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Fantasy Angel X Demon Rp Idea


Slowly Losing my mind
Ok So I do have a Plot for this that I've been wanting to test the waters on for some time. Two Realms that govern over earth, Heaven and Hell, Have been at war for some time. My Character is a demon that captains a Pirate crew consisting of several other Fantasy creatures such as Elves, Goblins, Dragons, Vampires, Just about anything you can think of. They come across an angel that was cast adrift after another warring demon faction knocked them out of the sky and left them to die. This would be your character. My Character, Feeling some kind of Sympathy, Hauls her aboard the ship and from there she Repays the favor by working on the ship as a crew member. Though at first the Demon can care less, It isn't until the Angel later saves her that the two began to form a bond.

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