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    [SIZE=14.666666666666666px]Whenever anyone has anything important to say, say it here. Stuff like: If you're unable to post within the cycle. I'll put stuff like: When we're doing a timeskip. You know what I mean? Stuff that everybody has to see. Please don't clog up this thread with conversation even if it is related to the announcement, Take it over to general conversation plox <3[/SIZE]
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    ALRIGHT WOO! We're back yo!...kind of.

    Here's the game plan guys.

    The backend program converting the bbc in the old posts isn't finished yet. It actually ended up converting everything to HTML, which I imagine is the first step toward translating it to something the new editor can understand. Until it's done, it's critical that you guys don't touch your old posts. Don't go in there and try and delete all the HTML around it to make it legible, just leave it be for now, alright? When the Staff lets us know that the backend is complete, then we'll start reconstructing the thread completely. On you guys' end, that just means moving your characters to their proper locations in the new Characters forum.

    Once the thread is completely fixed, meaning there's no spare bbc or html lying around, everything looks nice and pretty and organized, and all of the information is visible and easy to find, then we will resume posting in the main IC thread of the RP. Unfortunately, this is going to take longer than we were initially lead to believe, but have no fear guys. I've come up with a solution for those you just itching to get back into the action:



    I'm really excited about this and I hope you guys start making Rapid Fire! threads soon! Like, right now, cuh!! I can't wait to read them and join some of my own~ I however, will be mostly focused on restoring my other RPs to a state similar to this one and Super Yuri Bros. So it'll be a while before I can join in. But don't let that stop you.

    If you guys have any questions, hit up the questions thread and I'll try to answer them as soon as I can. I hope you guys enjoy Rapid Fire! and thanks for being patient, y'all. We gotta stick through this mayn so we can continue our oh so fun RPs. And as always if you guys have any ideas about the RP or the thread itself, hit me up in General Conversation. 

    Last thing: The icons in the RP. For the banner I picked the four leaders of the currently active groups. For the icons, I picked who I assumed to be your favorite characters to make sure everyone was included. At first I was going to pick the second in commands of each group but I thought nah. Then I needed a 5th icon. So I asked Angel to name a cool random PGZA character. At first she said Mikey, then she said Freddie "for two big reasons."

    Then she went on to clarify that the reasons were her personality and vast knowledge of mechanics. But I decided to be a cheeky bastard about it, and now I'm pretty sure I want Freddie's icon to be all the icons and also the banner lmfao. If you guys want me to change the character I've selected for the icons, then just let me know, it's no problem at all. I actually quite like doing things like this, it's one of the more positive aspects of the site's update.

    Anyway, take it easy guys, have a wonderful day, I love you all, AND GET STARTED ON THAT RAPID FIRE! SHIT, CUH. 

    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi
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    Sup guys. Please like this when you're done reading so I know that you've read it :3

    Welp, the backend program converting the bbc is done. And it actually has been for a while. The only way you would've known this is if you've been lurking around the Site Questions and Feedback and whatnot. There was no formal announcement. Sooooo thaaaat meeeeeans the way things look now are the way they're going to look. The next big coding update is merely going to add more buttons to the editor. That means I've got a loooooootta shit to fix around here and not just this RP, but all four that I GM. Yay for me.

    So yeah, it's gonna take a while before we're good to go in IC again. I want the RP to look clean and organized for not only potential new players, but you guys as well. I know we refer back to character sheets and Lore and Settings and whatever all the time, and prematurely starting up the RP seems like it's just gonna cause a lot of confusion. So the IC is on hiatus until everything is completely fixed. Well, not everything. I'm willing to start the main thread back up before the Mini Games are finished. Not getting rid of them or anything, it's just that we have Rapid Fires now and no one's played a Mini Game since February, so it's just not a priority as opposed to the other stuff in the thread.

    But anyways, lets get to what you guys have to do. Lets not mince words here, our character sheets are all fucked up, so we're gonna have to go in and fix them. The big coding update is estimated to be finished in like...three months. Maybe less, maybe more, that much isn't clear. So remember what I said about tabs? Yeah fuck that, they're broken and we may be waiting three months before that shit's fixed so we're gonna go old school. Post your characters as one sheet per post in their designated Organization. Fix anything wrong with the spoilers, the broken images, make it as neat as possible.

    Once you've got your character sheets in their proper places, let me know so I can delete, excuse me, hide your old collection of character sheets. The only other thing that you guys have to do is go back and clean up your last 2 posts in the Main Thread. Not every post has code all over it, but even a little can be distracting. And we're gonna have to refresh ourselves on what's going on and what not. So let's make it easier on ourselves and at least make them clean. And that's it! 

    On to something more fun though! I'm glad to see that the big ol' update hasn't stopped some of my players from wanting to make characters. So I just wanted to tell you guys, it's totally cool to add new characters man. And do Rapid Fires with them! That'd be really cool and fun to do while we wait. In terms of this RP, I've altered my rule on only being able to have one of each Pokemon in the RP. Mostly because I saw these!


    If you guys haven't heard, Pokemon Sun & Moon are going to feature older Pokemon that have different forms exclusive to the new region. They have new types and new looks and everything. They're essentially totally different Pokemon. So the new rule is as follows: We can only have 1 of each form of Pokemon (unless they're siblings). So that means Mega Evolutions, Shinies, and other alternate forms will now be counted as different Pokemon as far as this RP is concerned. And look! People are already drawing gijinkas of them! So cool!


    Alright guys I'm donezo. If you notice something is missing or something is wonky about the thread, hit me up over in Questions. Oh, and, keep up those Rapid Fires you guys. They're really fun, I unfortunately won't be able to make anymore new ones with you guys until I've sorted out this mess. However, I'm still committed to finish the ones I've already started :3 

    Love y'all~

    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi
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    So if you look at like, like the Characters section. More specifically the Nimbasa City Musical Theater Group, you'll see that I expanded on the lore of the group a bit. In y'allz opinion, would you like more lore expansion for the groups? Or would you like them to be kept kind of vague, like they were?

    If you do want more lore expansion, do you guys have any ideas for any of the groups and how they came to be? i'm talkin' Arc 1 and Arc 2. I want y'allz input cause I love you and I think you're all secksee motherfuckers. Anyway, hit me up in OOC if you have any ideas. If you have 0 ideas still hit me up in OOC and be like "HEY BLAZE. I LIEKED THAT LORE EXPANSION!" or. "HEY BLAZE. STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING" cause I need validation because I'm a pathetic little man behind a computer screen trying to appease you guys. You guys are my senpai. 

    Also do it fuckin quickly because Im trying to get this thread all finished and shit befoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore..... TUESDAY. So do it fast. Otherwise Im gonna say to myself, "fuck ur opinion" and start pulling thing out of my ass. 


    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi
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    What's good mi amigos? I'm feelin' really good so make sure you like this so I know that you read it :] Stay secksee everyone. Let's get rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooight into the news!

    So I've finished reconstructing the thread. I'm very proud of myself. I'm also really high. So now, we're 90% ready to resume RPing in the Main thread. I'm very happy about that. We're also ready to welcome new players, so if you guys have anyone you think would be interested in joining, please let them know.

    But notice I said 90%. That's because we haven't moved our characters back yet! That's the other 10%. We can only resume posting IC when everyone has moved at least all of their Arc 1 characters to their proper places with fresh, clean, functional character sheets. As you can imagine, this is gonna take me a while yo. Especially since I've gotta start cleaning up my two other threads. So I'm speculating that by the time I'm done, most of you will probably done as well. And if you finish before me, then move your Arc 2 characters.

    The list of people in each group, especially the Arc 2 ones, isn't very accurate, but the leadership positions are. Anyway, when you guys move your characters there, I'll update the list. It'll be much easier for me than searching through the fucking five page mess of hidden bullshit that is the character sign up page from my viewpoint. Also, I've constructed the Arc 2 groups in such a way that would allow us to do Rapid Fires for them during Arc 1. That way you don't have to wait five years to use them.

    Anyway if anyone is interested in making a claim to some of those leadership positions, let ya boi know. If you guys want to use colors that you can't use on RPN as easily, I highly suggest making your sheets in google docs. It is amazingly convenient and the formatting transfers over pretty much instantly. The only thing that won't is image floating in google docs. But that's okay, because to float an image in RPN, all you need to do is double click it and align it.

    Love y'all~ We're at the finish line. 

    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi
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    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi

    Hey guys, nothing real big today or anything, I just thought I'd let you guys know that I kinda drastically changed Marth so take a look at him before you next interact with him or mention him in IC so you know what's good. I put a handy dandy little explanation of what I did and why at the bottom of his sheet so that you guys won't have to read the whole thing. Swag swag swag swag.
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    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi

    Nothing big again today guys. Just wanted to ask you a question.

    Who's stoned, has two thumbs, and finished adding all their Arc 1 characters back?

    This guy ;)  Catch up slowpokes <3

    Oh and btw, if you guys are wondering where Ruby is, she has to deal with some real life stuff so her presence is gonna be spotty for a while. For now, just focus on getting your characters up and doing Rapid Fires and shit. By the way, now that I've finished my duties for this thread, I'm totally down for doing more rapid fires, although my responses won't be nearly as rapid, because I've gotta fix my other threads too. But still, I'm down so hit me up.

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    What's up mis amigos. So so so so so so I gotta couple thangs to say.

    • I need your last two posts and all arc 1 sheets up and clean by this coming Thursday (9/22). I intend on restarting the thread and our regular posting cycle on that day. So if you've already got clean sheets up, now would be a good time to go and review what's going on in the Main thread, and to check to see if it's your turn to post. That way you can get something ready in the meantime.
    • Now I put an emphasis on clean sheets because unfortunately whatever that fucking image rebuild shit was a few weeks ago did the opposite of rebulding to many of our images, and actually just un-built them, and then took a big fat shit on them. So I'm very sorry, but chances are if you posted your characters before the image rebuilding thingy then you're gonna have to go back and fix them. It sucks, I know, I have several to do myself. I am not happy about it. But whatever.

    And that's it. Love you guys, hasta, also I'm not proofreading aaaaaaaaany of that so if it doesn't make sense please lemme know.

    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi
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    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi

    Sup motherfucks. So I was trying to get a post ready today, but I realized a few things.

    1. I'm waiting on a lot of people. But more importantly

    2. Angel was the last one to post but a significant portion of her post (Lexi, Brennan, and Aurora) were just removed for no reason, you can tell because Lexi's title header is still there and her backgrounded characters list is missing those chars. It just fucking poofed. Kinda like what happened with my very first post in this RP (it's literally just the first few sentences and then everyone tagged, Mikey's actual beating is gone and Garo's section is gone).

    I talked to the mods about it when I noticed my post was hella stupid looking for no reason soon after the update and they said it happened to a few other posts too and they're looking into it. That was weeks ago now so I imagine if I bring it up again I'll have grandchildren by the time I get a solid answer from them about it, let alone a solution, because they seem pretty determined to cling to their "nothing was lost" mantra. So I'm just gonna say fuck it and suggest we do a timeskip.

    A timeskip to like when NCMT arrives at the Courthouse to meet with BSG. I have no idea where/how to timeskip for the Drifters and the Nightmares but that's what you guys are for. Now I know there were some things going down on smaller scales like *coughcoughHelgiecoughcough* but I figure shit like that can just be moved and continued in Rapid Fires. Which is something I was planning on doing anyway for my characters that are just interacting with one other character. That way I can get my group posts out faster.

    Anyway, what I wanna hear from y'allz in the Conversation section is: who's in favor of a short timeskip aaaaaaaaaaaaand if so, does anyone have any ideas for what the Drifters and Nightmares could be doing during it, or should we just focus on NCMT and BSG in the Main Thread and leave the Drifters and Nightmares alone or in Rapid Fires.

    I have a feeling this is gonna be a semi-involved discussion because we've got sub-plots on sub-plots on sub-plots right now in the Main thread and we gotta make sure all the loose ends are tied up and no character is left in limbo. But lets see if we can't get this shit figured out tonight. So yeah talk. 
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    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi

    Major Announcement Numero 5

    What's up guys. So I've noticed that since I started my RPs back up, a lot of people haven't been posting. I've heard a lot of reasons, like being too busy or being in fucked up emotional states and of course some people are caught in post chains. Though I empathize, that's not really important. My main issue is that no one announced that they wouldn't be posting. Not posting for the week is completely fine and understandable but you have to let us know. 

    If you notice, since we started back, I haven't been doing my weekly reminders. The first week I didn't was me giving everyone a pass and some time to figure things out and get readjusted. The second week was me seeing how long it would take without my weekly reminders for everyone to post on their own volition without me poking them with a stick or announce that they wouldn't be posting. 

    Part of it's my fault, I was so eager to get these things back up and running that I started them when I was ready. But I never really asked you guys if you were ready. So here's what we're gonna do.

    I'm ready like Freddy, but I need to know if you guys are ready to continue posting on a regular basis. So I need you all to reply under this post stating whether or not you're ready to continue. You don't have to say why or explain why or apologize. Not being able to post isn't a problem, lack of communication is. I just need to know if you're ready or not ready.

    If the majority of you are ready, then those people will continue posting at least once a week in the main thread. 

    Everyone who isn't ready will not be waited for, their characters will simply be "on mute" so to speak until they are ready to continue. Any interactions involving their characters in a crucial way are just gonna have to be timeskipped over, but they can always be continued in Rapid Fires if you guys so choose. 

    If the majority of you are not ready, then we'll simply put the RP on hold and entertain ourselves with Rapid Fires or other hobbies until we hit majority. 

    You guys have until this Sunday to let me know if you're ready. If you don't, then I'll assume that you're not ready.
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    Corgi I am a Corgi *3*

    My body is ready. 
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    This is why we have a questions section. Gather up all the questions you have and stuff you're confused about, post it there, and then I'll answer everything. 
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    Alright, sorry. That was stupid of me. I should have read that.
  16. SpookySableye

    SpookySableye Actually not that spooky

    I should be ready by tomorrow.
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  17. theglassangel

    theglassangel Mais je t’aimais, je t’aimais!

    When you realize that you're supposed to post this on announcements and not ooc. proof i'm not quite sane just yet whooops 

    Hey everyone, 

    I'm really sorry about everyone looking forward to a post, but I've been having troubles with my computer on top of a lot of personal stuff going on. Work has been piling up (lmao that's not new XD) and i feel like i haven't been as cheerful as i was before. I think that my characters suck and my writing sucks and blahjshshshdhdh 

    Yup, it's going to be one of those bad moments where angel doesn't post for a really long period of time. I won't get my laptop back in a week at the minimum. I also need some lines to be completely memorized and i feel horribly stressed and ugh. Hopefully, i get back into the swing of things, since my workload hasn't changed with the new year. I think it's the lack of volunteering stuff I've been missing out on and the bombardment of personal stuff resurfacin-- 

    I'm rambling again. Sorry y'all. I'm not editing this, so if it doesn't make sense, it's because I'm weird and emotionally unstable atm. Copy and paste function, go! 
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    Danoram ロロノア・ゾロ

    I'm gonna say I'm ready, because I want to be ready, but I know Burger King sure likes giving me my full load of part-time hours, and even on my days off I still have classes, but I've got this! Don't worry! I'm ready!!!
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    I'm ready now. It's just that this week was busy as fuck. I'll be la posting manana 
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    RubyRose Ace Character - Final 4

    Am ready. Have been ready. Have been working on other writing projects to keep myself entertained. I have a bad feeling when the rps start again my projects will stop and mother will be cross but I got up at 6 am today to try and find an escaped bull (that wasn't really escaped, turns out) so she can just deal X3 I look forward to when the rps start back into a real routine again. 
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    @RubyRose @Maki  @theglassangel  @SpookySableye  @Lotusy  @Danoram @Corgi

    Swag city, looks like everyone's ready except Angel. And since we just did a timeskip, it won't be hard to mute her guys.

    Emma's at the Courthouse meeting.

    Marcy's also at the Courthouse meeting, though she's out of sight as a contingency should anyone try to do some sus shit.

    Aurora and Brennan are at the Drifter's temp base.

    Nikki's in a cage.

    Freddie's at Floyd's. 

    I believe that's errbody. So just leave those guys alone until Angel comes back. Swaggy? Swaggy. I'm gonna try to post today y'all. Our regular scheduled posting restarts this Thursday. So this week, it's all gravy, but next week, I'll be back in them inboxes every Tuesday and Thursday if you haven't posted.
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  22. theglassangel

    theglassangel Mais je t’aimais, je t’aimais!

    hey guys,

    so i finally have my laptop back, but none of my files are on it. my desktop is just a recycle bin and firefox. ;-; my files have been backed up, but i won't get everything back until monday. luckily, i don't have any work to do other than studying, memorizing some things and preparing some easy ass notes.

    on the questions thread, i'll try to get a short summary of everything i missed regarding my characters so that i can hopefully post later today or early on sunday. i have a lot of things coming up next week like tests, various performances and presentations so we'll see how things turn out later.
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  23. theglassangel

    theglassangel Mais je t’aimais, je t’aimais!


    okay, just to let everyone know, i cannot post on the weekdays.

    so for the purpose of not causing any chains, i can only post on the weekends.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm just here to let everyone know that I most likely won't be able to post this week. Not far into the week at all, and I'm getting swamped with homework: lots of homework. There might be a chance that I can get a post out this week. However, I doubt that's going to happen with the way things are going now.
  25. Danoram

    Danoram ロロノア・ゾロ

    Hey guys! I'm here to inform you all that I will be going on an extended hiatus until my schedule clears up a bit. Two RPs just seem a little overwhelming right now, so I'm temporarily dropping one, and that happens to be this one for now! This is not permanent! Just fade my boys into the background and use them as you please. I'll try to at least read everyone's posts and keep up with the IC happenings!
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