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New Year's, Baby!
1. powers manipulating, time, reality, another player's free will, or granting hidden knowledge such as future sight and or precognition are restricted but not entirely banned. i reserve the right to ask that you change or remove a power if it conflicts with my ability to make the story work.
2. Evil characters will not be allowed, likewise excessively crazy people will not be allowed. you can be a villain and it's okay to have trauma and mental issues associated with that. but when you are randomly or unnecessarily killing people expect there to be consequences for this. if your character cannot function on a team or make rational choices then this is not the rp for them. also bear in mind this is not marvel or dc, a villain that blows up a building killing a bunch of innocents gets the death penalty, not a vacation to Arkham before they break out again.(there is room for wriggling here but it's important that we have some type of synergy.)
3. No character in this is the most powerful Alter. if there are 5 catagories of alter and the highest is five (being the alter that blew up a city) the highest a character is allowed to be rated is 4.

The CS
delete anything between "()" and replace it with the requested parameters.
* means optional.
Age: (The disaster occurred 33 years ago, if you are born before this you cant have powers.)
Altered: (Yes or no)
Status: (Occupation, if an RO team member put "RO Alt squad")

Personality: (whatever you feel like adding. gimme something to work with.)
History: (include your powers awakening which happens during puberty, and when/how you got to where you are. if you are in the RO alt Squad, they would've approached you at some point)
Primary ability: (basically explain the "science" behind your power what happens how it works and what if any limitations it seems to have.)
Secondary abilities: (in short these are powers that come as a side effect of your ability. for example the human torch as a side effect of his fire elemental power has a high body temperature making him mostly immune to environmental conditions, he is also fireproof, and can fly yet these are all secondary powers.)
Drawbacks: (you dont need a kryptonite like weakness but something to make you vulnerabl in some fashion. for example my indestructible metal man cannot feel sensations, cannot swim no matter what, and lacks any serious mobility options.)

Goals: (what does your character hope to accomplish?)
Fears: (we all have them and i will most certainly use them against you so try to avoid things that bother you irl.)
Extra: (you can add costumes, theme music, and whatever else you want here.)​


New Year's, Baby!
Name: Lucian Rhodes
Age: 32yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Altered: Yes
Status: RO Alt squad

The Gentle Giant- normally Lucian is an absurdly patient and calm man having spent his entire adult life being careful not to break the world around him. He became a gentle and kind man likely a trait he picked up in his time as a father and husband. he goes out of his way to be the voice of reason for those around him, having long since forgotten what physical pain feels like is one of the few things, he has a hard time relating to. that said he has plenty of emotional turmoil to draw from when it comes to helping people through their own emotional pain. this Lucian seems averse to hurting others to the point of being unwilling to harm someone he doesnt deem a threat to those around him.
The Terrible Titan- though very rare, on a few occasions Lucian has been enraged to the point of reckless abandon and violence. this reveals that Lucian is not actually as meek as he seems most of the time, instead he buries his violent urges and rage, storing them to unleash on the deserving and those capable of taking a heavy hit. while in his enraged state he becomes silent and violent in equal proportions uttering little to no words as he delivers blows unrestrained by his usual discipline, while he can be driven to this state by his teammates being injured or killed, he is just as likely to step out of this state the moment his destructive fury starts becoming a threat to the world around him.

History: Lucian was born a year after the disaster as the second child of the happy young Rhodes family. Emma and Roger were Houstonians forced to flee the flooding of the gulf who settled in the areas around Austin. His mother provided childcare to the countless orphans in the refugee camps while his father joined the Texas Rangers to help keep the cartels and warlords at bay. Things were great for a time, as great as they could be during the early days of the RO's formation. however an unexpected disaster was in the works, Lucians brother Alex seemed to be struggling with his mental health as he grew, and eventually puberty would hit him and his brother simultaneously. as it turned out both were alters and both were high tier in their power scale. Alex grew immense in stature and developed muscles capable of laughing in the face of physics. meanwhile Lucian found his stature growing similarly though admittedly less massive, however as he grew his body seemed to be converting into a strange metal. Alex was beginning to display more and more violent tendencies until he was found essentiall torturing some bullies from school, when his father confronted him Alex snapped his spine in a fit of rage and thinking he had killed his father Alex flew off the handle and continued to escalate things, fighting the police, and eventually also the RO. this would go down as the first Altered caused disaster as Alex dropped a six-story apartment and engaged hundreds of soldiers. horrified Lucian heard his mom weap and beg god to ut an end to this madness and so the eleven-year-old Lucian went to engage his rampaging brother. The fight took the boys down a destructive path through nearly fourteen city blocks before Lucian locked his brother in an unbreakable chokehold and wept bitter tears as he felt his brother's life drain from him in his grasp.

Lucians mother Disowned her son, and Lucian simultaneously lost his father, his brother, and his mother. it would've broken him but he was lucky enough to find something else in the process, he found purpose. For the next five years Lucian would undergo training and testing from the RO alt teams and would go down in histiry as one of the first-ever deployed when his first mission official occurred at age 16. since then the RO's indestructible man has become one of the most well known and feared Alters in the entire world, with impressive feats including 1v5ing another alter team, dragging a disabled submarine from the bottom of the sea, and even single handedly bringing down a titanic monster that had attacked new Galveston. he has been known to inspire hope upon his arrival and is usually both the first to be deployed and the last to leave as he often spends the time after missions digging through debris for survivors...a habit that the high command advises strongly against attempting to interfere with due to the last time resulting in Lucian having to swap teams after punching out his CO.

Primary ability:
Solid Nth metal Physiology- Lucian's skin, tissues, bones, nerves, and even blood have been transformed into a strange metal with properties that have yet to be fully tested. so far it seems to be completely indestructible resisting even atomic drills and thermo-nuclear reactions. the metal seems to store energy in tremendous amounts making it virtually impervious to heat, cold, magnetic fields, and even molecular manipulation. even other alters with ferrokinetic and matter manipulation seem unable to influence the structure of Lucians body though they can move his body around. despite his appearance Lucian's body is a nonferrous metal and does not set off metal detectors. this transformation is irreversible and Lucian has been metal for the last 21 years.

Secondary abilities:
hermetic seal- when Lucian holds his breath his nostrils and lips actually create a seal that prevents molecules from passing through. the indestructible metal of his veins and internals making him impervious to pressure or the lack thereof meaning Lucian can survive in the deepest oceans and the vacuum of space, however he can only hold his breath for about three or four hours at a time.
super strength- having muscle fibers made of indestructible metal and anchored to indestructible bones allows for incredible feats of strength. to date his greatest feat of strength is carrying a virginia Class nuclear submarine from the ocean floor to the surface. virgina class sub marines weigh about 7,800 tons and he carried it nearly 1 33 kilometers across the seafloor. granted he needed scuba gear to accomplish this 14 hour feat.
force dispersal- force and energy are muted on contact with Lucians body meaning a bomb slamming into his chest will actually do less damage to the local area than if it hit the ground. the same applies for his own punches both given and received making him a great pick when you need someone to soak up some punishment.
energy absorption- the reason for his force dispersal and probably playing at least a small role in his long breath hold time. lucians body actually absorbs the majority of energy applied to it ans scatters the rest meaning even if something existed with sufficient power to damage his metal its entirely likely that it will be absorbed and dispersed before it could overwhelm his structural integrity.

Sinking feeling- Lucin cannot swim and climbing is usually difficult as he weighs almost 1048lbs about as much as a small car, and stands 7ft3in tall.
No feeling- lucian cannot feel pain or sensations this includes a friendly touch or being punched through a building. as such he will not notice something stuck to him, he won't feel it if he is on fire, this constantly bothers him and IV fertilization was required to allow Arianna to conceive his daughter.
Family man- Lucian has a daughter and a wife that he cares deeply for. while he himself may be invulnerable they are not and harming them will hurt him more than anything else possible could. for this very reason the RO has them under heavy witness protection as they fear what could happen if an enemy used them to gain leverage over Lucian.

Goals: Lucian has found his purpose and he intends to lead the next generation of Alters within the organization and see to it that his daughter and eventual grandkids grow up in a more peaceful world.
Fears: Losing his family and people dying because he wasn't strong enough to do what was needed.
Lucian has been happily married to Arianna Kaulter for seven years now. Five years ago RO actually helped to extract DNA from Lucian, no easy task mind you, and used invitro fertilization to give Lucian and Arianna their daughter Alexis. alexis is now four and a half years old and the little family is Lucian's pride and joy. they live on base and are heavily protected by the RO not to mention Lucian himself. while Arianna herself is not an alter, Alexis does apparently have the genetic markers of one what her ability may be is anyone's guess but she is closely monitored with the expectation being that his powers will be similar to her fathers.

while it may be impossible to give Lucian a traditional tattoo the indestructible man has found a way around it, he pays graffiti artists to paint him up and down with metal staining and spray paint creating a variety of tattoos. these works of art can usually be cleaned off with intense heat or with industrial cleaners. however his family can always be found on his ever-changing canvass in one form or another.
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Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
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The CS
(TL;dR: A young man who sacrificed his own life to save thousands during the peak of The Disaster, who was later reborn as a primordial lava titan with the BIGGEST god complex.)
(His human form)

(His godly form - humanoid size)

(His godly form - titan size)

Name: Caelan Chan/Yougan the Primordial
Age: 19 (see, the thing is, he was 19 at the time of The Disaster but went into dormancy until recently so he hasn’t really aged—and probably won’t)
Gender: Biologically male, and official pronouns are he/him, but due to his god complex he prefers to be called “My Lord” or “Master”
Sexuality: Pansexual
Altered: Yes
Status: Professed to be a true god, official designation is “RO Alter squad”

Personality: As a human, he was quite shy and trying to break out of his shell, but always kind and wishing the best for others. Ever since his rebirth, though, he has acted nothing short of a god, through and through. The purest of god complexes runs through him, and he will stop at nothing to prove his divinity. However, he has retained his sense of kindness and compassion for humanity, wishing for them to survive and thrive into the new world which he will someday help build for them. He can have outbursts at times, but only when he is sufficiently angered.
Caelan Chan was a college student studying geology in New York City, but he had caught a flight back to his home in Hawaii to see his family just hours before the first meteor devastated New York. Though Hawaii was untouched by the several impacts of the meteors, it was soon to be added to the large range of victims after the “strike that broke the world,” as the few survivors called it. But Caelan would be at the forefront of the evacuation scene as volcanoes reawakened across the island chain, and would leave himself behind as a sacrifice so the rest could escape with their lives.

“Caelan Chan,” a voice calls out to him.

He looks around in confusion, but sees no one. He is still all alone, as he hears tremors rattling the island of Oahu. The ancient mountains are erupting soon, they call out for blood, but he is the only one there. The last boat with the remaining refugees had left hours ago, and he stood on the deserted beaches, watching the sunset.

“Caelan Chan…” the voice calls out again.

“Who are you?” Caelan responds.

“No one of any special significance,” it replies. “Why did you stay behind? You could have easily gotten on board with the last of them.”

“It’s no use living in a world that’s on its death bed. I’d rather be swallowed up in a flood of lava now so I don’t have to live out a miserable life later. And I’ll still die eventually.”

“Now, Caelan… what if I told you you don’t have to die?”


“You heard me right. I have watched you since you were born, and I have seen great potential in you, Caelan. I want you to be my avatar.”

“Who are you?” Caelan asks again.

“Ahh… well, to put it simply, the meteors woke me out of my eons-long slumber, and while I am currently associated with death, destruction and panic, your ancestors have associated me with the spirit and the life-blood of your islands. Though they may have mistaken me for a woman. And some may call me a god, some a titan, and others simply a creature of raw power. I answer to all of those. But, in its simplest form, I am the spirit of the earth itself, the manifestation of the power you see before you in the volcanoes. I am Yougan the Primordial, Lord of Magma and Keeper of the Primal Flames.”

There is silence, before the loud concord of the island’s many volcanoes erupting and flowing with lava resounds in Caelan’s ears.

“Do you accept?”

Caelan thinks for a moment.

“I accept.”

“That is good. I will teach you my ways, and you will become my avatar. I wish you the best in everything, Caelan Chan.”

And with that, the voice departs, as moments later, Caelan is swallowed up in a flood of lava, as the last remains of civilization on the island of Oahu melt away, or are swept into the ocean, forever lost.

That fateful day on Oahu had changed Caelan’s life forever. No longer was he a simple human, but an avatar for a godlike being, a Master of Lava in his own right. But there was much to learn, for as his soul lay dormant in a body made of obsidian, stone still like a statue in the forever active and bubbling caldera of Oahu’s largest volcano, the voice within him taught him the ways of a godly being such as the one he would become. The baptism of fire had occurred, what was now left was a trial by fire. And Caelan was ready for it.

Over thirty years passed in the godly voice’s tutelage, as his new body continued to lay dormant, but now, the time has finally come for him to take up the mantle of becoming the godlike figure of the Master of Lava, with all its power and prestige. And soon he will be called by the god’s own name, Yougan the Primordial.

Meanwhile, as he has slumbered dormant in wait of his emergence to power, the volcanoes scattered about the Ring of Fire have continued to erupt in preparation for their Master to arrive. Since the initial impact of the meteors, the volcanic territory of the world has only expanded, taking up the entire stretch of land around the Ring of Fire and across the other tectonics and fault lines, but it has also filled in the entirety of the Pacific Ocean, leaving it a hellscape of barren rock and lava, and the Hawaiian Islands having become the metaphorical throne from which Yougan will rule his kingdom.

And with Yougan now emerged, it’s only a matter of time before the whole world is swallowed up in his divine magma, rebirthed anew in the heat of its creation.

Primary ability: Imbued with a god complex, his powers are quite close to match, having a divine sense of control over fire, heat, and lava/magma.
Secondary abilities: He has total immunity to the elements he controls. He can also create or summon elementals of pure fire and lava to fight alongside him. His primary form is that of a large lava titan, but he normally suppresses this form in favor of a more human-size one, or his old human form if desired.
Drawbacks: Cannot function well in especially cold temperatures, and water- or ice-based attacks can weaken and/or petrify parts of him for certain amounts of time.

Goals: Possibly find his old family, if they are still alive. Protect humanity at all costs. Rebirth and reforge the world in the heat of its creation, covering it again in molten magma and barren rock, and leaving humanity alive to build their world anew.
Fears: Though he may never show his fears outwardly, he has a deathly fear of other gods and what they may do to him, his reputation or his power.
Extra: will add when I think of it


Four Thousand Club
Name: Iris Aiba
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Altered: Yes
Status: RO Alt squad (Contractor)

Personality: Iris is flippant, vulgar, violent, and incredibly immature, a girl who is extremely carefree with a devil may care attitude. While she is good at her jobs, she has no respect for authority and doesn't appear to take things seriously, freely mouthing off and taunting. She displays a fearless, almost disinterested attitude towards incredibly dangerous situations, as the threats she faces become more severe, she does rise to the occasion. As she says, “A fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting.”. There is however far more to the girl than meets the eye, with the perceptive periodically catching a glimpse of other aspects of her character, such as rarely enforcing payment for work for poorer clients, and refusing jobs she finds distasteful regardless of the payment amount. The girl's outward display conceals a gentler heart.

Born in central Asia, Iris's birth would coincide with the coming of the disaster, coming into the world along with the various meteorites as many seemed to think it was ending. As a result, she would never come to know her father who died attempting to protect her mother during the ensuing catastrophe, leaving her to be raised alone. Her mother however only makes it so far before falling as well, leaving to Iris to eventually fall into the care of an organisation going by "Heavens Fall". The group was religious in nature, growing quickly within the chaos through the recruitment of those affected by the disaster claiming such was the will of the divine.

She would be raised within this group until the emergence of her powers seemed to trigger a change in her and an outburst that would lead to her seeing something that turned her against the organisation and inflicting heavy casualties during her escape. Dubbed "The Fist that turned against God" she would enter into the wider world just as other Altered were emerging, thriving as a result as she travelled and enjoyed her newfound freedom. Taking a role as an agent for hire, it would be common to find her whenever trouble was brewing, acting independently as she grew a reputation hunting down her less mentally stable brethren. It was this that eventually had her come into contact with the RO, and after some negotiations agreed to a somewhat one-sided contract with the group as a contracted agent.

Primary ability: Eternal Eyes, A set of unique eyes that have allowed the user transcendent vision and with it a host of various abilities as a result. Her eyes are capable of taking in far more information than should be possible as well as subconsciously processing this at inhuman speeds. As a result, in addition to various forms of vision, she is capable of feats such as advanced calculations, weakness detection, photographic memory and reflexes.
Secondary abilities:
Superhuman Precision and Coordination: Iris is capable of acting on the information she has gathered with supernatural precision even going as far as targeting the bonds between atoms to cut what should be impossible.
Transcendent Physiology: Through the use of her vision herself, she has been able to engage in a rigorous training method that has pushed her beyond natural limits and combined with incorporating seemingly lost martial art methods has granted her father greater physical abilities than should be humanly possible.
Returnal: Her eye abilities have seemingly allowed her to find her way to any location she desires should she have visited it at least once, this has also somehow even extended to life itself and has survived the seemingly impossible on more than one occasion.
Information Overload: IOveruse of her ocular abilities can cause great strain and information overload, leading to migraines and worse. This also has resulted in sensory deprivation techniques being required in order to achieve proper rest. Her abilities have also resulted in damage to her mental state due to her being able to perceive what humans were never meant to.
Daredevil: Her natural resilience and ability to return have made her far more prone to taking risks, a fact visible by the sheer amount of scarring accumulated through her actions. This has even gone as far as to a strange detachment from her physical form.

Goals: Experience Life, Challenges and Fun, while helping those she can along the way.
Fears: Losing her mind, freedom and sense of self.

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Master Of Boredom
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Art by Abbitr
 Name \\ Louis Evans
Codename \\ SIREN
Age \\ 31
Gender \\ Male
Sexuality \\ Demi-sexual
Altered \\ Yes
Status \\ (I'm still torn on this, maybe handler but I'm not sure yet)

Personality \\ The Silent Marry Poppins: Despite his cold and bemused expression, Zero is a dedicated parental figure through and through. He may not show much emotions through his expressions but his body language and actions carried his golden intentions. He understood emotions well and is the one person you can definitely rely on at any time, he will always be there to lend you a hand. He is mostly calm and patient, rarely he can be seen spooked or angered. Yet that does not mean he won't scold others when taking a dangerous risk or causing some trouble to arise, he may even use his ability against altered troublemakers if he thinks it's absolutely necessary. (he won't use his voice if they are normal humans or children.)

The Melancholic Caretaker: Though simply understanding and knowing emotions isn't enough as even the man himself actually struggles to convey his intentions without well.. words. It isn't rare that others misunderstood and he ended up worsening the situation. He also tends to wallow longer in sadness and often gets distracted at times when his mood is quite low, making him useless in guiding and providing help to others when he lacks the motivation to do so.

History \\ Louis is an only child of an middle class household, nothing about him really stood out other than the fact that he has some issues with his health from an early age. But he was optimistic nonetheless as he had his childhood friend Emma to visit him in the hospital and accompanied him almost everyday. He had always loved singing in his spare time and Emma would be his number one fan, some day he wanted to become a singer. However that dream he had to abandon, as his Vocal cords had begun to deform. Turns out he was an altered as he began to regain control of his voice even to the point that he could mimic any sounds he like, however he learned the hard way that he could no longer use it to speak normally as it is in poor condition.

Becoming a mute to preserve his health, he had secretly worked for the RO with his uncle's help. Years passes by and he kept his personal life and work separate, He got married at the age of twenty three and had a daughter in one year of their marriage. Childbirth did not go well as he lost his wife and was left to raise his daughter by himself with the help of his parents. He had to make sure that his daughter is safe when he is out at work and become restless as years went on, however not once did he complained as she was the only thing keeping him going.

Three years from then, his daughter grew sickly and often gets in and out of the hospital just like him when he was young. He did everything he could think of in order to have his daughter be healthy again, but the day never comes and she passed away while sleeping in his arms. The loss shook him greatly and for a few months he was unable to work as he fell extremely ill and had to be hospitalized. He was between life and death but after one night of what seem to be the end of his life, he dreamt of his daughter and wife. ushering him to live life for himself, this was the very reason that allows him to pull through and recover from the darkest times of his life and return to the RO.

Primary ability \\ Cursed Vocal Cords: His vocal cords had been severely deformed, he still retain his ability to speak and is able to manipulate his voice into whatever he desires. He can turn his voice into a lower frequency (infrasound) causing people to feel anxiety, fear, sorrows without being able to even discern it or to a high frequency that would cause for glass to break and cause damage to people's hearing. This affects are much more amplified and can cover a room full of people. He can also manipulate the pitch and characteristics of his vocal cord to replicate another's voice.

Secondary abilities \\ Immunity To Sounds: Immune to his own abilities and loud noises (The eardrums are also deformed, it can withstand any loud noises and frequency. Allowing him to hear even when he uses his voice in high frequency.)

Drawbacks \\ Range: His voice can only reach 10 meters of length outside of a closed space.
Damaged Vocal Cords: His vocal cords is still a deformed mess and it's in such a poor condition that he can't even speak normally, he must save his voice only to be used when necessary and he must not scream nor yell as it would strain his vocal cords and tore it further which can lead to him bleeding to death if forced.
Paternal Instincts: He used to be a father of one but had lost his daughter 3 years ago, He will not be able to work efficiently when he knows that a child is involved and tends to drop everything just for the possible survival of a child.

Goals \\ A better and safe future for the humans, perhaps even adopting a child and focus on being a good father to them.

Fears \\ Endangering/hurting a child or witnessing other parents go through the loss that he experienced.

Extra \\ Attire: He always wears a black suit or dark turtleneck sweater and carries a black umbrella with him everywhere, the umbrella handle is actually a concealed sword and revolver.
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