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Fandom an elevator ride. multifandom rp. sign-ups. closed!



don't you shy away.
your character wakes up in an elevator with no recollection of how they got there. looking around, they notice there's others with them, all stuck in the same position. there seems to be no way out. and if they have any abilities or powers, they won't work in any attempts to escape, either. they're stuck. stuck in an enclosed space, with a group of strangers, not knowing where they are, what the time period is, or what dimension they are even in. all they know, is they're probably gonna be here a while.

here's the sign ups! you can find more information about this thread over on the interest check where i've given a basic outline of what this thread is gonna entail! but the premise is simple: character wakes up in an elevator with no recollection of how they got there. they can't get out no matter what they attempt, and they aren't alone. the elevator is large enough to house roughly ten people, and tall enough for taller characters to remain comfortable.

i will react to accepted forms with a cookie! and will ask to you to make amendments if i think it would be neccesssary! ^^

but before all that, imma just share the rules!
-try to at least be semi-advanced in your writing, and by that i mean at least one well written paragraph. this is gonna be an character driven thread, so the characters are gonna need stuff to respond to! that being said, quality over quantity is advised!
-keep all drama IN CHARACTER. drama out of character between rpers is prohibited, and should be handled calmly outside of the thread. let's all try to get along here, okay folks? ^^
-powerplaying and godmodding are also prohibited. no-one is allowed to control another players character. causing physical harm or killing another players character without their consent is also not allowed.
-please try not to make this too nonsensical? i know it's a rather cracky idea, BUT i would not like it to turn into a full crack thread.
-the main drive of this thread and plot is gonna be drama, so it is highly encouraged for you to interact with multiple characters and form relationships between them! there will be plot events to move things along and spice things up, but the main drive is gonna be the characters themselves. plotting will be highly advised for this reason!
-similarly, try not to leave anyone out? this is an elevator. everyone is in close proximity to another. it should be HARD to ignore others.
-overpowered characters MUST be balanced out with weaknesses of some kind. although this thread doesn't revolve around action, there might be a chance for characters to engage in brawls/fights. it would be unfair to another player if their character just got destroyed by an overpowered one.
-canon characters and ocs will be accepted. however, they need to have some sort of depth to them to prevent things from becoming too nonsensical.
-your character can NOT escape the elevator, even if they have some kind of power that would allow them to do so usually, it will NOT work here. similarly, no-one will have any items on them.
-if you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

to prevent things becoming out of hand, i will offer a warning to anyone who breaks a rule. repeatedly breaking the rules will result in you being removed from the thread.

now that's all the way, the character sheet is below!
(image of character here)




Fandom (if an oc, please state):

Personality (doesn't need to be too detailed, just give us a basic understanding of the character!):


History (optional):

Headcanons/Additional information (optional):

Name: Five Hargreeves

Aliases/Nicknames: Number Five, The Boy.

Age: His consciousness is 58, his physical body is 13

Gender: Male

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

Personality: Number Five is... Prickly, to say the least. He's aloof, emotionally detached, lacking in empathy. He cares only about his family, about keeping them safe. Nothing else matters to him outside of them. Emotions don't exist with Five, he pretends they don't exist, detaches himself from them almost entirely. He doesn't feel (or at least, tries not to), just thinks. His brain operates almost entirely on logic. Because of his disregard for the thoughts and feelings of others, Five is very much an asshole. He believes himself to be superior to others, frequently insults and has one HELL of an attitude. He's arrogant, overconfident and hostile. He has no fear of others, as far as he's concerned, they should be afraid of him. His behavior can be described as chaotic, even erratic. He doesn't care what others think. If they get in his way, the aftermath is on them. He does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. And he couldn't care less about what others have to say on the matter.

Despite all this, Five does care and he does feel. Insults and snark are a form of affection for him, although it can be hard to differentiate between love and hate for an outsider. He's got a lot of trauma, suffers from PTSD and doesn't know how to deal with it outside of simply repressing everything. Or, lashing out at anyone who dares even look in his direction. He's difficult to get to know, or even befriend. He has issues with trust and holds everyone at arms length, refusing to let them get close, and see any vulnerabilities he hides. Despite this, he can be a loyal ally, but only to those he deems worthy of his protection.

Five has a lot of issues, questionable morals and an overflowing ego. But he's a better person that he lets on.

Abilities/Powers: Space-time manipulation. Five's ability allows him to travel through space and time, granting him the power of teleportation. He can appear where he wants, when he wants. Although, continuous and extensive use of his powers can prove vexing, overuse of his abilities can exhaust him. He has also mastered the ability to travel back in time, via seconds, rather than hours or even days. This ability can essentially give him a "second chance", allowing for alteration of events just before they can play out.

Number Five's DNA has also been spliced with those of serial killers, and professional assassins of the past. This has turned him into what is essentially the best assassin in existence. During his time serving the Commission, Five never failed a single mark.

He's also displayed remarkable intelligence. And its safe to say his IQ is on the same level as most geniuses, if not higher.

Despite all this, Five's body is that of a 13 year old, and comes with most of the weaknesses of a body that age.

History (optional): To put it as simply as possible, Five was one of seven children adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, children who were all born on the same day to mother's who had not previously been pregnant. He was raised alongside his siblings up until the age of 13, the age where he first attempted to time travel, ending up with him getting stuck in an apocalyptic future, completely alone. He lived in the apocalypse for over 40 years, growing into an old man, before eventually getting hired to work as a temporal assassin for an organization known as "The Commission", offering him a way to get back home in return for his service. Five served the commission for a while, killing whoever he was told to kill, be they innocents or not. He eventually made it back to the present, however, although he made a mistake in his calculations, and ended up stuck within his 13 year old body, despite being a 58 year old man.

Headcanons/Additional information (optional): -avoids his trauma by keeping himself busy.
-despite being the best assassin in time, five takes no joy from killing. he views it as a means of survival, nothing more.
-has a tattoo of an umbrella on his inner left forearm. also has a scar on his stomach from a shrapnel injury.
-functions on coffee and homicidal rage.
-was in a romantic relationship with a mannequin. her name is dolores and five loves her.
-feral. that's a fact.
-doesn't trust anyone, not even himself. he's always on edge. always suspicious.
-underweight due to poor self-care.
-still retains some.. habits, from his time spent in the apocalypse.
-chaotic neutral to the EXTREME.
-his family means everything to him, without his family, he'd be nothing.
-an "i'll sleep when i'm dead" kind of guy.
-will hide/ignore an injury until he literally passes out from blood loss.
-softer than he seems.
-has a death wish :(
-asexual and demiromantic.
-uses he/they pronouns cos the concept of gender does not matter to him he is literally a 58 year old child. and also cos im he/they and i said so lol

Name: RK800 #313 248 317 -54

Aliases/Nicknames: Connor

Age: 5 month old BABY

Gender: Agender

Fandom (if an oc, please state): Detroit: Become Human

Personality (doesn't need to be too detailed, just give us a basic understanding of the character!): look i could write a wholeass psychoanalyis on connor within my head, but for some reason just CANNOT put his personality into words?? like??? i know him so well but this feels freaking impossible???? so uh,, hopefully i'll be able to portray it well through when i write him ;w; but for now y'all can refer to the headcanons i guess 😭

Abilities/Powers: He is able to reconstruct events by analysing evidence and is able to see how things played out, as well he has a number of forensic skills, such as having a forensics lab within his mouth.

He is also skilled at analysing humans psychologically, allowing him to easily adapt to them and work within a team. He is a skilled negotiator as well and is able to manipulate and predict others actions with ease.

Connor is also able to imitate voices.

Unlike humans, Connor has no physical limitations and can perform feats of athletic prowess with ease. He is a strong physical fighter and is able to handle firearms efficiently.

History (optional): Connor is an RK800 prototype android that was designed by CyberLife to hunt down deviant androids. He was sent to work with the Detroit Police Department and assigned Lieutenant Hank Anderson as a partner. Connor eventually went deviant himself and joined the android revolution, freeing a load of androids within the CyberLife tower. After this stunt, he was nearly taken over by his AI handler, Amanda, but managed to find the emergency exit Kamski put in his programming and escaped her control.

Headcanons/Additional information (optional):
-deviant androids can feel everything. this includes temperature, pleasure, pain etc.
-has died 3 times. falling off a roof, getting shot in the head and getting his thirium pump regulator ripped out.
-due to his first death, he has a fear of heights.
-struggles to express his emotion, his face doesn't often change expression.
-certified soft boy.
-has a pet cat, her name is nacho and he loves her.
-takes everything literally and struggles to understand sarcasm.
-has an intense fear of the cold, particularly snowy weather.
-has crippling anxiety, and is pretty damn shy at first until you get to know him.
-sassy little smartass.
-very affectionate, loves hugs. but also very awkward and will just. stand there. because he does not know how to ASK for a hug.
-stims with his coin.
-hyperactive. like. he's always moving. boy is a FIDGET.
-likes looking pretty uwu
-also very vain, if there's a mirror, he will stare at himself in it.
-lowkey very sad.
-also lowkey very traumatised.
-curiosity killed the connor.
-can and WILL sit on people.
-feels really soft to touch. soft skin. soft hair. soft clothes. he soft.
-very much a follower, although CAN take on a leadership role if necessary, he just feels a lot more comfortable taking orders, it puts his mind at ease when he has something to be doing.
-very restless. doesn't like to be idle.
-will generally try to shy away from conflict, but can kick ass if he needs to defend himself or others.
-no self-worth, self-esteem, or self-preservation.
-has a tendency to follow people around like a lost puppy. don't mind it. he just doesn't really know what to do now he has free will ;w;
-loves having autonomy, but somewhat misses the simplicity of his machine mindset. likes routine and order because of this.
-either hyperfocused or distracted by everything, there's no in between.
-self-sacrificial little shit.
-will pet any cute thing he sees. does not matter what it is. connor would pet a lion if given the chance.
-adrenaline seeker! he likes the thrill of doing uhh,, dangerous things.
-casually does parkour. like. he's extra okay.
-the most graceful, yet clumsy robo.
-mom friend <3
-takes care of everyone but himself. he's selfless. uwu
-physically cannot sit like a normal person.
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don't you shy away.
Name: Hikari Ori

Aliases/Nicknames: Sunny

Age: 17

Gender: M

Fandom: Persona 5 OC

Personality: Hikari can be shy and quiet, but is brave when he needs to be

Abilities/Powers: Hikari has access to his persona, Frey which mainly attack with its sword, Sumarbrander and uses mainly Light and Fire Magic
looks good! but could you include a brief description of his appearance too? just so we know what he looks like ^^


I'll keep trying, even if I'm not good enough...

Name: Lerhw
Nicknames: Lero, Iero.
Pronounciations: Iehoon [/ɪɜ:run/] 🔊, Lero [/lɜrʊə/] 🔊, Iero [/ɪɜrʊə/] 🔊

Age: Somewhere in-between 2000 and 3000 Earth Years

Gender: Male

Fandom: N/A (OC)

--Appearance Description--
An average height young man standing at 5' 7'', perhaps a bit on the shortish side, appearing to be in his early twenties with an unexpected air of maturity and bleakness about him. The coat is normally closed, covering most of the bright blue with a thick layer of black, giving it an impression of mystery and distance. Lero often seems like a difficult to approach and closed-off kind of person, which, at the same time that is accurate it’s also a bit extreme.
The boots give him around 2-3 inches extra of height.

In his animal shell, which is a state of lower energy consumption acting like a battery, Lero looks like a typical blue-eyed and all-white arctic fox with slightly rounded ears and wearing a black metallic collar around his neck. 13'' in height (33 cm), 3' 1'' in length (94 cm). The collar is a universal translator, remaining despite the form and has a couple slits in dark blue in the front that light up whenever he’s speaking. In both forms, he’s unusually heavier than he looks, similar to how metals are compact. An aura of swirling rings in shades of red, orange and yellow reminiscent of an orbit shows up around him whenever Gravitational Pull is active.

Mild and reserved, Lerhw has never wanted more than to see and appreciate the universe beyond the Camp’s satellite and despite the hefty price paid to achieve that dream, would rather not put it all to waste. Always wanting to know and experience more, he’ll dive into books and question-making at any opportunity presented and is ready to face incredibly long learning sessions of just about anything that catches his interest. It’s really one of the few times one can see a more innocent and cheerful side of him flourish. Quieter and a huge appreciator of the natural world, Lero will often just sit outside with whatever document, register or book he’s studying at the time and enjoy reading in peace, not really fond of packed and noisy environments as they’re overwhelming and make it harder to listen to even his thoughts on situations. He normally steps away from things when he’s troubled.

Cautious, Lero’s motto is something along the lines of ‘explore always, but responsibly’, it’s not a wonder that he’s survived this long after all; Even away from world-destroyer activity, the universe is a vast marvellous surprise, some quite dangerous than others. He’s come to fall in love with both culinary and art endeavors, willing to try a hand at them whenever the opportunity shows itself, though he’d say he’s not all that good at it and it’s really just for the action of doing it. Lero would like to avoid conflicts as much as possible, to the point that it becomes hard to stand-up for subjects he likes or things he’s feeling and mostly keeps them to himself. Such a habit has only added on to his overall gloominess. With time, Lero has come to develop a complex and refined taste for things, especially when it comes to food, preferring things with multiple flavors, unique combinations and notes that change with time such as a soft taste opening into a more bitter aftertaste and the like.

  • Military Training: Despite hating to remember it and wanting nothing to do with that life, Lero has, like every other Era 3 Star Animal, been trained as a child-soldier and put through the harshest environments and trials the universe had to offer; As a result, Lero can't really turn off the spatial awareness he was forced to develop, being able to have a conversation while still being focused on the sounds and happenings of the area around him. Sometimes it will be helpful, while in others become even more overwhelming to him. One thing is for sure though, he knows how to survive in the wild in case he ever has to again and is very cautious and suspicious about things, having an idea of what to expect out of them from experience.
  • The Beacon: In his training, Lero was given a place to stand in the back-lines, a disruption to the enemy lines as he brought opponents towards him to avoid targeting others and giving the front-lines better chance at a reaction. Unfortunately, that'd often make his the next target and expected to fend for himself just like everybody else, get used as a punching bag quite often; The good bits though are that Lero is in return, submissive excellent at following instructions and has no qualms with putting himself on the line for others if it ever comes to that. He's more of a mediator and councillor to people, avoiding to take the spotlight but having a great understanding of situations from a different, more backstage perspective; Lero is a team player through and through, and extremely mindful of others boundaries, needs and feelings even if he might not quite understand them all of the time. If you need sincerity and reciprocity in an interaction, he's certainly the person for the job, even if his reactions are a bit on the duller side.
  • Gravitational Pull: Can activate a strong gravitational field that attracts wanted targets to his position;
  • Pressure Wave: Can similarly release a powerful pressure wave from his position, instead, causing the resulting wind to repel nearby objects and people;
  • Magnetism Manipulation;
  • Pain Immunity;
  • Heat Sense: Lerhw is naturally sensitive to changes in temperature, being able to pinpoint other’s positions and hiding spots with accuracy just by sharing the same space with them.
[Not my species lore, just highly built upon]
Star Animal Physiology:
Lero works veeeery similar to a nuclear reactor when it comes to being a highly-energy based biological form. Everything that is consumed will burn rather quickly converted into raw unstable energy almost instantaneously. As such, Lero is immune to most kinds of poison or drugs as they normally don't remain in his system enough to do anything. It has to be something incredibly potent or very specific for the effects to be felt, and even then they might come in a milder form.
That energy is constantly being leaked, --similar to how we spend energy to keep our body processes going--, released either in the form of swirling colorful rings akin to a neutron star's orbit or the natural invisible aura that every Star Animal has. That 'aura' acts as a shield taking most of the impact suffered away from them in return making the species rather sturdier than your overall human being. Whenever he's highly altered and/or distressed, the swirling rings will come to be as a natural intimidation tactic. Any types of energy-leak can be smelled by him since this a way of Star Animals telling themselves apart, and that scent will variate depending on what kind of ability or machinery is spending that energy.

On the other hand, without a 'mechanism' limiting the release of said energy, Lero might as well explode and/or lose control of his powers, which is where the Animal Shell comes in handy.

Capable of three physical states compared to plasma, gas and solid, the basic animal form of a Star Animal functions as both an energy output regulator and a low-energy consumption mode. When in the shell, in that animal form, Lero is rendered a bit more vulnerable as the energy-leak is completely barred, putting a stop to the protective aura all together, which at the same time, bars all kinds of energy expense. Out of that shell, it is speculated to linger in an invisible gaseous state, like a top-coat of the Star Animal until their personal weapon is called upon, which is the solid and final state of their Animal Shell. No matter which state it is in, the material keeps its energy regulation properties, allowing it to be released in small, controlled bursts rather than all at once.

Lero's personal weapon is a Sjambok made of a white, leathery surface that can’t really be matched to any known material in the universe. Its thicker end finishes in a ball-shaped wrap with a chain attached through, used as a wrist strap.Black roses and desaturated gold spiked vines adorn the held end of the still-unnamed weapon. It’s very rarely put to use, in fact, he’s more likely to avoid it as much as possible, only ever doing so in extreme self-defense cases.

  • While Gravitational Pull is a targeted form of attraction, Pressure Wave, on the other hand, has no discerning capabilities, merely repelling everyone and everything on a radius away from him, both enemy and friend alike;
  • Heat Sense can be easily throw off and confused by a high-temperature environment, as he won't be able to tell what is supposed to be what anymore;
  • Despite his animal form being that of an arctic fox, Lero's natural sensitivity to temperatures makes him, quite ironically, operate horribly in cold weather; He gets frostbitten very easily to the point moving is a struggle and just doesn't hurt because he can't feel pain anyway; It will be hard for him to do anything when in such a state;
  • Remaining in the Animal Shell for a full 24 hours will difficult the use of their powers and form-changes, barring the release of energy, keep it going for longer spans of time and they may be rendered practically powerless and have to re-learn their abilities all over again; These forms also render them much more vulnerable physically, essentially becoming as frail as the actual animal they are;
  • Being an energy-based being, monitoring energy levels and not spending it unnecessarily is important for a Star Animal; At low energy levels they'll be 'locked' into their Animal Shells, trying to force it much further will result in an instant black-out;
  • Breaking or losing one's weapon will make the Star Animal lose their ability to release energy in small bursts, instead making they release their entire reserves in one go then black-out every single time they use their powers; That Star Animal is therefore crippled for life;
  • Grapes, raisins and chocolate are toxic for foxes and in Lero's case prompt a chemical reaction when consumed that has him feeling quite unwell for a while;
  • Highly flammable consumables are not what anyone would think to throw into something that is basically filled with volatile unstable energy, on that note, the consumption of alcohol will mess with a Star Animal's ability to contain the now raging reserves of energy resulting on them exploding in an enormous nuclear blast; It will leave a crater of at least a full city radius from their initial position;
  • Lero is, depressed. He understands the why of having to do the things he's done but can carry nothing but heart-aching regret over them; He avoids talking and thinking about the past the most as possible, wilts at the memory of slaying his fellow Star Animal or anything that may remind him of those bittersweet times and has extremely low self-esteem, often misinterpreting things or taking them too personally; While he still cares for himself externally, internally, he can't help but think of himself as less than others, constantly.
--Biography-- [Not my species/world/universe lore; Yet strongly built upon]
Star Animals were once a proud and approachable species, willing to co-exist with other races in the universe... but Lerhw wouldn't know anything about that other than old stories carved in decaying stone. Raised in a volcanic natural satellite near 3 or so different planets, the arctic fox had been unlucky enough to exist at the tail end of the currently known timeline, Era 3 of the Star Animals. Emperor Lionel, returning from Earth after chasing 'traitors' to the species and decimating them in a conflict known as The Animal Uprising, has taken upon himself a crazy goal: declare war on the universe and existence itself. Maddened with grief over the death of his beloved wife, slain by his own hands, Lionel had gathered every leftover small Star Animal and divided them through the cosmos in what was essentially military camps to be trained as child-soldiers, the worst of the worst with one only mission in life: destroy every star, planet and civilization that existed. Era 3 was also the era of world-destroyers and when the species as a whole would become the enemy of the universe itself and everything contained in it.

Such was the tall task that was expected of Lerhw and the others, his camp composed of just other foxes like him, employing their powers to unhinged, senseless destruction. The young arctic fox never saw the point of it, however...
A dreamer, Lero had been enchanted with the bright starscape that covered their camp 24/7, a blanket of twinkling lights so distant but also so close to him in a way. Instead of destroying this beauty, he sought to chase after it, to appreciate everything that the universe had to offer him in life. Unfortunately, to do so first he had to graduate as a world-destroyer and then find a way to ditch everybody and attain his desired freedom; A task that was easier said than done. Lerhw wasn't as strong as the other cadets, neither resourceful, but he had one thing going for him, one thing that set him apart from everybody else and that was his apparent inability to feel pain. No matter how many scuffles, one-sided fights and harsh, dangerous tasks he was given to accomplish, he would always come back cut, hurt and bleeding but seemingly not too bothered about it until the wounds were pointed out to him, turning out to be bigger than he thought they were, which was only then followed by mild panic and confusion.

The higher-ups caught wind of it rather quickly, giving Lerhw a special job in the group: a distraction and a target. It would be fine, after all he couldn't feel pain, could he? The Law of the Jungle was pretty much what training was all about, the weaker and dense cadets died during the trials and only the clever and stronger ones remained to see the next day. There was no grieving, no anything, they were just treated like objects that got thrown aside when broken. Lero had to learn to fend on his own in the battlefield, finding the right time to pull enemies to him and the right times to push them away; He got pretty good at dodging and learned to discern what could be possibly fatal or more troublesome blows in the midst of so many. He also got cautious, started making plans. Everyone was surprised that their resident punching bag and numb weirdo was holding out for this long. Or well, at least everyone that cared.

A certain black fox though, didn't seem to care about much of anything. The other was undoubtedly their best member, even got 'special treatment' in the form of even more difficult trials despite being apparently still more or less Lerhw's age. But what had called the white fox's attention wasn't the fact that the other had a rather unusual power-set for a ground animal, or even that he seemingly didn't need to eat or sleep like the others, it was the way that he glowed; Cutting through the air like a shooting star, and it was one of the prettiest things Lero had ever encountered in the bleak life that was junior camp. It weirdly filled him with hope. And so he chose to approach him one day. Lero wasn't quite sure if this was what was called 'friendship', in fact, he had heard all his life that bonding wasn't a thing for their species, and the more he attempted to interact with the black star fox the more he wondered about that.

The other's reactions were dull, blank and he seemed to be often confused about practically everything; It was like he had no emotions to show, no thoughts about anything and had simply been doing what he was told blindly. At the same time that the arctic fox was upset for the other, he also found a weird connection, fascination for him. While he could not feel physical afflictions, the black fox just seemed completely unfeeling in the internal department, and for the first time, they were both weird, together. Unluckily, this friendship would never end happily, as the pair would come to face their cruelest trial yet: graduation itself.
What was supposed to be a time for celebration for Lerhw quickly turned into dismay as it was revealed that every surviving cadet had to point out whoever they were closest to during training and step with them on the arena for a fight to the death. Only one of them was to get out alive and graduate in the end.

While Lero internally panicked, his friend had been as expected quite quick to comply with the order, raising his hand and then pointing at the arctic fox's direction. It was either this or they'd both die if they got caught... There was no escaping this horrible, twisted fate that had been always in store for them. They both stepped up into the arena, black star with his war-scythe and the unfeeling white being given a knife since his weapon was non-lethal, --which was an oddity in itself--, but as the sign was given to attack neither of them moved. They were both, hesitating, confused; Not even the one that was so prone to following orders readily was doing anything. The higher-ups weren't pleased, the crowd was getting angry and afraid that they were about to get both of them killed, Lerhw approached with resignation, and taking matters into his own hands, drove the knife into the other fox' chest spilling his galaxy-colored blood everywhere, a cascade that looked like a liquedified universe; A display of macabre, fatalistic beauty.

Lerhw, now named Sahyi the Magnetar as his reward for graduating, was finally about to see his childhood dream of travelling outside camp coming true but, the cost was way too great. The experience broke him changing a previously cheerful, dreamy spirit into a regretful, melancholic and closed-of mess, his coat ever-white now a deep black in response to the change. He had also cut his hair eventually, which was the same as making the area around his neck have shorter fur for a while and be very sensitive; A milder form of self-mutilation, so to speak. Lero worked a bit as a world-destroyer to not give off any suspicion, then ditched his squad at the first safe opportunity he found, completely abandoned his given name and meshing it into something new.
Now he travels, seeing what the universe has to offer but keeping out of the radar of other Star Animals in case they're still looking for him, the deserter. Whenever a world-destroyer squad is seen coming towards a location he's at, he books the first ticket out of there in a hurry and runs as far away from them as possible.

Additional Information:
  • The killed camp friend is another of my characters, Thae'il, aka: fox boy #01; Lero is from a recent, AU version of the same universe which I refer to as VertoPoe (Swapped Regrets);
  • Lero is thought to be a support/tank type fighter, despite lacking all of the physical resistance demanded of a tank and solely being unable to feel the damage taken; Thae, on the other hand, is a quick, heavy-hitting front-liner, and yet a bit of a glass-cannon, making up for it in willpower alone.

--Theme Song--

--Credit Section--

Main Picture:
Official Dear Vocalist Riot - Last Live Merch by rejet,
Shared online by Mairi-Pic and cleaned up by me.

Fox Form: Photo by Daniel Parent, edited by me.

Full Body: Official Dear Vocalist Riot Profile Picture,
Ciel's Profile Page Here, edited by me.

Neutron Star: Photo from NASA, cropped by me.​
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Blessed boi

Name: Steve Larson

Aliases/Nicknames: the harp guy, Ragnarok

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Fandom: OC

Personality: Steve is a very quiet, shy, and nervous kind of person. Always trying to be the person people look to last, or don't notice at all, considering he'd prefer to keep to himself. Although if he does make friends in people, he enjoy sharing his interests with them, or just hanging out with them in quiet environments as noisy ones make him anxious. Ragnarok on the other hand is chaotic, energetic, and very outgoing, always having something to say or finding something to do, although he is incredibly stupid.

Powers: Having his mind modified by cibernetic enhancements, he has some enhanced physical traits, such as speed, endurance and strength, as well as sight, hearing, smell, taste and even touch are all heightened. He even has enhanced healing, to the point that even if he was about to die he probably wouldn't notice it until he really is about to die. Also gaining some psionic abilitys from the cibernetics that allow him to commune with spirits, give him basically a sixth sense, and also helping him reach a mentally calm state in combat. Unfortunately since him and ragnarok don't technically share the same "intelligence", this means ragnarok does not have access to the psionic skills he can use, as well while enhanced, the duo in one are still as easy to kill as any human

Abilities: Good at hand to hand combat, Acrobatic, and as well can play a harp.

History: Steve Larson’s folks were high falutin white collar criminals who rolled into town to settle just after he was born. They were notorious black marketeers, and one of their biggest local buyers was one Dr. Pumpernickel Gorgerunning Hoofsteader. As the source of Hoofsteader’s supplies, Steve’s father made a private deal with his equine client to take his son underwing should anything happen to the Larsons. So when an assassin took out his parents at the ripe age of ten years old, it was time for Hoffsteader to fulfill his end of the bargain. Problem was, Steve had zero interest in Cyber Doctoring or practically anything medical, he wanted to perform! Except the only thing lower than his interest in medicine was his self-esteem. When the time came that Steve turned 18, he immediately “squandered” his inheritance on M.O.M. implants in the hopes that the abilities, and even the insanities, that were to follow would somehow make him more “interesting” and thereby more confident. Hoofsteader reluctantly accepted the request in the hopes that gaining the skills of a crazy might get him a job someday, and by extension finally rid Hoofsteader of this regrettable child nuisance that had been leeching his time and effort for the past 8 years. When yet again the boy was plagued by insecurity and cowardice, Hoofsteader took matters into his own mechanical hands, hoping to dump him onto a roving band of mercenaries set to take care of a local problem, killing two birds with one stone.​


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Media Tweets by くる (@krxxx_ika).png
Credit to: @krxxx_ika

Name: Elliot

Aliases/Nicknames: Eli

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Fandom: Splatoon OC

Personality: Eli has a very energetic and childlike personality. He's very curious about the world around him and always wants to move around and do something. He tends to get a bit grumpy when he's bored for too long but he's very easy to entertain. He's a very vocal kid but tends to be shy around strangers at first.

- Can change from kid to octopus form whenever he wants. As an octopus, he can slip through tight spaces, jump extreme heights and distances, and can completely hide his presence in his own ink.​
- Is flexible in an inhumane way due to having a lack of bones.​
- Advance knowledge of computers, technology, and weaponry (mainly guns).​

History: Elliot comes from Inkopolis Square where he lives a carefree life competing in turf wars with his friends and eating delicious food. It was the perfect life in his book. However, his life was not always that peaceful. During his earlier teenage years, he was forced to serve the Octarian army where every fight was a fight for his life rather than just friendly competition. One day he had enough of that lifestyle and fled, looking for some escape to someplace better. He encountered some people from Inkopolis and was able to escape there and able to start his new life there.

Headcanons/Additional information:
- He's able to understand the common language but can only speak in gibberish that sorta resembles the common language.​
- Is rather gluttonous and always wants to snack on something.​
- He enjoys fashion and likes to dress up in new and different styles whenever he can.​
- Stands just under 5 feet​
- Enjoys wearing cute accessories. If he finds a nice headband or bracelet you better bet he's putting it on​
- Since he has no bones he is 100% squish​
- Loves to cook for others! He likes making them happy and hearing compliments​
- That being said, always compliment the chef​
- Has a fear of big blenders due to almost being killed for real by one​
- Has died and respawned well over 10,000 times​
- No it does not feel better every time​
- Mains the roller on the battlefield​
- Is a completely different person on the battlefield​
- He will hunt you down​
- He does not like to lose​
- Always Booyah back​
- He can change his Ink colour at will but has grown used to it being pink so he keeps it pink​
- Always writes diary entries on his phone or a notebook if his phone is not available​
- Loves to take pictures to remember all that he's been through​
- If he can't take pictures he'll draw them out instead​
- *draws a masterpiece* "It's just a sketch guys"​
- Loves being carried around while in his Octopus form​
- Enjoys sleeping in the company of others​
- Has been alone for a lot of his life​
- "Oh my cod!"​
- Feels left out fairly easily​
- Cries in the bathroom when he's really mad​
- Is always smiling when he plays a sniper​
- Will share his food 9/10 times​
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boots with the fur
Art by Rui Komatsuzaki

Yasuhiro Hagakure




Danganronpa (Trigger Happy Havoc)

Very laid back, but easy to panic in dire situations. He often doesn’t think before he speaks, that is, if he thinks at all. He could be considered a bit ‘dull’, but he means not any ill intent. He often puts himself out there, and is completely willing to make friends and adapt to most situations. He has quite a cowardly personality and often attempts to trick other people to get rid of his massive debts, charging incredibly high prices for his readings that, according to other people, often do not fit the accuracy of his fortune-telling.

Interestingly, while often ambiguous, Yasuhiro really does possess real supernatural future-telling skills, though not entirely accurate. It's explained that he can see what appears to be rather detailed visions of possible future events, though they do not usually come true.

Yasuhiro often spent his money on useless artefacts, and he often fell for scams. He saved up a small fortune by offering his services as a Fortune-Teller. Unwilling to pay off his debts by either selling his collections or digging into his savings, Yasuhiro went into hiding for three years before taking shelter at Hope's Peak Academy. He then attended the Academy as the Ultimate Clairvoyant. He did poorly in school and has such a bizarre personality because he had a pretty messed up childhood. His mother struggled to raise him, considering she gave birth to him as a teenager. This fact along with Yasuhiro being biracial most likely led to ostracization from his peers because Japanese society looks down on both teen pregnancy and biracial people.

Headcanons/Additional information:
- absolute stoner vibes
- his crystal ball costed him the price of 100 million yen
- pretty much believes anything he’s told, and often follows the crowd
- even when told to stop, if he gives you a nickname, that’s all he’s going to call you
- ‘chill out, brah’


I'm just chill'n
(image of character here)
Name:Riza Azira



Gender: F

Fandom (if an oc, please state): OC

Personality (doesn't need to be too detailed, just give us a basic understanding of the character!): Riza likes messing around and has a tendency of freaking out over nothing.

Abilities/Powers:she can fly, and her wings can shift colors much like a chameleon. So looking at her is essentially like looking through glass.

has dragon wings,and small patches of scales on her legs and arms.

History (optional): just came to be from another dimension.

Headcanons/Additional information (optional): she can survive for a while without food but only really eats fruit. Curly blonde, green eyes. Definetly no shoes.

Wings are a bit bigger than I'm my drawing↓ but that's overall what she looks like.

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Name: Hanzo Hasashi

Aliases/Nicknames: Scorpion

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Fandom (if an oc, please state):


When first seen, Scorpion can be described as the embodiment of vengeance and hatred. His vendetta against those who have wronged him is what drives most of his earlier motivations in the series. His hunger for vengeance is so great that he would serve both sides of good and evil only for the sake of achieving his own goals but he is mostly seen within servitude of an antagonistic faction, particularly Quan Chi. While he his overall appearance gives off a menacing vibe, he is not inherently evil. Scorpion is rather a morally neutral character as his own personal goals matter more to him than things like the fates of the realms and will serve any side with the singular selfish hope of achieving them.

Scorpion is not completely heartless though as he has a caring and honorable side to him as Hanzo Hasahi, his original human side, but which gets buried and repressed time and time again due to his lust for vengeance. He dearly loved his wife and son Harumi and Satoshi and had good relations with his clan the Shirai Ryu. But once him, his clan and family was massacred by their rival clan the Lin Kuei, Hanzo was reborn as the vengeful revenant known today as Scorpion.


Scorpion is an extremely strong fighter and possess command over hellfire, as well as inability to die, thanks to the vengeful bonds on his soul, that allows him to pursue his targets until their demise. Scorpion is able to teleport and his mask, as well as the flesh behind it, hides the flaming skull that is his true face, from which he can spew lethal blasts of hellfire. The strength of his power depends on how long he stays in the Netherrealm.

Scorpion's signature attack is to send out his spear, a kunai on a long rope, that can be empowered with hellfire and impale it in his foes, then pull them in with it, exclaiming "get over here" or "come here." Scorpion can also swing the spear around to lash at his opponents, in a slightly whip like fashion. As his alternate weapon fighting style, he uses a katana called the Mugai Ryu and in Mortal Kombat (2011), he wields a pair of short swords with more jagged blades.

History (optional):

Scorpion appeared as a yellow palette swap of Sub-Zero. He kept this appearance from the first MK to MK4 after which he bore two swords on his back and his kunai attached to a rope tied to his belt. He has white eyes with his mask on. Without his mask, his head is a (sometimes flaming) skull. In MK4, he is further distinguished by his skeletal motif, mostly in the mask, with bone-like structures lacing his uniform. As of MKX, he has regained his humanity and human identity, depicted with a goatee and mustache and can switch between his human and familiar spectre-like appearance at will.

Scorpion unmasked is known as Inferno Scorpion. This design reappears in the Challenge Tower, fighting Kano in the Netherrealm. His costumes incorporate his namesake more and more with each game, especially his latest redesign. The hilts of his swords now resemble the stingers of scorpions, while his shoulder pads and mouthpiece are also molded after scorpions.

Scorpion's yellow costume is said to have mocked not only Sub-Zero, but also the Lin Kuei, as Takeda (who was a member of the Lin Kuei) developed Ninjutsu, which he considered a superior fighting style to what the Lin Kuei had. He quickly left the Lin Kuei and formed the Shirai Ryu clan, the Lin Kuei's main enemies.

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Name: Steve Minecraft

Aliases/Nicknames: Steve

Age: ????


Gender: Doesn't have one-

Fandom: Minecraft

Personality (doesn't need to be too detailed, just give us a basic understanding of the character!): (Steve is usually emotionless but frick it I'm making on for him) Stev Eis extremely curious, but is a survivor, and he has that tough aura around him, even if he is like 3 feet. Will do anything to survive, and attacks without asking questions

Abilities/Powers: (just to make it sun) Steve has a limited creative mode, in which he can summon anything that exists in his world, but the more quantity and OP it is, the more it would exhaust Steve, and summon REALLY op stuff like bedrock would kill him

History (optional): Steve doesn't really have a history, as he has millions of them. Every Minecraft game loaded up IS his history

Headcanons/Additional information (optional):
-Steve will randomly chow down on meat
-Humans can't eat any of Steve`s food
-Had fought the Ender Dragon

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CUTOUT-2-Mono-copy-619x1024.png ey5v1c311e961.png
Name: Mono

Aliases/Nicknames: baggy

Age: unkown (19)

fandom: little nightmares

Gender: male

Fandom (if an oc, please state): cannon

Personality (doesn't need to be too detailed, just give us a basic understanding of the character!):
A single minded person, he's rarely gives up and is determined to beat the goal he has set quite brave and usaully braver than others, he usaully goes out of his way to help others out.

Abilities/Powers: unknown

History (optional): W.I.P

theme song:

face claim uwu:
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Name: unknown
nickname: 'alpha'
appearance: It appears that it would be most likely a 'utah-raptor' to be exact it stands at 6.6 feet and is 23 feet long it can run about 30 miles per hour and 40 miles per hour when it's hungry.
its has a high intelligence for a dinosaur and can solve puzzles, it can communicate other beings by its vocalization such as calling out and roaring.
It's very sneaky and can stalk it's prey easily.
gender: male
scientific name: Dromaeosaurinae


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Name: unknown
nickname: 'alpha'
appearance: It appears that it would be most likely a 'utah-raptor' to be exact it stands at 6.6 feet and is 23 feet long it can run about 30 miles per hour and 40 miles per hour when it's hungry.
its has a high intelligence for a dinosaur and can solve puzzles, it can communicate other beings by its vocalization such as calling out and roaring.
It's very sneaky and can stalk it's prey easily.
gender: male
scientific name: Dromaeosaurinae
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gonna have to deny the dino, sorry :(( im just not too sure how well he'd fit in? and also his size probably wouldn't work either, given the elevator is pretty small and cramped ;w;
however! i would be happy for him to show up for a bit at one of the elevator stops, maybe? we could drop them off in a prehistoric world or something? ^^
i just don't think dino boi would fit in under normal circumstances, yknow? sorry to have to deny him :(

Knight boi

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gonna have to deny the dino, sorry :(( im just not too sure how well he'd fit in? and also his size probably wouldn't work either, given the elevator is pretty small and cramped ;w;
however! i would be happy for him to show up for a bit at one of the elevator stops, maybe? we could drop them off in a prehistoric world or something? ^^
i just don't think dino boi would fit in under normal circumstances, yknow? sorry to have to deny him :(

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gonna have to deny the dino, sorry :(( im just not too sure how well he'd fit in? and also his size probably wouldn't work either, given the elevator is pretty small and cramped ;w;
however! i would be happy for him to show up for a bit at one of the elevator stops, maybe? we could drop them off in a prehistoric world or something? ^^
i just don't think dino boi would fit in under normal circumstances, yknow? sorry to have to deny him :(
I don’t think any of the cast is normal. As a matter of fact, this dinosaur is the most normal out of everyone.

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so idk if you would join or not but i got bloody to join my survival rp and i think you would maybe like it?

Knight boi

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yeah, i made a Jurassic world survival rp where you could also play as a dinosaur, i really love dino's and planning on making a rp with just them


don't you shy away.
sksksksk if you could make him perhaps a bit less long?? cos 23 feet is a LOT lmao so like.. maybe more of a mini dino? id be happy to accept him! its mainly the issue with size tbh ;w; the elevator is a cramped space, but one that provides ENOUGH space for everyone to like.. have their own space, yknow?
a smaller dino would be welcome!

Knight boi

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sksksksk if you could make him perhaps a bit less long?? cos 23 feet is a LOT lmao so like.. maybe more of a mini dino? id be happy to accept him! its mainly the issue with size tbh ;w; the elevator is a cramped space, but one that provides ENOUGH space for everyone to like.. have their own space, yknow?
a smaller dino would be welcome!
how about 7

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