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✨Hello! I’m Kirk, they/them, 20′s, and in dire need of some thrilling writing partners! <3 I am employed in the Theatre world and my schedule can sometimes be a little insane because of it, but I am so incredibly eager to get back into roleplaying, something I've been happily doing for well over a decade!

Someone 18 or older.

Advanced lit to novella writer.
I write several paragraphs per reply at minimum, but normally several pages on average. I would love to write with someone as detail-obsessed and elaborate as I am, even if that means waiting for a reply!

RpNation Threads / Google Docs / Email writer.
I would love to chat with you and perhaps even become friends as we navigate our created world together! I have a Discord and would love to squee in OOC and send terribly-designed memes to each other as we plot and scheme! I do tend to create channels, slideshows, or documents for our characters and roleplay so that I can better keep track of details, as my memory is absolute garbage. As my replies are typically quite long in length, I prefer to write over a medium that allows me to put as much detail as I'd like without a character limit!

MxM or FxF vastly preferred, but I can be swayed to do MxF if the storyline is right!

•A healthy sprinkle of hurt/comfort, angst, and/or whump! I’m a huge fan of physically and mentally putting our characters through their paces, sending them to the farthest lengths they can possibly endure and bringing them back again. I adore tortured, stressed, suffering characters and the bonds they create through their healing.

BRIDGERTON : This is my current top desire! I have one OC for this already created in Google Slides that I can send you the link to, specifically for an AnthonyxOC plotline, but I would also be happy to play Anthony for you or create an entirely new OCxOC plotline! I am also more than happy to change my OC in whatever way we need! I have written both as Anthony and against an Anthony, so his character is the one I am most familiar with!

FANTASY : Would love to create a world full of mythological and fantasy characters, with royalty and war and all sorts of hierarchies and classes. I have several OC ideas, one involving a knight falling for their royal charge, but I am open to many possibilities!

X-MEN : Anything involving young Charles Xavier and/or mutant husbands and I’m all yours! OC’s are welcome, though I am strictly a movie fan and have little to no comic knowledge! I have written as Charles for years, and have also done some work as Erik and Logan.

MARVEL : I can be persuaded to do something Marvel if Tony Stark is involved (and I have played him for years, so I am more than happy to do so!). There is an endless supply of OC content we could generate in this multiverse of madness (har har, see what I did there?) but Tony and the OG's will always have a soft spot in my heart.

MOONKNIGHT : Happy to do anything involving Steven and Marc, whether that’s playing them for someone else or writing opposite them!

STAR TREK AOS : Absolutely anything involving Kirk is going to get a massive “yes” from me! I adore Spock and Bones, and am dying to write some Starfleet training and/or expedition chaos!

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST : This is my favorite anime of all time, and I have been including Roy Mustang in RP's for years and years. I love having him and Ed in all sorts of terrifying situations, and have a ton of ideas when it comes to taking the canon characters and exploring their thoughts a bit more!

FRUITS BASKET : I adore this show with all my heart and am happy to play as Yuki! There are so many facets to his character that I've always found him so incredibly interesting!

✨Hope to talk to you soon! <3
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