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Fantasy Ancient Order of Angels


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The war between good and evil rises, which side will you choose? Good or Evil. Link below


The demons are rising again after centuries of no demon activity. It is up to the New Found Order to not only discover their powers and legacy, but to also to stop the demon uprising. The duties of the Angels are to expel/exorcise the demons, send spirits to Caelum, protect humans from being possessed, and discover the reason and demons behind the new uprising.

The time is now to stand up against this evil. The order is looking for chosen ones to defend the world with their very lives. Which side will you choose? The decision is left up to you.

Click here to begin your destiny....
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The rp has started and is going great but we are still looking for more active people ^.^ If interested join us.


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We still need more people is anyone interested? Also if your not wanting to join it would be great if you read and commented or reviewed our rp to let us know how we are doing.

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