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Colton Baxter (Status - Alive)
Lauren Allen (Status - Alive)​
A lone car travels down a gravel path around Lake Sherwood. Inside the car was the popular couple Colton Baxter and Lauren Allen. “I don’t see why we have to babysit a bunch of rugrats over summer break, babe.” The brown-haired boy spoke, his voice slightly agitated by the prospect of what he had said. “Because Brooke stated she was doing this and I have to follow her lead. She is my best friend after all. Also, I don’t think they’re rugrats. They’re, like, ten and older.” The bleach blonde stated, based on the way she said “best friend” it can be taken that it was more of a rivalry than a friendship. “Babe, are we doing this because you want to one-up Brooke?” The young man sighed. “I do not want to “one-up” Brooke. I just want to show that I’m just as capable as her. Besides you have your own pissing contest with Brendan, Colton.” Lauren rolled her eyes. “Yeah, and I bet I piss longer than he does.” He gave a confident smirk. “Gross.” Lauren scrunched up her face, obviously displeased by her boyfriend’s statement. “Just the way you like it.” He teased with an even bigger grin. “Unfortunately.” She rolled her eyes yet again.

“They won’t believe we were the first ones here.” Colton chuckled, trying to change the subject from both their rivals. His eyes looking over at his passenger in the car. “I’m sure they’ll be more surprised by the fact that we showed up at all.” The girl laughed a little. However, the smile quickly disappeared when the young man ran over a rock that was a little too large to be ran over. “Jesus, Colton! Did you have to choose the worst road to drive on?!” She shouted at him. “Babe, I’m saving us at least half an hour.” He chuckled. “Yep, thirty minutes and all the flat tires we want.” She stated sarcastically, turning her attention to focus on Sherwood Lake. It was better than falling victim to the car sickness that her boyfriend was currently generating with his vehicle. He sighed and shook his head, his focus completely back on the “road” in front of him. I should’ve taken the more paved entrance. He thought, shaking his head briefly. However, he had known about this “entrance” for some time and figured it would save him from travelling on the more populated roads.

Suddenly a loud POP rang out and the car pretty much came to a halt. “Sh*t!” Colton cursed under his breath. “Colton, I swear if you just got a flat-” However, the young woman was cut off before she could even finisher her sentence. “It’s fine, babe!” The brown-haired man growled, pressing his foot against the accelerator. However, the car still refused to budge. “Damn it. Must be stuck on something.” He muttered and opened the car door next to him. He then went around to the front tires to inspect. His side was fine, so it must’ve been on the right tire. Lauren also proceeded to get out of the car. “Great. Just great.” She muttered under breath. Perhaps I should’ve asked someone else to take me. She thought sourly, giving Colton a stink eye. “I’m going to go see if I can find someone is in this middle of nowhere.” She muttered only loud enough for her boyfriend to hear. “I’ll get us out of here. I just need to change this tire.” The young man argued. He went to the back of his car to retrieve the jack and spare tire. Lauren, although, remained doubtful. She may not be the smartest person, but she knew that changing the tire would be nearly impossible on this uneven path. She began walking through the woods, hopeful that she may find someone.

Meanwhile Colton remained focused on fixing the tire, he had not noticed Lauren walking away from the vehicle. Something’s got a firm grip on the tire. As the car was slightly elevated, only then did he notice what had trapped his car. A bunch of steel, handmade spikes had drove their way into the tire. “The f*ck?” He looked perplexed, knowing that this was something intentional. However, he would never be able to express his find as a sharp axe dug into his skull. He had not even seen the culprit.

Lauren was still stumbling her way through the forest. “Colt, that f*cking idiot. Swear, he’ll get himself hurt with all his stupid decisions.” She muttered to herself, pretty much focused on her own issues. A root caught her foot and she stumbled down. Her bright pink Camp Sherwood t-shirt was now stained with mud. “Ugh, great.” She muttered sarcastically, picking herself up and dusting what she could off. She would’ve been more upset if it had been one of her own shirts. However, something distracted her from her previous frustration. It had been… a sound? Like a quiet rustle. “Colton?” She called out. “Colton, I swear if you’re trying to scare me it won’t work.” Her voice getting slightly louder and more frustrated. However, no one called back to her response. “Colt?” She began walking towards where she had heard the rustle. She assumed it had come from the bush that had been behind her. For some reason, she felt nervous and felt her heart beating faster in her chest. She slowly approached the bush and brought some of it back with her hand. Only for a small, lean rabbit to jump out of the bushes. The small creature had startled the young woman, but for only a few seconds. She let out a sigh of relief, but it was short lived when an axe came flying at her face. She quickly ducked away from the flying axe. She let out a scream and began running back towards her boyfriend and his car.

It took her only less than a minute to get back. She could see Colton leaning over the tire. “Colt! Someone’s out there and they nearly killed me with an axe.” She ran over towards him. Her view on the woods behind her. The young man didn’t respond. “Colt, did you hear me? Someone just tried to ki-” She walked over closer to her boyfriend. Only to see that her boyfriend was no longer alive. Lauren let out a blood curdling scream and backed away. Only for her back to press up against something. She knew whatever she pressed up against was a living being, as she could hear heavy breathing. Her body began to shake as she turned around and faced whomever was behind her. Another blood curdling scream was the last thing that came out of her mouth.

Colton (Status - Deceased)
Lauren (Status - Deceased)

Asher Guttman (Status - Alive)
Dina Kaplan (Status - Alive)
Eddy Feldman (Status - Alive)​
A scream came from a hair metal vocalist from Asher’s car stereo. “Ugh, I can’t believe y’all listen to this.” Asher turned off the music with a quick push to one of the buttons in the car. The dark-haired boy turned to look back to look at his two friends in the back seat. Both of whom were passionately making out in his back seat. “Hey, no doing it in my car! I don’t want to deal with washing the seats down after!” He reached around and swatted at his friends with his right hand. Eddy and Dina both gave their friend an amused look. “Oh come on, Ash. It’s human nature.” Eddy argued, giving his friend a playful grin. “To do it in my car?” The unamused young man looked up into his rearview window to give his friends the stink eye. “Yeah. I mean, it’s where we do it when we can’t do it in our rooms.” Dina explained with a grin that nearly matched her boyfriend’s own grin. “Remind me to put a towel down before I take a seat in either of your back seats.” He grumbled, but both his friends knew that he was only teasing them.

He couldn’t believe all three of them had been accepted as counselors to Camp Sherwood. They must be desperate for counselors. He thought to himself. While he did have some experience camping, he was mainly an indoor person. Also, he wasn’t exactly the most “approachable” person with his black clothing and piercings. Really desperate.

“Also, some ground rules before we get there. No doing anything inappropriate in front of the campers. We don’t need a bunch of angry parents accusing us of being a bunch of degenerate teenagers. Despite it being true.” Asher’s own lips quirked up in a small smile. His joke also earned a small chuckle from both his friends. “If you are going to do it. Make sure the door is locked and you give a signal to your roommates.” The dark-haired boy stated which earned him a “yes, mom” from both Dina and Eddy. “Also, you’re not pushing any of your responsibilities on me.” His voice being serious. “Don’t worry. We may be a bunch of degenerate teenagers, but we are responsible.” Dina chuckled, but sounded sincere. “Scout’s honor.” Eddy also stated, lifting his hand with four fingers sticking up. Asher looked at them in his rearview to make sure that they both looked sincere. “Eddy, you do scout’s honor with three fingers.”
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Ashley Cassidy [Status - Alive] || Dwight Thompson [Status - Alive]​

"Do we really have to do this?"
A voice would pipe up from the passenger's seat which was met with an amused laugh from Ashley who was in the driver's seat. "What do you mean 'do we have to do this'? You're the one who signed up for it plus we're like halfway there, what do you want me to do? Turn the car around?" There was a few seconds of silence before Dwight whispered a small sarcastic 'yes' which Ashley only shook his head in response to. "Dwight, you'll be fine, it's just kids and-"

"A bunch of other teenagers like us," Dwight would interrupt. "Ash, I'm not sure if you've noticed but I'm not the most sociable guy." In response, Ashley waved his hand in a sort of dismissive motion. "Like I said, you'll be fine." Ashley would try to reassure his friend who would only grumble something in response, pushing his glasses up with the knuckle of his index finger. There would be another moment of silence before Dwight spoke again, "I'm not even an outdoors guy." At that statement, Ashley laughed in disbelief, "Once again, you're the one who signed up. It was your choice, not mine." Ashley would end with a scoff. Between the two, Ashley was the one with the most experience outdoors though it was mainly through small hikes and one or two camping trips compared to Dwight who's only experience outdoors was whenever Ashley dragged him along because he thought that the other boy could use the fresh air.
"I know! I know... It just seemed like a good idea at the time." Dwight would respond, a bit under his breath. "Uh-huh and did it seem like a good idea at the time because you saw that ad for that new collection of that comic book series of yours? Or..." Ashley would tease which earned him a small annoyed shove to his arm from the other boy. "Shut up, it's a limited edition set and I'm going to get it if it's the last thing I do." Dwight would bite back, rolling his eyes as Ashley laughed to himself.

[hope this is a good start didn't really know where to go with it]


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Asher Guttman (Status - Alive) | Dina Kaplan (Status - Alive) | Eddy Feldman (Status - Alive) | Andrew 'Andy' Brooks (Status - Alive)​
Asher turned off the paved road to go down a flat, dirt path. Within a short distance, they were facing the camp entrance. Camp Sherwood was written across the large wooden entrance. "Well, looks like we're here. I still can't believe they hired us." Asher spoke up, clearing his throat a little. He slowly moved his car to the dirt parking lot that was only few yards away from the sign. From a few other cars in the lot, he assumed that there was already a few counselors here. "Supposedly they were pretty desperate on staff. I heard they even hired Colton Baxter and Lauren Allen." Eddy commented. "Lauren Allen? That airhead who thought we were talking about Atlanta when discussing Plato in class?" Dina furrowed her eyebrows at her boyfriend. Whom just nodded with a grin. "Forget Lauren. Did you say Colton Baxter? Isn't he one of the people who tagged our lockers with sw*stikas* freshman year?" Asher gave his friends an exasperated look. While all three weren't unpopular, they did deal with a bit of intimidation from a few select students. The three of them had been referred to as "the Jew Crew" in school. While most had no ill intention when referring to them as such, a few did and weren't particularly fond of the group. "Supposedly, but the school couldn't prove it. Although the school did give a "stellar" rebuke for the "perpetrators."" Eddy stated sarcastically and rolled his eyes. Asher shook his head, remembering the student gathering in the auditorium that the school organized and how disappointed they were that a student or students would do such a thing. Obviously it was a show that absolved the school and show how "accepting" they were.

"Hey, they don't have to ruin our summer, we'll just do what we did for the past several years: ignore them and pretend they don't exist... That is if they show up. I remember that they would skip out on class and after school practices." Dina stated which seemed to relax her boyfriend and best friend. "Yeah, let's hope." Eddy stated. After Asher was done parking, they all exited from the car and went to the back to gather their things from the trunk of Asher's car. Besides their backpacks, there was only a couple of grocery bags full of snacks. "Should we leave them here until tonight?" Dina asked. "I-" Eddy was about to answer until someone jumped on top of the young man. "Sh*t!" Eddy cursed, almost tumbling to the ground. "It's about time all of you losers showed up!" The orange hair and hemp smell, all three knew who the perpetrator was instantly. "Andy, you little sh*t! I outta hurt you." Eddy chuckled playfully, trying to wrap his arm around the attacker. Andy chuckled and easily evaded the dark-haired boy. "Another person I'm surprised they hired." Asher leaned against Dina and arched an eyebrow with a smirk. The girl also gave her own smirk as she watched her boyfriend and Andy. "Hey. I'll have you know that I've been a counselor three times before." Andy feigned a look of hurt, but it was obvious he didn't take offense to Asher's statement.

"Also, I'm sure you would much rather work with me than those I shall not name." Andy chuckled. "Yeah, speaking of them. Are they here?" Asher gave the redhead an arched eyebrow. "Nope. Haven't seen them." Andy answered, which honestly kind of relieved the trio. "Well, we'll have a fun time tonight with or without them." Obviously the redhead was trying to change the subject based on the reaction of his friends. "Speaking of which, how much do I owe you for the beer?" Eddy spoke up, obviously ready to change the subject to something more uplifting. "Well, I have more than just beer if y'all are interested." Andy wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Eddy turned to look at his friends to gauge whether they wanted what Andy was offering. Asher shook his hand and lifted his hand as a sign of No Thanks and Dina just shook her no. Eddy then turned back towards Andy. "Nah, I think we're good." Eddy answered which earned a shrug from Andy. "Alright. For each of you that'll be..." Andy began to do the math in his head, his eyes turning upwards towards the sky. "I'll pay for all of us." Eddy stated, obviously not patient enough to wait for the redhead to do the math in his head. "Such a gentleman." Dina said in a teasing voice towards her boyfriend, which earned her a grin from the young man. "Alright, since you all brought the snacks and aren't going to take anything away from my stash. I'll let you off for fifteen dollars." Andy offered. "Make it ten. So, we don't regret covering for you when get too sh*t-faced tonight." Asher counter-offered which caused Andy to contemplate. "Deal!" The redhead eventually accepted. Eddy pulled out a ten from his pocket and handed it over to Andy. "Pleasure doing business with you all." Andy chuckled and stuffed the money into his pocket. The redhead began making his way over to a couple more cars that were now parking in the lot. Obviously to shake them down for beer money.

((*I know it's not a bad word, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.))

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