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Sub Genres
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Radiance of Tomorrow

Hey everyone, it's been a while, but I'm back here to get some new rps going

About Me
I'm 21 years old and I'm in college so I can be quite busy sometimes
My timezone is usually EST

I will always play a female role, but I'm open to doubling
Don't message me if you intend to quit right away
I only play canon x canon roles
I only do m x f rps
Do not break any RPN rules
Please be 18+

Italics - Role I want to play
Bold - Craving

Fandoms: (with no particular pairings in mind)

A Silent Voice
Shouko x Shouya

Aldnoah Zero
Asseylum x Slaine
Asseylum x Inaho

Toma x Heroine
Shin x Heroine

Ancient Magus Bride
Chise x Elias

Angel Beats
Yuzuru x Kanade
Hinata x Yui

Black Butler:
Ciel x Elizabeth

Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran x Sakura

Code Geass
Lelouch x C.C

Darker than Black
Hei x Yin

Allen x Lenalee
Lavi x Lenalee

Diabolik Lovers
Ayato x Yui
Shu x Yui

D.N Angel
Daisuke x Riku
Dark x Risa

Mikado x Anri
Masaomi x Anri

Fairy Tail
Levy x Gajeel
Erza x Jellal
Lucy x Natsu
Erza x Gray
Lucy x Gray

Fruits Basket
Kyo x Tohru
Yuki x Tohru
Hiro x Kisa
Haru x Kisa
Hatori x Kana

Guilty Crown
Shu x Inori

Kagerou Project
Ayano x Shintaro

My Hero Academia
Izuku x Ochako
Bakugo x Ochako
IIda x Ochako
Todoroki x Ochako
Mirio x Nejire
Tamaki x Nejire

Yato x Hiyori

Ouran Highschool Host Club
Tamaki x Haruhi
Hikaru x Haruhi
Kyoya x Haruhi

May x Drew
May x Ash
Dawn x Ash

Psycho Pass
Kogami x Akane

Princess Tutu
Mytho x Ahiru
Fakir x Ahiru

Romeo x Juliet
Romeo x Juliet

Shugo Chara
Amu x Ikuto
Amu x Tadase

Snow White with Red Hair
Zen x Shirayuki
Obi x Shirayuki

Soul Eater
Soul x Maka

Sword Art Online
Kirito x Asuna

Terror in Ressonance
Toji x Lisa

Tsubasa Chronicles
Syaoran x Sakura

Vampire Knight
Zero x Yuki
Kaname x Yuki

Violet Evergarden
Violet x Gilbert

Miku x Kaito
Rin x Len

Yona of the Dawn
Hak x Yona

Your Lie in April
Kousei x Kaori

Your Name
Mitsuha x Taki

Adventure Time
Fionna x Marshal Lee
Fionna x Finn

Avatar the Last Airbender
Zuko x Katara
Aang x Katara
Jet x Katara

Bob's Burgers
Jimmy x Tina

Hey Arnold
Arnold x Helga

Legend of Korra
Korra x Mako
Jinora x Kai

Miraculous Ladybug
Marinette (Ladybug) x Adrien (Chat Noir)
Marinette x Luka

My Life as a Teenage Robot
Brad x Jenny

Powerpuff Girls
Blossom x Brick

Rugrats (All Grown Up)
Tommy x Kimi

Teen Titans
Starfire x Robin

Total Drama Island
Courtney x Duncan
Gwen x Trent

Voltron Legendary Defender
Keith x Pidge
Shiro x Allura
Lance x Pidge
Shiro x Pidge

Studio Ghibli
Spirited Away
Chihiro x Haku

Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie x Howl

Anastasia x Dimitri

Be More Chill
Jeremy x Christine

Dear Evan Hansen
Evan x Zoe

Alexander x Eliza

Veronica x J.D
Heather M. x J.D
Martha x Ram
Martha x J.D

Jekyll & Hyde
Jekyll x Emma
Hyde x Lucy

Les Miserables
Cosette x Marius
Eponine x Marius

Mean Girls (Musical)
Cady x Aaron

Video Games
Final Fantasy 13
Noel x Serah

Legend of Zelda (BOTW)
Link x Zelda
Link x Mipha

Tv Shows

Grey's Anatomy
Meredith x Derek
Lexi x Mark
April x Jackson
Maggie x Jackson
Miranda x Ben

Switched at Birth
Daphne x Jace
Daphne x Jeff
Daphne x Mingo
Daphne x Emmett
Bay x Emmett
Bay x Travis

Lucy x Caspian
Susan x Caspian


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Offend Noon Cicada

Alibetti Spaghetti
Holy shit someone else saw Guilty Crown? I thought I was the only one lol no one ever seemed to want to rp it or even knew about it.. glad to see someone else wants to rp it too. :)
I'm all for Zuko/Katara, Izuku/Ochako or Bakugou/Ochako ♡♡
Pm me please if you're still looking for those ships


New Member
Hello! Saw your thread and got interested.
The only ones I got any ideas for were Cardcaptor and SAO but since you're more craving Cardcaptor, I'll stick to talking about that idea

Okay, before that, have you ever seen a series called Fate? one of the series in this overarching series is a magical girls series which follows a similar concept as Cardcaptor Sakura in the dealing of cards containing powers. Except in this one, they have to deal with what's called Class Cards which contain the powers and skills of heroes of the past like King Arthur or Robin Hood. And like the Clow Cards, they end up being summoned into the world in some form, usually as a dark version of their past selves.

With that out of the way, what I had in mind was sort of crossoverish though we can pretty much leave the Fate characters out of this (except maybe for that annoying magical stick) if you don't know the series. So basically, the idea was these Class Cards would start appearing and Sakura and Syaoran would have to deal with them. Maybe they'd be more difficult in a way as they're heroes of legend with their own powers that could cause mass destruction.

Well, that's the basics. Thoughts on the idea? DM me if interested.



The Duck Overlord
Hello! Although I can't promise a high level of activity (senior year of high school is not RP-friendly...), it seems we have a lot of fandom interests in common!
If you're still interested, I'd totally be interested in doing:
Syaoran x Sakura (probably in the Tsubasa context since I've read the manga and I'm barely halfway through Cardcaptor Sakura)
or Kyo x Tohru
or Hak x Yona
or Zen x Shirayuki
or Levy x Gajeel or Lucy x Natsu or Erza x Jellal (Big fan of Fairy Tail... as you can see... OwO )
Let's just say your list got better and better the more I scrolled
Let me know! c:

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