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Realistic or Modern Animal Instincts - The Call of Nature!

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Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical


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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for an advanced and literate partner who would be interested in playing a male fox who used to be human, opposite of my female fox who also used to be human. I would like to have the story take place in a forested woodlands on the outskirts of a human settlement. it could be set in modern or historical past depending on your preferences I am also open to the reason these characters have been transformed into animals. Although I would like to explore the slow decent into animal instincts as the shreds of their humanity vanish before their eyes. How would being a normal fox in the wilderness alter a former human's perception of the world, and what would change about their behavior and mannerisms and thought processes as the mind adjusted as well?

If you are interested I do have a couple of caveats:
- You must be able to write at least 4-Paragraphs on normal posts, and I would prefer someone who can write between 6 - 9 Paragraphs such as myself.
- You must be able to respond at least once per week, although I would prefer a couple of posts per week. I do not post daily, nor do I expect of partners.
- You should be open to building on the world, and feel comfortable to discuss direction of storyline, so we can adjust where possible to keep interests.

Please send me a message if you are interested!

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