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  • Hello! My name is Angel. I have recently started having more free time and want to RP more than I do. This thread will always be open so no matter when you see this, if it interests you or you think we would get along please feel free to reach out!

    About me
    • I am currently 17 and I turn 18 in July. I am more than happy for my partners to be older than me as most of them have been.
    • I am Australian and my time zone is UTC+8 but I am usually up at ungodly hours (Like, 3am my time - my sleep schedule is horrendous lmao).
    • I have 7 years of roleplay experience.
    • I will only play female characters as all the male OCs I have played haven't been that great and felt very clunky.
    • If there is romance, I will only do MxF.
    • I don't do fandom RPs as I love coming up with a world and plot together with my partner.
    • I usually write between 2 - 5 paragraphs but I can do more if my creativity allows. I will generally try and match my partner.
    • I do have dyslexia so if there are spelling mistakes or words that shouldn't be there please forgive me - I try my best but sometimes it slips through the cracks.
    • I don't have much experience doubling up but am open to the idea if that is something you really want to do.
    • I love character sheets and will always make a new OC for each RP. I also only use IRL face claims but I am more than happy for you to use whatever medium you like!
    • I love RP loads but I also really enjoy getting to know my partner! I am also ghosting friendly, however I will normally reach out a few times to see if you're okay and if changing things up in the RP (Or doing a whole new RP all together) is something you'd like to do.
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