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Fandom Ancient Magus' Bride?

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Hello all! I just finished Ancient Magus' Bride and I am kind of in the high of finishing an anime, and desperately want to explore the world some more. I was wondering if anyone else loved the anime and wanted to maybe come up with a plot for this fandom rp?
I would prefer someone who writes at least two paragraphs a post. Normally, I prefer more (and I can definitely write more), but I do have some commitments that have been taking up a bit of my time so I am cool with making this rp more lowkey/ easy haha.
This can be fxm or mxm, but just know if you prefer fxm I will ask to play the role of the female. Also, if you choose the role of a canon character, just keep in mind that I do not double. (personal preference). Of course, I am perfectly fine making this story oc x oc! As a matter of fact, I'd actually prefer us to just use oc's. Of course, if you prefer to play a canon don't feel shy about inquiring still! I may still be interested!

As for plots, I obviously don't want to rip off the anime too much, but I did love the premise a ton. So if you're not against sort of stealing the muse A is sold at an auction to muse B who intends to train A to be a mage, then we can go that route and just make some changes to personalize it!

Some other ideas we could possibly explore: > Muse A finds Muse B alone in the woods, Muse A has no memory of who they are, but can use magic.
> Muse A was a mage's apprentice from a young age, except their master is not a kind person. Their master regularly uses magic to get what they want, sometimes even at the expense of their loyal apprentice's health or safety. Muse B can be someone that the master encounters/ needs to eliminate/ is possibly seeking out the master on a task to rid the world of them.

Of course, those are all just quick one shots off of the top of my head! I am more than welcome to hear anyone else's ideas, or even additions or changes to the ones I gave. ^^ please message or reply if interested!

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