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Fantasy Angel’s Search/world building/fxf

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


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Hello everyone and welcome to my search! I’m Angel and it’s nice to meet you.

A little bit about me; I’m 28 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for 12-13 years, granted there was a period of hiatus. I attend online college classes and this is for my second degree. I work full time but will still be able to reply to you more than once a day. I’m very active 😁I love animals, ice cream, and Netflix. I am writing an autobiography because why not?
I have a few role play partners, but I’m looking for a couple more. And being a lurker I finally decided to make my own thread, scary right? So let’s get this show on the road!


  1. Please be over 18 years old.
  2. I try to write at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply with an exception to my intro.
  3. No one-liners. Period.
  4. Let’s talk in OOC, I love making friends!
  5. Have a plot idea or want my character to be at a certain location or do certain things to go with an idea you have? Cool, tell me so I can oblige. Do not take control of my character to do these things. They’re my babies and I can do that myself.
  6. Don’t be afraid to surprise me! Not every step of the plot has to be planned out in OOC. Just do what feels right and I’ll go with it.
  7. Everyone has a weak spot. If your character is all powerful this is going to get real boring real fast.
  8. I have no limits. Violence, romance, trauma, it’s all good, let’s do it! If you have limits you have to tell me otherwise I’ll assume you’re just as open as I am.
  9. I’m looking for FxF. I may consider MxF. I will not do MxM.
  10. Have a plot idea? Let me hear it!
  11. Doubling is not required. Some role plays I will double and some I will not so I will not put that stipulation on you.
  12. I will role play over FB, discord (thelightone#0940), or on here. If you have another place to role play let me know! I will not role play in a thread.
  13. Not really a rule, but a precaution, I write a lot. I love writing. If this is going to intimidate you please move along. I have lost a lot of rp partners because of this fact.
* Means craving and plot ideas

DragonxDragon Rider
*Mythical CreaturexHuman
*Teen HeroxSidekick
*Super HumanxHuman

Not seeing something that catches your interest? I’m open to suggestions 😊

Plot Ideas

Idea one: The demons have had enough. Why should God’s angels and creations get to be free while they had to stay cooped up in Hell? It was time to rebel and how would they do it? By attacking His greatest creation; humans. Devouring their souls was a delicacy and slowly but surely Earth would be their’s. However, angels being sent to Earth became pests in their plot. The demons overpowered them two to one each time, forcing the angels to flee back to Heaven. However, one angel stayed in hiding, being earthbound and unable to enter Heaven. How can one lonely angel defend against a horde of demons with a lust for souls?
Idea two: A new night club has just opened up in a popular spot in town. It quickly gained popularity among the humans and was open well into the night. It gained even more attention when people started to go missing at the club. Little did anyone know, this club was run by a very powerful demon and their followers. Taking unsuspecting humans was a game to them and the pleasure of doing what they wanted with their human captives was their prize. However, one of the humans captured turns out to not be a human at all, but an angel. How will the demon who took her react to this? This has never happened before and it is unclear how to handle the new captive.

Idea one: A large storm had hit the ocean, one that the sailors had never seen before. Their ship was easily tossed up and down until finally it burst into a million wooden planks. One human survived miraculously and a curious mermaid surfaced to meet this strange new creature. The mermaid isn’t the only one watching the human float along, sirens have also caught an interest in the defenseless creature in their territory.
Idea two: Come one, come all and witness the amazing mermaid of myths and legends! In a very large aquarium there were typical human attractions and aquatic animals, but this aquarium held the only live captured mermaid known to man. There were sailors tails of these creatures of course, but this proved them to be correct. Humans came from all over to bare witness to the mythical creature behind a thick piece of glass. What happens when one of the humans finally has a heart and attempts to set her free?
Idea three: Pirates had always been about getting the biggest score, and what better way to do that than hunting merfolk? Mermaids and merman were worth millions on the market and this group of pirates were no different. They had made some successful captured and sales, which only filed their new obsession. They had specially designed tanks for the merfolk on board. Can any of the mermaid captives appeal to their better nature and save themselves and the others before its too late?

The best way for a demon to regenerate energy after a long day’s work is to consume a fairy. The problem was finding the little pests. They could blend in with humans by growing to their height and hiding their wings under human clothing and they could hide in their smaller natural form just about any where. Most demons kept their captured fairies for safe keeping for a rainy day. It was easy once their spirits were broken to keep them contained. The faeries knew they were hunted for their healing properties and did their best to stay out of sight, but one of them got curious and had never seen a demon or a human for that matter. The fairy goes on a journey to the human city to learn more about them by observation, not realizing the danger that lurks nearby.

Mythical CreaturexHuman:
A rare traveling circus isn’t a normal traveling circus. This one does not have animals or regular performers. The ring master had managed to figure out how to capture mythical creatures from around the globe. With each show he collected more money to afford the best monster tamers and the best equipment to dominate each species of creature he possessed. The best part was he learned quickly was that the carnivores responded well to the gifting of humans. He realized the more dangerous the creature, the more they hated humans. Due to this fact, he would have his workers kidnap humans of all ages and save them for future training sessions and rewards to the creatures who performed exceptionally well. The other non-violent creatures would protest their displeasures of watching humans be used in this way, but to no avail.

Teen HeroxSidekick/Villan:
In a world where the supernatural and mortal world live side by side there are bound to be some that attack innocents. What better way to catch them off guard than training a young girl how to fight them? The young teen girl was your every day high school student. She was basic, average, and all around a kind soul. Her best friend was her sidekick, partner in crime, and ride or die. Together they take on villains who mean to hurt innocent people, some human and some creatures not of the mortal world.

On a single continent there were four kingdoms. Arborton the forest kingdom is where our story resides. The other three kingdoms consist of the marsh, mountains, and desert. The kingdom of the north mountains known as Highpeak had a princess set to marry the prince of the marsh lands known as Aquata. The princess of Highpeak had to accompany her family to Arborton where she met their prince and fell in love with him. She fought against her arranged marriage and married the prince of Arborton. The king and queen had a healthy baby girl. The princess was born with the power to produce and manipulate ice. The land of Aquata was now run by a bitter king who had his sights locked on Arborton. If he couldn’t have the queen no one could. He sent a team of skilled assassins to the castle and murdered the queen in her own garden one evening. Filled with guilt and sorrow the king went into isolation and the Great War began. The princess was twenty years old, one year away from her coronation to rule the kingdom, but in the mean time she was completely alone trying to protect her people. The king of Aquata wanted the queen’s whole family dead.

If you do not see a plot idea you like, please send me some ideas of your own!
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I did once read this cute story of a school of angels where a demon student managed to sneak in and become close friends with one of the angels. It was really cute~ ♡

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