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Nation Building An Empire Reborn


the Tea Time Tyrant
For centuries the Olvani Imperium has ruled over the continent of Ovalina. With their imperial vision they claimed the continent under the banner of their emperor, bringing order and apparent peace to the inhabitants. As the Olvani Imperium grew in size many conflicts came its way. Not only from foreign powers seeking to claim the land for itself, but from those they alienated in their great conquest. Through divine strength and unrivaled cunning the Olvani Emperors have led their people to greatness, overcoming such hardships and setting their sights on the lands beyond their coastal barriers. As time grew, their imperial vision faded and as with all good things, many suspect its time has come to an end. Provinces and territories away from the homeland fell due to native insurrection and traitorous kingdoms breaking old and young alliances alike for the allure of power. Many colonies of Olvani, once proud to call themselves as such, now turn away from the founders and claim no loyalty to their former protectors. Fearful of losing all of its power, the Imperium lied to its people and to those who would still call it friend. It signed treaties, allowed self governance to much, and prayed that their lighter touch would empower them. In the wake of these events many new individual kingdoms, baronies, and duchies rose to prominence. Some would feud with each other in open conflict under Imperial supervision while others, with more tact than their counterparts, would subvert neighbouring authorities with espionage and subterfuge alike. With this independence came new ideas and one of the most significant was the agricultural revolution. With more food came more people, and with more people came more angry voices crying out in displeasure.

While the west of Olvani, those closer to the seat of the emperor, deal with their petty feuds and squabbles, the east has felt more pain and less aid to heal it. Ten years prior to the current day, a group of separatist mages who were cast out by their institutes for their research on heretical and banned practices in world bending and other unsavoury rituals attempted to bring ruin on those who accused them. They ventured deep into the east to one of the highest peaks. Serenity's Summit, the largest mountain of the known world. there they found what no one had witnessed, and what became their tomb. Using forbidden magic they made the mountain churn and waver, disturbing and awakening it. Their rituals and commands made the mountain a site of extreme rage and strained magic. Once its limits had been met, the mountain spewed its tar black fury across the plains and forests of the region and assaulted the denizens of the Imperium. So potent was the explosive release that in time the mountain cracked from its own force and crumbled in parts.

The damage was felt as a massive earthquake that shattered the land. A large plume of ash covered the skies for weeks before falling back to the ground, covering much of the land around the mountain and its nearby people in a dark ash which clung to the people and all forms of life for the rest of their days. The tainted tones, a curse that stain even the descendants of those that were impacted. While reeling from this tragedy the east was struck with more tragic news to excuse the lack of support they received. Five years after the eruption and subsequent collapse of Serenity’s Summit, the emperor was proclaimed deceased. His cause, complicated and blamed on dark forces, nature, and treason interchangeably even amongst the most official of records. Without a clear and legitimate heir to the throne of the imperium, it quickly fell into disarray and confusion with many searching for the rightful heir. Some others plot behind closed curtains or cling desperately to their positions of authority to keep their displeased masses from taking their heads.
What say you, duchesses and dukes, barons and baronesses? Where do your loyalties lie?

Who are the mods?
This rp will be staffed by @KindlyPlagueDoctor, @Petroshka, and myself @Crumbli.

What would we expect from you?
- No godmoding.
- No power gaming.
- Minimum of one paragraph per post.
- A story focused nation.
- No naziesque, undead, or ‘kill them all’ factions.

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