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Nation Building An Outpost Called Hope || OPEN


* Toi-Voie-Jar-A-Kker-Ar-Us (They/Them)
Your city has fallen. No one knows what happened, for you it was a normal week and now... The 'dead' walk among the living. The army has completely cut off any escape routes in hopes of controlling the carnage, sealing any hope from escaping this nightmare. You are a simple person, a survivor in the midst of chaos without safety until, Hope arrives. Rumors circling through the street rats is that a couple people have set up a safe haven near the river from an abandon movie set, and they are adding to their numbers. Will you listen to the rambling of the insane or suffer through this hellscape alone?

If any of you have seen The Colony TV show (if you haven't, it's a good binge show), I have been dieing to create a role play about it. Just like all the survivors in The Colony, your survivor will have skills they have required from their hobbies or occupation that aid them in this new world. Your job as a whole is to keep the outpost working smoothly and safely while making it comfortable, after all there are multiple endings you could possibly achieve depending on how you play your cards. I always thought the idea of trying to rebuild social norms in a broken enviorment was amazing, but anyways here's some more details:
  • The 'dead' are not zombies, in fact the disease acts like a combination of ring-worm, Ebola, and rabies. It spreads from contacting a contaminated surface of person before driving you insane. You feel increasingly thirsty, but can not bring yourself to drink. Eventually you will die from the disease, becoming twice as hazardous. Until that point you look like a zombie with pale rotting skin, dulled eyes, and a foaming mouth.
  • Society has completely crashed, leaving on remains of groups and the outpost. There are many small gangs, but the three you should fear the most are the Street Rats, God Dogs, and Judgement. You'll learn more about them in the role play, but Judgement probably has to be the most dangerous.
  • The movie set is actually set up similarly to the TV show, but how well it defends and provides are all up to your character's choices
  • For anyone wondering, yes, this will be LGBTQ+ friendly. (It's the freaken appocolypse, why should people care?!?!)
  • By the way, please by sure to abide by fade to black and vague gore rules, but feel free to be gruesome. This place doesn't have our modern medicine in hand nor the equipment in hand 24/7.
  • Character Stife≠Player Stife, if you have a problem with another person, please settle your differences outside the role-play or PM me. If not, I'll have to remove all strifing players. But feel free to make your very own Negan!
  • If you even want to add anything on now or later, feel free to PM or discuss here (or in the ooc later)
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1 question: Does the disease make you physically unable to consume liquids or the insanity makes you mentally unable??


* Toi-Voie-Jar-A-Kker-Ar-Us (They/Them)
1 question: Does the disease make you physically unable to consume liquids or the insanity makes you mentally unable??
Mentally unable, rabies causes hydrophobia so the disease does too. I kinda of think of it as spawning from ring-worm with the tell-tale sores before moving into rabies symptoms and then Ebola's high contamination rate.

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