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Angelwood Hero Academy [Closed]


Watermelon king
Welcome to Angelwood!

Angelwood Hero Academy (otherwise known as AHA or AA) is a quirk school set in Boku no Hero’s Japan. Or, rather, it's one of THE quirk schools of the country, up there with even the mighty UA, gathering thousands of applicants each year to take part in their highly disputed admittance test. Boasting cutting edge tech, a massive campus with the best gear available, insane security levels and a dedicated team of famed heroes and professors that are readily available to each student's personal needs, any fledgling hero would be honored to join it. Can your character make the cut?

About the RP
Angelwood is an in-depth RP set in the Boku no Hero universe; while characters from the anime exist and may even be mentioned on occasion, there are no plans for their adventures to influence the story, so keeping up with the anime isn't strictly necessary.
Instead of that, Angelwood comes with its own set of characters, including staff, pro heroes, villains, and anti-villains. And not just that: we also accept management and support characters and even civilian CSs are all welcome to keep our universe nice and well populated!

Angelwood, proudly part of the Quirkverse™ Angelwood is one of the select schools to take part in the Quirkverse, a shared BNH universe interconnected by a friendly and welcoming Discord community. Besides sharing a single server, your characters will often be invited to interact with those of other RPs through events and crossovers. The sky is the limit!​

Rules, observations and guidelines:
In Short.
1) Remember this Rp might get a bit dark
2) Be open to plot ideas that all members suggest and discuss them together.
3) Make sure to have fun!
4) I’ll be GMing this RP with the help of Capt_Deuce as a moderator. Think of me as a narrator/dungeon master, yes I do take part in the rp, but when the group comes up with plots I will help lead the plot that way, and lead characters with the plot of other characters like the psychologist who turns students into villains!
5) Lets all not fight and please lets have fun roleplaying together!
6) Also it is perfectly fine to have the same first or last name as someone, that's perfectly normal, unless they have the exact same first and last name(paired together).
7) The RP will happen at RPNation, but joining the Discord community is mandatory for OOC discussion purposes.
8) No cannon quirks! they can be similar, but not the same.

Additional information:

How to apply:
We are currently open and accepting members! I'll send you the link to the discord if you find you are interested, so just leave a comment! :3
We’ll perform a quick interview to get to know you better, then you'll be ready to join.
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The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Wait so the RP itself is on discord or is discord just for the OOC?


☣ Toxic ☠ Witch ☣
Yes, do please send me a link. I'm very excited to find a dedicated group of people to RP with. And ontop of that, having cross-sectional RP with other groups! Yes, I'm so excited!


Watermelon king
I'm definitely interested.
Yes, do please send me a link. I'm very excited to find a dedicated group of people to RP with. And ontop of that, having cross-sectional RP with other groups! Yes, I'm so excited!
Seems like there's quite a lot of thought and care put into this.
I might be interested in joining
Helo there, I’m interested in joining! I have a character with a force field type quirk I’d like to add. :)
I need to go one of these mha rps. Interested
sorry for the slow response! rpn wasn't notifying me!
Thank you for the @ ian! :3
I'll send it now! :3

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