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a Jimmy X Tina rp would be cool, I haven't rped Bob's Burgers yet. Also would like to do an Arnold X Helga. Whichever you really wanna do.


Pinkish Queen
Ooooh there's so many fandoms I wanna do!~ Angel Beats and Black Butler and Shugo Chara and Fruits Basket and Diabolik Lovers and Les Miserables and Anastasia!


sick, depressed, two inches from kms
Heya!!! Id be totally interested in playing bakugou for you! I have a general idea for how a romance for bakugou/uraraka could go! Mind dming me if youre interested?


The Red One
Are you ok with OCs? I'd love to try a My Life as a Teenage Robot RP, but using a robot OC of mine. I can double if you want.


Ya boi
Hey, I can do voltron Keith x pidge or fairy tale levy x gejeel, erza x jellal, or Lucy x natus.
I’m 18 in literally three days, so I hope that counts. I didn’t want to lie and say I was already

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