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Alternative for Roleplay Tabs!

Kiyoko Tomoe

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So I've been doing this for quite some time whenever I make threads for an RP or something similar, using it to link all of my threads together in a clean and easy-to-use way. I never really thought about sharing it before because I presumed that someone else would have figured it out and shared it by now, but I see a bit of a lack of it elsewhere around the site. This right here is what I'm talking about:

This RP Links thing I've just displayed is something that I've used several times, and have been using probably since we lost the original tabs system that everyone loved. It's easy to set up, and just as easy for players to use to navigate the website.

For anyone who's interested in using such a thing, this is the very simple BBCode for it. Do note that in the above example, I left in the actual URLs so that they can be clicked to see that it works, and see how I have it set up in my current RP, however below I've replaced the URLs in the code with "Insert URL Here" to make it easier for usage.

[CENTER][divide=dotted]RP Links[/divide]
[URL='Insert URL Here'][SIZE=2]In Character[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=2] ---- [/SIZE][URL='Insert URL Here'][SIZE=2]Out of Character[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=2] ---- [/SIZE][URL='Insert URL Here'][SIZE=2]Character Sheets[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=2] ---- [/SIZE][URL='Insert URL Here'][SIZE=2]Character Sheets[/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=2] ---- [/SIZE][URL='Insert URL Here'][SIZE=2]Interest Check[/SIZE][/URL][/CENTER]

You can easily add on additional threads by simply putting in a space, followed by four dashes, another space, and the name of the thread. You can add to it as much as you want, though I would recommend using this only if you have less than eight threads, or if you wish to use it for more, you can mess around with it by placing things on a third line, or change sizes, perhaps do some personal touch-up to make it look pleasing to you; whatever you wish to do with it, you may do.
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