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Amongst the snow and stars | IC
Lady and Genork | Warrior Cats Roleplay.

The change of seasons happened without so much as a whisper. All four clans have suffered from devastating sickness, hunger, heartbreak and from nature's wrath. However, they are yet to face the worst of the frost. Starclan have not been present in any clan cats dreams for many moons, but their presence is felt during times of seemingly endless struggle as well as days where prey fill the forest cat's bellies and sun shines upon the soft earth.

The clans continue to grow strong from within their ranks, apprentices are primed into capable warriors and kits to keen apprentices. The elders remain as gossipy as usual and the boisterous apprentices run rampant during their training sessions.

Recently, Shadowclan have faced turmoil within themselves as their leader returns to her warrior duties, deeming herself unprepared to take on the responsibilities of the role.

Windclan and Thunderclan have had minor border scuffles due to misunderstandings between their respective leaders. Both clans are running out of patience as their cats become entangled in dangerous rumours and lies.

Riverclan have been attempting to claim contested territory due to their dwindling prey and medicinal supplies, the increase of chest infections and cases of cough have motivated their efforts. There is a desperate sense of urgency within their members. Are they taking it too far?


Current season: Leaf-bare
Weather Conditions: Cold with frequent snowfall.

Leader: Crowstar (She, Genork)
Deputy: Sleetclaw (Tom, Lady)
Medicine Cat: Echogaze (She, Genork)
Prey: Relatively fully stocked. Forest is quiet with very few squirrels and birds that are present during New-Leaf. Main diet consists of vole, mouse and shrews.

Leader: Bearstar (Tom, Lady)
Deputy: Smallfrost (Tom, Genork)
Medicine Cat: Vervainfur (She, Lady)
Prey: Fully stocked. Hunting on the moor proves to be easy as hares and rabbits tend to burrow there.

Leader: Cuckoostar (Tom, Genork)
Deputy: Ryepelt (She, Lady)
Medicine Cat: Lizardeye (Tom, Genork)
Prey: Fully stocked. Frogs, mouse and shrews are abundant in the marshier areas.

Leader: Pinestar (Tom, Lady)
Deputy: Thorntooth (She, Genork)
Medicine Cat: Lichenstep (Tom, Lady)
Prey: Low. River movement is slow with icy patches, lack of fish. Main diet consists of birds and mouse.
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Tom | 34 moons | Warrior | Thunderclan Clearing


It was a cold morning, a chilling wind had swept through Thunderclan camp as soon as the sun dipped behind rolling clouds. But, Honeywhisker - Being the rugged tom he was, showed little difficulty parting from his nest in the morning. In fact, he quite liked it. Being the only one awake and watching the snow begin to fall was a cathartic feeling.

The glittering droplets that blanketed the clearing seemed to beckon as the warrior’s paws itched to roll in the snow as he had many moons ago. Instead, the tom sat and watched quietly. His ears twitched at the snap of a branch from the warriors den, Everyone must be waking up by now.

Honeywhisker bit back a grumble but decided to stay seated for a few heartbeats more, perhaps to watch the kits stumble from the nursery and admire the snow for the first time, perhaps to receive orders from Sleetclaw. One would be unable to guess simply through observation.


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  • Copperstone | 26 moons | Warrior | ThunderClan Clearing

    Copperstone woke up with a sneeze. She lifted her head drowsily from her nest and glanced around the warriors den. It seemed most everyone was asleep. But judging from the light filtering into the den, it was still early. Only the dawn patrol would be up right now. Copperstone rose to her paws, careful picking her way over her sleeping sisters.

    Pushing her way out of the den, Copperstone noticed Honeywhisker was already awake. She nodded to him respectfully. “Morning, Honeywhisker.” Her head raised to take in the sky. Not terrible weather. Should be fair hunting. She sat down outside the den and started to wash her ears, glancing every so often toward Crowstar’s den, waiting for her to emerge.

    Crowstar poked her head out of her den when Copperstone finished her wash, bounding down the path to the floor of the hollow that made up the ThunderClan camp.
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She | 17 moons | Warrior | Windclan Entrance


There was no doubt the Windclan warriors all noticed something astray in the recent months. Bearstar had requested for more patrols at the Thunderclan borders and had even violently challenged Vervainfur when she raised concerns over his actions.

Dandelionstem rose her head and froze as the cat in question bounded from the Tallrock. The muscles underneath his brown pelt rippled confidently as he leapt. But there was a terseness behind his eyes. At least Smallfrost could be trusted to drag Bearstar back in line during his outbursts. Her gaze now flickered over to their deputy who was motioning to a pair of young toms.

"-Ravenfeather, make sure their nests stay warm, I heard the moss by the lake was good for bedding..And Hawkwind, try and wear the kits out so that they won't bother the queens too much." Softly, the she-cat trailed behind the deputy, also hoping for a job in the nursery - Seeing that it was a better choice than being out on the breezy moor. "Ah, Dandelionstem, I bet the two could use some help. Why don't you join Ravenfeather then, the nursery is also in need of some patching up. I'll be checking in later on." With that Smallfrost departed with a curt nod; Forthright as usual.

"Good morning, I hope you don't mind me tagging along." The molly dipped her head politely toward the siblings before treading toward the camp exit, she paused to wait for the taller tom.


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Tom | 9 moons | Apprentice | Riverclan outskirts

Bitternpaw always looked forward training sessions with his mentor, Magpiesong. The senior warrior never rushed him if he couldn’t get a technique down and she had a brilliant sense of humour. Bitternpaw knew that because she always laughed at his jokes.

The small tom’s paws kept getting engulfed in the dense snowdrifts as he stumbled after her. In a desperate attempt, he dashed forward to keep up with her large steps but only ended up face-first in the cold stuff.

Turning around, Magpiesong rolled her eyes and flicked her tail back and forth in mock annoyance "Stop fooling around Bitternpaw or I’ll throw you in the river by the scruff!” She jested before cuffing him behind the ear. "OW! You’re not throwing me in the river, it’s all iced over anyways!” Came the dramatic response as Bitternpaw lashed a sheathed claw back at her.

He skidded on the thinner, slippery snow once they reached their destination near the outskirts of Riverclan territory. His yellow eyes gleamed with boundless energy, they were going to practice leaping and landing today, but that wasn’t the only thing he was excited about. There was a chance that he would see Lilacwind on patrol today. Bitternpaw had spotted her heading out in the morning but it had been too late to say hi.


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  • Ravenfeather | 36 moons | Warrior | WindClan Clearing > Heading to the Lake

    Ravenfeather lifted his head as Smallfrost beckoned him and Hawkwind over. He padded over to his deputy and listened to his task. It seemed more like apprentice’s work, but at the same time, he wasn’t a big fan of getting into border fights. Maybe this task was better suited for him anyway. Hawkwind flicked his ear with his tail, breaking him out of his reverie. He sighed. “Yes, Smallfrost. I’ll start right away.”

    Hawkwind padded over to the nursery. He was dragging his paws, which meant he’d probably been hoping to patrol the ThunderClan border. Ever the loyal warrior, he believed there was something behind Bearstar’s orders. Not that he wanted a fight, but he thought if he patrolled the border himself, he’d be able to figure out what was bothering their leader. It looked like he wouldn’t get the chance. But once the kits outside the nursery starting bouncing around his paws, Hawkwind’s usual bright expression returned.

    Ravenfeather’s attention returned to Smallfrost in time to hear him tell Dandelionstem to join him. His tail tip twitched. Even though he’d grown up here, he was still unused to social interaction with his Clanmates. They all found it amusing, but he personally found it embarrassing. What kind of warrior was shy? Thankfully, he didn’t have to say much, since Dandelionstem started to leave the camp ahead of him.

    Bounding over to the camp entrance, Ravenfeather exited the camp and looked out over the moor. “Smallfrost said something about finding some nice moss by the lake. Let’s start there,” he murmured, starting to head toward the spot Smallfrost had indicated.

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She | 8 moons | Apprentice | Shadowclan Elder's den

With eyes tightly shut and paws still, the molly lay sprawled across disheveled feathers and pieces of moss. Contrary to her current state, Newtpaw was awake and agonizingly aware of the ruckus around her.

Why couldn’t she just curl up in her nest for a few heartbeats longer. Besides..Daisynose was down with a minor cough, therefore training was halted. Her brothers had left to carry out whatever punishment had been set by their mentors and - her nest was so..very..cozy.

Just as Newtpaw began to relax, her amber eyes widened in sudden realization before jolting to her paws. How could she have forgotten! She was supposed to be checking the elders for ticks! “GREAT STARCLAN! Why didn’t anyone wake me up?! ”


To Ryepelt’s shock, an apprentice that looked very much like Newtpaw zipped past her in a flash of white fur. She nearly dropped the frog dangling from her jaws, tail twitching in amusement. “Oi! You dormouse. Moonpaw beat you to it.” The brown warrior shook her head whilst trotting over. “-You’ll have to wake up much earlier than that next time.”

Disappointment contorted Newtpaw’s features. Of course there was going to be a next time. “At this rate, I’ll be picking ticks off of the elders for moons.” Whined the cat before slapping her tail over her maw.

Newtpaw had barreled past Moonpaw with his sister and Pineleaf on her way out. Now, she glanced over at the trio helplessly. Where was Daisynose when Newtpaw needed her!


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Tom | 34 moons | Warrior | Thunderclan Exit


Honeywhisker raised his paw in reply to Copperstone’s greeting. Following suit, the tom glanced upward toward the sky. His gaze was met with dark clouds. The sandy tom huffed and a billow of mist dissipated in the air: “‘Weather’s terrible for hunting. Let’s hope the snow lets up or else the patrols will be returning empty-pawed.”

Not one for small talk, their short conversation was filled by uncomfortable silence. Copperstone was a deliberate cat, he noted her affection for her family but could never tell whether she particularly disliked his company or whether she was simply nonchalant toward all her clanmates.

Stretching to a stand, Honeywhisker shook his pelt rid of residue snowfall and turned to find the familiar short figure of Crowstar as she brought up the rear of a hunting patrol. Nodding his head in their direction, the warrior motioned to Copperstone, “‘You were waiting for her weren’t you? Hurry up, she’s leaving.”

Giving a small swish of his tail, he bounded over to a border patrol being sorted by Sleetclaw Might as well put myself to use. Honeywhisker accompanied the lean gray tom through the frosted ferns crowding the entrance.


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