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Amalouras: Fall of an Empire


Eliminating the Heart

749 AD
To the Citizens of Amalouras,
The Kindom of Amalouras has recently been attacked by unknown entities.
We had a successful repel of the attack but we are now encouraging all able
bodies to pitch in on repairing the walls and stores. This is mandatory. The King
has agreed to make the Kingdom of Amalouras tax free during the repairs.

750 AD
To the Citizens of Amalouras,
The Kingdom of Amalouras has been under frequent attacks by unknown
entities. We are encouraging an evacuation of the Kingdom to either
Wandering Hilltops or the Kingdom of Evorath is taking limited

751 AD
To Anyone Alive,
Your King is dead, your Kingdom is ours and you're next...

The Kingdom of Amalouras has fallen to unknown, dark entities who come only that of nightmares. The Kingdom is in complete ruin, perhaps with a few partial building and at night you can see the glow of the embers that still burn. You are a survival of the incident among a group of others, but were unable to evacuate during the times advised. Among this group, you are cold, hungry, tired, ill, and unstable. However, something deep down keeps you going and with that, you all have agreed to rebuild new in Amalouras. Yet, you are always in frequent danger as the nights come and go, in addition, if the creatures of the ruins are not driven off or blocked off, you all will face the same fate. It is time to rebuild and fight for your life.

Player Notice:
- Some posts require a dice roll before posting depending on your actions.
- One Paragraph Minimum + Details.
- Three Days is the maximum you can go without posting and without notifying us that you may need additional time. After three days, we move on to the next person. You can post the next turn.

Character Notice:
- Your character starts with a negative ailment that can be recovered in time.
- Your Character is open raced to your own creativity but must be approved prior with a balanced set.
- There is no chance for death unless you wish to make a new character. Or you quite.
- If you looked over these, tell me your favorite animal in your CS.

Amalouras Map.jpg
**Please ask before using the map for your own personal use. I'll send you a copy of a blank one.
  • 1. Fallen Kingdom of Amalouras
    • The Kingdom of Amalouras has fallen and is in ruin, your once Kingdom of Wealth. At night, you can still see the ember glow of the remaining flames from the last fight. It is highly recommended to not return though you may be able to find useful items for rebuilding or survival. Some have risk their lives to go look, some never return. There is no telling what sort of enemy is out there. (During the Day: Roll for "Successful Scavenger", "Injury Consequence" and "Followed Chances". At Night: Roll for "Successful Scavenger" then "Injury Consequence").
      • Successful Scavenger: 1-4; You Failed to Scavenge for Anything. You must return back and try again another day. 5-10; You successfully scavenged for supplies. You can only carry your weight limit via a tote or your own arms.
      • Injury Consequence: You were told not to go, but you did anyways. Unfortunately, there are always consequences. 1; You left without being injured. 2-4; You left with minor injuries. (Cuts, bruising, etc.) 5-7; You left with complex wounds. (Sprains, deep but nonfatal wounds, etc.) 8-9; You left with major, possibly fatal wounds. (Broken limbs, concussion, deep fatal wounds, etc.) 10; You have a major wound and cannot leave the ruins of Amalouras. You must wait for rescue.
      • Followed Chances: You traveled during the day putting everyone at risk. There is a chance you were followed by enemies. 1-7; You managed to escape without being followed. 8-10; Something or someone came back to camp with you.
  • 2. Wandering Hilltops
    • Fertile land where most produce comes from and the poor strive. The Kingdom of Amalouras refused to have the poor anywhere near the kingdom, thus sending them away to promised lands. Amalouras went through with their promises but tax the poor harshly to make up for their travel time to the kingdom. Now that Amalouras has fallen, the people of Wandering Hilltops live in peace. They are not very welcoming to the survivors of the Kingdom of Amalouras, but are still open to trade for food. (Roll for "Trading Conflicts" or "Successful Theft" and "Karma".)
      • Trading Conflicts: 1-7; You were able to successfully to trade with resident of the Wandering Hilltops. 8-9; You were able to successfully trade with a resident of the Wandering Hilltops but lost more than what it was worth. 10; You were unsuccessful in trade.
      • Successful Theft: 1-4; You failed at stealing crops or other edible supplies from Wandering Hilltops. 5-9; You successfully stole from the Wandering Hilltops. 10; You failed to steal from the Wandering Hilltops and suffered minor injures while being caught and escaping.
      • Karma: 1-3; You suffer little to no punishment from your bad deeds. Maybe a bad hair day. 4-6; Your bad deeds has brought you bad luck. Something mildly unfortunate happens to you. 7-9; Your bad deeds have come back to bite you in the arse. You suffer from a painful injury, temporary illness, or loss of something valuable. 10; You should have never of done it. Your character now suffers from "Paranoia and Depression" Making them incapable of simple tasks. Roll a 7 or higher, to recover your next turn.
  • 3. Bandit Cove
    • A dangerous area usually inhabited by crooks and bandits of all races. Some serious riches can be found here and possibly supplies inside the cave just on the shore. (You can roll for "Successful Theft". No consequences. Cannot access until a boat is made.) The safest route to get to Bandit Cover located in Kibuki is by boat as travelling through Kibuki alone is rather dangerous.
      • Successful Theft: 1-4; You failed at stealing valuables or other supplies from Bandit Cove. You suffer minor injuries. 5-9; You successfully stole from the Bandit Cove. 10; You failed to steal from the Bandit Cover and are now confronted by enemies. Plan your escape without supplies.
  • 4. Elder's Grace
    • Safest area of all seven locations that is primarily inhabited by wildlife. Occasionally, you can find a travelling Elf or Priest due to the areas significance but are not hostile. There are plenty of natural resources but taking from this land is illegal except for fish, small game, and select herbs. (You can roll for "Successful Theft" of resources then roll again for "Karma". Scavenging from legal supplies is guaranteed success thanks to an unnatural blessing of the land. Cannot access until a boat is made.) Elder's Grace is primarily dense forest surrounding the Lake of Hera but if you follow the river, you'll be taken to more open land.
      • Successful Theft: 1-4; You failed at stealing supplies from Elder's Grace. 5-9; You successfully stole from Elder's Grace. 10; You failed to steal from the Elder's Grace and suffered minor injures while being caught and escaping.
      • Karma: 1-3; You suffer little to no punishment from your bad deeds. Maybe a bad hair day. 4-6; Your bad deeds has brought you bad luck. Something mildly unfortunate happens to you. 7-9; Your bad deeds have come back to bite you in the arse. You suffer from a painful injury, temporary illness, or loss of something valuable. 10; You should have never of done it. Your character now suffers from "Paranoia and Depression" Making them incapable of simple tasks. Roll a 7 or higher, to recover your next turn.
  • 5. Kingdom of Evorath
    • Kingdom of Evorath os dominantly Elves, but are welcoming to most species. This is also referred to the City of Glass, and is an excellent trading site. Unlike the Wandering Hills, Kingdom of Evorath has just about everything to trade. However, tends to be a little pricey. You can find scrolls of knowledge or recruit other members to your travels. (Trading is always Successful. Cannot access until a boat is crafted.)
  • 6. Island of Sorrow
    • The Island of Sorrow is often a dark place to travel. There is little resources on this island other than dead wood and a surplus of clay. It is a dangerous place despite time of day because it always appears dark here but offers recruitment options. (This Island sole purpose is to introduce new players via message in a bottle or discovery.)
  • 7. Plains of Wilderness
    • A semi-dangerous territory inhabiting wild beasts, vicious creatures and simple game. An excellent resource for meat, leather and bone if you can kill whatever it is you are hunting. The Plains of Wilderness is mostly open field. (Roll for Successful Hunt.)
      • Successful Hunt: 1-4; You failed to hunt whatever it was you were hunting. 5-9; You successfully hunted and skinned. 10; You failed to hunt whatever it was you were hunting and suffered minor-major injures while escaping. *Larger the Beast, Larger the Injury.

**In no specific order. Please PM!


  1. Name
  2. Age or Estimated Age
  3. Gender
  4. Past Occupation
  5. Sexuality (Putting this means you're open to romance. Leave blank (N/A) if not.)
  6. Race
  7. A picture (non-anime) or a description of your SPECIES/RACE and what they "generally" look like as a whole. This does NOT describe what YOUR character looks like.

  1. Biography
  2. Personality
  3. Description of their preferred look and specific details
  4. Likes and Dislikes
1. Starting Ailment
You can choose from Illness, Starvation, Exhaustion, or Injury. Describe if necessary.

2.Racial Buff and Con (Describe)
Different species tend to be better at something over others. These are not skills. What do they struggle?

3. Skills and Abilities (Describe)
Try to limit them. With each skill or ability, describe a disadvantage with them to balance your character out.
Ex: Has Telekinesis but becomes exhausted afterward unable to perform complex tasks.

4. Starting Tools or Items (Limit 2)

Name: Kikora'Vethi
Estimated Age: 300's (Mid-Thirties)
Gender: Female (Non-Reproductive)
Past Occupation: Assassin, Intel
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Shavkora
The Shavkora are best described as a reptilian bird who are rarely seen due to near extinction. When it comes to their physical features, they come as a gender neutral appearance and the only way to distinguish their genders are by their beaks; the females have shorter beaks over the male counterparts. It is also true that the males have brighter feathers than the females but in coming years, that fact has become irrelevant has females have found ways to brighten their colors to show dominance. The skin tone of the Shavkora are, without fail, various of greys and browns except the soft, expandable flesh located under their arms. That will usually match the color of their feathers. Due to their declining genetics, it is nearly impossible for a female to reproduce.

Biography: Kikora'Vethi was an assassin who was originally sent out to assassinate the King of Amalouras, however, it turns out she was left with a big plot twist. Upon arrival, word quickly spread that Amalouras was in danger from things that people have never even witnessed. This cold hearted, wretch of a woman who was sent out to kill the King is now in the middle of a unpredictable event.
After surviving the second wave of attacks, people started evacuating the Kingdom and Kikor'Vethi had no where to return until her target was dead. So, she waited it out fighting for her survival night after night with those "things" until eventually things quieted down. It's been about a year since she arrived at the Kingdom and she was slowly decaying from injuries as she gained more than she could recover. Her target killed not by her hands, and unable to return home in Kibuki. Defeat fell over her. But, when she came to terms with a struggling group, she decided this could be her last shot at a possible, livable life.
No one knows why she was in the kingdom in the first place, fearful they may try to harm her.

Personality: Oddly, Kikora'Vethi has a rather soft personality when it comes to others that she cares about. But, on the outside and in view of anyone else, she's "heartless". She had to learn to be such a way with her occupation and while she has no plans of killing anyone in her group, it doesn't mean she can't. Kikora is stubborn but has a very calm nature, not letting anyone shake her off her "tree" no matter how angry the other person is. With a little coaxing, anyone can avoid that hidden wrath she's capable of.
Once she opens out, she nearly does a 360 of her personality but can easily close up the moment she starts to feel emotionally (or physically) hurt.

Description: There is no hidding how thin and tall this creature is as the Shavkora do not wear commoners clothing. Instead they wear jewelry as clothes. Kikora has a long, plated metal "tail" that hangs from the front of her neck. Usually, it's well maintained but with recent struggles, the metal is faded and dirty but still does the job covering sacred areas. Her feathers are bright, ember red with touches of deeper ruby like her softer flesh areas.

Likes and Dislikes:

Starting Ailment: Injured, Limited Muscle Function in both Lower Arms
(Scratches and Cuts from battle)
Racial Buff and Con: (B) Swiftness, able to dodge and move with excellence. (B) Heightened Senses; has excellent eyesight and hearing. (C) Cold-Blooded, unable to perform or survive in cold temperatures. (C) Not a Fish, Is unable to swim and prefers to stay away from water in general.
Skills: Perfected Eye-Sight; While her specific species has excellent eyesight, she is able to go the extra mile and zoom in on the tiniest of details. However, the longer she does this, the longer it takes her eyes to readjust afterwards leaving her nearly blind.
Glide; With swift grace, she is able to glide short distances and reach areas others may not be able to.
Starting Tools: Twin Wind Blades, Small Flesh Pouch (For Preserving Meat)


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