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Fantasy Anarchy: World of Chaos

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For years the world has known war, the factor behind money, land owning and military power. With the newest war came nukes and with those nukes, the survivors gained Supernatural abilities.

Now those survivors are thrown into a world of complete chaos, a desolate wasteland of gang crime and violence. Which side are you on? The multiple criminal organisations who now run the world? The people who'd want the world to turn back to how it once was? Or a neutral party who doesn't care about how the world turns out. Either way we will find out eventually what kind of person you'll become.

The setting is a rundown city known as "Rancorp". Decaying buildings and bones riddle the street, the top organisation of this area are known as "War Dogs", their leader being a powerful fire manipulator. Food and water is at an all time low and supplies are dwindling, but for some, this is the only place they are able to call home. The only thing is that with no police around anymore, the rules are that there are no rules.

(Work in progress. I am using my phone on this btw, so it might take some time. DM if interested!)

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