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Multiple Settings Another crossover idea l thought of.

Austin F. Skiafos

SOLDIER 1st class
OK so l thought of my old favorite movie Teen titans Trouble in Tokyo and l thought what if my character Austin Fenris was in Saico Tek's place but my rampage was only caused by a unknown enemy that is played by someone other then me and the another person. So l am making this here so l can see who wants what character, first response gets to be Robin if first responder is male, second is Starfire if second responder is female, third if male is Cyborg, fourth if female is Raven and fifth if male is Beast boy. As for the unknown enemy will be given to someone who will roleplay the meeting of the enemy with me privately as a audition to see if you get to be him/her.

OK if that got your attention then cool we will move on to my character: He is Austin Fenris a experimental human with altered DNA that gave him inhuman strength and stamina kinda like a Final fantasy 7 SOLDIER conditioning that's been mentioned a few times in the final fantasy 7 games.
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