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Digital AMV [-like things I made] [The Flash ~ FFX ~ Labyrinth]


you are gold baby. solid gold.
Ashes of Eden - Breaking Benjamin [Final Fantasy X-X2]
This was the first one I made. I like how the scenes match up to the music... I think I did an okay job. Plus you gotta love that happy ending.

Woman - Ke$ha [Final Fantasy X-X2]
This was the third one I made. I was really going more with X-2, and the three main girls that fit the powerful woman anthem that belongs to Ke$ha.

Praying - Ke$ha [Labyrinth]
This was the second one I made. There is about a minutes or so worth of talking at the beginning, you can skip it if you'd like. The song is also by Ke$ha, and is very, very powerful if you listen to the lyrics. I thought they fit the situation pretty well.

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