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Realistic or Modern Anime High School Club: Fujin High's Acting Club [Closed]


Some random dude on the Internet
So I have been watching those slice of life rom com animes and I thought "You know what? Why not make an Rp?" And so I did, or at least I'm gonna do it.

So the idea of this Rp is that the Acting Club is basically about to be closed due to not having enough members in it, which there are only two left. So my character and Idea Idea 's character are basically recruiting to join the club. They are pretty desperate to keep it open and alive. We will have a basic plot like say doing a grand play by the end of the school year, and we will do time skips regularly. Now this Rp is not day to day, instead it's episode by episode, kinda like how an actual anime does it.

Now each character has a problem in their life, something they will have to man up and face it. Like say you have a persistent stalker and you tried everything to get away. Everybody's character or one specifically will be there to help get you the confidence to face up to the stalker and make him/her go away for good. Now it shouldn't be as simple as that but you get my point. Everybody has something going on and the other characters have no idea about it. With this Rp, instead of battles and an overarching plot to save the world, we focus more on character development and the interactions of said characters.

Not the rules are simple.
1. Follow RPN rules
2. I'm always right even when I'm wrong, so is Idea Idea
3. No magic, future tech, and no completely op characters that have no business to be in this Rp
4. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus who just so happen to know everything about everyone
5. While Romance is available in this Rp, do not do anything remotely erotic besides kissing and fade to black scenes. Don't describe a scene in detail, because they gets you kicked.
6. Please respect each other and don't get into any super heated arguments that me or Idea Idea have to get involved in.
7. Have fun

Now I'm going to tag some peeps who may be interested in this.
Birdsie Birdsie Sgt Gomez Sgt Gomez Cosmos Cosmos Maki Maki


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Maybe you can help XD

Option 1 is a Gamer girl who stays up late and has to get forced to get ready and go to school
Option 2 is a meaner girl who wants things her way
Option 3 is sort of like option 2 but she is popular and thinks of people as her servants (but secretly)
Option 4 is TBD
The options all look pretty mixeable to me. I don't see what the issue could be in having all of those in one character, except maybe option 4 because it's not deterimed yet

Sgt Gomez

Four Thousand Club
The options all look pretty mixeable to me. I don't see what the issue could be in having all of those in one character, except maybe option 4 because it's not deterimed yet
lol true. option 2 and 3 dont mix well together in the open but secretly you could be mean while acting nice. My option 1 is more of a laid back girl.


w i ck e r b e a s t
I'm in!!~ :3 Uh, have more of a nags from assassination classroom idea planned out but not as similar XD I don't know quite how to describe it, a girl crossdressing as a boy for [insert reason] I guess.

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