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Fantasy An Evil Education at the Tudor Lestrange Institute - Yearbook



Totally human, I swear!
Student Form

Original species:
Any changes?:
How you got here:
Allegiance: (Whether or not they've allied with other students, and who they allied with.)
Fashion sense:

Teacher Form

Description of classroom:
Fashion sense:

Other Staff Form

Job title:
Fashion sense:

Miscellaneous Character Form

What they do:
Fashion sense:


Totally human, I swear!
My Students

Name: Francis Sato
Age: 14
Gender: Transgender Male
Original species: Human
Any changes?: No
How you got here: Kidnapped
Classification: -
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance: -
Motivation: To get by, possibly find friends, learn what he can, and maybe escape.
Fashion sense: Mostly graphic tees, cargo pants, and whatever your average geek might wear.
Appearance: Short, thin, with a slim jaw and black hair of moderate length, and black eyes that are narrow and monolid. Slightly curved brow, pronounced canines, flared nose.

Name: Finbar Cody
Age: 16
Gender: Transgender male
Original species: He's technically only a quarter Dulahan, not much of a soul stealer or psychopomp. His head still isn't on his shoulders, though
Any changes?: No
How you got here: Kidnapped
Classification: -
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance: -
Motivation: To get through the school year alive.
Fashion sense: Just your average tee shirt and jeans
Appearance: Stout but tall, with pale skin. Tall face with a sloping jaw, green eyes, and narrow-bridged nose. His hair is short, straight, and light brown. His head is not on his shoulders.

Name: Vex Von Brandt
Age: 15
Gender: Cisgender male
Original species: Genetically modified human-black vulture hybrid
Any changes?: Before enrollment, he was cursed to be unable to eat and unable to starve to death
How you got here: Enrolled
Classification: Mad Scientist- general, Extremist
Rank: Henchman
Allegiance: Other proud GMOs; others with antimagical views; His sister, Malice Von Brandt
Motivation: To find a way to permanently void magic without using magic to do it
Fashion sense: He generally wears plain, black clothing with a white lab coat
Appearance: Olive skin, with a medium height and even build. Short, black hair, upturned nose, thin brow, and sky blue eyes. Large, difficult to conceal wings, clawlike fingernails and toenails.

Name: Knott Lazarus
Age: 17
Gender: Neutrois, assigned male at birth
Original species: Human
Any changes?: Became a vampire at age 15
How you got here: Arrived on their own
Classification: Consumer, Bio Mad Scientist, Black Magician, Extremist
Rank: Expendable
Allegiance: Anybody at all
Motivation: To become human again, or perish trying; To atone for their self-perceived wrongdoings.
Fashion sense: Generally jeans and plain black tees.
Appearance: Tall, gaunt, with a topheavy build and pale, grayish skin. Aquiline nose, sunken eyes, and thick eyebrows. Wild, black hair. Does not cast shadows or reflections on any surface, or appear on camera.

Name: Rathbone Diggs
Age: 15
Gender: Nonbinary, assigned female at birth
Original species: Human
Any changes?: Wait and see!
How you got here: Transferred from Victor Preperatory, a different evil school that specializes in Mad Science
Classification: Unclassified
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance: Anybody thon thinks can help thon become a vampire.
Motivation: To deviate from the path laid out for thon by thon's parents and become a vampiric overlord.
Fashion sense: Thon is usually clad in Edwardian era looking clothing- sometimes masculine, sometimes feminine depending on whim.
Appearance: Tall and lithe, with an even build and straight, auburn hair of shoulder length. Thin, high eyebrows and a thin, rounded nose. Wide, green eyes, and a slim jaw.

Name: Jolene Wildwood
Age: 15
Gender: Cisgender Female
Original species: Powered human (able to communicate with animals)
Any changes?: None so far
How you got here: Ran away from her legal foster home and rode a whitetail doe from Kentucky to the Institute
Classification: Unfair One, Extremist, Micro-Dictator, Macro-Dictator
Rank: Villain
Allegiance: Any nonhuman, any other Micro-Dictator
Motivation: To improve Villain rights; to avenge her mother, the notorious Fiadh Wildwood; to avoid electrical shock; to vanquish famed hero, Captain Zap;
Fashion sense: Feminine, in pastel colors, with historical influences from various eras. She is especially fond of floor-length dresses, and is never seen without a either a parasol or her banjo.
Appearance: Short, with an hourglass build, fair skin. Curly, black hair down to her lower back. Oval face, upturned nose, with a high brow, and rounded, blue eyes.
Other: Has recently been suspected to be the lost Princess Hilda of the small nation of Fieldskerry, but she has mixed feelings about this rumor.

Name: Stephanie Rain
Age: 17
Gender: Cisgender female
Original species: Shapeshifter
Any changes?: Has been ressurrected by the necromancy staff about four times. Also, due to her efforts to impersonate and attack staff, her powers have been limited by magical means. Because of this, she can no longer imitate another person's appearance, and cannot take the form of an animal larger than a mid-sized dog.
How you got here: Kidnapped
Classification: Extremist, Cultist
Rank: Expendable
Allegiance: Fellow expendables; others who revere the Martyr of TLI
Motivation: To overthrow the school administration and to spread the word about Dorothy Chapman, Martyr of TLI and Guardian of the Expendables
Fashion sense: Whatever she can scrounge or make, but favors plain, modest clothing with solid colors.
Appearance: In human form, she's of average height with a lithe build and light olive skin. Brown eyes, auburn hair, and a round face.

Name: Sharon Angler
Age: 17
Gender: Cisgender Female
Original species: Human
Any changes?: Gained magical powers via a contract with a demon known as Thorntalon
How you got here: Kidnapped
Classification: Street Criminal, Trickster, Black Mage
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance: Anyone who either pays the right price, or wins her liking. She's got a soft spot for newbies and expendables
Motivation: To sow chaos, retrieve supplies, etc. in exchange for goods and services. And also to crack a few jokes.
Fashion sense: Often wears clothing typical of gangsters in old movies, complete with the iconic fedora. In addition to this, she wears a leather pauldron on her right shoulder, where a "falcon" often sits.
Appearance: Average, even build, with tan skin and long, chestnut hair typically kept in a braid. Hooded eyes, angular cheekbones, and ears that stick out.

Name: Fenris LaTour
Age: 15
Gender: Agender, Assigned female at birth
Original species: Human
Any changes?: Got bitten by a werewolf at the age of 13
How you got here: Enrolled
Classification: Extremist/Consumer
Rank: Villain
Allegiance: Other werewolves, other transgender students
Motivation: To recruit new werewolves, shun most non-werewolves, and shame reluctant werewolves
Fashion sense: Masculine leaning, semiformal style peppered with lupine accessories.
Appearance: Tall and leanly muscular, with an hourglass build and cool medium-russet skin. Straightened, black hair that reaches below their shoulders and is usually kept in two braids. Oval face, amber eyes, squared nose, and full lips.
On the full moon, their fur is black and tawny in classic wolf markings

Name: Cristina "Crispy" Crispin
Age: 15
Gender: Cisgender female
Original species: Half human, half hulder
Any changes?: None
How you got here: Kidnapped
Classification: Mad scientist - Biological, Micro Dictator
Rank: Henchman
Allegiance: Anyone who'll fund or assist her research
Motivation: To dissect things, mostly
Fashion sense: She tends to wear vests in bold primary colors over a white blouse, with black dress pants. Over this, she may wear a lab coat or apron.
Appearance: Average height with long, curly red-blonde hair and a slim build. She has a tall face, blue eyes, and a manic looking smile. Her tail, which she almost never conceals, resembles that of a cow, and is the same color as her hair.

My Staff

Name: Oak Bergman
Age: 55
Gender: Cisgender male
Species: Troll
Job title: Principal
Reputation: Many rumors punctuate his reputation, many of which are likely. He is feared by most, but he does not care who fears him and who doesn't- The way he treats each student is completely random.
Fashion sense: Like your average school principal, only with a bajillion beads in his hair and a myriad of piercings. And fancy tail warmers.
Appearance: He's around ten feet tall with straight, blond hair so long it takes a levitation spell to keep it from dragging on the ground, a rounded face, a large and round-tipped nose, pale skin, and a four-foot-long tail with a long tuft.

Name: Crevan Priest
Age: 41
Gender: Cisgender Male
Species: Cynocephalus
Curriculum: Dastardly Debate, Dark Arts and Crafts, Potions Through The Ages
Description of classroom: All manners of grimoire and scroll line the shelves in the back of his room, and at the front a trapdoor gives access to a vast underground room where various types of ink, blank scrolls, planks of wood, rocks, crystals, lengths of rope, and other seemingly random items are kept. In the main classroom, tall and narrow windows may be covered by heavy, black curtains, and a strange vine grows on the ceiling. Mr. Priest's desk is painted dark purple and amongst the items atop it is a human skull.
Reputation: He's a peppy, optimistic sort who always has the classes play ice breaker games, assumes the students are favorably evil until proven otherwise, and tries to be a cool guy.
Fashion sense: He wears your standard business attire.... Under his motorcycle jacket
Appearance: Thick build with fair skin, large hands and the head of a red fox. His eyes are yellow, and his fur is orange throughout, save for the rims of his ears being black. When his sleeves are rolled up, you can see thick, black hair on his arms of the sort you’d expect to see only on armpits.

Name: Dr. Dee Pennhurst
Age: 34
Gender: Cisgender female
Species: Human
Curriculum: Intro To Mad Science, Bioengineering and Vivisection, Notorious Neuroscience
Description of classroom: Adjoined to the stable mews for easy access to larger lab animals, the biology lab manages to maintain formaldehyde as its only overlying scent despite a metaphorical manure factory being right next to it. Incubators, cages of rats, mounted skeletons, and various sorts of laboratory equipment are placed along the room's perimeter. In one desolate corner is an emergency shower and eye wash station, and in the opposite corner is the same thing.
Reputation: She is unpopular for being stern and no-nonsense, but while she runs a quiet and orderly lab, she is still obviously enthusiastic about evil and science and is never one to lose her temper, even if she is harsh when mad.
Fashion sense: Mostly white or pastel blouses with boldly colored trousers under the lab coats she perpetually wears.
Appearance: Average height with tightly curled, black hair that is held in a high bun, generally under a hat. She has a mostly slim, even hypotonic build and olive skin with muted undertones. Square nostrils, thin lips, and narrow eyes give her stoic appearance when at rest.

Name: Tibbles Scratchwick
Age: 29
Gender: Cisgender male
Species: Magical Cat
Curriculum: Lair Economics, Catching and Cooking Exotic Meats
Description of classroom: The Cooking Classroom, adorned with hanging herbs, sausages strung in the window, and jars on shelves which clearly show various meats pickling. Diagrams of different traps, and diagrams of various evil recipes hang on the walls as well, and one one shelf is an activated bear trap. Counters with electric stove ranges that are easily covered to make a smooth surface are proportioned enough to accommodate sixteen to twenty students.
Reputation: He's known for being a snappy, snobby, sarcastic cat of brutality and condescension. He is a favorite of nobody, even the students he favors, and is openly indifferent to much of the class. He holds all expendables in utter contempt, and also hates a few higher ranking students.
Fashion sense: Cats don't wear much, but Scratchwick is never seen without a wolf collar.
Appearance: A sand colored striped tabby with short fur and eyes the color of green bloodstone. Generally walks with a stiff, imperious posture

Name: Persephone Skinner
Age: 27
Gender: Cisgender female
Species: Human
Curriculum: Couture of Evil
Description of classroom: Though she uses other rooms from time to time, for instance the auditorium and the dressing rooms backstage, her classroom is one of the larger sit-down classrooms. With many large tables, five fabric cutting counters, a bazillion dress forms, various sewing machines, and more fabrics and notions than the average person can count, her teaching space is one where creative types can flourish. Adjoined is a functioning laundromat and dry cleaning center.
Reputation: As much as she claims to be cruel and even manipulative, she is a genuinely enjoyable teacher to work for, provided she hasn't decided to shave your hair off to spin into yarn. Character wise, she is known for two other things- providing moral support to students, and bragging about having gotten away with murdering her husband over a disagreement over their clothing company's public relations. Some students are disgusted by her elaborate and out-of-taste fashion, but others find her to be their favorite teacher.
Fashion sense: It can be difficult to recognize Mrs. Skinner at first, as she has never worn the same outfit twice and her makeup work changes almost as frequently and can even encompass peculiar special effects. Worse yet, even though she is a human, she can be found wearing such accessories as antlers, wings, and tails in mimicry of other species.
Appearance: This changes to the fullest extent that a nonmagical human can manage. See coming roleplay entries.

Name: Dr. Corey Crank
Age: 46 (6 years dead)
Gender: Nonbinary, assigned male at birth
Species: Lich (originally a human sorcerer)
Job title: Osteopathic Physician, Professional Necromancer
Reputation: Those who haven't met him are usually put off by his name, but he does what he can to put his patients at ease, including using a potion to appear as he did when he was still alive. It is noted that he died near the end of TLI's first school year, one of the only staff members to have been murdered on campus. Among non-medical staff, with few exceptions, he is considered to be a thorn in their side due to his campaigning against the inhumanities committed at the school. He does not like to moralize to students, but has even gotten into fisticuffs with fellow staff members.
Fashion sense: He wears professional attire, nix the lab coat. He prefers to wear blue when he can, and often wears bowties.
Appearance: Without the effects of the potion, he looks like any bare skeleton, with facial structure resembling what he looked like when he was alive. With the potion in effect, He's average height with a boxy build. Tan skin, and wavy ash-blond hair, a straight nose, and gray eyes. Prominent cheekbones and sloping jaw.

My Other Characters

Name: Boomer Diggs
Age: 5 years, but has a mentality similar to a human adult
Gender: Masculine leaning identity, but cannot express this in his current vessel
Species: Quadrupedal Robot
Reputation: Boomer isn't really known around the Institute, but Rathbone has known him for his entire life. He is a former android servant who rebelled against Maggie (his creator and Rathbone's older sister) and wound up transferred to a non-speaking, quadrupedal vessel as a result of it.
What they do: His current assignment is to assist Rathbone, though he does have a mind of his own and will do what he pleases.
Fashion sense: He used to dress in the typical work attire of a butler until he got transferred to a form that no clothing has ever been made for.
Appearance: A quadrupedal robot, roughly the size of a Shetland pony, resembling Boston Dynamics's Big Dog. Colored mostly black and white, with "Boomer" inscribed on his left and right sides in raised chrome. His top portion is trough-shaped, with hinged sides for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Name: Thorntalon (full name unknown to most)
Age: 18
Gender: Cisgender male
Species: Demonic Familiar
Reputation: Usually just considered to be the "falcon" that sits on Sharon's shoulder. When the need arises, he takes a human looking form, in which he is often assumed to be an expendable.
What they do: Assists Sharon with magical tasks, and occasionally practical tasks.
Fashion sense: Whatever the situation calls for.
Appearance: The only form he usually takes in which he is recognizable is that of an American kestrel. In human form, he almost never uses the same set of features. His true form is impish in appearance, with avian features such as talons for feet and a pair of wings, but also a long, arrow-tipped tail.
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blame the dark reunion.
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Dear Diary: I ate him. But in my defense, the moon was full, and I was left unsupervised. Lobo-Hombre en paris.

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Lowell Hrolf

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already dead.

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  • What? Were you expecting a howl for an entrance?

    Lowell… Such a weird name, isn’t it? Its meaning is nearly ironic. ’Noble/Renowned Wolf’. Lowell is… Nearly everything but noble and renowned. But they are a wolf! (A ‘were’ one at that.)

    And their tiny little ‘upcoming’ wasn’t very noble, so to speak. Their roots, their way of thinking, their appearance. Nothing noble. But all rad!

    In this fucked-up school full of disgusting creatures, rotting walls, and ghosts that want your soul, you would think that Hrolf would be some sort of ‘Expendable’. And while they aren’t one of the highest ranking members in this god-forsaken building, they are in a comfortable middle.

    And he doesn’t really want to explain how he got there.

    NO GODS.


    A wild beast driven by the darkness of the night and the blood of creatures. A horrid being hungering only on the demise of others. An unwilling transformation, a moon, and a howl. Something beyond anyone’s control, a natural reaction. And nature’s brutal.

    This is a werewolf. Not your sexy ‘alpha male’ story, not your lycanthrope-to-normal-human redemption arc. This specific beast is only fuelled by pain. Hate. Rage.

    It knows no ethics. No morals. No feelings outside of hunger and rage.

    Born from the will of cultists and gods, masters and leaders, only to thrash them down in an uncontrollable, devastating wave of fury.

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© weldherwings.
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perpetually homosexual ; he/it
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Name: Finnegan (Finn) Bateman

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Transmasculine gender apathetic (he/him)

Original species: Angel

Any changes?: After he first 'served man' he was thrown from the heavens. He still has his wings and his halo, but his wings are no longer white and his halo is just barely illuminated. Now he fits into the category of fallen angel.

How you got here: He's had the desire to pursue a life of evil ever since he first heard of the idea and decided this was the best first step.

Classification: Consumer & mad scientist (biological)

Rank: Villain

Allegiance: -

Motivation: The art of harvesting and cooking human has always fascinated him. He wants to push the human mind and body to the edge and then kick it over.

Fashion sense: Formal. Light colored suits and waistcoats with natural colored dress shirts.

Appearance: Medium build. Long legs with a high waist. He's 5'6. Gently waved dirty blond hair that he keeps short and out of his way, usually pinned back with bobby pins or a headband. His wings are large and the same color as his hair. They're speckled white at the bottom. He has a round face and big brown eyes. He has fair skin and has a fair amount of freckles.

Psyche: Finnegan is an extremely friendly person most times. He is super extroverted and loves just about everyone he meets. He loves making new friends and shows his love for people usually through cooking. He is a very affectionate person, he loves showing his care for people through touch and verbal praise.

However, if he believes someone is trying to get between him and someone he loves, he will become extremely violent, murderous even. His typical mild mannered and cheerful demeanor completely changes to something obsessive and animalistic. He acts on instinct alone and will kill if he deems it appropriate. All rational thought is lost when he's worried about protecting the bond between himself and someone he cares about. He becomes extremely emotionally unstable and his mood can change at the drop of a pen. Usually though, this passes after he's done whatever he's done and it's usually followed by a period of extreme guilt and depression before he slowly gets back into the swing of things.

Mental Ailments: The most prominent of all of his mental illnesses is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD.) This fuels the strong obsessive bonds he forms with people he loves. This doesn't make him violent however, though the chronic anxiety and fear around being abandoned does act as somewhat of a catalyst to some of his irrational behavior. BPD also explains why his emotions change so drastically so quickly. He feels everything at 200% and is completely unable to distinguish a healthy amount of emotion from something he's inflated. In short, Finnegan's emotions control him rather he controlling them.

He also has ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This contributes to the short periods of extreme obsession he experiences and also explains the RSD or rejection sensitive dysphoria he feels. In short, RSD is the feeling of deep sadness or dissatisfaction he feels when (for example) someone tells him about plans they have with someone else that he wasn't invited to. This small, seemingly insignificant action causes Finnegan to spiral, causing his thoughts to leave all rationality and reason. He takes that small offhand comment as that person saying they much prefer spending time with whomever they'd mentioned their plans with. Finnegan constantly feels like he's competing for people's love and affection due to this.

The last and probably most damning of his identifiable mental ailments is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. OCD causes him to be extremely anxious about literally nothing and literally everything at the exact same time. This specifically gives him intrusive thoughts that cause him to act out (ex. harming himself or others). Most of his compulsions caused by his OCD surround the state of his relationships with others. It's almost painful for him to consider that someone doesn't like him. OCD also causes him to give into his intrusive thoughts which usually yield irrational or nonsensical actions.

I also feel the need to say that basically no person with this combination of mental illnesses and disabilities is going to go and be an obsessive homocidal maneater. so. please do not use this as an excuse to avoid people with any of these mental illnesses. be smart. thanks. xoxo
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The Northwind

  • Name: Hezikiah “Hez” Fukuro

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Original species: Human

    Any changes?: Raiju
    Raiju are creatures made of lightning that are loyal to the thunder god Raijin, they are able to change their form into various animals as well as transforming into a ball of lightning to travel faster. Raiju tend to be docile creatures unless instructed by their lord, they also turn aggressive during thunderstorms.

    Hezikiah is a special case in which Raijin summoned his soul from death and allowed him to retain a human form to better serve his will in the mortal realm. Hezikiah is able to control lightning, turn into both an owl and a wolf (a lightning version and a normal version), as well as transforming into a ball of lightning.

    How you got here: Enrolled

    Classification: Trickster

    Rank: Villain

    Allegiance: Will only truly serve Rajin

    Motivation: to become the greatest and strongest of all the Raiju and to become Rajin’s second in command.

    Fashion sense: Tends to always wear shades of blue and purple, typically will be found in a blue hoodie with lightning bolts printed all over it, typical black jeans and some black combat boots. He has become accustomed to wearing suits in the presence of his lord and has grown to love them so he will sometimes switch it up from his normal hoodie to something more dapper.

    Appearance: Hezikiah stands at 5ft’10in with a head full of blue/black ombré dreads, he has brown skin an dazzling blue eyes that are always crackling with lightning. His hair also seems to buzz with blue lightning from time to time.

    Born Hezikiah Hirata to Kiera and Sotoshi Hirata in Stone Mountian Georgia where he stayed until the age of 15. On his 15th birthday, his grandmother Hama offered to let him stay with her in Japan for the summer and Hezikiah jumped at the chance to visit his fathers hometown.

    June 23rd, four days after his birthday the boy arrived at the airport and was greeted by his grandmother and an middle aged man who he recognized to be his uncle Daisuke. He spent a full month exploring Tokyo, visiting shrines, and trying the authentic foods his father would make back at home. So drunk on his excitement he decided to ignore the storm warnings for a mountain trail he had planned for that day and simply went on the trail without the guide. Halfway to the top of the mountain, the storm started bearing down on him hard but he was determined to make to the top even in this storm. He made it to the top after struggling for more than an hour and stood fighting against the rain and wind not to get thrown from the mountain he had given his whole soul to climb. Standing on the mountain he had finally gotten his fill of adventure and decided to head back down hoping it would be easier than coming up. As he turned however, a lightning bolt struck the mountaintop and struck Hezikiah in the back causing him to be sent flying down the mountain, hitting trees as he went. Landing in a small clearing on his back, he looked up to the sky wishing he had listened to the tour guide, listened to his grandmother, he wished he had another chance at life and would do anything to stay alive.

    The sky opened and a man with white hair floated down to him “They say it is lucky to be struck by lightning” the man spoke, his voice reverberating as if there were multiple people taking. “You don’t seem to be that lucky my child” the man landed next to him and kneeled to the ground “I can give you a new life, one of power, I can turn you into one of my personal servants… a Raiju but you will be different. You will retain your human form unlike my other servants but you can no longer return to your human life”

    Hezikiah looked at the man with pleading eyes “I don’t care” Hezikiah screamed in his mind, unable to form the words over the blood filling his mouth “please save me” he pleaded once more and the man seemed to smile “very well Hezikiah, I Raijin, Kami of Thunder, name you….” He smirked “Fukuro” and with those words, lightning struck the both of them and they disappeared in a flash.

    -one year later-

    “Fukuro come forth” Hezikiah stepped forward, the only human amongst monstrous beasts of lightning. “I have an assignment for you and if you can complete it I will unlock your true Raiju form” Raijin continued which caused Hezikiah to smile “Anything my Lord” he said bowing deeply…..
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Totally human, I swear!
Student Form

Name: Malice Von Brandt
Age: 12
Gender: Cisgender Female
Original species: Genetically modified hybrid of human and Gyrfalcon
Any changes?: None so far
How you got here: Dr. Brent Von Brandt, her and Vex's father, pulled some strings to enroll her early.
Classification: Not yet
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance: Just Vex so far
Motivation: Make friends, evade Vex's watchful eye, and investigate whether magic users are really that bad.
Fashion sense: Unlike her brother, she only wears lab coats when she's doing actual scientific experiments. What she does wear is a lot of pink.
Appearance: Short, with a slim build and huge wings resembling those of a brown morph gyrfalcon, as well as clawed fingers and toes. Shoulder-lenghth black hair, upturned nose, wide eyes, and a rounded chin.

Sulha AG - Madrid

Twin Engine Package
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Other Staff/Teacher Form

Gunther Die Stille

Age: 70

Gender: Male
Species: Stick Figure
Height: 7'8 ("I dun get it. How is it not possible for someone my age to walk perfectly without a cane?")
Job(s): Librarian, 1x1 Academic support, Student


Reputation: Now, for a villain school such as Tudor Lestrange, you'd expect the most intimidating beings of mass destruction to be the ones manning this behemoth of education in the field of being the most despicable bastard out there. In some cases, yes there are, but only if you piss them off to that point.

So where this question is going towards is this: Why is it that one of the most grueling and prestigious Villain schools out there, which is supposed to chew you up and spit you out over and over until you become a true evil son of a bitch/ a broken mess crushed by the regime, houses the most absolutely out of place and complete polar opposite sweetheart of a Librarian/ inventor like this guy? It remains unknown to students but only known by the earliest staff. But hey! He's there when ya feel under pressure, so give em a visit for some good ol encouragement, and if you're lucky, a blueberry pie topped with icecream that just so happens to be there at randomly conveniently times? While you're at it, browse around his abode of the Library. It is said to have every book out there, except for smut, that's banned even though Gunther himself doesn't know what it is.

Fashion Sense: (Current outfit - Dark Grey trench coat with blue stripes, Dark blue beret hat, Squared glasses with a lapis tint, beige scarf, dark blue undershirt with a black tie, black-ish grey pants, golden leg bands, and dark turquoise boots.)

The Library - A 3 story dome topped building that sits on the other end of the Back Garden and pokes out of the forest. The origins of it's crystal formations sprouting about from in and outside are unknown, but have been seen to be aesthetically pleasing and a popular area for those who need to catch a break.

Library Entrance (outside)

Library Appearance

Central area and Main Library. 1st Floor

Checkout Desk - 1st floor

Counciling Waiting area (Next to Book Checkout desk) 1st Floor

Study lounge - 2nd Floor

Counseling office (Right side of Counseling waiting area) - 1st Floor

Living Quarters - 3rd floor - Unknown to the students, Gunther actually lives inside the top story of the Library. Some students have rumored that it's where he plays his music, others say it's a security office to keep surveillance so that no one steals a book. They may never know, for it is only kept between Gunther and Bergman.

How He Was Hired -

The Institute's interest in Gunther had taken its roots a very long time ago. At the ripe ol age of 27, Gunther was a humble tinkerer living cozily in the oak walls of his peaceful suburban home alongside Dayton, Ohio. The young man at the time tinkered away to his heart's delight, pushing the boundaries of scientific possibility (whilst also pushing the sanity limits of other mechanical experts) to the farthest reaches. One day, he got a little experimental and mischievous with one of his previous inventions. One of which was an electromagnetic Blunderbuss with the barrel and bore enormously extended and expanded to the point it was better to call it an Anti-Existence cannon than anything else. Next was that he went to his local junkyard and fished out a total of 73 hubcaps from old cars, half of them ironically being Volkswagen Beetles . The 3rd step was that he laced each hubcap with a pyrotechnic composition used in Tracer Ammunition because why not?

Skipping a few more steps to get on with it, Gunther was now in his backyard, Blunderbuss aimed upwards and ready to fire.

The neighborhood would be rocked by a giant boom and blinded by the light emanating from the tracer infused hubcaps as they were launched at hypersonic speeds into the sky.

Later that day, the news would come up revealing that a well known hero school was obliterated in Columbus. How? By a shower of hypersonic metal discs triggering the gas lines that led to the school's kitchens.

God knows how, but neither were the neighbors, nor the government were able to make the connection between him and that. But the institute did~

Living quarters

Student Form
Designation: Decibel Die Stille
Visual Reference

Age Built: July 1st, 2025, Location: Moldavia.

Height: 6'11

Weight: 1 ton


Original species: A large pile of old brass instruments found in an abandoned theater.

Any changes?: Compiled together by Gunther Die Stille over the summer before this school year, and engineered into a robotic living being. Has been upgraded numerous tech firms with means of self defense.

'..Sure it may have costed the last bucks of that lottery I won, but hey! At least I won't be lonely at home or at the checkout desk durin' class time! Don't tell no one Crevie. I wanna keep it as a surprise for the others. I'll git ya one a dose ehh.. What wus it again? Those Dinwether Beetles ya said ya wanted for those upcomin' less'ns this year?' - Gunther, on a phone call with Crevan Priest explaining what he's been doing.

How you got here: The last to enroll a few weeks after their creation by Gunther Die Stille during his vacation overseas. Currently flying back to the U.S with Gunther.

Classification: [Mad Scientist - Mechanical] [Mad Scientist - Biological] [Consumer]

Rank: Villain

Allegiance: To be Determined.

Motivation: Explore options in Villainy, whilst staying by Gunther's side. Side motive of high priority: Protect Gunther from harm.

Fashion sense: Hasn't found one yet. But can under the right guidance.

Skillset consists of multiple abilities derived from built in means of defense or necessities for versatile use.



<{ Offensive }>
Fighting style - Mixed Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, and Boxing)

}> | < ( Defensive ) > | <{
Musical Vahan - A round barrier of Musical energy forms around them.

= ('-') ('-') << Supportive >> ('-') ('-') =
Drone Support - Calls in supportive drones that act as individual assistants for their Allies. Providing supporting fire or other means of assistance.

< < <{(< Explosive >)}> > >
Geyser Smash - Punches hard into the ground, channeling energy into 3 spots trailing forwards and then erupting upwards with energized blasts up to 10ft tall. Visual below of an individual geyser eruption.

Buster Bass - Utilizes a high volume Bass drop to deploy waves of concussive force. Sometimes ruptures the ground.
(Top - Vertically directed - 50 ft)
(Middle - Horizontally directed - 20ft forwards, Backwards, left and right)
(Bottom - Buster Bass field - 360 degree circular area of 40ft )

<{) Utility (}>
E.U.F - - Element Utilized Firearm - - Mode List:// Top - Bottom - 1.Sun/Smoke 2.Lava/Water 3.Wind/Snow 4.Nuclear/Plasma 5.Crystal/Umbral 6.Fire/Earth 7.Heat/Electric 8.Magma/Ice 9.Steam/Sky 10.Nature/Cyber.

?-(-{-<- Miscellaneous ->-}-)-?
Chef's Kiss - Having browsed or binged numerous cooking shows on the Plane's TV's, along with the cooking hobby that they and Gunther picked up after watching Babish Culinary Universe, Decible picked up a notable skill in cooking up meals from either Television, Movies, or their own recipes on demand.

Fixer Upper - More on the self explanatory side, it pertains to Decibel being able to fix broken or malfunctioning objects.

Knowledge absorption - Due to being artificial, there's no need that Decibel was given an AI to grant their sentience (Though that costed a pretty penny for Gunther, but worth it). One of the bonuses it had was its capabilities in being a fast learner.
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Character Form
Name: (birth name N/A)
- Experiment #04
- Alias/Nickname: Pincushion (or Pin for short)
Age: 16 (at "recruitment", unknown amount of time in testing)
Gender: Non binary (any pronouns, assigned male at birth)
Original species: Human
Abnormalities: accelerated healing & increased physical endurance; able to alter physical form + grow excess body parts (specifically human traits, cannot mimic any supernatural affinities. ie- can grow excess arms but none of the arms can have superhuman strength)
- physical changes/excess limbs take time depending on their complexity (changing hair color takes a few seconds, growing an extra arm takes an hour)
- accelerated healing is vulnerable to any affliction which prevents mitosis (fire/cellular disease/etc) but as long as the injury leaves some flesh they can reform given time
How you got here: Forced recruitment
Classification: Undecided (possibly trickster)
Rank: Unranked
Allegiance (Whether or not they've allied with other students, and who they allied with): Uncertain, plays both sides partially out of wariness regarding their captors
Motivation: Finding their origin (memory loss surrounding their past but maintained a strong sense of duty bounding them to not leave the school)
Fashion sense: Preppy
Appearance (with no alterations): *TW for some blood rivulets* (second photo is from immediately following experimentation, first photo reflects their standard appearance)
- slim semi muscular build, that of a proficient runner
- scars throughout their body, largest are on face (why hasn't the scar tissue healed? try asking.)
- 5'8 ft tall in default state
- amber iris, scarlet red pupils


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Personified Chaos
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
My Interest Check
Name: Teressa "Tera" Byte
Age: 16
Gender: Demigirl
Original species: Human...?
No Changes

How you got here: Enrolled
Classification: Mad Scientist- Mechanical , Cultist, Micro Dictator
Rank: Villain
Allegiance: True trust is only given to her creations.

Motivation: Her wish is to have a group of people dedicated and enamored to her every thought, every move, every breath she takes. She has some trouble though, since her social skills are slightly above subpar.
Fashion sense: Plain and white.


Name: Celeste
Age: 3
Gender: Designed as female, technically agender (She/her or it/its)
Species: Android
Reputation: The weakest of the Byte trio. Is frequently seen running errands around the school.
What they do: Works as more of an errand girl for Teressa.
Fashion sense: Prim uniforms, which strangely all have short skirts.

Name: Luna
Age: 2
Gender: Designed as female, technically agender (She/her or it/its)
Species: Android
Reputation: The second in command, a cold and calculated machine through and through. She is sometimes seen around the school, but it's also common to not see her for a few days with no explanation.
What they do: Secretary of Teressa. Keeps her on schedule and keeps up with the financial parts of the Byte project.
Fashion sense: More prim uniforms. More short skirts. Hm.

Name: Sole 'Sunny'
Age: 6 months
Gender: Designed as female, technically agender. (She/her or it/its)
Species: Android
Reputation: The leader of the Byte trio, she is rarely seen and is always accompanying Teressa in the rare times she isn't working. Known for her intimidating aura and eerie facade of happiness.
What they do: Bodyguard of Teressa, Leader of the Byte Trio.
Fashion sense: More...Hm...More skirts? Yeah, well, Teressa likes girls. I guess.

Lillith Death

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Name: Seraphina
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Original species: Witch
Any changes?: none
How you got here: Enrolled
Classification: Witch
Rank: Villain
Allegiance: None yet
Motivation: None
Fashion sense: Jeans and a tee-shirt
Appearance: Blue hair and blue eyes, 5'1 and loves animals and chaos.
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