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Realistic or Modern Altered- Legend of Epsilon Squad.

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New Year's, Baby!
Rejuvenate order conference hall, Florence Italy. 6:00pm

The crowd gathered outside the conference hall was abuzz with people gossiping and making their predictions, multiple large screens showed a semi circular table. Five microphones were set up at the table but only four chairs were there. One of the chairs was notably larger than the others and seemed to he made of thick metal of some kind. In front of the table were two microphone stands each positioned as to be off to the side of the table from the perspective of the camera. The crowd was clearly wondering what this next announcement would be, but it was the press gathered inside in the room itself who were the most excited, for they had an idea of what was about to happen. RO had contacted them just three days before telling them a new team was about to roll out and each one was offered a spot at the event if they kept it under wraps. Just another way the Handlers were keeping the situation quiet until the day of the reveal, it was the least they could do, not all of epsilon team wanted to go public.
Lucian Rhodes

The giant metal man stood at the center of his room shirtless with his arms extended out like a big silver T. In front of him his wife stood with safety goggles on, a thick leather apron, and a pair of thick leather gloves that she had just put on. “Your kidding me right? The man who would run into a warzone for a can of coke is scared of a few reporters?” she said as she sprayed the metal polish on her husbands chest. “Im not afraid of them Ari…im worried ill blow up our spot, spill to much and have people all over our business.” he said turning so she could also coat his back. After a few more spritzes from the spray bottle Arianna set it on the table beside her and picked up the wire brush wheel power tool. “Too late for that Lucian, your about to be a celebrity. Ill be the wife of a celebrity, your daughter the child of a celebrity. People will want to know about us because they want to know about you. You dont have to worry hon, you didnt marry a dandelion, the shifting winds wont blow our family apart. Now shhhh, close your eyes tight i only have the one wheel.” before lucian could reply arianna would end the conversation by filling the air with the whine of the power tool and the grinding sound. A shower of sparks would be flung out to the left as the metal bristles were ground into hot metal, mixed with the polish, then flung to the side leaving a chrome like shine behind.
Meanwhile in the conference room.

From behind the privacy curtain the Cheif Handler for epsilon team Captain Maurice gripped the bridge of his nose in irritation. The RO politician was literally admiring themselves in the mirror while practicing rehearsed lines. God how he hated politicians. It had been political leaning that had him having to go public with his team. He tried to tell them that some of these people had lives and people they wanted safe but his higher up said flatly it was “out of my hands” un fricken believable. His crew had taken it pretty well all things considered. He could’ve sworn lucian was going to boot his head off of his collarbones but the big guy just stormed off and hadnt said anything to him since. Lucky. He was snapped out of his thoughts when someone came and signaled it was time to go out there. Taking a deep breath he stepped out plastering a fake but very convincing smile as they each stepped out to their microphone stands and began to talk. The politician talked about crime, about attacks from warlords and monsters, and really laid the gloom and doom on thick before hitting the crowd with one of those “we have a solution” before he introduced captain maurice. Who gave him a courteous thank you before beginning.

“For the past decade or so we within the RO have been deploying teams of Altered humans to combat these threats. Our four teams Alpha, Bravo, Capo, and Delta, have managed to turn back natural disasters, engage with monsters, face down the most depraved of criminals, and even engage with military forces sent from the enemies of peace who are still holding out across the globe. For too long we have been on the defensive, but that time ends today. Starting today The RO will take the fight to those who wish to harm us. The People you are going to meet today have been handpicked for their unique capacity to not just protect from attacks, but to actually bypass enemy fortifications and bring justice to those who oppose peace and prosperity.”

As the captain spoke the Large TV behind him flickered on and footage of the Metahumans feats would flash across the screen. This would hopefully distract the crowd from the doors opening on either side of the room where the team would come in from. The first few clips would show a drone cam recording of an east coast beach showing a massive submarine about the size of a Boeing 747 slowly coming to shore before shuddering to a halt and the camera would zoom in on the metal man with a scuba tank on his back. The next clip would show the same large man sprinting through heavy machine gun fire and even trampling through landmines before crashing through a fortified bunker, the last clip displayed the large metal man walking backward whilst tugging on a large chain as he moved out of the camera view going towards the left side, a massive train engine would come into view being pulled before the video would fast forward and dozens upon dozens of traincars would zoom by as the name


Appeared on screen the same moment captain maurice Said “But enough talk, im sure you are ready to meet epsilon team. Let me introduce you to Lucian rhodes the indestructible man and the squad leader.”On que Lucian stepped out ducking to miss the doorframe he smiled and waved as his skin reflecting the camera flashes back at the crowd illuminating the room even more. He crossed the room in only about four strides pulling the large chair out and taking his seat much to the chairs groaning protest. Leaning forward to the microphone he would say a bit nervously “Hello, its a pleasure to meet you all.”


Master Of Boredom
Crowded, conference. It's a typical day for Louis, seeing as this will be one of the many he had to participate in. The difference will be that he is presented with the new team, his role solely to keep an eye in them and their every day lives. Nothing new to him really, however is this display really that necessary? It's good that they can gain support for the masses. Yet he worries that it would make them targets, especially if they have a family. Sighing, he looked at the mirror and fixed his tie to tighten against his throat and reminding him to never speak, along with fixing the collar of his suit. He exited the public bathroom and returned to the cemetery, standing before the grave of both his beloved and daughter. He closed his eyes and knelt down to run his fingers along the cold stone, even if he were to speak now there will be no one to listen. Such is the cruel reality, but he promised to step forward despite this.

Brushing his lips against the tombstone as he kissed them goodbye, he rose back onto his feet and his eyes lingered as he could still hear his daughter calling out to him and his wife's laughter. A bead of tear managed to betray his vision, wiping them away with his thumb. He returned to his black sedan car and began typing off against the screen, setting up the gps location for the conference hall.


Signing to the the translator that he needed them to speak what they had practiced before, using her voice to be his own. They waited for captain Maurice to give them the cue. He looked at the other altered humans, counted them by heart. Making sure that everyone is here, he did remind them if they ever needed his help then they could come to him. As he watched the metal man exited the room and ducked out of the door, disappearing into the crowd and the flickering of the flashes from the camera. He squinted his eyes and turn to gaze at his translator and signing to her that It's almost their turn. "Of course, I'll be sure to speak when prompted to." She uttered from her lips.

Then he caught a glimpse of the screen flickering to show a few footage of him, First when the drone caught a footage of him standing in the middle of a heavy fire with his lips parted causing for everything within ten meters to a halt. then the next one were a clip of him standing to shield a civilian with his arms and cover their ears as he shattered the glass that threatens to impale them, before carrying the civilian to safety. Then the last would have been a footage of him having to calm down a previous altered human he encountered in the field that had a little episode, he parted his lips and managed to stun them before removing them from the field. As the word "Field Handler Code S.I.R.E.N" came up on screen.

"And our very own R.O altered field handler, SIREN." Captain Maurice spoke into the microphone, In which Louis followed with his translator behind him. Entering the room through the door and they both bowed their heads to the crowd, before he took his sit on one of two vacant chair next to Lucian. He was nowhere near his microphone however and had his translator sit near it in his stead, He crossed his legs and she began to part her lips. "Good evening, It's a pleasure to finally meet you." She spoke into the mic calmly as he signed the words to her and to the crowd. Though he didn't stay still and soon have his attention averted to his colleague who didn't seem very comfortable in that chair, you think they would give him his own dedicated seat. He signed letters to them, which is the basic of the sign language they are aware of. "Are you comfortable? should I get another chair for you?" He signed those letters to the other, ignoring the flashes of cameras trying to blind him.​


Four Thousand Club
Reclining upon a foldable chairs two rear legs, a short yet thickly built and muscled woman could be found with her feat up on a nearby table with her upper face concealed by what appeared to be some sort of frosted face mask. Rocking back and forth slowly she seemed to give little mind to those running around back stage as the introductions had begun, waving off the makeup team that appeared to have been arranged for the event who appeared to be getting increasingly nervous as the time to her debut ticked down.

While others had appeared prim and proper in their most presentable states, Iris herself was the polar opposite. Torn jeans secured with a heavy belt and several satchels, tattered and spotted red bindings across her hands, a tightly fitted and sleeveless backless one piece, heavy combat boots and finally her wild hair jutting out all the way down to her waist. There was no sign of the makeup or other efforts others seemed to have taken, and so when it was finally her time she absently tossed the mask aside and walked out on stage with a confident yet laid back strut.

As her footsteps slowly got closer to the stage itself she could hear Captain Maurice once again start his introduction for her, along with the sounds of the little promo real they put together starting to roll.


Footage of a cracked screen would begin to display on the rooms large monitor, appearing to have been recorded from a discarded and damage camera amongst a great amount of rubble, smoke and flame littering a city street along with several people running off screen. After a moment however thick boots suddenly appeared in front, leading to showing Iris herself walking in the opposite direction against the current of people just as a echoing roar shook everything. The Camera angle them switched to a aerial view from atop one of the many buildings to show a zoomed in shot of Iris's small figure before zooming out to show she was walking to a colossal howling altered resembling a cross between a flaming bestial bull with a humanoid upper half.

All of a sudden Iris would dash forward on a cloud of dust, right as the swipe of the creature sent a good portion of the street flying at them, the woman leaping up to jump between the projectiles to get to the head of the insane altered. Though her lips were moving, the distance and angle made it difficult to capture exactly what was being said as the woman stroked the creatures eyes but flipping once more behind it. Dancing with acrobatics it seemed more like the woman was playing with the creature over actually fighting, throwing out what looked like taunts and quips that only infuriated the creature further. After several more flash cuts it seemed some time had passed at which point Iris was sitting atop a beaten and broken creature on the phone, though not before giving a idle wave up to the Camera on the rooftop.

The footage then swapped to a entirely new scene that seemed to be security footage of a dusty desert compound with several dozen armed individuals retreating while firing wildly at some approaching threat. The from of Iris would shortly arrive in frame, weaving between the bullet fire, closing the distance before dropping each attacker with either a single strike or by the hands of not so friendly fire from a ally.

The phrase *Lady Iris "Transcendent" Aiba , The Fist that turned against...* with the later half appearing to have been cut off due to lack of space.

"Next R.O Special Operations Contractor, Iris Aiba" Entering the room Iris would throw both her arms to the sky each with two raised fingers in a V to the crowd shouting out to them as she did so "THANK YOU, F**K YOU, YOUR BATTLE MAIDEN HAS ARRIVED!!" Jumping into one of the free seats afterwards with her feet up once more. Iris herself giving a wide and wild grin as she scans the audience, seemingly unbothered by the repeated flashes.

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