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a Jimmy X Tina rp would be cool, I haven't rped Bob's Burgers yet. Also would like to do an Arnold X Helga. Whichever you really wanna do.


Pinkish Queen
Ooooh there's so many fandoms I wanna do!~ Angel Beats and Black Butler and Shugo Chara and Fruits Basket and Diabolik Lovers and Les Miserables and Anastasia!


I'm not ignoring u, just depressed, ill b back
Heya!!! Id be totally interested in playing bakugou for you! I have a general idea for how a romance for bakugou/uraraka could go! Mind dming me if youre interested?


Junior Member
OOF. Sadly I'm just 14 and I'm too young.

You seem like a very interesting roleplayer.

^^ Sorry! Salutes to you! God bless ya.


The Red One
Are you ok with OCs? I'd love to try a My Life as a Teenage Robot RP, but using a robot OC of mine. I can double if you want.

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