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Paranoid Android
Akemi Tajima
Smiling wider at the friendly greeting Akemi waved away the apology. "It's no problem Tsuji-chan, it is a very important day after all." Putting on an extra strong air of confidence she threw up a V for victory gesture. "Yeah pretty sure I nailed it! Just gotta knock out the practical now." Noticing Umaru's obvious doubt about what was to come Akemi lightly rapped her on the head. "None of that Tsu-ji-chan." She said mock sternly while emphasising each syllable. "Now repeat after me 'I've got this' come on."

Holding up her own drink in response to the offer she was about to respond when Pocky, who had mostly been content to sit on her shoulder and occasionally whistle a short snippet of a tune abruptly sat up a little straighter and wolf whistled. "Pocky please don't do that!" She hissed at the bird then looked around to see what had prompted him to make the sound and spotted Liam. "Hey Liam! Or Kenta or whatever you're calling yourself today over here!"

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One Thousand Club
Hideki Mitsuki
Hideki sat in his seat as he paid little attention to all of the other applicants entering the auditorium, they were not his concern, all he cared about was the test. He knew he would do fine on the written exam, he wouldn't get the best score, but he would be in the upper portion for sure. He knew the practical exam is where where he would shine. Hideki turned his attention towards the stage as the principal stood up and started to talk about the exams they would be taking, so they would be taking the written exam first, Hideki figured it was good to get that out of the way first.

Eventually after the principal stopped talking, Hideki and the rest of the applicants would take the written exam. To call that test hard would be an understatement, Hideki exited the exam site and took a big breath of relief as he left the room, that test was pretty intense. Hideki was sure he did pretty well on it, but still it was harder than he thought it would be. He looked down at his sheet of paper to see where he was supposed to go and it looked like he would be at the back of the school. Hideki walked around the hallways until he was able to make his way out back, where he saw that some people had already showed up.

Hideki saw a few faces he recognized, he saw the short blonde haired girl that he had talked too when he handed in his application form. She was sitting under a tree and looked to be talking to someone. He then noticed those two idiots that were holding up the line when they were heading in the application forms. They seemed to be arguing or something again. Hideki just shrugged and leaned up against the wall to the back of the school as he waited there with the rest of the applicants.

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Tsuru portrait.png
Tsuru Goshiken
Mentioning: @Kimona 's Maiko @Blemmigan 's Eiji @slayerslade666 's Spindel
Location: AA outside of written exams area​

“Spindel and Eiji… I’ll do my best to remember them!” Tsuru said, replying their calm warmth with his own spunky smile. “And I can’t wait to start the test! I gotta do good in it to make my mom proud. What do you think it’ll be? I hope They use robots so I don’t feel bad about punching them.”
Despite his overall giddy mood, Tsuru seemed restless, moving around left and right as he was desperate to be somewhere else. Truth be told, he had little idea of where he should be next; his hope lied in the students he was following, that they’d knew better than him where to go to. It certainly wouldn’t be very good if they all were doing the same.


Eiji Touzai [x] - AA applicant (waiting area)

"I'm... hoping it'll be more to do with rescue and repair," Eiji admitted. "But if we'll be fighting, then I'd rather it wasn't people, too."

He'd used his quirk on a person a grand total of one time years ago, back when he hadn't quite figured it out yet. One of the bigger kids at school, who'd been picking on the two of them, and with Eiji's retaliation ended up with his hand stuck to his neck. Eiichi had found it hilarious, and refused to even try and undo it, meaning that the student had to have surgery to separate the two melded pieces of skin. And... well, they hadn't been bothered again by that particular boy, at least. But both of them got detention and a scolding by their parents, which had been enough to scare Eiji at least into behaving himself, and being the kind of person responsible enough to be a proper hero.

But freaking out a bully was a world away from beating something in a fight that was designed and programmed to test you. Let alone besting a real life villain. He wanted to learn to fight properly at Angelwood, but for now... well, he hoped that what he'd said earlier to Spindel was true, that the school was looking for those who mainly wanted to help others.

"But whatever it is, it'll be fine," he added automatically, unable to help mirroring the smile. "It's probably worse to be waiting here and trying to guess what's going to happen, right?" he asked them both.

@slayerslade666 (Spindel), @Capt_Deuce (Tsuru)

Chiaki Hakunetsu [x] - AA teacher

She had never actually spoken to Akio Watanabe before. In fact, she'd only really heard of him because of his quirk: a quite unusual type for a pro hero to have. As far as she knew, he kept himself to himself wherever possible. Even now, he looked as though he would rather be left alone... but perhaps he was just shy.

Chiaki nodded at the principal in understanding ("Of course") and made her way over to the mouse king hero. "I don't believe we've met before. My name's Chiaki Hakunetsu. I'm starting as one of the homeroom teachers this year, and I'd like to assist you with the practical exam."

@Kimona (Fumio, Akio)


"I like your competitive spirit!" answers Lee with a smile. This would be fun for sure and the two were on common ground for the first time. Maybe they would be friends in the future? Or at least friendly rivals... Whatever the case, Lee had to prepare for the second test. Wearing formal wear for the written exam was a nice touch but such an outfit was a hindrance in a practical. Do not fear for him though, for this, this is Lee Vanderbilt, a walking preparation. He had a secret weapon.

And so, with zero awareness of how it would appear, right there in front of Kuroki, Lee begins to strip. First is the blazer, removed then folded, placed on the ground beside his duffel bag. Second go the dress shoes, placed beside the jacket, their removal revealing dark athletic socks. Then come his dress shirt, unbuttoned in practiced speed.

The moment of truth.

As the dress shirt flies from his chest, a breathable and form fitting athletic T shirt comes to light, it's pure white color sparkling in the sunlight. It was a top ten reveal for sure. Superman-esque to any onlooker. Lee was here to win.

Folding his dress shirt in flash-like speed he stacks it atop his jacket, turning attention to his lower half. Before anyone can say "Woah man what the hell?" his pants are swiftly removed. Revealing the key to athletic success. Running shorts.

Kneeling down, the future champion opens his duffel bag, withdrawing trainers, slipping the sneakers on with superhuman speed. Leaving only the final touch. The second most important part of his outfit. Removed from the bag with reverence. A man's best friend during any athletic endeavor. A stark white gym towel.


He was ready.

Looking about he takes a deep and satisfied breath, hands at hips. Ready for the test to start.

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Age: 15

Height: 5' 3"/160cm

Quirk: Toxic Thorns

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Kuroki Noto
Location: Behind the school

Mentions: @Jet


Kuroki watched, intrigued and fairly bewildered, as Lee stripped his formal attire with efficiency and speed. She looked the boy up and down, and noted his toned and fairly ripped bod through his athletic shirt with a strange appreciation. What a weird dude. But seeing the amount of muscle mass on the nerdy teen, the thought in the back of her mind began to gnaw at her with greater force. What is this guy's quirk? She doubted he'd tell her, so she didn't ask. But now she wondered if she had underestimated him. But maybe she was also underestimating herself. No matter what this dude could do, she'd beat the hell outta him, right?
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Spindel Rostovia

Spindel had never used her quirk against other people, or in any sort of confrontation. While she had faced ridicule and bullying at the hands of her peers, the soft spoke seamstress had never resorted to any sort of retaliation.
She'd learned to bear it silently, and after a while people stop picking on you when you don't give them a reaction. That sort of passive reaction wouldn't fly if she hoped to make it as a hero.
Given she lacked practice, she worried about what the exam would expect of her. After all, her threads could be broken, and while they always regenerated that didn't mean it didn't hurt.
But as the old saying went, no pain, no gain.

"I'm sure we'll all do great", she nodded to both of the boys. "So long as we try our hardest and put our best foot forward... That way no matter what happens, we know we did our best".

She looked around to some of the other applicants, wondering if they shared the same concerns. Everyone had to be dwelling on the practical exam now, but Eiji was right. It wouldn't do them much good to fret over something meant to be kept secret.

"That being said...I'm hoping that there's some sort of obstacle course or other movement challenge... I think I can handle that well enough".
She could extend her threads to act as grappling devices, and enhance her movement capabilities. It wasn't something she did often, but she was certain it would be easier than fighting a robot.



Still Learning

MISAKO AINARA - TAGS: open, @Husher + @PlusUltra(mention) - LOCATION: Back Of School
Misako had spoke to Galatea and Liam for a split second before she had to listen to the principal. She skipped off to the test with a wave. Misako had a one track mind, and during the written test it was on the the physical test. Let’s just say she did below average. She finished her test before once again skipping off to where they were supposed to meet up.

She excitedly looked around the people she hoped she’d be fighting. She made sure to stretch out her body so she’d be prepared to the fun she was about to have.

HAYATO AINARA - TAGS: open, @PlusUltra (mention) - LOCATION: Back Of School
Hayato finished his test with ease. He wasn’t an Albert Einstein, but he surely wasn’t dumb. He expected his written test score to be above average, but now came the hard part. The physical exam. Or well the practical exam. He hoped he could bring his knifes in if they were using quirks. He didn’t want to have to bite himself, or cut himself before hand. Oh and if they were doing teams he called being with the ink girl. They’d be an amazing team.

He stretched quietly by himself to prepare for the test. He was definitely in the zone.

Kitsune Seishin - TAGS: open pls - LOCATION: Back Of School

Sune was of average intelligence, average skill, and average strength. The only thing higher than average about Sune was her chest size. She believed she did good on the test, but it was distracting to hear Ein, her fox, snicker whenever she answered. Ein was smarter than she was, and if this were a video game he’d have higher stats than her all around. Well besides in cooperation. She took pride in having him beat in that regard. Sune would definitely be 40% better at whatever she did if he wasn't outside her body, but at the same time being average was way better than being bullied for having ears and tails.

Sune bounced into the waiting area excited for the test to start. She couldn't wait to be a hero. All of the cute costumes and all of the delicious food she could eat.. She couldn’t wait. “I could totally wait,”Ein mumbled contradicting her thoughts from her arms.

Avaline Ying - TAGS: @best gril - LOCATION: Hallway

Avaline smiled and nodded to her twin. It probably looked creepy, as everything about the twins seemed to be. They sat near the front of the stage where the ghosts seemed to be not as loud. She could almost not hear them due to the people talking around them, and it was nice having her head be full of actual people for once. Though want to know what would truly be nice? Not hearing anyone at all, alive or dead. But she took what she could get. The students around her seemed to quiet as the principal spoke telling them what would be expected from them.

When Avaline got her assigned room number she sighed with relief at it being the same as her sisters. She tried to hold her sisters hand for as long as she could, but once they reached the written exam room they were seperated. “Let’s meet up outside the door,”she suggested to her twin before she went to the desk she was assigned to. Avaline was one of the smarter people you could encounter so the test wasn’t too hard for her to finish confidently. Whether her or her sister finished first didn’t matter to her because once they were both outside she took her sisters hand with a sigh of relief. “How did the test go for you? Also would you like to change before we meet up behind the school?”she asked as she referred to the black and white training clothes she brought for the physical test. White T-shirts, black shorts, and white and black running shoes. There seemed to be a colour theme with all their outfits. I wonder if you could guess what it was.


Watermelon king

Aya Honda
Location: AA
Tags: @Husher

Aya laughed a little at Souta's new refound enthusiasm, pushing any guilt to the back of her mind. She listened to the principal speak before they were on their way to the written tests. The written was definitely difficult, so much more so than the WCA one. By the time the thing was over she was excused. She hated the Japanese portion. English too. She was decent, but she haded English grammar. Drained, she bought herself a drink from a vending machine before looking around to find Souta. They had been put in different rooms, so she had no idea where he was.


One Thousand Club

Frieda Fitzjerald
Location: Auditorium, AA
Interacting: @Zamasu

Frieda's eyes widen slightly as she listens to Aijou, Former number 1 is her father? She slowly looks around the room once more, how many here came from Pro family...what chance did she even have if that's the case?. Swallowing hard she tries to focus back on the rest of the words from the girl, the sounds somewhat muted by the growing dread from that revelation so instead she merely continues to nod, even long after the girl leaves before the announcement of the written exams finally hits her. Pulling up her hands they were shaking drastically, she was going to have issues writing like this, the bloat from the ink that was building up didn't help either.

Taking the short time she had, the girl would skitter off towards the bathrooms to empty the suit once more, hydrating before staring to herself in the mirror breathing heavily. hyperventilating for a while before cleaning her face and heading out to the test itself. Thank kami the test itself was multiple choice, her name alone was chicken scratch to the point they'd think a doctor wrote it through a myriad of ink colours would still scatter the pages as her forehead dripped with cold sweat. She may have known the answers, at least she thought she did...constantly second-guessing the questions and barely managing to finish the test in time. in her mind she likely failed it, she should have chosen the other options...little did she know the inverse was true in a lot of cases. She had kept looking to the others, they were likely doing so much better and now....now she had the practical test. Showing up behind the hall she keeps scanning the area trying to slow her heart and breathing, her head down to the side trying to keep it together. To the outside observer, however, it sounded like the roar of an engine from the shaking girl.



The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai
Aijou Kurokami
She have done it. She really have done it. During the test, she had Merkava look over the answers of the examinee behind her and was able to get away from it. The question is was she? Was she really truly able to get away from such a sin? Merkava did not mind since he knew what he needed to do in order for Aijou to get in. By now, she, along with Frieda, are waiting for the physical exams to start.

"Oh man, I wonder what the physical test is like." Aijou says "Are we going to thrash some robots? Fight other applicants? Shoot each other with paintballs? To be honest, I am both excited and nervous." She turns to Frieda and notices that she is shaking a lot. She's probably nervous too, although a bit more than Aijou. "Frieda?" She says with a curious look "You nervous? I know, me too. But hey, be glad that you have made it this far." She adds with a smile.



One Thousand Club

Frieda Fitzjerald
Location: Auditorium, AA
Interacting: @Zamasu

Perking up at the sound of her friend her head raises to look to them nodding slowly before giving a glance across those others gathered "I...i don't know what to expect, but...but i need to be able to do it better than at least a few of the others here otherwise im just going home" breathing a little more as she wipes a hand through her hair, even without the ink the sweat from her head has all but the tips in a technicolour rainbow, the same heavy thudding of her pulse actually causing the suit underneath to tremble being surrounded by a thin layer if ink being restrained by the garment.



The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai
Kadena Guinto

Kadena is done with the written portion of the test, and now its time for the physical portion. Only problem is will she be make it? She looks around the many people who are waiting for the physical test and thought "Geez, these people are a colorful bunch. I wonder how they are compared to me. Oh come on Kadena, you don't need to think about that. What you should be focusing is how perform well. I need to put in a great amount of effort and cross my heart and hope to die, stick a finger right in my eye. Wait, that came out wrong."

Open to anyone

Aijou Kurokami
Frieda is as nervous as ever. Aijou wondered if there is any way for the ink girl to build up confidence. "Come on Frieda..." She spoke, keeping up her optimism to lighten her friend up "Don't think about being better than others. What you need to think about is how are you going to get through. It doesn't matter how flashy or not your Quirk is. All it matters is how you use it, how you perform with it, and how you can improvise and adapt with it in any situation. Don't try to compare yourself with others, just be what you are and you'll get through it." Aijou then gives Frieda a good look in the eye and can see how tense she is. She wanted her to at least calm down with the shaking and the sweating, it is rather embarrassing to watch.

"Hey...um..." Aijou spoke once more "Is your shaking and sweating kind of a habit of yours? You know, for the most part of being a pro hero, those habits should be dropped because it would ruin their image and make a complete laughing stock out of themselves. But then again, you'll eventually drop them as time flies. But listen, that kind of habit will make people think you're weak. You really need to learn how to stand up and be brave."


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veronica "zhang xiu ying" taylor-tsai

location: back of school | interacting with: Avaline (@L3n)

During the assembly, Veronica couldn't sit still. Unlike her sister, she wasn't used to hearing creepy whispers in her ears. Every once in a while, when Veronica was concentrated on something, a whisper would scare her out of her trance. She would jump and looked behind her, probably creeping out the person behind her as well. Whenever she made eyecontact with them, Veronica would give them a huge smile. #just creepy twins things

"We're together!" she squealed and tightened her hold on her sister's hand. "I can't wait! We can have so many parties and talk about cute people and paint each other's nail, black for me and white for you of course." the girl kept talking until they were forced into separate seats. Veronica wasn't quite as smart as her sister (who could hear voices that could potentially whisper the answers to her but that's irrelevant) she would try her best! She was the type of person that would try her best in every situation, but tests... were a different story. Veronica could keep her concentration on the paper and her eyes would land on a person and she would wonder what quirk they had. Veronica was one of the last people to finish. "Thank you for waiting!" she grinned.

"The test was hard!" she groaned and leaned against her twin, gladly grabbing Avaline's hand. "I bet you did wonderfully! Let's go change!" The foreigners weren't speaking Japanese to each other, they were speaking Chinese. They were fluent in Chinese and English and could get by with their Japanese. Veronica loved that most people wouldn't be able to understand them; it was a secret between the two!

After stuffing her unused clothes into a locker, Veronica changed into a normal black t-shirt, white shorts, and average black-and-white running shoes. As soon as her sister was ready, Veronica dragged her out of the room. "Let's go, let's go!" When they arrived, still holding hands, Veronica noticed an old oriental spirit roaming. She sang an upbeat song, that Veronica couldn't understand, and the English girl wanted to listen to it. She once again dragged her sister closer. Unconsciously, her body began to move to the rhythm and her feet tapped against the floor. Veronica giggled and grabbed her sister's other hand. Together they began to dance.

It was must have of been an odd sight: pair of twins dancing to silence and having the time of their lives, well, at least one was.
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mandisa hadad

location: back of school | interacting with: fox (@L3n)

Wow, the assembly was so boring. Mandisa could barely keep her eyes open during the speech. She was so excited to take the test and make new friends! The cat-girl was so confident in her skills that she knew she would pass it - she felt it in her gut. Today, Mandisa wore normal black leggins with a work-out shirt that showed her sports bra underneath. Thanks to her quirk, Mandisa needed to be able to move around. Skinny jeans wouldn't let her pass the test!

As she skipped to the written test, Mandisa's tail swayed. She thought of how her parents were going to cook her favourite foods when she returned. Hmm, cooked bass with cooked broccoli. Hecc yeah. Her speed quickened and she hurried to the written test, jumping into her chair. Mandisa's intelligence was relatively average and she learned through trying and learning from her mistakes. As she looked around thinking of the answer, she noticed a girl with a fox in her ar- wait she has a fox? Mandisa wanted to go up to her and introduce herself and pet the fox of course. Hopefully, she could find her before the practical test! By the time Mandisa had finished, the fox girl was long gone. Thank you math for making the test longer than it needed to.

When arriving at the back of the school, Mandisa looked around for the girl. "Yes!" she squealed when her eyes landed on a familiar form. Mandisa immediately ran over to the girl. "Hi! I'm Mandisa!" Despite living in Japan since she was a little girl, Mandisa always forgot about how people, especially strangers, didn't get so close to each other. "I like your fox! Can I pet him?" She was barely taller than the girl and her eyes kept glancing at the girl herself or the cute fox.
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Damaged Goods

Age: 15

Height: 4' 11"

Quirk: Mouse

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Sakura Hanake
Location: Behind the school

Mentions: @L3n @Husher @PlusUltra

Interacts: @King Crimson

Sakura finished stretching, and found she had nothing left to do to prepare. She had had two nightmares earlier that week about not being able to prepare before the practical, so it was a relief, but also seemed strange, to be done and have time to spare.

She spotted Akiyama across the crowd and made her way towards her, tentatively. After their sparring match last week, Sakura wasn't so afraid of approaching her anymore, and she found an unspoken camaraderie in the fellow mutation-type girl. She was small and quiet like herself, but boy, was she ever tough. Sakura wanted to be like her, and really hoped they'd end up in the same class....

If I pass... she was reminded. She looked around at all the applicants. Her friends... If she didn't make the cut, she'd never see them again. And the friends she had made... Misako, Liam, Galatea, Akiyama... they would make the cut, she knew it. They were strong and scary tough. Sakura felt afraid, but she knew if she failed, she would definitely cheer on her friends for sure.

She approached Akiyama, and waved, shyly. "H-hello..."


Watermelon king

Akio nods, "Very nice to meet you." he says, avoiding all eye contact with her. "I uh, appreciate the help." he nods. He seemed a bit nervous. "I uh, will explain the test on the way." He waves as he starts to head down hall towards the back of the school. @Blemmigan

Fumio carries a wooden box out in front of the students, putting it down, his son following after him with a megaphone. Once the box was down the white haored male stepped up onto it before turning to his son, ruffling his hair, saying something to him, before taking the megaphone. He then looked out over the students, flicking it on.
"AH, hello." He begins. "So in a moment you will be taken to the practical test." He gestures to the buses behind him, "As you can see there is a hero, and hopefully, one of your future teachers, standing in front of a group of buses." He says, "They each have a list, and a list is posted on the sides of each bus with all your names. Check in with the hero before you board your bus, and you will all be taken to 1 of 5 Different testing sites" He explains with a smile, "I wish you all luck in the practical test!!" He chirps "Also you aren't aloud to take outside weapons into the practical test, but for those who put in a request will have a test safe item provided for you!" He adds at the end, and He gives a wave, "And May Angel's Wings Guide You All!!" He enthusiastically 'yells' the school motto as the students are allowed to head to the buses.

Site 1
-Takeru Ichimonji
-Hanake Sakura
-Akemi Tajiima
-Lee Vanderbilt
-Tsuru Goshiken
-Veronica Taylor
-Umaru Tsujihara
-Haru Yuutai
-Noto Kuroki
-Liam Kenta O'Sullivan
-Hayato Ainara
-olivia yui tanaka
-Avaline Taylor
-Suzaku Kaito

Site 2
-Eki Shirogane
-Eiji Touzai
-Spindel Rostivia
-Jay Ndaiye
-Aijou Kurokami
-Souei Nakimura
-Kitsune Seishin
-Mandisa Hadad
-Hiroshi Hashimoto
-Souta Kyikamo
-Hideki Mitsuki
-Galatea Cyprus
-Kamakiri Akiyama
-Kadena Guinto
-Misako Ainara
-Aya Honda

Site 3-5
They don't matter.

(After getting on the buses and stuff just skip to getting off them, or like, about to get off them, We are not having a bus sequence/scene)

Akio Watanabe
Location: AA



Damaged Goods

Age: 15

Height: 4' 11"

Quirk: Mouse

Code by Idea <3
Sakura Hanake

Just after saying hello to Akiyama, she found that the bug-girl didn't even have time to respond before the principal announced to everyone to get on their respective buses. She spent her time on the bus seeing who was in her group. Maybe she could team up with them? Maybe they would have mercy on her? She saw Liam, which lifted her spirits, and she saw the ink girl, which made her a bit nervous. But then again, the ink girl looked pretty nervous, too. And she saw the smirk girl, and the smirk girl's mortal enemy. She hoped she would do okay...

Location: Bus to Site 1

Mentions: @King Crimson @Husher @PlusUltra @Jet


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Damaged Goods

Age: 15

Height: 5' 3"/160cm

Quirk: Toxic Thorns

Code by Idea <3
Kuroki Noto

Kuroki didn't know anyone on the bus except for The Nerd (who's name she didn't even know yet), but the excitement she felt now nearly made her crazy. Hopping off the bus, she turned around to yell to the Texan Blonde.

"I'm getting hungry, blonde boy!"

Somebody better start the test soon or this kid is gonna pass out from excitement.

Location: Just leaving the Site 1 bus


Interacts: @Jet

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King Crimson

Akiyama Kamakiri
"Okay," the bug girl simply replied.
Rising from her seat, she adds,
"My name is Akiyama."
Shuffling past the narrow corridor of seats was simple enough but once they joined the crowd, things got difficult for the tiny insect girl.
Once again, her tiny frame made navigating the crowds difficult, and following behind the taller girl almost impossible.
When two students collided into her from opposing sides, squishing her body between their backs, she desperately shot her claw out, latching it onto Yui's shirt, and pulling herself free from the obstructive pincer.
There, her claw stayed until, mercifully, they reached the classroom.
Several tests, and a snack break later, and Akiyama was once again ferried through the rough, tumultuous sea of hopeful AA applicants by her newfound, dark-haired companion, her claw once again proving to serve as an adequate lifeline.
After thanking the girl, Akiyama parted ways, finding a comfortable school bench to sit on, rest her feet, and pensively reflect on her performance.
If she had to put it frankly; she wasn't confident.
She was comfortably familiar with most everything on the science test, and several nights studying with her mother helped her with math.
But there were still some large gaps in what she knew, she ended up guessing on more questions than she would have liked.
And then there was the writing portion...
Ah, this isn't good...I'll get another headache thinking about it... Akiyama woefully cringed to herself. She could already feel her temples throbbing.
Ever since her sparring match with Sakura, migraines had been plaguing her.
She'd hoped that by the time the exam day came around, they would be a thing of the past.
For the first few days, the pain would be so intense, that they would at times leave Akiyama completely bed-ridden, but as time went on, the headaches grew weaker and weaker, becoming less completely debilitating, and more a source of minor annoyance.
They weren't all bad, however,to Akiyama they served as a firm reminder of what she had learned from that fight, the things she had said to Sakura afterwards, the promises she'd made.
In a strange way, the dull, cramping ache had made her feel slightly nostalgic.
But more than that, it made her wonder what Sakura was doing.
Evidently, she was standing right in front of her.

Akiyama's eyes rose from her shoes to look up at the demure mouse girl in faint surprise.
Even to someone as oblivious as Akiyama, it was obvious that Sakura had wound herself up into a tiny bundle of nerves.
A long period of awkward silence followed, as Akiyama formulated how she should respond.
She wanted to say something, anything that could inspire some confidence.
She'd opened her mouth to speak, prepared to reply with a small, simple "Hey," only to be cut off by the loud announcement that boarding for the practical exams was about to begin.
Sagging her shoulders, Akiyama rose from her seat, and swallowed the words she'd managed to form.

Although she'd lost the chance to speak with her, walking with Sakura towards the buses did help assuage her earlier anxiety somewhat, and she could already feel her earlier symptoms fading away, replaced with the excitement of having a chance to fight side-by-side with her new friend.
Fate seemed to have other plans, however. They had been assigned to different testing zones.
Reluctantly, the went their separate ways, Akiyama heading towards her assigned bus, and Sakura, hers.
When she reached the first step of the entrance, Akiyama paused to scan the crowd for any sign of her friend, finally able see over the other students' heads from her vantage point.
Coincidentally, she spotted Sakura just as she was about to board her own bus, still looking like a bundle of wires with all of their covering removed.
Was she really going to see her off, without saying so much as a word to her?
"Sakura-san!" Akiyama abruptly calls out, finding a voice that just barely manages to pierce through the roar of the crowd.
"...I'll see you in class!"
A simple declaration, but bold nonetheless.
Satisfying enough to chase away any lingering doubts that she had in her mind.

Having said her peace, and with a mind now refreshed and undisturbed, Akiyama boards the bus, a small smile blooming on her features as she clutches her hand over the small, living, lucky charm crawling in her breast pocket.

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One Thousand Club

Frieda Fitzjerald
Location: Site 1, AA
Interacting: @Zamasu (Open)

Frieda nods slowly looking embarrassed "I...guess i....might do it, i cant...really help it" pausing as she thinks over their earlier words, she really needed to do a lot of work, the teacher had said as much, but she worked and worked every day over those months night but still it wasnt enough, everyone else would be doing the same and she knew she still had so far to go. So many mistakes, so many flaws and the more she tried to fix them the more that she noticed. Aijour was right, she was going to ruin whatever image she could even hope to gain and be a laughing stock, a quick glance around her and she could hear them all laughing, the looks out corner of their eyes and the smirks...she didnt have time to drop those flaws, she had to work with them, she need to stand up...which was easier said than done when she could barely feel her shaking legs at the moment.

Before she could say anything else however the cute teacher with the mice from before spoke up and just her luck the one real friend she had would be sent to a different ground...she should have known better than to get her hopes up for that small mercy anyway. So with a reluctant sigh she walks towards the bus like a prisoner walking the green mile, there was no avoiding it now, she had to simply do what she could...it could have been worse though, sent to ground 4 really would have been the final nail. As they travel she seems to be working through more and more of those water bottles carried, something to try and distract her at least, But for now she just needs to try and scrape together whatever she can, and try not to end up a stain on the side of whatever training ground they got to, waiting to hear the method of execution at the testing site.



The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai
Aijou Kurokami & Kadena Guinto
It is now time for the physical exam and the buses awaits for the students to hop in so they can take them to their respective sites. Unfortunately for both Aijou and Frieda, they're assigned separate areas. Aijou looked at her friend and say "Well, looks like we'll be parting ways. But do not fret Frieda, I'm sure we can do this." She then gives her and encouraging thumbs up and smile and say "Good luck, Frieda-chan!" She then jumps into the bus and Merkava was about have enough with the two being buddy-buddy with each other.

On the other hand, Kadena went into the same bus, but is nervous of what is to come once they arrive at the site. The students who are assigned in the same area looked promising, especially when he eyes were fixed towards Aijou and her positive attitude. That made Kadena jealous.

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Age: 15

Height: 4' 11"

Quirk: Mouse

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Sakura Hanake

As Sakura entered the bus, a small voice cut through the crowd and hit her satellite dish ears.

'Sakura-san! ... I'll see you in class!'

Sakura turned to see her friend, but she only saw the back of her and her claws entering the bus. It was too late to reply, and she found herself shoved out of the way onto the front seat by the smirk girl. But her cheeks were still warm from Akiyama's greeting, and she felt a tiny surge of confidence. She... she thinks I'll make it in? Sakura wanted to live up to the bug-girl's expectations. If she believed in her... I will see you class, too, Aki-san! I promise!

Location: Bus to Site 1

Mentions: @King Crimson





Music blaring through ear buds Jay takes a deep breath, hawk-eyes narrowing, victorious visions running below. So strong in conviction they were that to Jay it spelled fate, a prediction rather than fantasy. For he'd sweep the practical, it'd be crushed completely. There was no question.

Compared to him the others were weak. Physically and otherwise, there was no chance he would lose to such people. He didn't hate them for it, It was just a statement of fact. An analytical conclusion. When it came to real hero work he would be the strongest here, he had to be, for talent was innate to a large extent and Jay had it in bundles.

Fair? Unfair? It didn't matter. Words of equality and compassion were irrelivent now. All that mattered was real strength. Everything else was pointless noise. Pointless, like some here. He could already see it. A faltering eye here, a nervous look there, a useless mutation quirk passing to his right, another even more worthless sitting to his front. None would pass, they were side characters, background static. A lowest denominator to elevate people like Jay.

It was an unfortunate reality based on luck and Jay had zero delusions, it was chance that had decided his strength and their weakness. He wouldn't ignore that though, he would embrace it, and live up to his potential; and that started here, with a resounding victory.

With Jay still waxing philosophic of strength in typical arrogant anime fashion, the bus takes off. Stopping soon after at test site two.

One of the last off the bus he squints under bright summer sunlight, taking a second inventory of his opposition with a series of quick, scowling glances.
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Still Learning

Misako was placed in site two and she sadly didn’t recognize anyone but Galatea. But making new friends wasn’t a hard task! She was pumped up from her morning bus so she was one of the first and more eager students to enter the bus. She sat near the front so she could watch the road over the seat. Being tall was fun besides those times where you hit your head on door frames. At those moments being tall just hurt. She subconsciously rubbed her forehead where she normally hit on things. At least she wasn’t as tall as Liam or Galatea. There lives must be full of headaches.

Hayato was heading to site one without anyone he knew. He recognized a few of the people who went sparring at his house the night before but he didn’t feel comfortable talking to them. They seemed to be his sisters friends and he didn’t want to barge into their circle. But speaking of people he knew he saw the pretty girl who he helped find her line. He calmly waved in her direction not minding whether she saw him or not before getting onto the bus. He sat somewhere in the middle not minding who sat next to him. Don’t mind him people he was just trying to focus for the test.

Kitsune Seishin - TAGS: @best gril - LOCATION: Site Two Bus
Sune’s eyes lit up when the pretty girl ran girl ran up to her since she hadn’t talked to anyone at the school yet. Seeing the girls cute ears made Sune wish she wore hers out. She subconsciously raised a hand to her human ears she had when Ein was out of her body. She moved her hand back to Ein as she ruffled his head. “I know he’s adorable!”she let out as she held him closer to herself. “And of course you can pet him!”

“No you definitely can not pet me,”Ein stated in his surprisingly deep voice as he started to squirm. He couldn’t show that he liked being treated like a pet. Sune just playfully rolled her eyes at his comment as she lifted him up to the girl.

“Don't listen to him, of course you can!”Sune smiled. “He doesn’t bite!”she stated before she looked over at the principle. “It looks like we should get on the buses. Oh look we’re going to the same sight,”she excitedly exclaimed when she noticed their names together. “We should sit together!”

Avaline Ying - TAGS: @best gril - LOCATION: Back Of School
“I bet you did great too, but either way when we get home we should study on the things we thought were hard,”she smiled at her sister. Avaline actually loved studying because it was relaxing to do. That’s really how she got her good grades. It wasn’t that she was smart. Plus her sister made up for Avaline's bad social skills. They both weren’t perfect at getting along with others, but at least V wasn’t afraid to put herself out there.

Avaline changed into her white T-shirt, black shorts, and her opposite black and white shoes. She had just enough time to neatly fold the dresses and accessories and placed it into the bag she was carrying before her sister dragged her out of the room. She lightly shook her head with a smile at her sister till she heard the song being sung. She looked around to see where the spirit was only to notice Veronica was pulling her over to them. She’d never get over how spirits looked. How did V deal with seeing these people everyday. Avaline could hear her pleads, but at least she didn’t have to look at their faces. She couldn’t see their pain.

But then they began to dance to the ghosts tune. The music was loud in her ears which drowned out what was happening around them. She liked to appear refined and put together but the ghosts song was so good, and her sister seemed to be having a blast. Avaline seemed to be losing herself in the tune, which probably looked creepy and out of place to those around them. Over her body swaying fun, and her feet tapping she could barely hear the principal. She listened as he explained everything as her dancing slowly stopped. “We’re at the same site!”she smiled happily at her sister. “Let’s go catch the bus!”

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