pan.

“The sauce is still a little thin this time”, sans says as the noodles sit in the water with the sauce mixed in, “ it still tastes good, but maybe try draining the water first before mixing it next time.”.

Papyrus didn’t have undyne to give him cooking lessons anymore, so he asked sans for occasional tips. His cooking had actually improved a lot since they started, “I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT! THANK YOU FOR THE TIP, SANS!”

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Toy Doom Slayer

"Waaaaah! I want daddy!" The Little Marine cried as he shivered under a table. He missed his world, His dad would've known what to do right, Along with the help of VEGA? But, He still had Little VEGA to talk to but that wouldn't keep him busy forever though. He knows he could go to explore outside the town but he only had water-based weapons.
"Baby Slayer, Would you like me to sing you a song?" Little VEGA asked. "No...I wanna go explore, But me scared!" He said as he stood up and pulled his Plastic sword of Argent Energy out his weapon hammer. "Ah, very well. Lets go, Shall we?" Little VEGA said as the Baby Marine walked from under the table and waddled to the door and pushed it open. "Yeah! I wanna smack demons with my sword like daddy!" The little marine said as he swung his plastic sword in the air as he walked.



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The robot seemed to be relieved at the sound of the skeleton laughing.
"This unit is pleased with your enjoyment"
Another thumbs-up appears on his screen, before quickly returning to his neutral position.
Next, he felt the faint tap on his shoulder. Despite being made completely made of metal, he still had the ability to feel pressure like a normal human. He turns to meet the soldier.
"Greetings; I am ROBO_Head. Pleased to meet your acquaintance."
He took a quick hidden camera scan on the armored soldier.
Scanning entity...
Identification Complete
Results: Battle ready robot
Materials: Unknown
Battery Power: Unknown
Friendliness: Weapons spotted. May be dangerous.
He found the soldier robot and noted down the fact that he seemed to be some sort of fighter. He continued to keep his simple face on to keep it formal for him.
Then he took notice to the new pod that had fallen. It had then transformed into... another robot?
First, the third robot.
Scanning entity...
Identification Complete
Results: Battle ready robot
Materials: Unknown
Battery Power: Unknown
Friendliness: Weapons spotted. Seems more dangerous than previous bot. Stay alert.
Then, he adjusted his previous log for Sans
Entity name: Sans
Species: Skeleton
Personality: Jokester, Friendly
Relations: None
He wasn't focused on anything else currently... he was just trying to get everything sorted out. Though then again the skeleton seemed pretty laid back... maybe he could show off his real colors then? Anyway, back to the now. He simply awaited to see how else the people around would respond.

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1492961106_giphy (3).gif

Nanosuit 2.0

Alcatraz ran a scan on the Robot and tilted his head lightly. The robot was very primitive in form, but also somehow advanced much like the Nanosuit Alcatraz was wearing. Alcatraz decided to respond quickly by opening an encrypted messaging channel;

"You are not home, This is not your world, Nor mine. Alcatraz, Is my proper name. I cannot speak, My body is in bad shape and my suit is keeping me alive, To which I cannot take off as It has grafted itself onto my body. Refer to it as a symbiote if you must, For now, You are safe."

The message was instantly sent to ROBO_Head from Alcatraz's mind, Since the suit was hooked up to his head by a Wireless DNI created by using signals.

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Toy Doom Slayer

The plastic Doom Marine was quietly walking along swinging his Plastic Argent Energy sword at Imaginary demons. "Practicing is a good way to start off, Might even cross paths with some beings of our world?" Little VEGA stated as they walked.
After minutes of walking, He came across what was to be a woman-like creature of some degree, wearing a pink-faded dress. "Oh hello!" The one-foot tall marine exclaimed as he looked up at her. She wielded some sort of metal sword as well. "Have you seen my daddy? Big muscles, Armor like mine but better, and big real guns?" The plastic child asked quickly, already too excited.
"I really miss him...And I scared of the monsters past the town gates...Oh! Can you help me find him?"

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The rather much 'cooler' looking robot's armor shifted and the robot rolled it's shoulder in a more 'humane'way than before and then moving it neck and walked in front of the other robot tilting it's head, it's visors scanning the robot, as jack tapped the screen of the robot curiously
the screen read 'much weaker robotic organism', jack walked around the robot checking it out a little before looking at the man in the nano suit,, looking at the dude, it's visors scanning him, the robot already knew where he was and had a much higher intelligence.
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Cryptic and Unforeseen
You have received a new message!
No virus level detected. Opening message...
You are not home, This is not your world, Nor mine. Alcatraz, Is my proper name. I cannot speak, My body is in bad shape and my suit is keeping me alive, To which I cannot take off as It has grafted itself onto my body. Refer to it as a symbiote if you must, For now, You are safe.

Encrypted message server found. Sending appropriate response...
"Thank you for the information. This unit will keep that in mind for you. This unit assumes it may be difficult to communicate with the others. Would you like me to help your communication purposes?"

Updating Log...
Entity name: Alcatraz
Species: Presumable human
Personality: Stern and serious
Relations: None
Material Composition: Symbiote
Description: Disabled human unable to speak. Metal suit keeping him alive

This unit is... reminded of something.
Recover corrupted file Cam_Robo_698_06_02
Program activation...... start
Recovery progress...... 15%

...... I'm sorry... I couldn't go there with you.

Recovery progress...... 35%

...... ROBO, you are a very special existence... Much more than just a simple A.I. You have your own emotions, your own soul...

Recovery progress...... 60%

... go pursue "your own" freedom and dreams...

Recovery progress...... 85%

... have reconfigured your supreme command... also forbid you from returning to Node 03...

Activate this unit memory data search program
Searching specific subject: Her
Sort: Relevance to this unit
Inputting voiceprint data...... Complete
Cross-comparison...... complete
Match results: 1
Nora (Shizuka Shiino)
Corrupted file Cam_Robo_698_06_02
Recovery process completed
Begin replay
Robo 1.jpg

Recognizing feeling... Complete.
This unit feels... Sad.

Recalling data from Nora:
Creator. Mute and crippled. Caring. Requires ROBO_Head Unit 01 to speak.

This unit wants to protect Nora. Initiating location protocol...
Error: 104
Cytus Network unable to be connected to.

Recalling Alcatraz message:
"You are not home, This is not your world,..."
Conclusion: This unit wishes to return home.

ROBO seems to droop a bit, for seemingly no reason. But then he is inspected by the dark robot. ROBO perks up a bit... only to see the message being relayed on the other robot's screen. Ouch... But ROBO ignores the insult and looks around. He then realizes something more... important... his battery life!

Warning: Battery level unchecked. Please refer to battery protocol.
Scanning battery level...
Battery at: 38%
Battery somewhat substantial. Unit should pay attention.

He decides it's probably best not to say anything too much, so he simply greets the dark robot again, after he inspects Alcatraz properly
"Greetings; I am ROBO_Head. Pleased to meet your acquaintance."
His blue screen simply shows a wave emoji, and transforms back into his neutral face.

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Nanosuit 2.0

Alcatraz received a message almost immediately after he had sent his message.

[Encrypted Message Found. Recovering...]
[Message now Readable.]

Thank you for the Information. This unit will keep that In mind for you. This unit assumes it may be difficult to communicate with the others. Would you like me to help with your communication purposes?

[Received Message.]

"Yes, I would like that. At least until the Nanites in my suit heal up my lungs and voice-box. Thanks."
[Sending New Message...Message Sent!]

The Marine then turned to the new robot who had just hopped out of some pod of some sort. The Super-Soldier watched the man circle him, then what seemed to be scanning him. The Marine clenched his fists, ready for a fight if necessary to the safety of the town. The Super-Soldier motioned for the two to follow behind, Then notived a human-like being staring at them, From a nearby dirt road. He continued moving forward whilst watching the Bug-like entity from a corner of his visor.

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