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Fantasy Alpha: The First OOC



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Goodness me, terribly sorry about being quiet. It just so happened that RPN decided to not give me any notifications for this chat at all. I will make sure to have a post ready when everyone else posts!

As for an imaginary friend... Juniper was afraid of sleeping at night because she feared of a monster living underneath her bed. Therefore, her parents decided to flip that story and say "what if the monster was a friend, instead?" So Juniper went on to give it a name ("Kitty") and would talk to them every night before going to sleep (or after a nightmare). She also felt as if Kitty would protect her from any other "monsters" that may have slipped into her room.
Soon enough, going to sleep at night became a breeze for her (after having her nightly conversation with Kitty, of course). c:

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That is two :P Yhmera Yhmera any reason that was her imaginary friend or was it the normal child stuff?

I wish there was a way to mention the roleplay as a whole instead of having to mention each person individually.

Also, if anyone is looking for a good super hero book or series I'd recommend Super Powereds. It is a four book series and is somewhat the inspiration for this roleplay.


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Yes I got it. Been trying to get my post in. ended up with a (new for me) used PC. >_< I miss my old one so much LOL


Grrr Argh!
Not much here. Happy to be back in the full swing of things again!
LoL thanks. It just seemed horribly short.


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Yes! I am doing fine. c: How about all of you? I have to admit, my flow of inspiration has been a bit low these days. But I am working on a post little by little and will have it up by tomorrow!


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I got a post up. It's not good but it's there. Sorry.
Nothing wrong with it at all! It keeps the story progressing, not to mention it there’s no need for 5 paragraphs with every post lol

All good on my end, though I am finally getting a bit busy again with preparing to enter uni again. And looking forward to your post I.Dare.You I.Dare.You , also hope you get some strong enough inspo for writing soon!

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