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Multiple Settings Always looking! Long posts, realistic characters, tons of ideas. (Please ignore post count + dates)

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monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?
Hey there! I'm interested in both of the Medieval Fantasy plots, if you're still looking!


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Hi there! I am new to the site but not at all new to roleplaying! I would very much love to pick up a modern fantasy (the vampire plot) if you're still looking for people. You can hit me up on dms here or on discord at Pjevica#0911 if you are interested still :D
Hello! I'm Nesy and I'm looking for roleplay partners.

I have things ranging from fantasy war plots and one "Merlin." like plot(It's kind of similar except that it has other charactaristics) that I'd like to share which has some politics involved. I'm also up for brainstorming and shennanigans like that. I do MXF and MXM.

I'm borderline advanced / borderline intermediate with some small inconsistent characteristics. Meaning I do have some minor issues with punctation but my texts are readable I assure you. Swedish is my first language sooo... Yeah!

So, if you are interested you may reply, shoot me a pm because I love to talk with new roleplayers.

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