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Realistic or Modern And they were Roomates~ Love Triangle/ Square. Lots of drama and definitely Romance

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LGTBQ Friendly, Romance


Going to doctor not gonna be active
This is from a thing I tried a while ago, I want to set it up now But I don't know if We can start just yet. Anyway here is my Idea.

Muse A was a happy man, if a bit skittish, but kindness does not always pay sadly, and he has a wonderful home! but he can't afford it himself so he puts out a poster for multiple Roommates, Muses B and C (Can add a muse D) find the poster and sign up. After about a year of living with Muse A His roommates start to develop feelings for him, everyone knows about it except Muse A, Because he is a bit thick in the head. Which one will get him? What will they do to get his heart? Or will they all decide to make an agreement?

Can become a Harem if we choose to do so. I am alright with One of the other Muses being a Male, but most of them would preferably be female. Let me know if you wish to sign up for this!​


you are gold baby. solid gold.
Im interested in being a female, and im fine with the other person being male or female.

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