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And I would fall (angel x demon, bxb) for you

An angel and a demon meet one night in a bar. They are both there for the same reason; they have both received tips that a human soul they are both after would be in the bar that night. Even though they both know instantly what the other is, they can't help feeling a strange attraction to each other. Hazardously flirting, unknowing that they're on opposite sides of the same mission, they decide to pursue a relationship. How will they continue it knowing their differences? And how will they react once they realise their missions are conflicting?

Name: Quintin
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Quintin has a surprisingly laid-back and somewhat reckless demeanour, despite the stereotype that angels are stuck up. He's a quick thinker and fast on his feet, which is lucky because he tends to rush headlong into situations without really thinking beforehand. He has a playful personality and can be a bit of a flirt. Quintin isn't really much of a rule-breaker, but he can tend to bend the rules a bit to fit for his needs. He takes most things in stride and isn't easily shaken.
Appearance: Quintin is on the shorter side, and a kind of stocky. He has long blond hair which falls slightly past his shoulders, and light brown eyes. He has a well-defined face with high cheekbones, and usually has an almost amused expression. Quintin dresses in clothes that are comfortable but still allow him to move, which is important on missions. He has an almost bouncy sort of walk, an indicator of his upbeat personality. He has a very faint smattering of freckles across his face. Like most other angels, Quintin has large, white, bird-like wings that are shot through with golden feathers, though he always keeps them hidden while he's on missions on Earth.
History: It's rumoured that angels are the souls of those humans who did enough good in their life to be awarded a different status upon death. If the soul of a human is generally good, it is reincarnated. If the soul of a human is generally bad, it is brought to 'The Underworld' or 'Hell' to be punished before reincarnation. Quintin has been on countless missions in his past, which usually consisted of saving the soul of a human who was completely or near-completely neutral in their lifetime. Though he does have a fair amount of experience in what he does, he's also relatively young for an angel, only a few centuries old.
Other: n/a

You can just post a character form in any format you'd like! I'm new to this website (though I've been roleplaying for years) so let me know if there's any way you guys usually structure posts on here! Also, I'd prefer if whoever joins this was able to post about 4 sentences per response c:
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