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Animus Gaming (ThePotatoGod Vs. Cyborg Leopard)


Hit and Missed

Pixel Void
A pocket dimension in which Null Pixels thrive. This dimension has the capability to disguise itself as another location down to a T based on the current inhabitants' memories. Enlarged neon colored cubes litter the skies, even when the void changes. The sudden location change may occur at random, to one's benefit or not.
Two flashes of blue light originate inside the wireframe of collapsing tesseracts. Rohi remains hovering upright while Tarek arrives upside down and immediately falls on his head. Both the machines stood at around seven or eight meters tall, and moved with an elegance and fluidity that only came from near perfect control. They both seemed to speak with two voices, one human, if passed through a microphone, and the other voice, clearly robotic.

Tarek's Keeper AI: "Sorry."

He gets upright and the two stand and look around.

Tarek: "Ugh... what does Sec 8 get off calling a mission here priority #1... and wait... where are we? Are we in virtual space... Sacodias?"

Rohi's Keeper AI: "This is not a virtual space that I recognize, nor am I able to access it through a backdoor connection and manipulate it. Scans show virtual interface with physical matter... this technology is highly alien and I'm having difficulty discerning the nature of its functionality."

Tarek: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Rohi: "It means keep your guard up here. Big 8 wouldn't have sent both of us if there wasn't a serious problem."


Hit and Missed
Meanwhile, at the nearby area. Two men are sitting behind a rather huge neon cube, soon receiving a transmission.

"This is mission control." A Holographic screen popped up in front of the two, revealing nothing but static except for the voice of their commanding officer. "Arrival of two targets confirmed. You are free to engage."

"Finally. I was getting bored around here!" A young man with long, puffy, and shaggy hair wearing glasses yawned as he stood up, stretching his arms upwards. "Remind us what we're supposed to do here, doc?"

"Your task is simple. Defeat the indicated targets." The voice explained, "Win or lose, this will give us the necessary data in which we would be able to improve the system's combat capabilities as a whole. Understood?"

"Yes sir." The other, slightly young man clad in a collared vest and a black tracksuit and red gloves nodded in disciplined agreement.

"Got it, chief." The man pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as the transmission ended, soon walking off of their hiding spot. "Come on, Ren. Let's kick some ass."

"Yes sir." The man named Ren nodded, following his superior.

A few minutes later, and two silhouettes of armored men caught their attention.

"Yo!" The man with the glasses greeted. "Good to see you guys!" He waved as he took out a purple cartridge; it's handle shaped like the grip of a gun with an enlarged usb drive, soon pressing the trigger. "Taking care of you guys...Is basically our job."

--Press Start--

The usb drive glowed purple as a large holographic screen appeared behind him, displaying the name of the cartridge and the logo of a green shuriken with the hole filled with a purple face and a naruto symbol.

"...A Faiz reference? Really, Reed?" Ren sighed in disappointment as he took out a grey cartridge from his glove and pressing it's trigger.

--Press Start--

Ren's usb drive glowed grey as a clock with the name of the cartridge written on it appeared behind him. He flipped the cartridge before placing it on a device on his belt, appearing to be a recreation of a hand held gaming console only with the L/R bumpers on the right side. He shoved the cartridge on the slot and slammed the slot down.

"Oh come on! Did you really expect me not to make that reference?!" Reed sighed at his comrade before shooting his arm forward and bringing it round until his elbow folded, flipping the cartridge upside down as a purple device from his other arm is shown. "Let's just do this thing! Dai Henshin!" He shoved the cartridge on the slot and slammed on the red button of the device flinging his arm up and twirling it around as a ring of pixels surrounded his arm, flinging his arm down, causing it to be flung through his entire body, materializing a wireframe of a visor, chestplate, shoulder and knee pads, and arm guards. The wire frame soon materialized into actual armor. With the chesplate showing a full, green health bar.

"Gamer Phase, Activate." Ren uttered as he pressed on both the L/R bumpers and the slot where he shoved his cartridge on into the center of the device, causing the screen to lit up as a stream of green pixels swirled around him. Soon, the pixels dispersed, revealing him in a bulky chestplate and shoulder pads containing the four directional and shape buttons and the L/R bumpers on the actual respective sides. He also had a spiked, yellow visor.

Reed Boiyo HP 100%
Renald Yuuki HP 100%

"Now then...You guys wanna do the first move or shall we?" Reed proposed with a grin as the two armored soldiers materialized their respective weapons. Reed took out a large magnum while Ren took out a gun with a watch motif having the word 'GUN' written on it's sides. Reed appeared to be cocky, but has his finger on the trigger already. While Ren, who appeared to be much serious than Reed, was already aiming at their opponents.


Chimeric Spirit
Tarek: "Who are these guys... one of them is a ninja now...? What's going on?"

Rohi: "They lured us in here!"

Rohi's Keeper AI: "Their animus propensities are 7 and 13 respectively."

Rohi: "Tarek, these guys aren't using their anima to fight. They don't have fields and they'll be vulnerable to ranged attacks. Not with an AP that low! Keep them at a range!"

Tarek: "Right, let's do this!"

Dual Wave Synchronization: Twin Souls

Now sharing energies, the two could operate far more efficiently than either one could on their own. They both began to hover off the ground via gryphon systems, prepared to withdraw if the enemy should try to close the distance. Rohi began focusing a majority of her energy into the defensive field creating a large bubble focused on the side closest to her foes. Tarek didn't waste time and began throwing out homing blasts of anima energy from his palms and visor. Rohi aided him by releasing about 1/4th of her micro-mines in a swarm and tossing out one of her lumium grenades. Though powerfully hardened against enemy attacks, their own energies and weapons were able to slip effortlessly through the bubble.


Hit and Missed
Reed Boiyo 90%
Renald Yuuki 100%

Reed and Renald began to shoot as soon as they two hovered off the ground, however, their gunfire was blocked by what would a large force field. Not too long after, the male began firing at them with homing energy blasts, mines and a grenade targeting both of them. Renald leapted backwards while Reed lunged forward, drawing out the master sword slung behind his back, swinging it around, slashing down the energy blasts before narrowly avoiding the explosions from the dozens of mines and the grenade as he discarded the gun and took out a small hammer with a large block that resembles that of a missile launcher as he skidded right beside Renald who took out a small black mechanical pocket watch of sorts, pressing down it's button, beginning to glow on and off as then tossed it.

Reed let out a grin as he slammed the hammer on the ground, pressing down on it's trigger upon impact to cause a small quake, hoping to disrupt the forcefield before aiming it's face at the defensive field and firing off several missiles at the targets.


Chimeric Spirit
The shockwave from the quake barely buckled the shield, as both were airborne in a bubble. The missiles however had slightly more of an effect. As they closed, Rohi concentrated the field directly in front of the two, but the cacophony of blasts noticeably pushed both of them back several meters, remaining within the shared bubble.

Rohi: "Those missiles pack a punch."

Tarek: "I felt it too. Any other bright ideas?"

Rohi: "Intercept the missiles. Keep this up, we'll wear them down."

Tarek: "All over it..." He stopped firing to collect himself for a moment, then drew a large ring of blue light in the air. Intricate patterns filled the ring centered around an octogon. He pulled back with both hands, the conduits and gates on his suit glowed blindingly bright as he pushed a massive amount of energy into the rune that he had created, focusing his anger and intention on Reed. From the vertices of the octagon came eight missiles of blinding light trailing beams of energy. (Think like Darkseid's omega beams)

Once the missiles were fired, he fumbled backwards in the air, the lights on his suit blinking out momentarily, but started hovering once more.

Tarek: "Ngh... If this thing had a mouth I would puke" He said swaying from side to side in the air. Rohi took a confused glance. If the suits could emote facial expressions, hers would have been in disapproval, the vindication rune was a last resort attack. After a moment she returned to focusing on maintaining the shield such that her ally could recover.


Hit and Missed
Reed Boiyo 75.99%
Renald Yuuki 95.50%

When the two armored men were pushed back, Reed glanced at his partner and span his hammer.

"I think I got something. Switch to Grimm Eclipse-Y or N!" Reed told his partner as he took out a red cartridge and slammed it onto the backside of the hammer. Just as he did this, the male mech fired off several eight missiles engulfed in bright light, something that their visor helped dimming. "I'll handle the fireworks." He said, spinning the hammer in his hand before pressing the trigger.

TF-2! Critical Smash!

A huge fireball of an explosion went off as Reed was launched about 20 ft into the air with smoke covering the area with his partner and the trailing from Reed. The light-trailing missiles chased after the airborne Reed in a spiral formation. He aimed the face of the hammer directly below him where the missiles are gathering below him and pulled the trigger once more, the lid of the hammer opening up.

TF-2! Critical Launch!

Reed fired off several dozen missiles, grenades, and bullets at once, taking out the incoming missiles at once, causing another, huge explosion to lit up in the air. Just as Reed was falling as the smoke dispersed, the grid where the fight was currently fighting on glowed, and pixels suddenly gathered and spread the area, a forest environment began to materialize in the very place they're standing on.

Just as the explosion in the air occurred, Renald rushed towards the protective bubble, his appearance changed within the smoke. Renald's now wearing a brown leather jacket and now wielding two yellow gauntlets with shotgun cases popping out as he approached the bubble. He thrusted his arm back as he leapt towards the bubble, soon throwing a punch that resulted in a small explosion along with sounds of a shotgun being fired as he then continued punching the air, shotgun bullets flying towards the bubble.


Chimeric Spirit
Tarek: "Wha... what the hell... did we tesseract?"

Rohi's Keeper: "Negative. The sub-digital space changed its environmental coding. Also... opponent A has an animus field now." (OOC Rwby's Auras are mechanically very similar to animus fields, so I'd make the argument that the keeper would identify him now operating under RWBY mechanics and interpret his aura as an animus field.)

Rohi: "What the hell are these guys? ... are they trying to copy us? She said maintaining the shield, to which shotgun shells seemed to be having less of an effect compared to high explosive missiles.

Tarek: "Don't know, don't care. Keep the shield up." Tarek said, coming back to his senses. In this new environment he took telekinetic grasp of a large nearby tree with one arm, uprooting it and holding it between him and his foe for a second to block some of the fire. He then wound up to push, and Rohi pushed as well, sending the massive tree top-first toward their foes with the speed of a rifle bullet.

(You're probably going to want to use that Ultima state before you get too low on HP. In terms of raw power what you're hitting them with simply isn't going to have much of an effect.)


Hit and Missed
Reed Boiyo - Weeb Chronicle -75.80%
Renald Yuuki - Grimm Eclipse - N - 95.50%

(Funny thing about the Ultima State is that Reed is the only one who fully achieved it. Renald is capable of achieving it, but he needs a little more push.)

"Switching Characters." Renald hopped back as soon as he noticed that his punches weren't doing jack shit, pressing the L bumper as a ring appeared around him, showing portraits of different men and women clad in different outfits...It was mostly female dominated. His left hand shot towards the right, which showed the portrait of a red head with a pink and white outfit. Selecting this caused Renald's outfit to change to a male version of Nora Valkyrie's and materialize her grenade launcher in place of the yellow gauntlets. Just as the change was completed, a tree was hurled his way, prompting him to aim his grenade launcher at it only for it to be cut down by Reed who had just landed in front of Renald.

"Reed. This might call for the Ultima State." Renald told his partner as he stood up. "I advise you to use the Dew Charge."

"Hell no." Reed clicked his teeth, "We're not sure if that's really gonna be enough. Ican only time it for 30 Minutes. Who knows how strong these fuckers are...Plus, it's kinda overkill if they turn up short." Reed reasoned as he observed the opponents once more. They seemed to be heavily reliant on that shield of theirs. Taking note on how his missiles worked a bit...Perhaps there could be a way to kill them within the shield?

"...Got a plan, then?" Renald asked, prepping his grenade launcher.

"Well, just one...Break that goddamn shield!" Reed growled before charging ahead with his partner behind him.

Renald began to fire off Nora's signature Pink colored Dust Grenades as he circled the shield bubble. Thinking that it's enough of a distraction, Reed leapted and forced his blade onto the forcefield as if to cut a hole in it. Whether or not it actually did cut a hole is all up to fate. He would aim his hammer directly at where the sword is would cut a small hole, a manic grin in his face.

"Nice shield you got there! Mind if I..." Reed flipped the lid of the hammer open, "Blow it up?!" He asked rhetorically, pulling the trigger.

TF-2! Critical Launch!

Several types of ammunition bursts out of the hammer in quick succession, it's effects similar to the explosives he used to handle the missiles. A massive explosion would be inbound.
The initial distraction seemed to have worked well enough. Rohi stopped actively improving the shield and opened the lotus on her arm, firing brief, precise beams to take out the oncoming missiles before they could impact the shield, while Richard pierced the shield. If given even a split second solace between Reed's firing of the munitions she would aim to slice down trees and rock formations, the lotus beam cutting through them like butter, and attempt to impede his movement.

Breaching the shield was doable, if only with considerable resistance, but upon breaching it with his blade, the blue translucent wall of light seemed to close around the sword, trying to reform itself. The space inside the shield felt strange, like the inside was full of sticky molasses which slowed his sword down.

They both noticed the breach with a momentary jolt, but Tarek, ever the aggressive was the one to take action. On his right arm formed a hardlight blade with which he lunged for Richard, the anagram glowing a cold blue. He would pass through the shield effortlessly, as it was comprised of his own native energy, and aimed to slice richard in half. As he lunged, he focused his anima, charging the blade with aggressive energies such that it would alter chance and fate itself to be an evermore destructive blow to his foe.


Hit and Missed
(Imma assume you meant Reed when you wrote Richard)

Reed Boiyo - Weeb Chronicles - 75%
Renald Yuuki - Grimm Eclipse- R - 95.50%

Renald pushed the L/R bumper as the enemy shield was bombarded with ammunition, pixels swirled around him once more as the character select function was activated once more. He selected the first portrait that appeared, changing his outfit once more to that of the titular character, Ruby Rose. He utilized the character's semblance as circled the shield bubble, dodging the various debris as the environment began to crumble into the digital wireframe bit by bit.

The explosion barely scathed the shield as Reed noticed that his blade got stock inside the shield. Reed focused on dodging the now approaching mechanical being who got out of the shield. Reed vaulted over the hilt, countering the armored man's beam saber slash with his hammer as he landed on the other side, still gripping his blade. It's a good thing that compressed light don't break Null pixels that easily. Just as he planted both his feet on top of the shield bubble, Reed glanced at his assailant to see him finally out of his comfort zone.


"Gotcha right where I want ya!" Reed span his hammer and aimed at the man, pulling the trigger once more as the hammer fired off the ammunitions used before streaked towards the armored man. "REN! CRIT! NOW!" He commanded as the missiles finally made their way towards their target, an exploding on impact.

"Roger!" Renald, hearing the command, pushed both L and R bumpers and the slot with the cartridge to the center after pressing the red button on his belt, red pixels bursting from it as rose petals fly around him as he crouched and glanced at his target, marked by the smoke from the explosion.


Renald launched himself of the ground in a burst of rose petals as he span in high speeds, his cloak and rose petals covering him as he shot towards the one that Reed shot at in great speeds. Renald would catch his opponent on the blade of Crescent Rose if his attack connected, pulling him away from his partner.

Meanwhile, Reed took out a pink and purple cartridge, pressing it's trigger before slamming it on a slot on the edge of his blade's grip.

DEW CHARGE! OVERLOAD!! The sword's blade began to glow bright pink, pixels and sparks erupted from the blade itself as it was covered with an Ultima State. Yes, that's right. The Ultima State does not only affect living creatures, but also weapons designed around the, swelling it's critical attack once after slotting in. Knowing that the shield won't make the blade budge, unless of course, charging the Ultima State Blade would cause it to break, Reed knew the one inside the shield didn't have any escape for getting a taste of the power of the Ultima State. Reed pressed the crystal like button on the guard of his blade several times, the sparks of the blade beginning to generate faster with every tap...
Tarek attempted to lunge out with his armblade, but was blocked, and his opponent immediately retaliated with a salvo of munitions. He fired out his own salvo of microfusion mines, which swarmed out to intercept the munitions, but, being faced with two attacks simultaneously, he was unable to counter both, and the sycthe attack landed. Charged with an aura, something similar to an animus field, it was able to break the animus field, albeit with considerable resistance as Tarek was unfocused in that moment, and he would be met with stinging pain as the scythe hooked around the neck of his suit, digging into the Arsium plates. (Animus suits weigh upwards of 60-120 tons due to being made of hyper-dense materials so I'm not sure how far he would be thrown or pulled by the scythe attack, you can decide that in your post.)

Meanwhile Rohi spotted Reed charging up a high powered attack, and since she no longer needed to concern herself with defending Tarek, and knew he was stubborn enough not to let a single hit put him out of the fight. Given this moment to collect herself, and with her keeper reporting a dangerous energy level on the sword, she took the time that Reed was using to charge his weapon and casted the mandala of haste and passed through it. Ribbons of blue light shot from her gryphon system as she unsheathed her hardlight sword and dagger, and in the blink of an eye she was on top of reed. The rune altered time within the innermost layer of her animus field, causing her to experience time and move much faster than the world around her. To her she moved at a fast pace no doubt, yet to her opponent she would move at a hypersonic speed, lunging into melee in the blink of an eye.

Though she maintained an eye for defense from the first strike onward, she would move into a ferocious combo of melee attacks at a frequency of 30 strikes per second to gauge how much her opponent could take, and to try and break his guard. With each slash of her sword, arcs of animagram severed the full grown trees behind Reed leaving charred, smoldering stumps. With each blunt strike of the knee or elbow, or kick, field shock would reduce nearby boulders into fine dust and trees into splinters, and burrow meter-deep craters into the soil. Riding on the ribbon of light she repositioned after every few strikes, or if a hit should send him flying back, she would dash to get into a new, vulnerable position as her plan was to counter the power of the ultima-state encased blade with speed, her greatest asset with which to outmaneuver the overwhelming force.


Hit and Missed
Reed Boiyo -- Weeb Chronicle {--Ultima State Transition - 25% Charge --} -- 45.25%
Renald Yuuki -- Grimm Eclipse-Ruby --94.50%

As Renald soared through the sky, the weight of the armor slowed his ascent, causing the blade to loosen a bit as they lost a little altitude, Renald being exactly 45 degrees before pulling the trigger on Crescent Rose, the shots that were fired carried enough force to shoot them towards the ground when fired rhythmically. If Tarek didn't manage to break loose of the scythe blade's grip at this point, then the pair would crash through one of the mountain debris before crash landing on the ground, skidding before Renald tosses Tarek onto the ground with the scythe.

Reed pulled out his sword with ease as the oppoment inside the bubble seemingly disappeared after shooting two streams of light. Just as he managed to dodge those, his opponent appeared in front of him for a split second before he was with a slash which forced him back using his charged sword to swiftly parry the incoming blows, feeling the blows with the force as something he wouldn't notice that he did when he first achieved the Ultima State. Greater, even.

Just as he was thinking of a plan, Reed was forced back by one of the woman's kicks which he blocked with the broad side of his blade. And as if reacting on some form of spider sense, he pressed on the blade's trigger, swinging the blade just as he span a 180, thinking that she'll appear right there, his eyes turning into a shade of hot pink, pupils crimdon red in hue trailing from where he faced before.


With that one swing of Reed's blade, going on a 270 degrees arc, a pink and yellow gust of wind erupted, storming towards the direction he slashed to, several slashes sliced through the scenery, reducing it into nothing more than mere dust.

If by some form of miracle of a chance Rohi got caught in the pink and yellow gust, Rohi will began to experience nearly a thousand slashes hitting on a spot at once simultaneously all over her armor with the force similar to the slashes she threw at Reed. If not, then he'll operate on his instinct to attack wherever she'd appear next, his blade still retaining the Ultima State as he began a push, swinging his blade relentlessly as he parried and predicted what she tried to do with defensive sword techniques, countering with the force she threw earlier along with some of his, giving off a scorching, hot pink aura. After several swings, he swiftly span around and kicked her straight in the gut, pushing her with the force of several dynamites exploding.
(Well at this point we're doing two seperate fights... but whatever. Things are starting to get interesting now.)

Tarek crashed to the ground, forming a massive crater in the dirt. He had been flung some distance away now, in forest patch largely untouched by the fighting. The armor on the neck of his suit was noticeably damaged from the scythe, and the entire armor was now covered in dirt and charred rubble from the impact, losing its pristine luster. With a wound on his physical body he would surely be choking on his own blood now, but this brought with it only the pain. No vital linkages to the head had yet been severed.

Being stubborn as he was, Tarek forced himself upright. The pain, the primal instincts, the rush of combat, his rage kicked in and his animus propensity began to spike into the 900's. He was a brezerker through and through. He ignited all four anamagram blades, the two on his arms and the two on his legs, and forced his animus field to reset. He rocketed back into the air on his gryphon system, creating a sort of energy shockwave as he did, rushing at Renald. As he approached he would fire off a small number of his micro mines, mentally commanding them to flower out and then enclose on Renald from all sides. This was meant to offbalance his defense before he would follow up with his own barrage of melee attacks. Not under the influence of the haste rune, and being the slower of the two pilots to begin with, his assault would be quite a bit slower and more straightforward (though still an impressive display of martial skill), a chain of kicks and slashes with his blades, but the blows would land with nearly triple the strength of Rohi's.


Rohi, still engaged with Reed, saw him engage the sword. It was very helpful that their opponents kept shouting their attacks before they preformed them. Though she lacked the foresight of a Go'shii, she knew he might attempt some desperate stratagem when she began to lay on the attacks more heavily, and had approached with more caution. Under the influence of the haste rune, she casted a shunting rune in front of herself when faced with the wall of gold and pink energy. From the shunting rune came a tesseract... or the shadow of a 4D tesseract spinning in 3D space like a convulsing fractal of translucent mirrors and gateways, bordered in bluish white energy. The rune shunted off the energy directly at her, leaving a small sliver of the forest behind her intact.

She took a moment to glance at the devastation the attack had caused, reaffirming herself the wisdom in respecting her opponent.

Rohi's Keeper: "You don't want to know what would have happened if that hit you."

Then, the tesseract began to corrupt by the energy, absorbing its effects the attack that framed it turned from blue to pink and gold. She felt this destabilization and pushed the collapsing manifolds of spacetime back at Reed. A million slices of white light divided the tesseract and it shattered with the sound of fine china sending bolts of rainbow lightning in every direction and splicing out chunks of the environment into nearby dimensions.

(Assuming he still does those follow up attacks after the overcharge and the tesseract is thrown at him. If not consider this void.)

Rohi began to defend, making use of her secondary blade in the sword engagement to block the attacks. But the effects of the haste rune were beginning to wear off, and some of her opponent's speed and skill was putting them on more even footing, though the second blade gave her the ability to parry every strike that came her way while keeping her opponent busy. The kick came almost unanticipated, though she managed to create a small shield on her arm to block, the blow forced her back several dozen meters, plowing two ruts in the soil where her feet dug into the ground.

Melee combat was a risky proposition, but she noticed it seemed to be effective. Though a bit slower she too had begun to learn her opponent's fighting style and could more strategically parry and counter strikes; she lunged back into combat for another salvo of attacks of similar ferocity, but remained vigilant of another high-yield attack. She too could direct her animus energy into her sword, overcharging the blade, but she felt this unnecessary. Instead she focused any excess energy into chaining in minor blasts of energy from her faceplate projector, which helped her to escape any sticky swordplay situations she might find herself in, or open her opponent up from a strike.


Hit and Missed
(They haven't gotten too far from each other, don't worry.)

  • Reed Boiyo -- {Ultima State Transition-- 25% --> Split Co-Op Mode} Weeb Chronicle
    (Surprise! It's them again!)
    Red -- 42.95%
    Blue -- 42.95%

    "Ya think I don't know my own attacks?!" Reed grinned as he seamlessly weaved through the light slices flashed back at him with a couple of flips, somersaults, and swings, the slices barely grazing him. While dodging the slices, he slipped some sort of large cartridge into his belt at the side of his waist. You can tell he's starting to get a tad bit more serious than before.

    Reed would then continue the assault from before, now noticing that the opponent began to even up with Reed's relentless swings, go so far as to successfully parry each one of them. With each clash of blades, shockwaves burst and damaging the already decimated environment. After several swings, Reed hopped back in order to perform a thrust. However, just as he got near to his opponent, Reed seemingly turned into a large cluster of pixels splitting in half as one passes through her while the other moved away from her. The divided pixelated clusters began to circle around her in great speeds, getting slightly closer as it began to change colors. Just as the hues of red and blue were made out, the clustered pixels shaped like that of a man and woman dashed from their maneuver, lunging at their opponent aiming differently with the same, Ultima-Chraged Blade.

    The male-shaped pixel cluster, who was colored red swung his blade straight ahead while the female, blue colores pixel cluster swung downwards. Their slices intersecting as they attacked from opposite ends.

    The clusters stopped at the opposite ends from where they lunged from, facing their opponent as they fully materialized.

    The Male Cluster was revealed to be a man with an uncanny resemblance to Reed, his hair much shorter and his outfit appearing to be a black and red military uniform. His crimson red eyes always seemed to glare.

    The Female Cluster was revealed to be a woman who had a slight resemblance to Reed, who had a long, flowing yet unkempt hair. Her outfit matched what Reed wore beforehand, only the shirt was colored blue along with her eyes, which were colored deep sapphire blue. Both of them shared the same armor, except for one of their shoulder pads that appeared much larger than the other shoulder pad. The Red's left and the Blue's right respective shoulderpads appeared to be a slightly smaller version of the chestplate Reed had, showing a full healthbar if combined.

    "Ta-dah!" The Blue one cheered, spinning her blade around as if getting used to holding it."Bet you didn't expect that, did you?" She gripped her blade, the tip of the handle, which still housed the pink cartridge touched the center of her chest, mimicking the posture of that of a pro fencer.

    "Shut it, Blue." The Red one dismissed sternly, holding his blade in a much more disciplined manner. "Focus on the fight at hand...One liners come later."

    "Aw, you're no fun, Red Me!" The Blue one sighed right before the pair lunged at their opponent once more, a grin creeping her face.

    The pair assault their opponent both from the front and the back, their swings synchronizing with one another as they both landed swift and hard slashes. Swift then hard, followed by two hards and several swifts. Rinse and repeat.

(Random Fact in case you're wondering what the % means in Ultima TransitionUltima State Transition 25% is essentially Dragon Ball Super's Ultra Instinct when Goku first unlocked it in terms of speed and agility. 50% is the strength boost from the second time it shows up in the Tournament of Power arc specifically Kefla Vs. Goku(UI), and Ultima State is essentially Master Ultra Instinct. Dew Charge only contains 50% in terms of UST.)
Tarek: "Wha... what the..."

Rohi: "Did yours preform mitosis too?"

Tarek: "What tipped you off?"

Rohi realized she was out of ideas... she needed to retreat, but couldn't think of a viable way to do so. She knew she was desperate asking Tarek of all people for strategic advice.

Rohi: "Tarek... how did you beat all those guards during operation resurgence?"

Tarek: "Simple... I look on the bright side of things. Now there's twice as many targets to hit!"

With that, a memory triggered the battlefield to shift. The forest faded away into pixels and a new battlefield emerged. This one looked to be a large lengthy room lined with golden lights and pristine white paneling lining the walls. The walls, floor and ceiling, would be far more resilient to attacks than the forest they had previously fought in. Though not as durable as the animus suits themselves, a single strike would produce far less impressive damage to the environment.

(Master chief is the size of an animus suit though, and the hallway is seemingly endless in both directions.)

The floor panels parted in several places as four guards rose up on elevators into the room.

"In the name of the third crown prince of the galaxy of glintsphere, cease hostilities and exit your secondbodies!"

(OOC The guards are about one third as strong as Rohi in terms of raw power and defensive ability, and in terms of speed probably able to land 15 or 20 strikes per second and able to fly supersonic, and they follow many of the similar mechanics of animus suit combat. They have the micro mines and the wrist mounted missiles and energy projectors in their hands and feet, but they can't make those light mandalas and preform some of the more special/advanced tactics. Also they have an extra powerful energy projector on their spears that can shoot a beam/bolt. Their spears are still lethal in melee and they are very trained in melee combat. You can take control/roleplay the ones that attack you. For fairness sake, two guards will go after your two four fighters, and two will go after mine, at least to begin with. Feel free to show off as long as you don't make a total mockery of them, or you can try and pull a fast one on my characters.)

Rohi and Tarek kept their weapons up, ready to defend against both the newly hostile guards leveling spears at them.


Hit and Missed
Reed Boiyo
Red - 39%
Blue - 55.55%
Renald Yuuki
Yellow - 69.66%
Green - 69.66%

"It's better not to question these kinds of things, hun!" The Blue one butted into their opponents conversation about Reed and Renald's supposed mitosis. She's still very much confused as to how they even exist in the first place when they're essentially the same person, but Mitosis is a really good word for it.

"Hey, does anyone get a really strong Halo vibe here?" The Blue one asked no one as the pair took notice of the newly formed environment. It matched exactly how Rohi and Tarek remembered it, but with several stray dead pixels flying around. The pair stopped their assault as several guards rose from the ground, emerging from the ground via an elevator, spouting something about a prince before two guards charged at them.

The two Renalds pushed Tarek towards Rohi as the scenery began to change, now acknowledging the additional threats as they stood behind the Reeds as they turn to face the guards.

"Hey, Bubble Girl! How about we put our totally epic battle on hold and-or call it a truce while we take care of the third wheels over there?" The Blue one offered, stretching her arms and legs, "A Fight's no fun when you have too many things to worry about." She glanced behind her, as if waiting for a response.

"A daring proposition." The Red one noted as he turned to the guards that began to charge at them, shooting yellow laser beams from their spears at them. "However, I warn you to watch your front!" He told his blue counterpart as he stepped in front of the blue one, pressing the blade's trigger and swinging it, pink and yellow gusts of wind nullified the flying spears and blew the approaching guards, decimating the spears as the guards merely put up a small bubble shield Rohi put, shielding them for a bit before ultimately breaking without any harm done on them. Just then, the Red one's blade reverted to it's normal state, the Ultima State seemingly exhausted after only two Critical Uses.

"Renalds." The Red one unsheathed the pink cartridge from the grip of his blade and tossed it behind him, the Green Renald catching it. "The Dew Charge Cartridge had duplicated during Co-Op activation. I doubt it'll disappear during reformation, so I advise you use it whenever it's necessary." He told the Renald as if giving an order, turning to his Blue counterpart as she took a step forth.

"Dibs on being Tank!" The Blue one beamed as the two guards regained their footing, taking out materializing more spears.

"Naturally." The Red one sighed as he pulled the purple cartridge that Reed currently had on his purple device and swapped it with a red one--The similar one he used to fire the salvo of ammunitions in an attempt to break Rohi's shield, a holographic screen appearing behind him.

"Fort-Dai Henshin." The Red one muttered, placing the cartridge on the slot and pressing the button, a ring of pixels circling the Red Reed as he twirled and tapped on the portrait behind him which showed a german doctor of some sorts. He sheathed his blade as his outfit changed into that of the Red Team's Medic from TF2, retaining the armor and visor. Materializing out the Medic's Medigun, Red Reed fired it at his female counterpart, a stream of purple light trailing towards the Blue Reed, healing her bit by bit.

"Now this is more like it!" The Blue Reed grinned as she began to lunge towards the now approaching guards, thrusting their spears at her. the Blue Reed vaulted over the spear thrust with a small tap from blade to blade, forcing Red Reed to block using the Medigun, the beam sword and the barrel of the Medigun clashing with each other without breaking. Just then, the Blue Reed landed behind them and swung her blade at it, only to get pushed away from it by thrusting behind him, hitting her straight at the gut while Red Reed bashed the medigun onto the guard's head, knocking it to the side as he then focused on healing Blue.

The Guard stood back up and began to fire beams at them once more, prompting the Blue Reed to deflect the beams with his blade, sending back a wave slash of pink energy that only broke off the Guard's arm as it dodged, still firing at them. At this moment, the Ultima Charge ran out as well.

The Renalds, on the other hand, were having a slightly better time than the Reeds. Their Guard trapped in melee combat by the pair's synchronized attacks, but the Guard was barely scratched by any of this, except for a few dents by the spear thrusts that it failed to block. Just as the Yellow Renald swiped it's claw at the Guard, it hopped back, and assumed firing position and began to open fire at the pair with rapid shots of beams. The Pair began to fly near the ground towards the guard, dodging the beams as the Green Renald retaliated by materializing several spears and throwing them at the guard, only for it to dodge and threw one of them at the Yellow one who, in turn, dodged it. The spear disapparing into the seemingly endless hallway.

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