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Fandom Always searching ~fandom and non-fandom plots~ (mxm)


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Hello everyone,

I am back after a veeery, very lengthy leave with a new account and a new need for rp! You may have known me as lilblu or blu? Something like that. I have since lost that account because I'm great at remembering passwords/s

Nonetheless, I am back and ready to meet some people and write some rp!

I am semi-lit and relatively active. I like to match lengths (depending on content). I prefer one to two responses a day but always recognize that life comes first. I am usually around every day but if not give me at least two before giving me a little reminder as some weeks are just busier than others.

No one liners, please give me at least a paragraph to work with. I get not all people write novella length (I struggle to honestly) but I need something.

No oc/cc. I have done it way too much and I feel at this point it's more than I can handle.

cc/cc and oc/oc are welcome in most circumstances.

18+ please, I am not a minor and do not feel comfortable rping with minors. Some of my rp's are very heavy in topic.

ooc chat is always welcome whether thats here or discord.

World building, plotting! I love working with my partner to make the world ours!!

Now onto what fandoms I'm looking for:

RDR2 *******
Sherlock (BBC)
Black Butler
Maze runner (ocxoc)
Now you see me (ocxoc)
Fantastic beasts
httyd (and the big 4)
Avatar (james cameron) *******************
and probably more

Non fandom:
Anything fantasy
Church animatic
Winged au
Slice of life
Dark slice of life
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