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Step by step. Day by day.
It's been forty years to the day, the day that all humans abandoned earth.

Nature has claimed back everything it once had owned.

Cities fell to rubble, wild life grew without humans hunting them down, towns have fallen to ruin.

As days go by, nature reclaims more and more of the earth it once owned.

But this isn't a story of the earth claiming what belongs to it.

No, this is the story of the dogs that now own the cities, towns, and countries.

A story that follows multiple dogs, some who may cross paths, some who are in packs.

This is a story, that follows the adventures of said dogs. Dogs who rule with great force, dogs who rule with kind hearts, and dogs who rule with an iron paw.

Forty years ago, dogs hadn't evolved like they had now.

You could blame it on the nuclear waste that is diminishing due to humans not being around to clean it.

But, it's not a bad change, in fact, this is what the earth needs.

Animals who understand it's value.

With that said, will you join the action?

Will you strive to make change?

Will you embark on great adventures?

Will you create a pack?

Or will you be one of the few trying to make things worse?

The choice, is ultimately yours.


Hello! And welcome to "It's A Dogs World." a roleplay group that will be full of many adventures, action, friendly bonds, and possibly, love.

I will request that you are mature enough to understand certain themes, as there can be themes such as:

•Intense drama
•Intense storylines
•Romantic elements
•And sad moments.



1. There will be no dirty stuff what so ever, this follows all of the rules of RPnation. If I catch that you are trying to incorporate these themes, I will ask you to leave.

2. If there is a minor that joins, you will not be allowed to have any romantic themes between you and them, if I find out this is happening, I will be in contact with staff of RPnation.

3. There will be no Harassment/ Bullying of any kind, I don't even want to see a small bit of it.


This is a group roleplay, which means, everyone will be included in some way, no one is to be excluded. This is semi-literate to fully literate, so pleas no one sentence replies.


List of players:

(This will be updated as we gain more people!)



And now, ladies, and gentlemen, I present, the beginning of our story:

Dusk fell over a once very populated city, but that city had been abandoned. Every human was gone, and none of the creatures left on earth knew where they had gone.

It was a good thing though, no more war, no more fights, no bad humans. It was calm.

Except for the usual fight between animals, over something like food, or territory.

Maybe, it was meant to be that way.

Life for Flora and Fauna was better without the humans who where tearing it down.

Many animals where greatful for it.

As night feel, dogs where finding their shelter for the night, some where in packs, some where on their own.

But, everyone seemed to help each other in some way, especially when the younger animals needed it.

Dogs had risen up as saviors, heros even.

No more bustling cars ran the streets. It was just, peaceful.

Everything seemed to be perfect, like some higher force had planned this out for nature.

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Step by step. Day by day.
Serenity walked alone in the streets of an abandoned countryside, she was trying to head back to the city as fast as she could, as night could mean danger, plus, she just didn't like the night time what so ever.

As she walked along a shortcut she normally took, it became clear that there was no way she'd make it back before dark. She let out a soft sigh, slightly angry with herself.

"Why did I go out so late..?" She asked herself.

Normally, she'd keep going, but, that notion had stopped a few minutes ago, as she heard something run. She didn't know if it was just a small animal, or something potentially dangerous.
Either way, she didn't want to know.

She took off in a Sprint, heading towards an old shed she had spotted, she wasn't sure if it was abandoned, or inhabited, either way, she could at least be safe from the dark. She walked in through the door.

"Hello? Anyone in here?" She called out, hoping that nothing would respond.

When she didn't receive an answer, she darted in, and ran under an old car. That's where she'd sleep, right there, safe and sound. And in the morning, she'd head back to the city.

She curled herself into a ball, and layed her head down on her paws, even though she was able to somewhat see in the dark, she still didn't like it.

She had heard rumors, of when humans had still been on earth, that when they where, lights lit up the dark, like sun lit the day. She layed there, wondering where the humans had gone, but it was no use, she couldn't figure it out.


Ghost was used to the night. He'd stray far from populated areas, just to be alone with his thoughts. He was an easy going dog, one that really didn't care to much about where he'd sleep that night, or where he'd find food.

But that night, he had helped a mother find food for herself and her litter, it was a cat, but nonetheless, the young needed to be kept strong. The little orange tabby female had thanked him greatly, and he was happy to have helped.

He headed past an abandoned house in a rural area, looking for a good place to sleep that night, when he had found an old small house, he decided that would be best.

He entered the inside, and hopped up on an old couch, circling himself, before laying down and getting comfy. He would venture to the country side tomorrow, to see what he could help with there, other animals always needed help, and it was a good way to create some bonds with others.

Bonds that would not only benefit him, but, would benefit others as well. And maybe, just maybe, he could find a nice place to settle down for a while, as the winter time was fast approaching.

He layed his head down, gave a small yawn, and stared into nothing, as he waited to fall asleep. And from the looks of it, that wasn't going to happen soon. He sighed, grumpy at the fact that sleep did not find him, then got up, and decided to search the house.

He went from bedroom to bedroom, trying to find anything good, in one room, he found dolls, and toy cars, ones that had been abandoned after the humans had left.

Finally feeling tired, he went back to the couch and layed down, finally able to find sleep.​


Stephan’s girl. ❤️
Kate / "Moon"
-Farm Purebred Pitbull-

Kate was pushing some dirt back into a hole that some dogs had done to her lands. She tried her hardest to keep everything even and safe for the animals that she cared for. The moon was over the sky and she rose her head after she finished; turning to a voice that called her name.

"The moon's up. Think it's time for bed, eh?" Henry asked her, his large paws kneading the soft grass beneath them. Henry was a very friendly lynx and helped her keep things in check on the farm.

"Good idea, Henry," Kate said with a small wag of her tail and padded off with Henry next to her. Henry was to her shoulders, not as big as she was, but Kate always made sure he was well-fed and safe.

"Are the sheep in the barn?"

"Yes. And so are the chickens and the ducks. Only... had a mere issue with Pluto."

"Ah, Pluto. He just doesn't like going to bed. He's always energetic and ready to explore the world around him."

"That makes plenty sense then."

Henry slipped beneath the last wooden pole on the fence to Pluto. Kate leapt over the fence and landed on her paws without any issues. "Pluto. It's time for bed."

"Bed? Already? Hah! I'm not tired though." The large black stallion neighed stubbornly.

"Bed. B-e-d."

"Ugh. Fine," Pluto snorted and walked his way into the barn, to his stall. Kate then closed the barn with her head.

"C'mon, Henry," Kate said, leading him to the farmhouse for bed. The two jumped onto a table on the deck and through one of the open windows. They both went into one of the bedrooms and slept on the large bed contained.

Jaxon / "Jack" "Jax"
-German Shepard-

Jack was wandering around the dark streets with Russell, a small puppy Jack Russell Terrier. "Where do we sleep?" Russell asked quietly to Jack, who looked quite vigilant.

"I... I'm not sure yet, Russell," he murmured in response, creeping past another building.

"Look, there's a shed there. Can we please go? I'm a little frightened out here."

"All right..." Jack said with a low growl and made their way into a corner of the shed.​


✧・゚:* ♡♡♡ *:・゚✧
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  ji // coyote  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


A figure stands at the edge of the treeline.

Ji steps forward from the shadows and is illuminated by the moonlight. His white coat practically shimmers as it diffuses the milky light.

Beyond the mouth of the woods is a town -- ordinarily, the coyote would never dream of approaching such a place, surely filled to the brim already with strays who have picked the place clean and left no room for outsiders. But this time he's a bit desperate. There're hardly even scraps left where he's come from, so if he wants to keep eating, he has to take a risk. Has to brave the world of housepets (ex-housepets, he corrects himself in his head, almost laughingly. He could never imagine ever having been tied down, so literally, even, to a human owner. Nobody could ever own him). Maybe the housepets, with their silly sheltered lives, will be naive enough to share their warmth.

Ji ponders this as he pads ever-so-silent into the tangle of roads and fences. His creeping paws sound hardly more than a whisper on the worn asphalt.

A rustle in the shrub to his left and Ji's hackles are on end. It turns out to be just a raccoon, though, fat and grumbly as it plods away back to its den. Ji's eyes don't leave its own until the raccoon disappears underground.

I'm so jumpy tonight. Am I really that nervous about life in the city? Ji wonders, incredulous. He knows he has nothing to worry about. He'll be ruling this place from the shadows in no time. And if worse comes to worst, he'll snatch it right out from under their noses.


Praise the sun
Up till now Dog had had fairly mixed opinion's on living in the town. It was sort of cramped, full of animals that wanted nothing to do with him and it didn't have as many trees as he'd like, but he did have to admit this particular tree was a favorite of his. The massive shaggy form of Dog was reclining against the taller shape of a fruit tree which as luck would have it was full of tasty fruit. A number of apple cores were spread around the ground where Dog was sitting. His tree was on the outskirts of the town, Dog sort of liked the nearness to the wild woods surrounding it. He'd probably head out there if he wasn't waiting for Baxter to meet him in town. Who knew what was taking him so long. The bear took a moment to scratch his stomach before flipping over and shaking some leaves out of his coat. It was getting sort of late so he supposed he needed to find a place to sleep.

It could sometimes be troublesome to find somewhere to sleep that was good enough as Dog made it a habit not to sleep in the same place twice. An old trick from Baxter, there were plenty of animals that'd hurt a dog if they found it sleeping and so it was good to be mobile. He stood on his hind legs and grabbed a low hanging apple with his mouth before lumbering off to find a good place to bed down. As normal Dog could make out the sounds of other animals around him, he couldn't understand why everything in town made it a point to avoid him but he'd honestly given up trying to ask why. Nobody ever answered after all. Maybe it was a good thing, Baxter always said better to be alone and safe than surrounded by things that wanted to hurt you.

Dog eventually nosed his way towards the side of a human building that seemed to have a space under it. Dog had never known humans, he'd been born after they'd gone but if his information was right the humans had built this whole town. Dog wondered why they'd leave such a big place but he supposed it was up to them. He pawed away a bit of rubble and squeezed into the crawlspace to gnaw on his apple and sleep for the night.


Danger, Danger.
Noir stood next to rose, the pup had been hiding under him as a large pack of dogs had run past, Noir gave a small chuckle and looked down at the pup.

"It's fine Rosie! That's not a pack you need to fear. Plus, they where tiny dogs anyways! You're safe. I promise!" He spoke to her.

"But, you said to be careful around packs..." She spoke as she stepped out from under him.

Noir nodded. "I did say that, but I meant to be careful around packs that look mean." He said.

"Let's go find shelter for the night, and something to eat, 'kay?" He looked down at her.

She nodded and wagged her tail, and soon the pair was off to find food and shelter.

Both of those things didn't come easy for the two, Rosie was getting distracted by a litter of kittens wanting to play with the pup, while the mother and father of the kits walked beside Noir, talking to him about food and shelter.

Soon, the group decided to hunker down together, for the sake of protection, and some company.

Food had been found by noir and the male cat, and Rosie was gently wrestling with the litter of kittens.

That night, a friendship was made.


The meaning of life is the fine game of nil

There is silence all around, with only a few birds chirping from time to time.

Hannibal kept a low profile in the bush, cat ears stood upright like a pair of little radar, pupils dilated in the excitement of the prospect of having the next meal secured. There is a hare, fat and fluffy, seemingly unaware of the arrival of the predator, still fixated on eating grass.

But Hannibal knew his prey could jump away in a millisecond of notice. He's keeping himself downwind so his prey would not pick up any scent. Without moving a muscle. He observes, predicting escape route that his prey might take, movement that were to be expected, and slowly, his paws moves to approach his prey from it’s blindspot.

One step, two step……

The bunny realised the impending doom at the last second, if it had been a human they won’t even be able to capture the motion blurr. But a cat could, with his motion perception as an apex predator, Hannibal’s paws strike like lightning, in a split of a second his razor sharp teeth are already deep into the hare’s throat.

The hare struggles for it’s life with it’s powerful hind legs, thrash about and bounce, but Hannibal only tighten his bite as respond, until the bunny twitch for the last time and went limp.

A meal for the day.

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