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Slowly Losing my mind
Hi. I'm AngelCloud! Some of you may know me from past rps, my most popular seeming to be Love At Sea. But as new Games had struck my interests And new ideas for fandoms have popped into my
head, I found myself wanting new partners that Share these views and want to collab on weaving out a story with me. Now, Before I get to the ideas, Pairings, and all that fun stuff,
I got to get my expectations out of the way. I am a Semi-Lit roleplayer and while I don't expect a novel out of you, And I Cerainly won't be writing a novel, I do expect at least something
I can easily work with out of you. A half-paragraph can be passable as long as i have enough detail to muster a response. One liners are acceptable if you can't write that much or are Busy,
but if that's ALL you write, I'm gonna be bored really fast. Now i do have one Partner i can allow it from. He's rped with me for ages and always leaves enough for me to gather a response
up. I don't want to be criticized for any rp ideas or the fact I am in the LGBTG Community either. Several partners have criticized that to the point i can't believe i have to write this
in my bio.

Now we get to the fun part. I'm gonna list what I rp in and here's how I'm gonna Format it. there's gonna be two categories. Fandoms, And Fantasy pairs. The Fandoms will List the fandoms I
am currently interested in roleplaying. The fantasy ones are self-explanitory. Bold means I am craving this fandom. (Example) means that I am looking for this specific Game in a Fandom.


Pokemon (Insurgence, dm me if you do not know this fangame)

Vampire Knight
Kingdom Hearts

Descendants (3)
Lion King/Lion Guard
Sailor Moon (Side note: have not seen this series in Forever so it's low priority)
Batman (Specifically for Harley Quinn)
Black Butler
Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Rebels
Conan Exiles


Angel x Demon
Angel x Archangel
Angel x God/Goddess
Angel x Vampire
Angel x Fairy
Human X Elf
Human x Angel
Human x Vampire
Human x Demon
Human x Goddess
Human x Succubu
Human x Changeling
Demon x Demon
Demon x Goddess
Demon x Vampire
Demon x Succubus
Demon x Elf

If you are Interested in any of these or have ideas for these pairings/fandoms Feel free to message me :)
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"Lets meet again in another life, ok?"
Black butler? Oh, and it's fine honey. I'm part of the lgbtq community too. All the people who criticized you were just idiots.


hopeless romantic
Hi! I’d be interested in angel x demon, angel x fairy, or human x vampire. Is there a role you prefer? I prefer to play female in m/f

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