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Usurper of the wilds
Pleasure to make your acquaintance, I see you have stumbled upon my dark corner of the request thread tavern. Feel free to sit, stay a while, perhaps indulge in a drink?

If you have made it this far then you will know that I am on the search for a fellow writer eager to embark on a story of action, adventure, whit, and a little bloodshed in-between. Find yourself in the market?

I am TintedAmbition, but you can just call me Ambition for short. Now before we set about the details of this potential engagement, I am afraid some general rules and preferences are in order if you could just look on page 2 of our contract:

-I love to write, and often pour my heart and soul into each and every post I make, so I ask for the same. With that said I must ask for no one liners and at least 2-3 paragraphs per post. I’m sorry if that seems a lot, but it becomes very hard when my 1000+ response is matched with a one liner that takes 5 minutes. All I want is the same amount of dedication I give in turn.

- I can easily write both male and female characters and don’t have a preference to either, this also includes pairings such as M/F, M/M, or F/F should the roleplay in the long haul head in that direction. Long story short, I’m as open as they come.

-Timing...My schedule can be very busy and sporadic most of the time outside of here. As such, my responses can vary depending on how busy my day gets and all I ask for is patience. I will always communicate on what is going on so all I ask for is the same, and it goes without saying that the same amount of time and patience will always happily be given to my partners in turn :)

-While this isn't 100% an end all be all...I would really prefer to write with individuals that are at least 18 years of age or older. As someone who is 23 years old in real life, I find myself to be a bit more comfortable partnering with fellow adults. I'm sorry if that seems harsh or insulting to some, this is not my intention, merely a preference on my part.

-Have fun and share some ideas and communicate! I love a partner who can share the same passion in forging a story as I, so actively participating and planning out how to move forward is something I always encourage and greatly admire in a fellow writer. Don’t be shy! This is something we are making together.

Still with me? Excellent, perhaps we are in business after all.

With the boring bits out of the way, please turn to the next page so that we can begin discussing the plots at hand (Italics are my preferred roles but can be negotiated):

Plot 1: Bound but not free (Dragon rider and Dragon/Dragonoid)

Fear of the unknown is a powerful and driving force among the limitations of man. The world of Zepher may as well be the birthplace of such a point of being, the harsh and hungry terrain littered with violent beasts and beings aplenty. Here, blood is shed, wars waged, hungers ravaged, and fires set ablaze. Taking place within a fantasy timeline, humans seek reign at the top of it all; the country littered with warring kingdoms without mercy, bringing all those who oppose their growing force to their knees.

Orcs, being temporary allies with this violent race, pledge their services to the military or mercenary work within these vast kingdoms. Those still choosing to stay true to their ancient cultures lay scattered in tribes within the harsh wilderness, striking down all that dare to stray within their territory.

Elves lay at the lowest class of them all, often only able to receive work as loyal servants, trade workers, or slaves; unable to climb any higher in society than is already allowed. Though this determined race still stays true to their customs, rumors of defiance and small uprisings are beginning to spread in the main trade kingdom of Knavesmire.

Dwarves exist as little more than tales within legends, their kind long since disappearing within the early rise of man. Despite this, their ancient ruins and underground architectural structures still remain proudly intact, serving as common educational grounds for scholars, travelers, and tradesmen alike. Although, supposed sightings of this long unseen race had been claimed to exist within the harsh tundra of the northern mountains. Yet these reports have been dismissed as pure speculation.

Finally there are the Dragonoids. Often clinging to various clans dependent on their species, a massive guild of hunters and mercenaries alike had been forged with the intent of exterminating these creatures on sight for fear of their unknown abilities and strict defiance towards human kind. Although powerful and intelligent, a brief alliance between 3 combined kingdoms resulted in a massive army that nearly wiped these beings from existence. Those that still remain are forced to live as prisoners of war or live within the shadows in hiding, adapting to adopt the forms of the very creatures that destroyed their own homes in order to survive. Despite being man's greatest threat of control, they have evolved to become a powerful asset to asserting dominance over neighboring kingdoms and territories. In the militia, trained since mere captured hatchlings, dragons are paired with a single rider...a soldier to the throne and kingdoms of Zepher to serve in the never ending battle towards expansion.

This is a massive world of endless paths and opportunities, a world of peace and prosperity lay to the rumble of hate, discrimination, and scorn at the feet of our characters. For this plot, it will of a dragon and his rider seeking their own place in this land of ruin as well as a battle of trust and understanding in one another in order to survive.

Plot 2: Show me some Grit (Hero and Villian/Anti-hero rp) (taken)

The overall main story and lore is still being fleshed out, however I have been craving a hero (or antihero)/ villain pairing for a while now (think the Batman and Joker dynamic but more emotionally and physically fleshed out)...but that being said, it wouldn't be all simple sunshine and rainbows. This is a dynamic taking place between two beings that are very much odds with one another, two sides of the same coin with opposing ideals and motives that are forced to convince themselves that they hate each other...and yet bound to each other through reasons both parties fail to fully understand. What that reasoning may be? That is open to be explored further. I don't want a romantic interest that blossoms at first sight that cues some forbidden love story. This would be a confusing and frustrating game of cat and mouse full of tension, anger, hate, and yet also intrigue and borderline obsession; until it all comes crashing down as the pair clash. Bring on the violence and all things dark, desperate, and hungry.

This will be the main element to the story, taking place in either a modern world similar to this one or a new one built from the ground up entirely (I'm open to either) where the concept of super/sub humans with unique abilities are rare and yet not unseen or unrecognized. The origins of such beings are unknown; otherworldly, multi-dimensional, or human experimentational debates taking place globally and yet no sure-fire answer is brought to the table. Regardless, they are among us, and it is a roll of the dice as to what sort of person these gifts fall into the hands of and how they choose to handle or do with it. Some areas try to implement laws and regulations to minimize the ever increasing numbers of violence and death as a result of a subhuman going haywire; though it is unstable at best, and the push for those with a high morality and the desire to do some good with their gift high on the market by law enforcement and militia alike. Yet it is not a flourishing land of opportunity for these folks, as areas that are not trying to embrace or find a middle ground are keen to shut the system down entirely. Here the use of powers are forbidden, and those that cross that threshold are locked away or worse...ironically and unintentionally forging a breeding ground for vigilantes with darker and more violent intentions to lash out and bring their buffers to a new light. Whispers of corruption within the higher powers move through the shadows, fears of human experimentation and the imbalance of rights for those bound to the circumstances of their birth melding along with it. And through it all, the ever rising conflict of two opposing organizations or powers these two characters forge.

Plot 3: This cold black (post apocalyptic survival rp)

What was once a peaceful era of prosperity, bloom, and opportunity now lays in rubble upon the sudden and tragic disappearance of the one true life force of which all of earth truly depends on. The sun. Some say it was the result of nuclear war that blotted out the skies. Others claim it was a horrific natural disaster. Some others usher that something more otherworldly and misunderstood was at play. Regardless of the reason, all those that were alive or old enough to recall the great vanishing have long since departed this world. All that remains is darkness that blankets a cold and lifeless wonderland barely breathable to its weakened hosts… to which only the most ruthless and calculative manage to claw their way to survival. Gangs, thieves, the tattered remains of militia…all struggling to seek answers in what once was their home, all the while evolution begins to take hold. Creatures thriving in the dark; growing, changing, adapting…a single instinct taking root so that they to may find their place.


Thats all I have for now folks, as more ideas come to light I shall continue to post them here! And if interested, then please shoot me a pm, I beg you not to overflood this main request thread.

Now, shall you become a willing participant in this fateful dance?
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