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SweetCandy's One on One Partner Search
Updated: December 6th, 2018​


Welcome one and all to my partner search. I ask that you read all of 'Rules & Guidelines' before messaging me. I know this BBCode isn't the prettiest, but I tried to keep it clean and mobile friendly.
Okay, so a little about me and my partner search. You might recognize my name as recently I've been bumping my former partner search thread quite a bit. I made the thread a while ago and have just been reusing it. Recently, however, I felt that a lot of the information is either outdated or just kinda of cluttered altogether. So I decided to remake my thread and here we are.
I guess I should talk about me at some point. My name is Candy or Hana whichever you prefer. You can also call me by my character names too if you'd rather do that. I'm an eighteen-year-old college student. Who enjoys writing and reading. I wish to write my own book one day but currently, I'm happy with RPing. I'm a pretty laid back person, I might seem a little weird at first when it comes to causal conversation but don't think that it means I don't wanna chat.
I really hope to become friends with my RP partners. While it isn't vital that we talk OOC it is encouraged. I tend to curse a lot, but just let me know if you don't like it and I'll cut back on it.
I'm not gonna make you read any more about me. I hope to RP with you in the future!

  • Rules

    -Please be sixteen or older. No exceptions.

    -No Furries. I'm just not comfortable RPing with a furry character.

    -I only RP through RPN and discord.

    -No excessive text speech. If you write like this; "owo wat is dis *blushes*" we are not going to work out as RP partners.

    -Please only respond through DMs if you are unable to DM then comment and I'll DM you. I wish to keep this thread clear and only use it for bumps.


    -I have no post requirements. I tend to write 2+ paragraphs per post. I know and understand that at certain times long responses aren't necessary. But even then I feel like you should still be able to do more than a simple oneliner. On the same topic, I ask that you post at least once every two days.

    -Try to have proper grammar and spelling. I myself have trouble with it at times, but I still deem my writing to be readable. I hope.

    -I am ditch friendly, but still, prefer to be given some form of notice. Likewise, I will let you know if I do not think the RP will work out.

    -OOC is welcomed.

    -I RP MxF, FxF, and MxM



Unicorns are Cute
Hello, are you still looking for partners? If so, I would like to do Witch x Witch Hunter.
Hiya! Would you be interested in doing an M// arranged marriage or Boarding Student x Boarding Student RP with me?

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