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Realistic or Modern anime-style school slice-of-life/romance search!

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Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life

hey! my name is pegasus. i'm looking for a few partners to engage in some slice-of-life, most likely taking place in japan. our characters would be attending school, most likely high school but i'm down to do college, too. romance would be a big part but not the only aspect. angst and fluff will be included. think like any romance/slice-of-life anime.

about me
i'm 19. my pronouns are she/they.
i reply once or twice a week, and i'm looking for a partner that can do the same.
my reply length is around two or three paragraphs. i'm not interested in posting novel length replies so if that's your cup of tea we probably aren't suited for each other. but i will also never post a one-liner.
romance must be slow burn and realistic. no love at first sight.
i'm fine with mxf, mxm and fxf. i'd really like to do some fxf right now, but i won't say no to anything else!
i can play either gender and i really don't have a preference. most of the time i will play a male, but that doesn't mean i will always want to.
i like playing lots of side characters.
i like using drawn face claims, typically anime. using real people is just weird for me.
i only roleplay in private messages.
i'm ghost friendly. of course i'd appreciate it if you said something, but i understand regardless.

what i'm looking for in a partner
i don't really have any hard requirements. just someone who is down for a casual, fun roleplay. no novel-length posts. also someone who is flexible with what gender/types of characters they play. and someone who is cool with playing some side characters, too.

dynamics i like (we can mix and match)
good boy/girl / bad boy/girl
study-bug / failing student
poor / spoiled rotten
cool guy/girl / clumsy
popular / unpopular
hothead / shy
hothead / another hothead so they get into a lot of trouble together
artist x muse
model x fashion designer

plot snippets (again we can mix and match)
one student tutors the other
two students who usually don't like each other join together to get their respective crushes' attention (and of course end up falling for each other)
one student is a part of a group of bullies, the other retaliates against them
rivals who slowly fall in love with each other but are too proud to admit it

i'm down for other suggestions of course!

that's about it. if you're interested in roleplaying with me, message me with a bit about yourself and what you're wanting to roleplay!​
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Stitches and Patchwork

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Hm... would you be interested in perhaps a fxf Highschool roleplay but with multiple characters? Just to have more dynamics. Like perhaps they form a school club or such and before you know it, romance drama.

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