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Multiple Settings (Always Updating!) Seeking MxM RP Partners

‘Sup! I just came back from a looooooooooooong hiatus and now I’m looking for people who wanna do some people wholesome, gay RPs.
Btw, if you see an asterisk by a plot or character, it means that it’s one of the ones I really wanna do.
Things to know:
  • I don’t usually do descriptive posts.
  • I’m pretty busy, but I will try to reply a few times throughout the day.
  • Give me some notice before you quit! You have no idea how many RPs I’ve been excited to do where my partner just stops responding!
  • I’m not so keen on copious amounts of drama, betrayal, or love triangles. I put up with lots of drama in my personal life (and I’m generally a crybaby) so I like to keep things relatively lighthearted.
  • I loooooooove fluff and characters just getting to be happy gays together, but I like to have some conflict as well.
  • This is very trivial but I use "Guy" instead of "Muse".
  • If I have dialogue going on between my main character and a side character I tend to write a short novel.
    Plots (adding new ones all the time!):
  • Boo!: Guy A comes back to his hometown for his summer break from college, only to find out his best friend, Guy B, has died while he was gone. Guy B, however, comes back as a ghost because of his unfinished business: getting Guy A to love him.
  • Wings: An angel sent to Earth to fight off sin finds himself feeling the effects of the sin of homosexuality. Who is he feeling these ungodly feelings towards? The Devil.
  • Music: A world-famous musician finds himself wanting to reconnect with the people he was friends with before he was famous. He only ends up finding one of his old friends, but it seems they won’t remain just friends for long...
  • Summer: Guy A found himself falling in love for the first time with Guy B, a foreign exchange student who spent a summer with him. Ten years later, as fate would have it, the two meet again in Guy B’s country.*
  • Dreams: Guy A has fallen in love—in his dreams. So what happens when the man he’s dreamed of ends up being his roommate in his college dorm?
  • Worst Enemies: Two worst enemies wake up handcuffed together. Although it’s very rough at first, the two guys begin to develop feelings that are the opposite of hatred.
  • Break Free (Listed below): Guy A is a member of a radically homophobic cult. What happens when he meets Guy B, who is proudly gay, and begins to fall in love?
  • Atypical: Guy A, Guy B, Guy C, and Guy D. The four are all close childhood friends, but interactions and years of romantic tension between the four culminates in the four friends forming a polyamorous group.*
  • Only You: Standard "two best friends realize they’re gay for each other" plot.
  • Love in Between Hate: Two princes from warring kingdoms fall in love as Prince A is accompanying his sister, who Prince B’s soon to be wife by arranged marriage. The two fall in love, and on the night of Prince B’s wedding, Prince A interrupts the vows. Prince B says he takes Prince A to be his lawfully wedded husband and they run off.
  • I’m Home: Guy A’s best friend, Guy B, ran away during their senior year of high school. Five years later, Guy B returns home, and the two’s relationship begins to blossom.
  • The Story That Connects Our Worlds: 500 years ago, an alien invasion destroyed human civilization. Since then, the remaining humans have rebuilt and bright the human race to brand new technological heights. The "Humans From Space", as they are called due to being virtually identical to humankind in physique, return to Earth, 500 years after first invading. As the Humans From Space try to colonize, tensions between the human and Space-Humans rise. Guy A, a human, and Guy B, one of the space-humans, have begun to fall in love. Can they break the barriers and make the humans and space-humans realize that their only difference is a single lightyear?
  • My Gay Fairytale: Guy A’s always wanted a Prince Charming to save him from his day to day struggles. He might’ve found his prince in a bad boy, Guy B, who immediately takes interest in Guy A after their first meeting.*
  • Imaginary Boyfriend: Guy A* and Guy B have been inseparable since birth. The twist is that Guy B is an imaginary friend Guy A has had since childhood to combat his social anxiety. When Guy B becomes tangible, Guy A realizes that he might’ve thought up an actual sentient being with thoughts and feelings, and that his imaginary friend is madly in love with him.*
  • Yin and Yang: Two opposites: Guy A, a preppy valedictorian, and Guy B, a friendless art student, quickly find that they end up drawn together despite having nothing in common.
  • My Hero: Guy A, a notorious supervillain by night and college student by day, and Guy B, a beloved superhero by night and Guy A’s best friend by day, find themselves trying to kill each other every night and begin to develop into a couple by day. When they discover each other’s secret identities and Guy A copes with guilt, Guy B suggests that he and Guy A should team up to fight the crazed villains and corrupt superheroes of the city.
  • Love At First Sight: The first thing Guy A sees when his blindness is cured is his best friend, Guy B, and he falls in love with his literal first sight.
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I don't really have a name for that emotion
First off, welcome back. Always fun to get back into the role playing world. I'm interested and I may have some ideas I can share with you too. If you'd like to hear them.
New plot!
  • Break Free: Guy A, a member of a religious cult, has hated everything that goes against his god’s will. What happens when he meets Guy B and begins to feel feelings that would tear him from everything he’s ever known?*
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Out of This World 🚀
New plot!
  • Break Free: Guy A, a member of a religious cult, has hated everything that goes against his god’s will. What happens when he meets Guy B and begins to feel feelings that would tear him from everything he’s ever known?
I really like this plot and would love to write with you! :•)
New plots!
  • Dare: An unassuming game of truth or dare ends up changing things for two best friends.
  • Blood is Thicker Than Water: Guy A has been waking up with strange bite marks on his arms lately. One night, he awakes to see his best friend and neighbor, Guy B, is the culprit behind the bite marks.*
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  • I Found You: Guy A had never forgotten his summer with Guy B, a foreign exchange student. Now, five years later, a chance encounter in Guy B’s home country leaves their lives intertwined once again.


mysterious boy
hi are you interested in a plot where like a group of friends goes into a haunted place(abandoned amusement park/asylum/graveyard) and A gets split off and B is a ghost and soon A starts to get to know B and keeps visiting him bc B is lonely but somehow bound to his spot?

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