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An RP of Ice and Fire

El Loco

New Member
I’m cross-posting this from Group interest checks because the concept could fall into both categories, and I’m not opposed to the idea of using more dice mechanics than what I had originally intended if there’s interest in it. I’ve never really done a hardcore dice based game in forum RP format, but I’m open to it if there’s a good group here that’s interested. The original game uses the “chronicles” system, but it’s very similar to DND in function, and I have copies of the source books for anyone involved.

I’ve had a hankering for some sword and board slash drama and intrigue type low-fantasy RP where everyone is very mortal, death lurks around every corner, and you might have to make two or three characters throughout the campaign. To that end, I want to set up a Song of Ice and Fire RP loosely based on Green Ronin's SIFRP game.

The gist is that the RP group would collectively generate a House from the ground up- region, lands, history, coat of arms, etc- then we would all create characters that in some way support that House (and, in true GoT style, our own personal vendettas). While I would like to use the games dice mechanic to generate the house and potentially influence character generation just to force-inject some flavor, the game will primarily be text based.

Story wise, this RP could take the theme and run with it in a lot of directions. I have two different introductory one shots and two prebuilt campaigns available to start off the adventure, but there’s room for follow on campaigns and potentially a larger and longer ongoing story of a House if all goes well. Want to settle the score with a rival house? It’s on. Want to seize the throne from another player? Best of luck. Players run things… mostly.

We would need a good DM. Preferably one with good Game of Thrones lore knowledge who likes to knock unruly PCs down a peg- remember, no protagonist is safe in this world. I have a lot of source material that would make the DMs job much easier I think. I could do it worse case scenario, but would appreciate someone with more experience, especially if we go heavy on dice.

Writing expectations wise, I’m not a super advanced RP snob. I’d like more than a sentence or two to go off of for character interaction, but I don’t expect multiple paragraphs every post. Frequency wise, I think once or twice a week for each player is fair enough to keep things moving.

I have the game source books available digitally for anyone with serious interest- beyond the rules they have a ton of good lore and writing prompts in them if people are looking for inspiration. I’ll likely set up a discord once we get a group going.

Hope there’s some interest! RP with you soon!

-build our own house
-violence that doesn’t play favorites with PCs
-romance and political intrigue both inside and outside the party
-Murder, probably


New Member
Dare I ask, are you still considering to going ahead with this one? Cause if that were the case, I would like to get a seat.

Edit: I have no problem acting as DM if needed. Although most of my experience as such has been on face to face games.

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