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  • About me
    please read info in all tabs before contacting me.

    I've risen from the coffin to search for people to do 1x1 RPs with yet again :^)

    Greetings and salutations, comrades. My name is Fabreeze/Fabreezy.
    I am a 23-year-old female freelance artist and stay-at-home wife from the United States.
    My first experience with RP was when I was 9, on an old kids' forum run by a lovely couple during
    an age when warrior cats and edgy wolf OCs were all the rage. I've continued to RP on and off throughout
    the years ever since, with a growing interest in improving my writing and storytelling skills as a whole.

    I'm pretty sociable, and one of my favorite aspects of RPing with people is the OOC back-and-forth conversations
    about character development and plot progression. I also really enjoy funny headcanons and meme-ing around
    on occasion as well.

    I do tend to be a little more private about other aspects of my life and interests, but I'll open
    up pretty quickly if I feel we vibe really well together and I can see us being friends. ^^

    I don't have difficulties writing any particular settings/character archetypes that I can think of, and I have a laundry
    list of pre-existing characters and world settings I like to mess around with and create variations of. Making stuff
    up from scratch is fun too, though.

    Other than that, some of my other interests include;
    -Music Production
    -Vocal synths(vocaloid, cevio, synthv, utau, etc)
    -Horror((big fan of scary games, and I have been listening to creepypasta/scary story narrations regularly since around 2013))
    -Orchestral music & Composing(sometimes I like to make character themes, y'know)
    -Fantasy such as LOTR, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Last Unicorn

    Anyways, if I've managed to pique anyone's interest, feel free to send a DM my way! I don't bite, I swear ;^D ((Or do I? Who knows.))

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