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Futuristic Among Gods


Bad At Titling
(I just like how the recon team is the only team to have posted thus far)

"Nice to meet you, Marcus and Ged! Yeah, I'm Jaik. Good ears and eyesight always helps. And don't worry, Marcus, I used to be, and still am, quite a good assassin. Tortured don't make anatomical sense. Their very existence doesn't make sense. Usually, the safest way to go is evisceration or incineration, but once in a while just stabbing or shooting it works. They don't fake deaths, so you'll know right away if what you did worked. We'll try to avoid fights, but obviously we should prepare for the worst. Ged, if I were you, I'd save that fire of yours - it might be the most important thing if our situation goes sour."

Shadow Dancer

One Thousand Club
Marcus paused in thought for a moment. "Okay so avoid at all costs and if we run into one burn and stab it till it dies. If we run in a group report our location and hope that we survive, sounds clear cut enough. Well for gear I have the cloths on my back a sword and some lockpicks. Anyway Nice to meet all of you."
Chris sighs and rubs his forehead as he focuses on the task at hand, he didn't really want to be in the command group, but here he was regardless. He's pretty sure Elijah managed to switch spots with him... but whatever, he'll do it if he has to.

He grabs the radio and responds on the Recon, "Scouting from the outside in sounds like a good idea, but... we're on a timetable so we can't really go at a leisurely pace... Know what, before you get going I'm going to see how many copies of those scouting drones I can manage to make. Be right over."

A minute later, Chris is over there and thankfully someone had already gotten the drone out for him. After making sure it was completely turned off he holds his modifier over it and commands it to make a scan of all it's physical information (plus a few bits of important looking metaphysical information, he wasn't quite sure if he needed them or not though). He mentally looks over the scan before holding out the modifier once more and commanding it to make several copies of the drone.

((Chris is trying for at least 8 copies to bring the total drone count up to 10, but he'll stop if it feel like his modifier is hitting 50% charge.))

He hands the copied drones off to whoever seems the most capable (preferring whoever seems like a Computer Engineer). Chris isn't exactly sure how much the drones being exact copies things will work out, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get them all up and running with at most a few changes to some configuration files being needed. If he's not wrong, that should only take about ten-fifteen minutes, maybe half a hour.

That done he gets back on the Recon group's radio channel, "I recommend using the drones to look for the path to the main objective, the Phase-Drive or whatever, as well looking for areas of high resistance... I mean, where all the enemies are at. We'll either need to avoid those areas or bring in the combat groups to clear them out.... anyone have anything they wish to add to that?"

Chris mentally remarks that really doesn't have the experience he needs for this... but he feels like his plans aren't half-bad.
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Belongs in that dumpster
Byron wanders around the area, still fiddling with his small ice crystal. This is definitely going to be interesting. I think this might be the first time I've ever had to fight with an organized group. I guess it can't hurt to fight with others. Being unsure of who he might be fighting with, he searches the field for someone who might know or who could help him out in any way. 


The Snake
Coatl observes Chris as he issues requests to Recon, he seemed to know what he was talking about. However Coatl spoke over the radio to add his own advice. 

"Delphi and Chris did a great job explaining the mission. I still think its worth noting to be on the lookout for any type of Tortured that can look like a Queen. If my theories are correct, it could make our mission much easier." 

"Also remember when you fight to kill efficiently, not flashily. This mission is all about time and the faster you kill, the faster I can turn the undead to our side."


The Man Among Gods
Major Update #35!

(Deeply sorry for the Delays yet again, Real life tends to be quite an ass quicker and College work is heavier then expected, and getting adjusted/gaining motivation is incredibly difficult. 

Finding time to write for Among gods is insanely difficult between homework, real life time management, as well as art commissions, things are stillll pretty hectic for me, but hey at least we're not doing two month waits anymore as We all keep getting adjusted to the new schedules!

However, I've spent a lot of this time actually creating a sort of real, cemented dungeon with NOTES AND MAPS AND AND TWO AI "PARTIES" AND EVERYTHING SO YAY, hopefully it'll make up for the delays and the hiatuses over the past few months!)


 @arcaneSentinel @SnakyDragon  @Seahorse @ferociousfeind  @Bluesunnyday @Ged Merrilin @aquaInferno @Thorn of Discord @Shadow Dancer @Bonzo @ChrisClark13 @Neow46 @Azure Sky

Byron, Jaik and Coils, Mei, Misfortune, Kalos, Maya, Ged, Coatl, Thorn, Marcus, Koya and Danielle, Chris, Hyperiax, and Elijah

The booms of battle continue to be heard in the distance....


Chris:  With an excellent display of forethought, you have your modifier scan the drones as they sit dormant, tiny particles of static searching the surface of the drone from your modifier, however, Those drones are a little more complex then you were hoping for, and your modifier still a little too young and weak. You're only able to replicate at least two complete copies before you notice your modifier reaching its half glow, armed with tiny weapons and ammo and full batteries to go, In addition to creating a half finished teensy motor bug drone wrapped in green electrical tape.

A bit disappointing but oh well, there isn't much one can do sometimes. But hey, Four drones is better then one?

One of the Engineers who's a part of the command team easily hooks the drone up with the tiny status network they had going and easily giving them different designations within about 3 minutes each, If you had to guess, the Marauders were either very lazy with their hardware/software, or just easily configurable through magic or some bullshit, which definitely wasn't out of the question in all honesty...


Two Recon Drones added to the recon squad! 


The 4 drones immediately split off into different directions, three immediately heading for the inside of the ship, and one starting to fly high up into the sky to survey the outer area as best it can, their motors running loudly before quieting themselves, and their fragile, dragon fly bodies begin shimmering and within moments you can only see vague shimmers int eh air as they move on ahead, near dead silent.

Sheesh, those Marauders must have really decked out these drones if they're capable of being silent and invisible.


Within the command group, several of the marauders will constantly monitor the visuals and tracking of the drones and report when asked or have found something of importance.


You all wait several minutes more, everyone constantly on their guard and aiming your weapons in several directions as several marauders keep eyes on the feeds for the drones.

Nothing but the distant booms and screeches of Tortured can be heard, slowly getting closer.


"Drone number 1 is as high up as it can go! Getting a live feed now!"



A crude aerial view of the ship lights up on nearby displays of all the robots for everyone to see, displaying two thirds of the incredibly damaged and immense space vessel in three different floors, small colored dots representing whole groups.

Solid rectangles representing openable doorways, X's representing blockages and all complete rectangles as rooms, and lines as passable hallways.


The images display the three decks of the Divergence, excluding the Helm of the ship which resides at the upper 4th deck which is isolated from the rest of the ship through two large corridors leading up to it.

Those who have been upon the Divergence before will remember the helm is where the turning point for all of this began after defeating Xenoth and the Crystal devourer which kept Elijah's modifier in check and bound to the mad god, and was the cause of most of the ship's outer twisted and heavily destroyed form.


Nearest to the group is the 3 floors of damaged hangars, along with the disabled robotics bay right next to the first floor, many of it's drone holders either destroyed or irreparably damaged, a large bay door on the other side reveals a half destroyed, large mechanized that previously wasn't there. It must have activated and then be destroyed before it could even open it's door. Most of the crates and materials here look too heavy or too damaged to really be salvaged for anything, bullet holes and twisted metal practically make up most of this hangar from the previous visit to the Divergence, casings and empty ammunition clips litter the ground, burnt grass and loads of demolished derbies strewn about.




Moving on, the first floor is predicted to have the Divergence's reactor, as well as emergency power supply, storage, life support, and of course robotics and engineering. Several doors along the outward facing hangars have doors leading to corridors that go inside of the Divergence itself, nothing much besides large storage rooms has been discovered on this floor the previous time as most rooms were used to hole up as choke points against tortured hordes. Power's predicted to be around the center of the floor, while the now unnecessary life support was likely to the starboard side of the ship.


Leading up through several upward slope hallways led to the second floor/deck, above the hangars is a control center for both the bots and anything docked within the Divergence, a great place to hole up for a tortured attack with a height advantage and few exits, Deeper inside of the ship leading to many miscellaneous rooms that are primarily Medical, Information and Research areas.

Upon the previous visit the trek through these halls led to nothing but mostly a bunch of destroyed laboratories, on board hospitals, offices, conference rooms, and various communications and computer hardware, but according to the Hargrakian ambassador who stood alongside you all now, declares that the PDD, or the Main objective, is within the starboard side of the Divergence behind blast shields and high security doors, hopefully with power restoration it would be possible to remove any sort of lockdown that may be encountered and avoid creating explosive noise and draw more attention then you already had by that point.


The third floor/deck is primarily crew and civilian quarters and other living spaces and entertainment, as well as the two hallways leading up to the other third of the ship and the helm.

There is nothing to note here besides gaining security cards from long passed away crew, the right/starboard side having only been transversed by Elijah and Danielle through the mostly destroyed civilian hallways and mess hall.

It is not advised to go through here as the tortured have far more access in the area due to the various breaches in the Divergence's hull, and have likely begun nesting there as there seems to be a rather extreme concentration being detected within the third floor.


The undisplayed 4th deck/floor consists primarily the Helm of the ship, holding the already looted armory, executive quarters, and security. Most of which have been primarily outright torn apart and destroyed by the Devourer during the fight with Xenoth, swarming with Tortured as the alrge open head of the ship provides easy access for them to all climb and deploy from.


Finally, the Drone, despite the bird's eye view, it cannot seem to see where the sounds of fighting are originating form, however it gives it's best estimates upon the outer upper port-side of the ship and far starboard side, the explosions and distant fighting still able to be heard.




Tortured screams can now be heard close by indicating, It would be highly advisable if all groups were to begin moving on and to quickly set thigns in motion.


As the recon drone flies it's way back down to the recon group, the first three drones detect no threats within the first corridors of the first and second floor.



Now is your last chance to decide who goes where and who will stay to either defend or hold an area, or protect the back lines.

(After this update, i still start to rail the mission itself and move things along since now i've basically got the equivalent to a D&D map planned out.)




(Heavy apologies for being slow, responding to you ASAP!)


Creeping shade has temporarily dropped out, hope to see you soon buddy!


Time taken: Too long due to delays with college work, a lot of time spending time devising basically a whole dungeon and two "AI parties" and planning a whole map out.
Total word count: A kind of pathetic near 1500 words, but hopefully future updates will make up for this.
Total player/Character count: 14 Characters, 12 Players, Excluding Elijah and Duo pairs.

And one last time, Be sure you're subscribed to email updates and notifications, if you didn't see On the August 26th update, I can still provide you your individual characters within the Anniversary if you so wish! Just be certain to send me a pm about it!
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Bad At Titling
(1,500 words is not pathetic. I can certainly work off of this! Thanks, Neow!)

Jaik looks at the drones flying high and doing his work for him.

"... Well, uh... That takes THAT job off the list."

He looks over a Marauder's shoulder at the unfinished map and quickly tries to memorize it.

"That's a lot of information... Is there a way to have this stuff available to us at all times? Anyone on the recon team have photographic memory, something similar, or just really, really good memorization skills? Perhaps the drone flying back to us has a live feed to the other three drones? I just don't want to walk into this thing with nothing but a mental map."

While saying this, he is still examining said map.

"Okay, I say we go through the first floor and start moving through those corridors, and see if we can't get a more complete view of this thing. The more information we have, the better. Also, I imagine a corridor or two will lead us to the fights happening on the first floor, so we can figure out exactly what's going on."
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Shadow Dancer

One Thousand Club
Marcus nodded in agreement, "I should be able to remember the map clearly enough. As for your idea it sounds good though I wonder if we could have a way to mark the safer rooms and the more dangerous ones for the other teams, that is if we end up with the time or if it is even a fruitful endeavor of course."   Marcus scanned the map himself committing what he could to memory though it would be a bit harder as the ship was much bigger then the manors he would rob for one person or another. 

Ged Merrilin

Demonic House-Cat
Ged thinks of what Jaik said, then pulls out some thick pieces of paper an some dark powder. He whistles a short note, and the powder aligns itself to the quick map the engineer had mad on the screen. With another short whistle the powder flies back and burns the copies of the map into the papers as well a small runic symbol. "This should work." Ged states while setting some pens to the stack of papers. "Copies of the map, and if you write on the paper with the pen, then it should transfer between the papers. Only thing is you can't erase so be careful while drawing or writing. The few blank pages connect only to each other and not the maps."

"I think I've got a good idea for the procedure, I'm ready to go."


The Snake
"Good work on creating those drones Chris."

These groups seemed competent and Coatl was excited to start a real mission like back in the old days. Before all of this. 

"Recon group should find the quickest path to the Power Room; we in Command can work better from there. The Attack Groups should clear the way of any Tortured while being close enough to assist Recon if they need it. We in Command and Looting will follow and sweep up the mess, providing more support if necessary."

Coatl was sure he'd covered everything. He was ready to start and would move in when needed.


"That's a lot of information... Is there a way to have this stuff available to us at all times? Anyone on the recon team have photographic memory, something similar, or just really, really good memorization skills? Perhaps the drone flying back to us has a live feed to the other three drones? I just don't want to walk into this thing with nothing but a mental map."

'Yeah there is -' Koya says in the mindspace of the recon squad. 'I can link you, other squad leads and the drone controllers together - this way as we build the map you can read it in real time straight through me. Better than a radio description any day. Good stuff Ged, keep those maps up to date, yeah? This isn't something I've really tried before - magic paper's probably as reliable as you'll get.'

Danielle nods in approval of Chris' efforts and monitors the drone screens, matching their map with her memory. She wrinkles her nose at the stench of the biomass coating the corridors and suppresses a flinch at the sound of tortured cries.

""Recon group should find the quickest path to the Power Room; we in Command can work better from there. The Attack Groups should clear the way of any Tortured while being close enough to assist Recon if they need it. We in Command and Looting will follow and sweep up the mess, providing more support if necessary."

'The drone control room above us is highly defensible. I suggest we make that our HQ until the power room is secured, and then use it to stage our assault on this 'PDD'.'

Approaching the protector gods in the command team, she asks for a shield against magic. Hopefully that'll mean less chance of глупости magic catching her off guard - there was a lot of it here, and she was painfully aware she couldn't expect to plan or defend against something she didn't understand. yet...
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Azure Sky

Random Lazy Guy
This must have been the most extreme situation Hyperiex has ever been in. He had many adventures, but never was he pulled away from his universe and thrown on a planet where many species worked together to fight monsters, demonic beings, and even godly entities! By the time he met the group of men near the ocean, he saw and learnt many things. Then one thing led to another and he was put in the first attack group. From what he understood, the one named Elijah was the leader. The other member of the attack group already started to wander around, but Hyperiex decided to go after the wolf woman.

He still remember what he was told when the groups were formed.

"Remember, the Primary objective is to find that PD drive the Hargrak told us about, and Clear out as many Tortured and hostile gods as possible,

But Top priority is that everyone makes it out alive, even if it means retreating. 

Secondary Objectives  Are to find straggling survivors, recover any useful equipment or artifacts, and attempt to create more modifiers with hostile Gods by letting existing Modifiers consume them. 

Me and Elijah are giving the orders now to begin the mission, you're all going to be dropping off at the rear of the Divergence where the Hangar and engineering used to be, so hopefully power management should be near there, and it's highly likely the PDD is somewhere deep within the center of the ship, likely being the third deck in research and life support.


From what the Keeper can see from here, there's some really strong presences, both Gods and rampant Tortured infections already seemingly fighting in several places along the entire Divergence, expect to be burning a lot of really bad smelling flesh and encountering hostile gods! The Keeper suspects The Divergence may be a possible source of a lot of the Tortured we've been seeing, and hostile gods are already attempting to deal with it.

Lets hope we can catch them with their pants down, and get in and out with any casualties!


Recon group will be heading in first after their stealth is applied to sneak past any hostiles to help clear paths and scout for the main attack forces, Command group is to stay with the Attack groups and assist however they can, The tortured should leave the transports alone once your all dropped off, so they should be fine once you either get the enemies attention or otherwise, and will be on standby until you call for them and guarded by other allied gods"

Nonetheless, he still wanted to have a talk with Elijah.

"Greetings. While I am new here in this...universe, I will do my best to help you" said Hyperiex as he smiled. He showed no hesitation, or fear.
Chris takes a magic map copy and one of the magic blank papers. "These should help greatly with coordination efforts, thanks." 

He then turns to address the whole group, speaking through the comms, "Ged has provided us with a set of magically linked maps that transfer marks made on one map to all of the others. Now listen up everyone. I will be giving at least one map to each group. I don't care which group you're in, mark any enemies that you can see on the map. For now just a T for Tortured and a G for enemy Gods followed by their estimated threat level on a scale of one to ten. One being low and ten being something on the scale of one of a Behemoth.Though, if you run into something especially dangerous, feel free to go beyond just ten." The foxman pauses for a few moments as he gets his thoughts in order, "It should go without saying that you should mark an enemy on the map before you engage it. When you do engage an enemy, draw a circle around their mark. After, and only after, the enemies are defeated you are to cross out their mark on the map with an X. And be careful, anything you write on the map cannot be erased. Also, Recon and Command will be updating the maps with the layout of the ship whenever possible. Everyone got that?"

After making sure that indeed everyone did get that, he continues. "Alright, our first objective is to secure the Drone Control Room up above." He takes a step forwards and points majestically and authoritatively at said control room (assuming it can be seen from where they are). "Attack Group 1 will lead the way with the Command Group following. Meanwhile I want the Recon Group to be scouting a path out to the Power Room with Attack Group 2 following them and ready to take out any nasty concentration of the Tortured." He pulls his pointing arm back and crosses his arms, standing like he knows what the hell he's doing (aka confidently).

"Any objections? Any suggestions?"
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Shamrock Shake
"I do have a question? Why can't we erase marks off of the maps?" Misfortune inquires, mostly for the sake of burning curiosity.


The Snake
"No objections on my end."

"In regards to the map, Ged supplied us with magic pens for these papers, not erasers. That should not be important anyways, assuming you all know how to control yourselves."


Belongs in that dumpster
Among the names given to Byron of the members of his team, there were two that stood out to him. One being the odd fish man that he had a run-in with the other day and the other being dog-like woman that they are working to help achieve godhood. Preferring not to run into the fish man under any bad terms, Byron begins to look around for the Elijah. It was still somewhat difficult for the young man to completely grasp the situation, but she was the one in the center of the whole thing. Perhaps she could shed some light on what exactly happened to lead to all of these events. Why did she want to go through all of this to become a god? There must be some reason behind it.

After asking around a bit, Byron finally finds Elijah and approaches her. He stands in front of her for a moment, not exactly sure how to initiate this kind of conversation. "So. Whats the deal with this thing? Why are we coming here to look a this ship? I don't see how a crashed spaceship will help you in any way. Besides, I don't think there are any living people on it anymore if you were planning on trying to rescue some people."


Bad At Titling
Jaik looks at Chris take command. As an assassin, he's pretty good at telling when people are lying, so he can see Chris is trying his best to put up an impressive, confident demeanor.

Good. Many of these people need orders, and someone to take command. It might as well be someone I trust.

He'll get used to giving orders soon.

"Sounds good, Chris. Since the Power Room is on the first floor, this works well with my initial plan to scout out the corridors more thoroughly. Once we've gone through the first corridor and have a fork, we'll go on the right one and work our way into the general area of the Power Room and see what we find. I imagine it won't be empty."

He gives a sidelong glance to Ged and his papers.

"Ged, can you be in charge of the maps and checking them consistently to get more information as we move? For a while, they'll be our only way of contact with the other groups. Since you made them, you should know enough about them to work one, and I'm pretty sure (even though it seems like a simple process) I'd fuck it up, somehow."

Jaik had never been good at reading or writing - just enough to get by, and to know targets and witnesses in special "cases", though most of his orders came by word of mouth, not of paper.

Stop kidding yourself. You haven't read or written anything in at least four months. You're illiterate. Get over it.

They don't need to know that. :P
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The Man Among Gods
Among Gods.

Among Gods is owned and copy righted strictly by Neow46, and is not to be used in any way without my explicit permission, All characters go to their respectful owners.
Link to the Original thread
(Warning, heavily broken coding for the first few posts, be aware.)

Golden rules:


It'll only get your character killed a lot faster or kicked from the roleplay itself. This includes controlling other people's characters and NPC's, Metagaming, and otherwise being an annoying twat. There are some exceptions here and there, however this is otherwise a no-tolerance rule, and your character/yourself will be punished if caught doing so, and anything involving this rule is purely up to my discretion only.

People who join in randomly like "ohai i'm here now" without Private Messaging me will be outright ignored and have their post deleted.

3. Please make intelligent and thought out posts
The minimum I ask for whenever you post is at the very least 1-2 sentences that are PREFERABLY THOUGHT OUT beforehand. It's suggested you AVOID bad decisions unless it's directly stated that your character does things like that. Please don't waste our time, it's practically a death sentence to the character.

Unless otherwise stated, I will manage any and all conflict involving combat.

5. Please use (Parenthesies) for Out of Character chatter (OOC)
Until we can get back into a hosted project, this is a temporary rule to keep up the clutter.

6. Absolutely no NSFW, Overly sexual content or Smutty RP.
As we use RpN, We must abide by its rules.Thus I please ask that you avoid anything Highly or moderately sexual in nature, as that is against Rp Nation's rules and in general code of conduct rules for legal reasons. Romantic Stuff in general, Kissing, Cuddling and low key suggestiveness/implications are totally okay, but we shall follow RpN's "Fade to Black" Rule if anybody decides to get a little Freaky/Smutty with eachother. Plus that kinda stuff is WAY more of a 1 on 1 thing, and typically is not appropriate for a group RP such as this.

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Swearing is allowed. But That doesn't mean really offensive vocabulary is allowed though, you know what vocabulary I am talking about. Have some moderation and be respectful.

Regarding Characters:
You can be anything you want to. But it's a tiny bit preferable you are something humanoid or at least halfway humanoid. But not being humanoid is totally fine.
This Goes anything from a giant telepathic mantis to a good ol' mundane human being. Includes Anthros (Furries), animals, and beyond really. Be creative!

Please use a character YOU'VE created, and not something from another original work.
They CANNOT be from something such as a videogame, other fictional work, or any sort of alternate universes from either of those that does not belong to you.
It is fine to borrow traits from popular characters or certain aspects to help piece together your character, but if it is a copy paste it will be blatantly obvious, and I will know and I will check.

This does not mean you can't use images of characters from other works to portray yours however so long as the character you show to me is yours.
TL; DR: If you use a character from another Original work or if they come from another original work, I will have to deny you.

Your Character must also have flaws and be able to develop and grow as a person.
This falls underneath the no god-modding rule, meaning no mary/gary sues or "I AM PERFECT AT EVERYTHING RESPECT MY AUTHORITY RAAHHHHH" OR minmaxing every little aspect about themselves to be extremely effective at everything.
But dont make your character so flawed either that they're completely useless or just moping or being super edgy all the time It's just going to outright annoy me and other players.

A small Bio/Backstory IS required.
It's got to be at least decent, but it DOESN'T have to be super long, a simple paragraph or two will work just fine. I find them enjoyable to read and it helps you develop your character as the roleplay continues on. It is possible for your character to suddenly start "existing", but please just give me a good reason why however if you do that.

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I've Hosted Among Gods For Over 4 years now, and I hope whether you read along, or participate as a player, will enjoy Among Gods as much as I have and be able to share the passion and hardwork that I've put into this!
If your reading this, i love you and thank you for reading all of this~ <3


“What Does it Mean to Exist? To Have a Body? A Place inside of Reality?"

This is a story of many, a story of many who come from different universes and dimensions altogether.
From hellish plains of demons and dragons in worlds of lava, Worlds and inhabitants much like Earth with sprawling metropolises and growing species and races, space faring civilizations competing against one another or a greater threat altogether in their galaxies, uninhabited worlds full of animals and plants, barren worlds inhabited by monsters and spirits, entire universes collectively merging or separating from each-other through the whims and wills of the Gods.

There is a world out there, a singular universe that is causing an uproar Among the Gods, unique individuals are being pulled into this Universe at random from their own home worlds and universes, forcing them all to be suddenly dropped into a Dangerous, blank world where they must fight to survive against Terrible, Charred Monstrosities, Greedy Gods who desire more power, the other individuals being roped into this universe, and nature itself...
However, luckily for them, there is a faction on this world who keep the peace between individuals, and protect them against the horrors that the world they're stranded on contains, and gods who invade the same universe...
Among them are Unique individuals who wield the 'Modifiers', they are powerful, crystalline diamonds which allow the creation of anything from thin air using One's stored energy, and doubly function as seeds of Godhood....
The greatest one Among them is a Woman named Elijah Almiiak, a White Wolfess who Inherited the First Modifier, and is on her way to ascend as one of the most powerful Gods in exsistance...
Because of her, The Gods outside of this Universe fight an infinite war for her own power, and against the other, more powerful Gods as well so they may make a new rule over the entirety of Reality... While the much weaker and smaller gods, invade the universe, seeking to someway obtain Elijah's growing power for themselves....
But it isn't just Elijah that will ascend... those who are with her, and wield Modifier's themselves or soon will wield one or a similar power, will Join her as God's too...

So who are you? What is Your body like? Will you take a stand along side Elijah and the Others, and eventually ascend as a Gods like them against all odds?
Or will you do all in your power to stand against them, and side with the will of the already existing Gods and individuals, who want the power of the Modifiers for themselves?



The Man Among Gods
Update 3/12/17

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(We begin, once again after our very long and tiring haitus. Thank you all for sticking with me for so long, you guys are still the best. I promise we will finish this once and for all and give you all a satisfying conclusion, and this time with a solid plot/storyline rather then the swiss cheese world we're so used to.)
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Time seems to pause as you all fight and struggle upon the Divergence. Facing off with the horrifying and disfigured tortured, the fires in their eyes remain still for once, as everything remains frozen, including yourselves.

The black blood of the tortured and the red of your allies sit equally as still as the bullets, shell casings, and magical energies in the air.

Not a sound rang in your ears, you could not move, could not look, and could not breathe, yet you were perfectly fine.

Those who remained behind, the front lines were being overwhelmed with the bodies and bone of the Tortured, The recon team left in complete darkness, those with Elijah their shields were broken.
You were all overwhelmed.

It feels like over a year that you all remained within this state, frozen and staring at your own deaths, ever waiting to see whether you would continue onwards, or die here in the bowels of the enormous Divergence.

Finally, time began to reverse itself. Slowly, the bullets and the blood of everybody began to move back into their original places, wounds began sealing, Shields and bodies were unbroken. Everyone took hurried steps backwards together, the entire expedition regrouping and going back into the transports in but an instant. The day before the expedition reversed itself in the blink of an eye, all of you re-experiencing what feels like years of events, even though the truth was, it had only been a few days for some, and hardly a week for others on this barren world.

Eventually, the reversal stops.

You all find yourselves back upon the bridge of the Divergence, however, things are clearly different in both memory, and reality.

In your minds, you recognize this as only a few days after the encounter with Xenoth, and the fight with Elijah’s modifier. The hull and the majority of the bridge are still torn apart and rended to twisted metal as clear evidence of the previous battle. However, above, the torn apart roof is covered with large canopy’s of various material and colors, make shift rails exist where the walls were completely torn away. Several marauders stood guard at the three entrances to the bridge, both left and right side corridors as well as the door to the main armory and captain’s quarters.
A diverse variety of other Marauders and civilians seemed to be hard at work with various technology related tasks, make shift repairs were patched into a multitude of the partially destroyed computers and equipment, doing their damndest to get them functional once more.

Together, all of you stood at the center of the bridge, your consciousness’s awakening once more from what feels like a long, eternal dream. Your memories recall the lot of you being called to the bridge to discuss the next course of action after Xenoth revealed his evil plans.

Easily you still remember that the Tortured were becoming more organized and far more dangerous with calculated mutations, suspecting a possible hive mind having been developed or that they are entering their next stage of their cycle. The threat of the opposing low gods continues to loom over your heads from what the Keeper tells you, as their forces alone are as formidable as the tortured swarms themselves, and just as spontaneous as well.

Elijah, Delphi, and the Keeper all stood together ahead of you, the cat woman and the ancient one talking in the sun upon the front most part of the bridge as the white wolfess listened intently, the modifier in her right gauntlet glowing its familiar, warm, and powerful red glow.

Looking down at yourselves, you all notice differences that were not there before, or do you?

One thing is for certain however, everybody has one of the legendary Modifiers on their persons, each to your personal colors or mixes of colors, each glowing warmly in your hands, sides, armor or weapons…

What do you notice that is different about you? Are you the same as you were in the dream? Or perhaps did you misremember yourself? Describe yourself once more.
(Please either PM me or post into a spoiler your new/old application or character description with:
Name, Physical Description, Abilities, Weaknesses, Personality, and Bio/Backstory)

(Here, you may choose to continue playing the character you were before, having acquired a Modifier if you didn’t have one before. (And colorize and accessorize it however you wish so long as it remains in the Diamond shape.) But you may also create a new character entirely to play for the remainder of Among Gods if you desire, splitting characters or even combining them into a single entity.)

(For example, Bonzo may keep Dani and Koya as a spirit+human duo, split them into both living people to play, Dump one or the other, or combine them both into one single person/entity.)​


The images, a headlong sprint through warping time, come to an abrupt halt, leaving Danielle and the spirit-mind clasped to her reeling.

Together their half-formed exclamations swirl in the wake of the paradoxical memories:

No! This can't... what? Koyaanis, no stranger to the chaos of dimensional shenanigans drinks deeply from the storm of memory and emotion. He feels like reality had slid, skidded and curled back on itself. Not reverting but switching tracks to another set of rails...

Did you do that? Danielle demands - immediately clamping down on the alien sensations to rid her mind of all distortion. She glances about her, seeing the control room not quite as it was but perhaps as it might have been... no, what nonsense is this? A magical aftershock from the calamitous battle seemingly so shortly ago? More likely a side effect of this ethereal ball of insanity that calls itself Koyaanis.

Get out! How dare you-

Nothing to do with me! I think, Their minds being in contact meant there was no mistaking the sincerity of his thoughts. This didn't in any way prevent her exasperation at the new headspace arrangements climbing another notch. It still overruled the suppressed gratitude of having someone (willingly or not) be there for her over the past few weeks... days...

Danielle realised her fingers were brushing the shards of Koya's modifier. They were warm and gently buzzing with an almost electric energy that made her fingertips tingle. And yet there was more than half still of the complete crystal unaccounted for. She remembered crafting a seeker-bead, taking a second of thought to slot the memory of doing so into place like a card in a freshly shuffled deck.

While Koyaanis ruminated on the memory-anomaly, Danielle organised her thoughts. Why was she here? The wolf-leader Elijah was up ahead. Some sort of meeting... why didn't she know? This blasted reality! Everything out of order... Danielle's career in the UGC had come to crashing halt so recently. There she'd known her position, her responsibilities. The crew knew to show her due respect as she did them and everyone knew their place. She yearned for that efficiency and certainty... These marauders, these creatures were more a tribe than an army. The wolfess might have the greatest power of the magical beings in the room but was she more than a figurehead? At least she was no tyrant, and clearly listened to the counsel of others. Was she, the eye of the god-magic storm, more of a boon or a threat?

Koyaanis felt the threads of time and feeling evade his grasp like smoke, evaporating to nothing and leaving him only with a renewed sense of incorporeality and futility. He found his thoughts turn to the present, and nudged by Danielle's subconscious, Elijah. She evoked in him no small measure of empathic pity - here was another soul thrust into a situation beyond their control. Surrounded by threats from without and within... He wondered whether he was in any position to help her in some way - but what and how? Which path was one of Xenoth's tricks? Or a descent into the moral abandon of the gods themselves? Perhaps with time...

'How far have the repairs progressed?' Danielle checks in with the engineering chief as they pass through the bridge. She begins to build a picture of what the Divergence can offer immediately and in the near future.

Koya meanwhile pays closer attention to the discussion between the Keeper and Delphi.

Koyaanis (He is unsure if this has been his name before, or if it's the name of the creature he became at the start of the Among Gods timeline)

None (No more substantial than a figment of everyone else's imagination).

Currently a spirit, Koya is unbounded and unaffected by physical matter. He can exist independently in a magical-psychic shadow of the 'real' world which is coloured and shaped by consciousnesses, emotions and magic. However he prefers to coexist in host minds as it's pretty spooky and lonely when adrift in the otherworld. He can seek out minds and magic that interact with the space he inhabits, observe, communicate or otherwise interact with them (Telepathic communication, mind reading, joining a host body and exerting no to complete control depending on cooperation or force of will). He can affect the wisps of ethereal matter that exist in the otherspace with his mind, but so far there is nothing to show this actually does anything. He can spread himself widely but thinly throughout the space to touch (possibly connecting) multiple minds.

Simply cannot affect physical matter directly or perform any significant magic without a host/modifier as proxy. Strong magical effects often form a dangerous barrier. In 'psychic' abilities he is limited by his own mental capacities and his complete unfamiliarity with this way of being. When spread out or doing a lot of things at once his effectiveness is limited by his ability to focus or overcome barriers.

Swinging from vivacious to introspective, Koyaanis is a glutton for new experiences. His personality is an amalgamation of the people he has been and lives he has led, often chaotic, occasionally outright contradictory. Intensely free spirited and open minded, he detests bigotry, cruelty and doctrines that constrain and divide. Likes fun, love and freedom. Takes great pleasure in finding commonalities between himself and others to form deep platonic (usually) bonds.

Koyaanis has had a long and stormy "life" spanning untold years - certainly (and to his substantial regret) he can't remember every life he's had. Having no control over his apparent reincarnations, chance has led him a crazed dance through the multiverse. Where one life ends, another starts as if some way through the life of the body's previous owner (whose fate is unknown, but Koya suspects they're erased as he arrives - the guilt associated with this he's had to overcome). Most of his lives were spent as a human, a few as other creatures and some in realities so alien his mind was simply unable to cope with them. Those worlds, and the toll the journey through unreality his soul takes between lives, he has found harrowing. The abstract worlds filled with madness, fear and pain, though few, are enough to make him even more unsure about his mental state and identity as an individual. He doesn't know who or what he truly is or what will become of him. Despite all that, his time spent on worlds where he has made friends and lived long happy lives help him to remain positive. His accumulated experiences have gifted him with some measure of wisdom and resilience - which he hopes will be his strongest asset facing the challenges ahead in the world of Among Gods.

Current goals are to figure out what the blazes he is now, keep Danielle and the whole gang safe from harm and the allure of ever greater power, investigate and understand this world and take it easy when possible

Danielle Sakharov

Physical Description:
Usually found immaculately presented in her blue and black UGC officer's uniform. Is either outwardly expressionless, focussing intently on something/one with a steely blue eyed gaze or scowling at something Koya said/did. Her only concession to informality is to have her shoulder length white hair down out of its usual tight ponytail. Average proportions for a human female, bordering on lean as a result of her strict observance of UGC fitness regulations.

Pretty strong and agile for her size. Trained if not experienced in UGC standard martial arts and small arms (favouring a pistol or small calibre sub machine gun, and combat knife or trusty high-capacity stunstick). Has an excellent academic and professional record befitting her station as chief science officer on the UGC Divergence, with especial expertise in Xenobiology, Astronomy and starship systems.

In a world of gods and monsters, Danielle is as mortal as it gets. Having relied totally on her deep understanding of her rational, scientific home-universe and military order, Danielle is utterly adrift in a chaotic world of magic.

Danielle was shaped by her upbringing on a central UGC homeworld where academic achievement and service to the citadel were prized to the detriment of other aspects of life. As such, all but a handful of her previous relationships were strictly professional, and she has found it impossible to feel at home among the marauders who in turn try to give her a wide berth. In others she appreciates diligence, brevity and intellect. Under a facade of cold collectedness she's deeply perturbed by her new circumstances. This new alien universe made her terrified then left her haggard - making her appear to the perceptive to be verging on paranoia, or at least somewhat disaffected.

As above; A straight A student, a promising officer with an exemplary record. Came aboard the UGC Divergence as her most recent posting. Founded a rare sisterly relationship with a younger human engineer named Rosanna on the journey to deep space. The ships mission was ostensibly to aid in the location of the UGC Mirror's Edge and crew. The true primary objective, however, was to test an experimental dimension-drive, similar to the Mirror's Edges'. The result was the same, a dimensional rift sent the Divergence on a catastrophic collision course with the unnamed planet on which the story takes place. The irony of the two mission's eventual conclusion is not lost on Danielle, and her opinion of her superiors in the UGC, plus that of the Hargraks on board at the time of the test, have soured somewhat. Just before the disaster Koya was inserted by Diana as a ghost-mind into Dani's own mind to avoid Xenoth's realising he had returned. Has resented and appreciated his presence in equal measure.

Her current goals are to adapt, survive, and keep Rosanna and the remainder of the UGC crew safe. Understand this new world, gather it's powers to protect herself and the Marader's interests.
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Heir of Life
Meilikki felt as if she'd just been thrown through time and had to wait a second for the nausea to pass. After taking a few deep breaths she tried to reestablish herself. Her scythe was still in hand, modifier and all. Good. Her armor looked brand new, no evidence of damage or injury. Excellent. It was her memory that seemed the most frayed. Smoothed down like a stone at sea, the details had been washed away. She looked around, were some of her companions different? She locked onto the faces she did know, Elijah and Delphi. She relaxed. After being in this universe for so long, many things seem variable and inconstant, but those two felt constant. Mei waited out on the side for everyone else to make themselves known and for the Keeper or someone else to chime in with some news.

Name: Meilikki

Appearance: A fawn with tan skin and darker brown hair and a pair of ram-like horns. She has small red tattoos below her eyes that only seem to make her glare more intimidating. She is adorned in a silver suit or armor that contrasts the great golden scythe that remains by her side at all times. In the center of the scythe is Mei's modifier that glows a mix of red and purple. It exudes a powerful energy, or is that the fawn? [Reference]

Personality: Dour. Mei does not smile often nor does she make conversation with strangers. She trusts slowly but is ferociously loyal to those who she has fought and hunt alongside. She tactical and cautious, prioritizing survival above most other things.

Strengths: Well trained, almost military. Level headed and loyal. She will stop at nothing to do what needs to be done but keeps risks calculated.

Weaknesses: Slow to trust. Burdened with guilt. High-strung and reclusive, doesn't know how to relax or how to talk to others.

Background: Her home was a lush forested area filled with many wild creatures as well as allies and enemies. Meilikki was born on a day of worship to the gods. Considered a gift, she was named after the Goddess of Hunt in reverence. With her name came her life path chosen for her, she was taught all the skills of the huntress and was expected to aid those in her community as well as to guard them with her life. She had filled that role for many years until the day she found herself awaken on another planet. She continues to fulfill the only role she knows.
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Shadow Dancer

One Thousand Club
Marcus felt odd as faded visions of having been fighting Tortured on this very ship stir in his head though the reasons and specifics eluded him. Several other blurry visions of another fight and some deal also occupied his head. Though his memories what he was doing before he arrived in this world was all very clear.

Marcus just shook his head not wanting to spiral into a pit of questions with no answers. Marcus decided to look himself over, he was still wearing his trademark black hoodie, white tee-shirt, and blue jeans. The sword given to him by his father still rested on his hip and his dagger still was in it's place on his right wrist and his lock pick set was in his pocket.

What was out of place was some sort of black finger-less leather glove on his left hand embedded in it was a deep purple diamond shaped gem that had this glow to it. He had no memory of it or of what it was or could be though it hummed with a small amount of power. "What the hell is this?" Marcus said to nobody in particular.

-Marcus is a medium build, twenty-eight old, six foot tall human with long brown hair, pale skin and brown eyes along with burn scars on various places on his skin. He wears a black hoodie with a white tee-shirt underneath and jeans.

-Any abilities or skills your character has: he is a good thief with the unfortunate skill in taking lives, knows how to use a sword, also resistant to magic

-Name: Marcus Vencule

Age: 28

- Weakness: anything that can kill a man. Marcus is brash and has a make it up as he goes attitude, one of the things that brought him to his occupation as a homeless thief. Sure he can plan but at times he just like going where the wind takes him.

-Bio: Marcus is from a world where magic is a common thing and paired with technology has created many wonders including teleportation pads and many types of magic infused swords and guns able to kill or heal others. Among the biggest developments is the magic condenser that gave birth to magical pills that extend the lifespan of people by hundreds of years. It is those born without any visible magical ability at all that are considered to be oddity's and are often treated as lower class citizens by the nobles. In actuality those without the ability to cast magic, draw it into themselves and instinctively use it in emergency situations. When they take the life extension pill they become ageless because of their void like reaction to magic. Because of this the ungifted are told that the pill will not work on them. the nobles scared that if the ungifted knew about their void like reaction to magic that they could find themselves without power.

Marcus happens to be one of the magic-less or as most say the ungifted. As a result he was made fun of and bullied a lot in middle school when most manifest their abilities. He took it in stride finding it fun to play tricks on his bullies doing things like stealing things and putting them on the desks of others causing fights. Sure he got caught a fair bit but Marcus always felt that it was worth it. As a result Marcus's many exploits made his middle and high school years tolerable.

It was when Marcus was eighteen and six months out of high school that he was forced to live as an infamous thief. It started when he decided to go into an abandoned warehouse to see why there was a heavily guarded caravan there. His curiosity not fully sedated when he found they were there to do more tests on the Life extension pill and ungifted and the true nature of the ungifted he made a snap decision to steal and consume a Life extension pill just to see if it actually worked, like the scientist said it would. He was able to steal the pill but was spotted as he swallowed it, the scientist ordered the guards to give chase not wanting to chance the truth getting out about the pill and the true nature of the ungifted. Marcus sprinted through the streets and alleyways using his knowledge of the area to keep the guards off him, he succeeded but when he got to his little apartment the next day he noticed it was trashed, and when he saw the news on his TV he was marked as a high bounty target for his capture.

From then on he lived on the streets his only possessions the cloaths on his back, some lockpicks, a dagger and a longsword given to him by his father. Stealing money to get food and water while also hiding his face, for ten years he did this and on the tenth year he disappeared off the face of the planet
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The Snake
All of a sudden Coatl was on the bridge of the Divergence standing beside a large group. He recognized the Keeper, Delphi, and Elijah in front of him. Looking to his sides he noticed that Danielle and Meilikki were also here. Coatl eyed Mei's armor inquisitively as it was not damaged in the slightest. Weren't they just fighting the Tortured, and the Gods before that? Something was off.
Something was on too. A necklace much like the one's nobles in his land had worn now rested upon Coatl. In the center was a glittering green diamond. Coatl felt a power connected to the gem interacting with his own. There was no doubt. This was a modifier.
Coatl smiled to himself as he rubbed the gem with his hand.

Name: Coatl

Physical Appearance: Coatl is a desert naga, his top half looks human while his lower half is that of a desert snake. He has yellow snake eyes and dark brown hair. He carries a flamberge which allows for effective parrying as well as slashing attacks. When utilizing dark magic his hands will become enveloped in deep purple. His modifier is worn as a fancy Egyptian (Ianian, in his universe) necklace. The diamond itself is a glittering green jewel. Yet to a magically-trained eye one would notice a darkness emanating around it, likely originating from Coatl's own powers interacting with the modifier. [Have a reference picture]

Abilities: Dark Magic and Necromancy, although he rarely refers to it as that. He has non-dark magic as well. He can send signals to someone's brain if he is looking them in the eyes. He also can cast a charm spell. Along with this Coatl was the skilled military commander of his nation. He is both a skilled leader and combatant.

Weaknesses: Little to no experience with advanced technology. Has never really been ruled by others and having been betrayed and imprisoned in the past by his sister he would quickly turn on someone if he felt they threatened his freedom and could rally others to join him as well.

Personality: Coatl is a protective and charismatic individual inspiring loyalty in those he protects. Unfortunately after he obtained dark magic, Coatl unintentionally inspires fear that can at times divide his allies. He is an intelligent strategist that focuses on both the goals of the group and his own personal goals. Outside of battle, Coatl is cocky. He refers to himself as tHe is a surprisingly friendly character who is interested in the culture of others outside of his homeland and hopes to understand the new world around him.

Biography: Coatl was the brother of the Pharaoh of Iania, Asa. Although he denies it in front of others, for most of his life Coatl lived in Asa's shadow. She was always more skilled with magic than he was, and more loved by the greater multitude. After all, she was the Pharaoh. As royalty, Coatl was trained to become commander of the military force. He became a powerful and strategic warrior. A country to the north of Iania had far surpassed them in technology and decided it was finally time to lay waste to the naga's empire. Coatl fought valiantly in the war and inspired the loyalty of his subjects. But this was not enough to win against the technologically superior military of the north. One day when studying guerrilla strategy in the archives of the Royal Library, a voice called to Coatl. A sealed leather tome had grown a large mouth that spoke to Coatl. It's name was Mezbet. An old god long forgotten. He was the god of life whose worshipers were fated to die. Mezbet fought the god of death and upset the natural order creating a magic he called The Gift of New Life. Others would call it Necromancy. The unholy magic along with Mezbet was locked away in a tome and buried far beneath the ground. Yet somehow the tome ended up in the Royal Library ages later. Coatl was gifted this new magic and used it to decimate the army in the north. His Coatl's dedicated soldiers and his undead, who would later become sentient, praised Coatl for his deeds while the rest of the country condemned him. Coatl, his creations, and all those who sympathized with him were imprisoned beneath the ground by his sister Asa. Coatl became referred to by those underground as "The True Pharaoh" since he was the one that had saved Iania. Two years later, when whispers about the "True Pharaoh" became too loud to ignore, a revolution erupted. The revolution was interrupted by Coatl's experimental freak accident known as the Widow: a giant spider creature who utilized her magic to infect and control living individuals. In the battle to protect his people against Widow, Coatl was nearly killed. He let himself become possessed by Mezbet as a last resort to defeat the Widow. He does not remember if he had succeeded, if his sister forgave him, or if he killed her. All Coatl knew was that he was here now, in this strange multiverse.
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Lily Moriya

Lady of the Worlds
Lily leans against her staff, suddenly dizzy from the strange effects of whatever had just happened. She takes a moment to look around at all of the familiar, yet distant sights. She shakes it off, straightens out, and takes a look over herself. She still had her staff and tome with her, and she still wore the same white and blue dress as always. She was also in full kitsune form, showing all five of her tails.

Mey sat next to Lily, waking up from a short nap. What a terrible dream, she thought to herself. Ah great, there is going to be a lot of talking. She stretches and looks around, noticing something odd floating on top of Lily's staff: a diamond of swirling purple, blue, and green.
Mey reaches out to Lily with her telepathy. [Hey Moriya, why do you have that odd prism floating above your staff?]
Lily stares at it for a moment, not entirely sure about it. [Not terribly sure, but it feels powerful.]
Mey makes a point of watching everybody else in the room for any strange behavior.
Lily listens to the conversations around her, if there are any, but stares into the diamond.

Name: Lily Moriya

Physical Description: Long black hair with fox ears and five long fox tails. The fur on the ears and tails are black with white tips. Fair skin and dark red eyes. Stands at about 5'3" tall. Short fur on her Kitsune form aside from the large, fluffy tails. Wears a long white dress that has a blue cloth hanging in the front and back.

The Kitsune's Duality: Has the ability to shift between a human form and a full on anthro-fox Kitsune form thought to be their 'natural' form complete with claws, fur, ears, and tails. She can choose to have her tails and ears present on her human form.
Dimensional Steps: Has the ability to teleport short distances. The farther away she teleports, the less accurate the end point becomes.
Lily also has a proficiency with magical-technological machinery from her mother's teachings as well as projectile weapons from her father's hunting trips (bows, crossbows, simple handguns, ect).

Weaknesses: Lily is physically weak, able to sustain less than a regular human being. Her mental strength is also rather weak, having her react to stress noticeably worse than others.

Personality: Kind hearted with good intentions, but eccentric and manipulative at times. She enjoys the company of others and the opportunity to meet strange new people.

Backstory: Lily was born and raised in a small town to a hunter named Oniyuri and a magical artificer named Suzuran. She was raised to respect the natural world, or at least what remained of it in a heavily industrialized world, and to treat others with kindness. After becoming an adult Lily would become an adventurer. Armed with her magical kitty cat familiar named Mey, a dusty tome, and a bound wood & steel staff adorned in Kitsune tales, Lily found her way to a spatially unstable area which caused her to be ejected from her world and land somewhere in another...

Name: Mey Moriya
Physical Description: An average-sized house cat. She is a very light gray with small black spots on random places on her body.
Abilities: Telepathy with any magic user within 10 feet as well as unrestricted telepathy with her appointed 'master,' in this case being Lily. Mey can also create illusions anywhere within sight.
Weaknesses: Being an intelligent housecat, she is just about as easy a target as a normal house cat. She can create illusions to try to evade attackers, but this is very limited if she has to move about quickly as well as maintain the magic.
Personality: Seemingly arrogant and rude to those around her, she fosters a fondness for intelligent company. She has [relatively] good intentions to most people, but will not hesitate to do what it takes to protect her master.
Backstory: Originally, Mey was a familiar for an old wizard from Lily's hometown. After her master had met with a terrible fate in the dark woods outside of the town, she wandered about mourning her loss when a little girl and a hunter came by and adopted her. After the funeral for her old master, she bonded with the little girl. Now she serves as her 'familiar,' offering advice, tactics, and the constant nagging to become an actual wizard.


The Man Among Gods
Mini PSA 3/14/17
[ aquaInferno aquaInferno Illusionus Illusionus Bonzo Bonzo Seahorse Seahorse SnakyDragon SnakyDragon Bluesunnyday Bluesunnyday ChrisClark13 ChrisClark13 Ged Merrilin Ged Merrilin Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind @Peppermint Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer ]

(Hey all, just real fast, here's a entire catch up/exposition dump if you need it to get back up to speed on Among Gods and the lore! Its not required to read but this large document will help you get back up to speed if you need it!)

You have been somehow brought to a world dubbed as "Paradice" (How you arrived here is up to you/for you to roleplay upon,). Named by the scattered natives of the land, there's plenty of vegetation on the planet, it's got a singular, large moon and a temperate sun and climate much like the planet Earth, however animal life is incredibly scarce outside of immense, extremely large trees, most food and supplies are either produced magically, or farmed from agriculture.

This world follows basic or conventional laws of physics and scientific understanding, however if someone is able to perform magic or other special types of abilities, some examples may include Ninja Ki, Cryo/Pyromancy, Sorceries of a wide variety, Time warping, anything god/devil/demon/creature/skill given, or otherwise are able to use and perform their abilities normally as if they were in their own worlds still, All categories of either scientific or magical are included with all examples. (Basically, magic and advanced technology, as well as all the variations of each and the inbetweeners and outsiders and beyond can co-exist here without too many conflicts.)

You have been introduced to, and joined the group known as The Marauders, who are the largest organized conglomeration/Major group/faction of everyone who's been randomly brought to this planet. Consisting primarily of armed soldiers and a boatload of civilians and non-combatants, Their primary goal is for everyone to survive and work together on this very resource scarce planet.

The main camp, which you are a part of, is extremely diverse in its range of individuals, species, technological time periods/levels, and magical levels/knowledge. However, the most dominant species in the camp are Bi-pedal creatures, Humans, and Anthropomorphics.

The Marauders are organized and led primarily by two important individuals;

Elijah, a white wolf woman is the Supreme Commander/Head of the marauders, who often settles big disputes, leads battles, boosts moral, finalizing major decisions, and creating resources and equipment with an extremely powerful artifact known as a Modifier.

A Modifier an immensely powerful tool/weapon assumedly created by the Gods for mortal use, able to produce whatever the user desires or needs, almost entirely forgoing the conservation of mass and energy. Which includes everything from ready to eat meals, to creating loaded weapons and vehicles, to even obliterating a large city to rubble, but also act as a catalyst to the user’s own godhood/ascension beyond the current universe into a god/goddess. Modifiers are equally capable of as much destruction as it is able create, which makes for god-like combatants and forces to be feared.

However, as revealed by the Keeper (More upon him later), a powerful and unimaginably ancient entity and associated of the Marauders and Elijah, has revealed Elijah’s Modifier is not the same as the other Mods. Dubbing hers as an “Original”, The first difference being Elijah’s power and ability to create or destroy things using her modifier is heavily dependent on her own stamina or whatever she has for stored energy, which for a otherwise ordinary woman, can be quite limiting.

The Keeper refers to everyone else’s Modifiers as “Crude Imitations”, which rely soley on stored, rechargeable energy reserves within the mod itself, that can be expanded in various, but limited, methods. It should be noted that everyone’s modifiers seem to have different levels of power, While all are identical at base function, they are not entirely equal in power.

Delphi, a Siamese cat woman is the second in command/Sub-Commander, who specializes far more in the management of the Marauders, mostly advising Elijah, keeping her on task, laying out tactical and battle strategies, and micro-managing the everloving hell out of the entire organization to make sure everyone is happy and most importantly, doing their share of work and that everyone is surviving. Delphi is more often seen as the one pulling around most the strings of the camp, and is much more feared by everyone because of her easily detonate-able temper with the fury of 500 drill sergeants.

The Marauder Base Camp is currently located in the remains of a colossal star ship that had recently crash landed into the giant forest of the local area. (its size is comparable to the Pillar of Autumn from the Halo Franchise) Many of the rooms, particularly in the upper decks and the high helm of the ship have been repurposed for living and a suitable headquarters for the Marauders with much of the destroyed technology being repurposed and repaired in addition to fortifications against major threats.

South of the crash site, outside of the immense woods are vast, open grass plains that go past the horizon east and west alongside the forest of gargantuan trees, farther north distant mountains loom above the tree line, and a short distance acrossed the plains to the south a blue, saltwater sea that goes as far as the plains go east and west, yet even farther south.

The previous location of the base was centered on a particular landmark of stone ruins that have a massive, 3 story stone tower at its center, which is the home and domain to a previously mentioned, ancient being who rivals the strongest of gods in power, known as The Keeper.

A ghastly man who has sworn to be a benefactor of Elijah, promises her protection and ascension to an “Elder God”, He acts a secondary adviser to her alongside Delphi and a Councilor/Exposition dumper to other VIPS (The players).

Between the Marauders and their goals however, there are immense forces that pose major threats to everyone within even a mile of Elijah.

As the Keeper has previously lectured before, there is deadly ‘neutral’ force known as The Tortured, which are beings of twisted, charred flesh and deadly bone of infinite forms who are the hive-minded, physical manifestation of the hatred and fear of the Gods themselves. The almost mindless beings indiscriminately kill anything that moves other then each other, but are particularly attracted to God like power, and often move in large swarms. The Tortured, while attracted to god power, act as natural deterrents to the Gods themselves, compulsing a massive 99% infinity of gods to be absolutely repulsed by the mere presence of a tortured swarm.

Speculated by the Keeper however, they are reaching their next stage in their “takeover” cycle, and have begun to evolve and attack much more sophisticated manners. (The takeover cycle refers to when enough tortured manifest upon one planet to begin developing behaviors and methods to kill the planet and inhabitants, and eventually generate enough biomass/tortured to eventually cover the planet entirely to turn it into one massive, horrifying celestial body that is usually obliterated immediately by the Gods if the infestation wasn’t already wiped.)

Another possibility exists however that an intelligent hive-mind has taken over the planet’s Tortured network, and is forcing this next stage prematurely for an unknown goal.

As revealed by the Keeper as well, the planet was designed to be a safe-haven from the gods, as a vast majority of underground surface of Paradice is but an immense underground network of stone rooms, designed to house and keep immense swarms of tortured to subtly hide the planet from a God’s eyes. Physical entrances to this underground network are extremely far and few, however still quite troublesome as this forces Tortured swarms to gather together in large armies to escape from the underground to seek their targets.

Unfortunately, the tortured are not the only threat that will come against the Marauders.

Due to a recent, major event, the original Players had recently fought the High God named Xenoth, the chaos dragon responsible for putting Elijah and her Modifier here on Paradice over a year ago for his own gain for power over his superiors, and several of the original players and their lesser mods for the same reason.

This plan had backfired upon him when many other gods began to take notice of the exponentially growing power that Elijah was obtaining. Forcing his hand, Xenoth attacked the players and Elijah with Elijah’s own Modifier, revealing an immense, crystalline monster which tore the majority of the Divergence apart and nearly killed the players to claim the power they had accumulated. The players however, with the assistance of the Marauders, defeated the beast by striking at it’s core, destroying Xenoth’s control over Elijah and her Modifier, and permanently banishing him, and all other high gods outside of the universe.

This had restored Elijah’s modifier to it’s original, untouched form, and has sparked the second God Wars outside of the Universe itself, as the gods now violently fight one another to take Elijah’s and the Player’s growing power to end the Elder Gods rule over the local reality.

Alongside the Tortured, the lowest Hierarchy of gods, The Low gods, while weak enough to be unaffected by the Universal banishment, their powers are infinite in variety and domains. Now they descend upon the planet and universe in their own pursuits for the Modifiers power, whether it be to assist her or to take her and the player’s power and Modifiers.

You, are one of those people with a powerful modifier, and therefore your fate leads you either to annihilation, or ascension as a god yourself. Expand your power, survive with those alongside you, find a way to escape the universe, and be Among Gods.

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